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Local and Personal
Geo. A. Gible", Jr., is a visitor in Sa
vannah, Ga.
Mis Ji.'siie Uihbs is a visitor in Nash
ville this week.
Mrs. Myrtle Posey is a visitor in Nash
ville thin week.
Mrs. Vivian Reynolds is a visitor in
YVaverly this week. .
Graduation gifts at Dietzel's.
Watch for the ice cream wagon every
afternoon. Silver Slice Cake.
High grade and medium price pic
tures at greatly reduced prices at Ligon
Furniture Co. '
Mrs. C. G. White, of Kenton, was a
visitor in the city Sunday.
Miss Ida Baxter, of Dresden, was a
shopper in the city Monday.
Mrs. Gray Moseley, of Kenton, was
a visitor in the city this week.
Miss Marie Schmidt is a visitor at the
Jacksonville reunion this week.
Bracelet Watches at Dietzel's.
Perfection Oil Cook Stoves, best made,
at Nailling-Keiser Hardware Co.
You can certainly find the hat you
want at Mrs. Arnn s Mil'mery Store
T. J. Easter wood, of Troy, was abusi
ness visitor in the city this week.
W. P. Davis, of Nashville, was in the
city this week, a business visitor,
Mrs. Sallie Jackson left Saturday to
visit Mrs. J. W,. McCorkle at Obion
Mr. Bid Caldwell and Miss Grace Moore
have returned from a visit to Arkansas
Gold Medals at Dietzel's;
Sole agents for Aerolux No-Whip
porch shades. Ligon furniture CoT
Call 150, Union City Ice & Coal Co.
when you want coa! right now.
Screen Doors at WEHMAN'S.
AH sizes and all prices.
C. E. Itced has returned from Hick
man and is again located iu Union City
Miss Rhiue Joyner has returned from
a visit to Mrs. W. F. Barry at Jackson
Miss Allie May Reeves is having some
additions made to her residence on Main
Everybody's coraiug to the game Frj
School. -
Butterflies, the latest, at Dietzel's
Nailling-Keiser has the largest and
best line of refrigerators and ice boxes
in town.
Order your ice cream for Sunday din
ner from H. M. DeGraffenreid the Ice
Cream Specialist Phono 100.
Miss Laura Turbeville, of Martin, was
a visitor in the city with' Mrs. G. B,
White.' , , :' "
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Erwin, of Dy-
ersburg, were in the city last week as
Children's day and decoration will be
observed at Mount Zion Saturday (to
morrow). ' - , ,
. . r
v "'
if Jr.j
It'' i i
Let the Trial last Thirty Days
New Ear Screws at Dietzel's.
Get a pattern hat at half price at Miss
r launary s. '
Eyes examined free at your home.
Write or phone W. T. Wilkerson, Union
City, Tenn. ,40-tf
Black and Copper Screen WSre
and Window Frames at WEH
Mrs. T.J. Bonner and daughter, Miss
Alelha,' of Rives, were in the city
rper, of the vicinity of
Meud' caller in t'.ha of-
Wedncsda I
Jas. F
Rives, i
" Tuei
' Gibtbs, and
'-etfe in the
Buy a pair of "Headlight overalls at
3tore today.
If thirty days of the hardest wear does L
not convince you that these are the best overalls you
ever bought, bring them back and get your money.
There will be no argument. You are the Supreme Court in this
case. Your decision will be favorable or we will stand the costs.
The W. G. Clagett Cortipany.
W. r. Cannon, or UornbeRk, was a
business visitor in the city Wednesday
and ft pleasant caller in our office.
Mrs. Telia Williams and Miss Mary
Pruett were in Union City Saturday en
route to Martin for a week-endiisit.
Mrs. raul Crockett, of Ubion, is a
visitor this week at the home of Mr.
m. Fulton vs. The TraiuingM"d Mrs. F. J. Smith, Third street,
Iftve your repairing done at Dietzel's.
Future framing of all kinds at Lieon
Furniture Co.
."ailling-Kfiser has the largest and
beVt line of refrigerators and ice boxes
in town.
SEED' COn,ftJe.
iiick sale aV
NORTH her bou80,
il and wood.
,n aud Lottie
n the city this
A L- f JJt'erson City,
ASKfng her son, Dr.
bard and daugh-
e in the city Wed-
TIE" oc.
,, , i
and Comforts Diet-
f dsnmnier hats in white,
, panania, and lace at
tcCIa'm, of Missouri, was a
, Jie home of Mrs. Ola McClain
Xy last week,
josies G. Griffith, of Maylield, is
ciiy visiting her parents, Mr. and
W. R. Andrews.
d.in-,es J. O. Bennett, J. W. Brant
L. A. and W. A. Smith, of Troy,
i t!'.e city Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin White left this
week for Colorado Springs for a few
weeks visit with their son, E. K., Jr.
