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On the First Monday In June,
next, at the courthouse door in
Union City, Obion County.Ten
nessee, I will oiler for public sale
all the real estate belonging to
delinquent taxpayers for th
year 1913. The following is a
list of such delinquents:
1913. ,
District No. 1 .
Demeyers, E. M., personal $16.75
Mathews, B. E. P., 300 acres-.. 48.10
Norman, Willis, 127 acres '2G.00
Patterson, T, C, 10 acres 3.90
Weaver. Sim. 200 acres 54.00
District No. 7.
Bowers, J. Y., 32 acres
1-uqua, James, 63 acres
Lowe, J. M., 35 acrea...
Kichardson, W .D., 25 acres..
District No. 8.
Bates, Army, Hot.
Moore, W. E., 3 acres.-..
McFadden, G. R., 1 lot.
Richardson, , 1 lot ......
Young, Charlotte, 1 lot ..
..$ 4.55
.. 20.28
.. 1.37
.. .98
..$ 2.20
. 3m2o
.. .33
.. .33
.. 2.75
District No. 9.
Barnett, Sam, 27 acres. . 3.51
Burden. J. W., 77 acres..
Cunningham, J. F., 180 acres.
MoBier & Latty, 700 acres
Starks, J. E., 150 acres......
. District No. 10.
Cummings, T. D., 35 acres,...
District No. 1 2.
Barnett, Mrs. P., 1 acre..
Bivens. Mrs. M. B., 40 acres..
Carpenter, heirs, 100 acres
Green, Mrs. M. L 34 acres
Hodges, heirs, 40 acres.
Holden, O. D., 50 acres
Holt, V. N 67 acres...
McBride, J. A., 26 acres
McGuire, heirs, 1,070 acres...
lioney, E. L., 25 acres.:.
Reed, N. B., 147 acres.,
Russell, W. P., HI acres...
Stafford, V. II., 47 acres
Taylor, Jane, heirs, 3 acres.
Vauffhn-W. J.. 75 acres
13 00
Williams, Joe, 40 acres 2.60
Wallace. E. N.. 93 acres 3.90
District No. 13.
Adams, J. C. (col.), 1 lot -$ 4.20
Raker. Allen. 1 lot .33
Bell, Henry (col.), 1 lot. 2.44
Bell, lite A., 1 lot...-...- 4.95
Brandon, Earnest, 1 lot 3.30
Bransford, B. C, 1 lot.. .55
Bransford, Jno. (col.), 1 lot 6.40
Brown, T, VV., 1 lot 3.S0
1 Rrnwn Bud. 1 lot 4.40
Capers, Varilla (col ), 1 lot... 2.75
Cartwright, Mrs. Cm 1 lt 4.40
Chambers. Geo. (col.), Hot .27
Collier. R. A.. 4 lots... ,- 2.20
Cox, Frank W., 1 lot 9.70
"Crawford, Martha (col.), 1 lot... 1.10
Cravens. S.. heirs (col ), 1 lot... 4.40
Cross, Henderson (col.), 1 lot... 2.44
Davenport, T. L. (col), 1 lot 2.75
Jh'nwiddie, Henry (col.), 2 lots... 4.86
Finch. Mrs. R., 8 acres 6.24
Foster, Itobt.,'l lot. - 6.40
Godwin, J. J. Est., 1 lot 8.80
Haynes, Tobe, 2 lots... 55
Helley, J. H 1 lot 2.33
Hickerson, Joe, 1 lot ..-. 3.85
Hockett, Myrtle, 1 lot 2.75
James, Will, 1 lot 4.95
Johnson, Sam, 1 lot ' .44
Johnson, Mattie, Hot.. , 2.20
Jones, Mrs. N. M. 1 lot .55
Joyce, H. W., 1 lot , 3.30
Keen, C. E., 3 acres 0.55
King, Mollie, Hot . 1-- .44
Landrum, Wesley, 1 lot 3.65
Ligm, Hardy, 3 lots.. . 13.88
Link, W. A., 2 lots 88
Little, Henry, 1 lot . 9.90
Milliken, (). E., 1 lot 11.00
Manley, W.' R., 9 acres 3.12
MeCampMI & Albert, 1 lot 28
MeCord, J. W., 1 lot .44
Normeut, C. W., 1 lot 3.30
Tardus. O. L . 11 lots 22.90
Reed, C. E , 1 lot..-.