Mrs. Vincent, of Hornbeak, is in the
city this week visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Vincent and Mrs. Pearl Vincent.
Mr. Fred Redditt, of Obion, is in the
city this week visiting her sister. Miss
Allie May Reeves, and mother on Main
street. . '
New Cut Glass wedding gifts Dietzel.
Don't forget that we re-tire baby bug
gies.- Ligon Furniture Co.
You can find the Perfection Oil Stove,
best made, Bt Nailling-Kciser Hardware
Company. -
All kinds of coal at Union City Ice &
Coal Co.
Mrs. Arthur Monrotus, of Morrell,
Ark., will be a visitor in the city next
week, remaining here for the Chautau
Mrs. Chas. Teachout, of Huntingdon,
was the guest of her cousin, Mrs. Steve
Harris, on North Ury street, the first
of the .week. I , ,
Sterling Silver table ware pleases the
bride Dietzel.
Get your wife a $3G sewing machine
for $19 at Ligon Furniture Co.
See -the Quick Meal, ihe newest
thing in oil stoves, and the best, at
... j.:
W. P. Cloys, of Memphis, is in the
city visiting relatives and friends. Mr.
Cloys has been suffering with rheuma
tism but is considerably better.
Miss Alice Waters, a returned mis
sionary from China, is visiting the fami
ly of Rev. W. C. Waters. She will be
heard at the Methodist Church Sunday
"'Rl't. ' .. , ' " '
For porch swings, settees and chairs,
see Ligon Furniture Co.
You can find the Perfection Oil Stove,
best made, at Nailling-Keier Hardware
We have just received our spring stock
of screen goods, and f an supply you with j
winuow aim uuor shutters at? reasonable
prices. Usiox City Lumher Co.
Messrs. Will McAdoo and Vernon
Verhine aud Misses Clara Parks, Helen
Verhine, Dot Beck, Agnes Coble, Kath
leen Morris arid Ku;h Crenshaw were
guests of the Forked Deer Club at the
annual spring ball yesterday evening.
Blue Crass and Blue Ribbon
Lawn Mowers at WEHMAN'S.
The best to be found anywhere at
any price.
weet Potato Plants
Florida Yams, Nancy Halls, Gold Coin, Early Triumph, Southern
Red Bermuda and Bunch Yams. Cabbage, Tomato and other Garden
One mile southeast, on Gibbs Road Telephone 479
Mr. and Mrs, G. E. Luton spent Sun
dav in Kentucky.
Miss Myrtle Houser spent Saturday
and Sunday near here.
Mrs. G, E. Luton anddaugtiter, Mrs.
Al.str.iud, spent ftne evening last week
with Mrs. Simla at Hickman.
Mhs Prudence Marshall, of Nashville,
spent a few days at the home of her
father rcenily.
Miss Nell Marshall spent last Friday
night in Union City as the guest of Mrs.
Herman Dietzel, Jr. 1
Dr. IJar Gkiver and fimily Su'ndayed
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Gar-rigan.
Mrs. H. T. Harris is spending a few
days with her daughter in Union City.
Mrs. Glenn Davis and little son.
James, of Nashville, are spending a few
days with relatives near here.
Mr. Glenn Davis, who has been visit
hig relatives near here recently, has re
turned to Nashville. Rosebud.
Barbed, wire cuts, ragged wounds, col
lar aud harness galls heal up quickly
MENT is applied. It is both healiug
and antiseptic. Trice 25c, 50c and $1.00
per bottle. Sold by Oliver's Red Cross
Drug Store. advt
r: i t ir.ii! i
uiHiuouu l.a vaiiieres -graduation
Ihe LoubIe Quick Ice Cream,
Freezer at WEHMAN'S is the one
that makes ice cream in three
minutes and with the least amount
of trouble. i
four election orncials in the New
York district in wliidi Charles F. Mur
phy, the Tammany leader, has his
residence, have been arrested charged
with fraud in connection with the recent
election on the proposition to hold a
constitutional convention.
Bruce Campbell, R. F. D, 8 Union City, Tenn.
The uncertainty of life should lead all men to take Life Insur
ance in order to protect those that are dependent upon them
for support. The Travelers Insurance Co offers the most liber
al contracts at less cost than any good Life Insurance Co. Its
contracts contain no Permit or Extra Premium for MILITARY
or NAVAL service.
Jno. T. Walker & Co. '
Real Estate and Bonds Agents. ' Union.City, Tenn.