Robinson, Thos., 1 lot .
Robinson. Jno.. Sr., 1 lot -
4! 20
Rogers. Mary, Hot i........ .44
Smith, Lee, 1 lot ' 5.30
Swift, Butler, 1 lot- 55
Sweeney, Annie, 1 lot 8.85
Taylor, G. Tom, 3 lots 118.80
Taylor, Chas., 1 lot - 1.10
Turner, Kathe, heirs, 1 lot 3.30
Turner, Jessie, 1 lot. 4.20
Wade, Pete, 2 lots. - 3.52
Weddington, R. & Bart, 1 lot... 3.30
West, Huler, 1 lot - .27
Whitlow, A.. 2 lots.....-. 2.44
Whitson, W. E., 2 lots t. 6.13
Wilks, Willison, 1 lot 3.30
Williams, Frank, 2 lots 3.87
Will, Jennie M., 1 lot 5.50
Wilson, Sam. Hot.. 5.30
Wrather, J. D.. 1 lot 1.17
and if said sale is not completed on the
said First' Monday in June, the same
will continue from day to day until
, Delinquent taxes for Districts Nos. 2.
5, 4, 5, 6. 15 and 16 will be found ad
vertised in the Union City News-Banner.
This May 12, 1914.
J. H. SANDERS, Trustee.
Nailling-Keiser has the largest and
Vn'st line of refrigerators and ice boxes
in town. I
i .
Teachers Elected.
The election of teachers for the City
Schools took place last Friday night, the
Board of Education being in regula
session. -
The teachers for the ensuing term
1914-15, so far elected are J. M. DeBow
V. L. Reynolds, Miss Nannie Hamilton
MisitCora Wingo, Miss Rosa Neil Mor
ton, Miss Mabel Littleton, Miss Callie
Howell, Miss Mattie Temple, Miss Mary
Moore. Miss Cassie Hamilton, Miss
Marie A'len. The departments of do-
mestic science and English have not been
supplied, but the board is in communi
cation with teachers for these places.
Miss Wingo was not an applicant this
year, and has not so far accepted the
position heretofore held by her in the
school. The other teachers elected were
applicants and will be with the school.
The election of Mr. Nut as superin
tendent for a two-year term took place
at a called meeting last week, the mat
ter having been compromised between
the one-year and three-year advocates on
the board.
Teachers for the school elected are as
follows: W. R. Jarrett, Mrs. H. M.
McMakin, Mrs. A. S. Jarrett, Miss Vira
Davenport, Miss Cynthia Foote.
Lanktord Lase Up. ."J
Hickman, Ky., May 11. This, the
second week of Fulton County Circuit
Court, will be held at the branch court
house at Fultou and convened there this
morning, this being a two-weeks' term,
with R. L. Smith, of Clinton, presiding,
and Harry Moorman, of Mayfield,
prosecuting. ,
The case of Bub Lank ford, charged
with the killing of A. M. Tyler, which
was given change of venue, the case to
be carried fo Ballard County, has been
set for August 26, and will be tried at
the county seat, Wickliffe. Also the
case of the Commonwealth against Bub
Lankford and J. R. Wright will be tried
at that time in Wickliffe.
Good Music
The Cheney Concert Company, here
last Thursday night at Reynolds Opera
House, appeared to very small audi
ence but never to a more delighted one.
The ladies and the male section of the
orchestra were all seasoned and capable
musicians. They were all soloists as
well as ensemble players, and they were
exceptionally good, too. It was a mis
fortune that more musicians and music
lovers were not present. The concert
included some popular music as well as
some of the standard selections, and the
audience was enraptured to the end of
Athletic Cuff Liuks at Dietzel's.
Real Estate Transfers.'
II. B. Hamilton and wife to T. L.
Bransford, lot in No. 13, $1,000.
J. C. Grimes and wife to J. R. Grimes
et al 29 acres in No. 6, $1,200.
J. A. Hughes and wife to G. C. Cloys,
strip in No. 13, $94. -
J. T. Chiles and wife to Mrs. Ruth
Rosenthal, lot in No. 15, $325.
J. B. Sharp, trustee,, to Mrs. Ruth
Rosenthal, lot in No. J15, $100. '
W. P. Rogers and wife to J. N. Brad-
shaw, lot in No. 13, $115.