. J, ft. Rodgers, of the Brown Shoe Co.',
St. Louis, was in the city this week, ac
companied by Mr. Richardson, who is
assisting Mr. Rodgers in bis territory as
salesman. Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Rich
ardson will go to the Ozarks in a few
days to make that territory."
Beautiful China wedding presents -Dietzel.
The Wizard Dustless Dust Cloth cleans
and disinfects, Price 25c each, at Ligou
Furniture Co.
FOR SA LE One 1300 upright piano,
slightly used. Cash price, $175.
" Lioon Furniture Co. ,
All the latest styles in midsummer
hats at Miss Flamiary 's, including hemp,
lace, panama, leghorn, with attractive
line of trimmings.
Nancy Hall, Yellow Queen, Yellow Yam,
Southern Queen, tomato plants, peper ,
and egg plants, moon and cypress vines.
6-4tpd , J. B. Akis. '
1 he Merrick is the refrigerator
everybody likes because it is made "
You will find it only at WEH
MAN'S. ir.
To County Superintendents".
Some question has arisen as to what
is known as secondary certificates. The
Be generous get something nice for secondary school becomes automatically
Ice cream orders phoned to the Red
Cross Drug Store for H. M. DeGraffen
reid will be thankfully received. Prompt
attention promised.
Why don't yon buy Holeproof Hose? SI pairs are guaranteed to wearwlthout holes
loir six month. They are light, soft and attractive not heavy, cumbersome and coarse.
The softest S-ply yarn Is need. There are eleven colors, four weights and four grades
to choose from. 3s years of experience o Into every pair.
Ask to see "Holeproof," and look foY that name on the toe; also the trademark shown
and the signature cv ... "Holeproof" are the original guaranteed bose. Ho
otnsr Kind can begin to compare wltn them.
See Ihe "Holeproof" assortment today.
0 pairs cost ll.SO up to 13 00, according to weight and finish.
v. . r-
vfflc. ivoe.
some form of high school. People who
now holdt secondary certificates will be
given for lie coming year some form of
high school certificate good for one year
only.' That is, they will be olaced on
C. J. Custer, who has been in the city the same basis as if thev held hie-h
fdf several weeks, in company with his school certificates. Those desiring to
wife, visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs. teach branches above the elementary
Richard Alexander, left yesterday for grades and who have never taught, and
Dawson Springs, Ky., to take charge as also who are not exempt by law, will bo
manager of the Arcadia Hotel at that expected to take any form of the hich
place. Mr. Custer was recently man- school examination thev choose. This
business. He was many years
located at Humboldt and is well
Oof 'IPoIiey z
Highest Quality Lowest Expenses
Lowest Prices'
Nothing Lost on Accounts. Don't pay for
delivering other people's goods.
Get Prices
Cash iStore Go.
F. S. WHITE. Proprietor.
agar lor the AJineral Springs Co. at
Iuka, Miss., but left that house when
it was sold. He has been connected with
a number of well-known hotels in Ten
nessee, Mississippi and Alabama and is
regarded as one of the best men in that
line of
known and esteemed in West Tennessee,
Mrs". Custer left for Brownsville, Tenn.,
to visit relatives and friends and will be
at Dawson May 12.
Home Finance.
Our neighbor is rather difllcuFtT
How so?" ; '
She borrows eggs and wants to pay
back in lessons on the piano."
Porch swings 2. 75, $3.75, $4.25
and fa-rat Ligon Furniture Co. ,
i nere is one thing we re here for to Hi. i i it
make the kind of rolls, pies, cakes. T II HU M P? SHU ' HfirCGO
doughnuts and bread the people want. 1 VM"b "IM,WW M,1U
We put the best materials aud skill into
their production. Order as early as pos-j
8iDie. I'none 10'J, Dahnke's Cafe.
will place those now holding secondary
certificates on the same basis as those
holding high school certificates. - ,
Please give this wide publicity in your "
county. Cordially yours, , !
S. H. Thompson, State Supt.
Xjay 2, 1914. '
Dizziness, vertigo (blind Btaggers).
sallow complexion, flatulence are symp
toms of a torpid liver. No one can feel
well while . the liver is inactive. HER
OINE is a powerful liver stimulant, A
dose or two will cause all bilious symp
toms to disappear. Try it. l'rice 50
cents.- Sold by Oliver's Red Cross Drug
Store. , advt
i . . i
Ve Offer a Few Good
FOR steady, summer, part
time, easy work. Mim.
be bright, neatly dressed, and
under fourteen years of age.
Give references and mention
day and 'hour when parent
will come with boy for inter
view. Good pay. Splendid
traing. Write to Box SCO, The
Commercial office.
Also some good
Jersey Cows and
nice bated Clover
Call us up for particulars.
Would buy some corn.
VADE BliOS., Rira'Setenn.'
Telephone 20-4

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