T. W. Cunningham and wife to Eu
nice Moffatt et al., 40 acres in. No. 6,
J. C, Cochran et al. to Chas. Greeson,
lot in No. 5, $50.
S. B. Hall and wife to J. F. Davis, 36j
acres in No. 5, $750.
Death of MraThompson..
Mrs. Laura Gray Thompson, wife of
Mr. Allen Thompson, died last Sunday
morning, May 10, 1914, at 6:30 o'clock.
Mrs. Thompson had been an invalid
from cancer for over two years, death
coming in the form of relief.
Mrs. Thompson's age was 50 years,
7 months and 28 days. She was mar
ried twenty-eight years ago in Hickman
County, and from there she and Mr.
Thompson came to Union City about
ten years ago. She was the daughter
of Jas. Briggs and a sister of W. J. and
A. H. Briggs, this city, and leaves a
sister at Hohetiwald, Tenn., Mrs. David
Warren, also a brother, Jas. T., in Texas.
She leaves also a daughter, Miss Eliza
beth, aged 12, berefof a mother's ten
der care and affection.
Mrs. Thompson was a member of the
Methodist Church, the qualities of mind
and heart converging into the highest
elements of character. She wa3 very
kindly attached to her friends and ten
derly devoted to her loved ones at home
consecrated to her church, and esteemed
in the greatest measure by those who
knew her.
Death leaves an aching void, the home
is bereft, but memory lingers sweetly
in its sacred precincts.
A tribute of service was conducted at
the residence Monday morning by Rev.
W. C. Waters, and the remains were
interred at. East View. ... ' !
Class Recital.
The Commercial maJe several very
serious mistakes last week, and one of
these was overlooking a notice of Miss
Beulah Allen's class recital on Friday
night. A notice of this recital appeared
the previous wetk.buj was unintention
ally omitted last week.
The recital, however, was the best, it
is said, of Miss Allen's entire experience
as teacher of music in Union City. She
has a large class and everyone appeared
at the piano without music and without
a prompter, displaying not only the
evidences of excellent training in execu
tion but in memory practice. Miss
Allen is not merely a musician. She is
performer of more than ordinary ability,
and in the realm of teacher she has ac
quired the cult which only renowned
teachers attain' of imparting to- their
pupils the secret of real music the in
terpretation and expression, of the com
posers. From the beginner to the oldest
pupil everyone acquitted themselves to
the pleasure and delight of the audience.
The class is as follows: Flavella
Woosley, Lydia B. Roberts, Edna and
Louise Wilbanks, Pauline Mount, Zeltna
Bell, Kathryn Bryan, Emily Woosley,
James Massey, Mary Butler, Mabel
Luten, Brownie Massey, Juna Reynolds,
Kathleen Arnold, Chas. Reynolds, R.
C. Reynolds, Jr., Louise Harris, Cantie
May Luten, Louise Luten, Carrie Beck
ham, Vivian Woodrow, Mildred Waters,
Margaret Porter, Jeanie Garth.
Wedding in Savannah.
At the Hull Memorial Presbyterian
Church in Savannah, Ga., last Monday
night at 8 o'clock the marriage of Miss
Lelia Nisbet and Mr. George Alister
Gibbs, Jr., of Union City, Tenn., was
beautifully solemnized before a large
circle of friends and relatives.
The ceremony was performed by the
bride's uncle, the Rev. William A. Nis
bet, with whom she entered. 1
The church was artistically decorated
for the occasiou with abundance of field
daisies and palms. In the chancel
where large palms were placed, was
seated at the organ, Miss Alma Sterly
who played the wedding music. The
bride's sister, Miss Ruth Nisbet,, was
maid of honor, and Mr. Gibbs' best
man was Mr. William H. Nisbet.
The bride was one of Savannah's
most charming young ladies and for a
number of years was connected with
the Savannah Morning News as the as
sistant woman's editor.
Mr. Gibbs is prominent in political
and- club circles in Obion County, and
for some time has popularly served as
Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court.
Mr, and Mrs. Gibbs on their honey
moon will spend several days in Nash-
ille. Nashville Tennessean.
The groom has scores of friends in
Union Citv who tender the warmest
congratulations. He is one of our fore
most citizens and a young man of fine
personality and attainments, deserving
of his bonny bride, and a cordial wel
come is ready for them in Union City,
Graduation gifts at Dietzel's.
Wedding Invitations.
Mr. and Mrs. William Martin Nailling
have issued invitations to the marriage
of their daughter, Miss Genevieve, to
Mr. George Russell McVay on the even
ing of Wednesday, May 20, 1914, at 8
' Mr. Aimer Watson Taylor, of Hum
boldt, Tenn., and Miss Vera Garrison,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Gar
rison,, were united in marriage yesterday
evening at the home of the bride near
The bride is popularly esteemed and
the family one of the best known of that
locality. Congratulations are extended
The Opportunity Is Herb, Backed Bt
Ujjiox City Testimony.
Don't take our word for it.
Don't depend on a stranger's state
ment.! -
Read Union City endorsement.
Read the statements of Union City
citizens. :
And decide for yourself.
Here is one case of it.
J. M. Cole, 631 S. Fifth street, Union
City, Tenn., says: My back was ex
tremely lame and often I had paias in
through my kidney 8, the kidney secre
tions passed irregularly and looked un
natural. Hearing about Doan's Kid
ney pills, I used them and in a short
time they brought relief. It is a pleas
ure to canfirm all I said about Doan's
Kidney Pills when I endorsed them be
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't sim
ply, ask for akidney remedy get Doan s
Kidney Pills the same that Mr. Cole
had. Foster-Milburn Co., Props., Buf
falo, N. Y. dvt
Suits and Coats
After a busy
of Ladies' Coat Suits arid Coats which we will
offer at a sacrifice rather than carry over.
Ladies' $12.50 and $14.50 Suits
Sale price ...
Ladies' $16.50 to $21.50 Suits
Sale price . . .
Ladies' $22.50 to $30.00 Suits
Sale price . . V ..."
Suits offered
Five, Hundred Luncheon.
Last week Mrs. Fred Dahnke enter
tained with a five-course luncheon, com
plimentary to Miss Genevieve Nailling,
whose marriage to Mr. Russell McVay
takes place on May20. ,
The pink and green color motif pre
vailed, with a table centerpiece consist
ing of a huge basket of pink killarney
roses. -,
The place cards, little brides, were
designed by Mrs. Teachout, of Hun
tingdon. The reception hall was elaborately
decorated in killarney roses and smilax.
After the luncheon five hundred was
played, Mrs. Korker Jackson winning
first prize, brilliant slipper buckles, and
Mrs. Robt. White the consolation, white
silk hose. .
Miss Nailling received pink silk hose
and MesdamesKoplen, of Chicago, and
Bartels, of St. Louis, tango bracelets.
Pink and green heart-shaped mints
were served during the games.
A Nice Little 'Alcohol Stove and
Quart Denatured Alcohol.
You can get both this' week for 50c at
Oliver's Red Cross. Tel. 100.
Jackson-Kemp, .
Hickman, Ky., May II. Mrs. Mat-
tie Kemp, widow, and Mauris Jackson
were married last night, the wedding
being quite unusual on account of the
ages of the bride and groom, the bride
having a son about the age of her hus
band. Both reside about three miles
south of town, where the bride is well
Fulton, Ky., May 11. Ezra Vance
and Miss Edna Harvey, a popular young
couple, surprised their friends yesterday
afternoon by getting married at the
home of H. F. Oliver, Rev. M. E. Mil
ler, of tlm First Baptist Church, offici
ating. Ihey will mate their nome
We want everyone to know that the
Union City Steam Laundry is strictly a
home industry. Evfcry dollar we get
out of Union City, ana more, is spent in
Union City, and agents work is brought
from several Stales.
Efforts to readjust the finances of the
Gould system were thwarted when
Kuhn, Loeb & Co. Tf fused to extend
$23,000,000 three-year notes of the
Missouri Pacific, due June 1.
season we find we
are all this season's best styles
and colors.
i no
We have every sort of building and finishing lumber
you're apt to need, including
Doors and Windows, Shingles
A "visit to our yards will be appreciated. Come and
inspect our stock for your own satisfaction.
C.T. IVflosiS & Co.
' f Yards south of Presbyterian Church.
First Street, - UNION CITY, TENN.
Cheap ryxiS"
oar- ; vJ...
ine lowesi in price
since the value is largely determined by the
quality you receive, and if It Is
of all kinds. We guarantee our coal to be of the best
quality, and at the end of winter will prove the cheap
est, because it will go the farthest. ,
Telephone No. 11.
have a number
ildins Season
12Jm' 'i

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