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Local and Personal
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, of Obion, were
among the Saturday visitors.
Rev. W. C. Sellars, of Humboldt,
was a visitor in the city Saturday.
Rev. J. W. Hodges, of Sedalia, Ky.,
was a visitor in the city Tuesday.
A. S. Houiel, of near Proternus, was
very pleasant caller in our office.
Dr. W. F. Roberta and wife, of Troy,
were here in their touring car Saturday.
Call 150 and get your coal and wood.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
8ee our new cabinet mantles before
you buy. Uxios City Lumber Co.
Mr. Frank James, of the Rock Springs
vicinity, was a friendly caller here Fri
day. Postmaster A. M. Shaw and E. C.
Mozeley, of State Line, were in the city
Miss Ruth Wiley, of Sunny Slope,
was the house guest of Mrs. Enloe Chiles
Mm. Wilford Farris, of Maple Slope
farm, was a Monday visitor with Mrs.
Nannie Gardner.
Big Muddy washed nut coat is best
for cooking. At Union City Ice &
Coal Co.
If there's anything the matter with
your furniture phone 438 Chas. Ward,
Chas. Williams enjoyed a steamer trip
to St. Louis last week and a visit to his
aister in Missouri.
Cashier Paul Ingram, of the Bank of
Troy, was in the city Saturday evening
en route to Jackson.
A. E. Ratliff, one of our good friends
of Number Ten,, was a business visitor
in the city Monday.
Our good friend, F. M. Fuzzell, of the
Mount Zion country, was a business
visitor here Tuesday.
Gold Medals at Dietzel's.
Call 150, Union City Ice & Coal Co.,
when you want coal right now.
Ubo Dahnke-Walker Milling .Co. Jer
sey Cream Flour, a home product and
E. C. Jackson, one of our good
friends and citizens of Number Seven,
was in the city Monday.
Mrs. Joe Whitesido, of Dyersburg,
was a visitor this week in the home of
Miss Allio May Reeves.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dahnke, of
Jackson, were in the city this week vis
iting friends and relatives. ' ,
; J. W. Bryan, of Number Three, was
a business visitor here Friday and a
pleasant caller in our office. .
Coal Coke Wood Call Tel. 150.
Diamond La Vallieres graduation
A. J. Harpole and J. L. Fry were
among the delegation which attended
the State convention in Nashville last
week.'' " "
Mrs. Ella Morris, of Obion, was a
visitor in the city last week and a guest
at East Look with Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Forester. ,
Mr. Walter Howell, president of the
Old National Bank, was in Chattanooga
last week attending the State Bankers
Mrs. Freeman, of Dresden, after sev
eral days in the city with her sister,
Mrs. Kirk, and Mrs. Jack Wilson, has
returned home.
Bracelet Watches at Dietzol's.
Eyes examined free at your home.
Write or phone W. T. Wilkerson, Union
City, Tenn. 40"tf
Miss Lessie Logan, who left here sev
eral months ago in search of health; is
returning from Roswell, New Mexico,
much improved.
Mrs. R. D. Williams' and Mrs. W. P.
Jones, of Batesville, Ark., are in the
city visiting the home of Dr, and Mrs.
R. C. Reynolds, College street. ;
W, D. Coburn, of St. Louis, was a
business visitor here this week. Mr.
Coburn is a traveling member of theM.
& O. Railroad Company officials. ,
New Cut Glass wedding gifts Dietzel.
Misses Anna May Pressly, Janio Mof-
fatt and Maude Moffatt, of Troy, were
in the city last week attending the
Training School commencement.
Messrs. Dave Burton andThos, Quinn,
trainmasters of the M. & 0, Railroad,
were in the city last week attending a
barbecue given in their behalf by Mr.
Geo. Moody.
Mr. Hugh Harris informs ns that he
has been awarded the contract for city
reservoir for a new water and light plant
at Halls, Tenn., a very extensive job of
concrete work, ,
Mrs. Addie Brack man and little daugh
ter, Agnes, after a couple of month's
roit ia the quiet of Union City, bave re
turned to their home in New York City.
Mrs. Brackman's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Wilson, were once residents of our city. ,
Mr. Chas. Tooierlin, of Indianapolis,
Ind.( came in last week to join his fam
ily, who have betn bere for some time
visiting the home of Mrs. Tomerlin's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Robinson
Our good friend is in the mercantile
line with one of the large retail houses
in Indianapolis, and is making his way
in the world of business.
O. T. Pickard, District Manager for
the Cumberland Telephone and Tele
graph Company, formerly of McKen
zie, has located in Union City, where
he will be in headquarters from which
his territory will be reached. Mr. Pick
ard's family are in Memphis temporari
ly, but will soon be in Union City, and
we extend them the kindest welcome.
Mr. Pickard is without exception one of
the company's most efficient and ac
commodating of the staff officers, and
we are certainly pleased to announce
the change.
1 Big Muddy washed nut coal is best
for cooking. Call 150. Union City
Ice & Coal Co.
Real Estate Transfers.
H. B. Horner to Mrs. A. B. Horner,
3 lots in No. 13, $500.
J. N. Tull to John A. Dyer, lot, $25.
J. W. Terrell et al. to Mattie M. Cliff,
190 acres in No. 5, $1,850.
W. P. Simmons and wife to Wm. B.
Simmons, 2J acres in No. 7, $6,000.
D. E. Browder to W. B. Stallins, lot
in No. 16, $30.
B. M. Gibbs et al. to Jas. A. Walker,
interest in 110 acres in No. 3, $50.
Hunter Elam to Dahnke, Elam &
Pardue, lot in No. 13, $500.
Masonic Lodge and Baptist Church to
J. F. Kersey, lot in No. 3, $200.
Marriage Licenses.
J. T. Holland and Jewel Curlin.
T. L. Harrison and Mrs. Nellie Rol
Chas. Evans and Annie May Stroud.
Tom Acuff and Myrtle Lou Swindle.'
L. M. Cunningham and Lela Piper.
W. C. Breedue and Mattie Kimbro.
Archie Stallins and Roxie Kile.
William Riley Henson and Nora
May Miles:
Death of Mrs. Sam Green.
Mrs. Fannie Green, wife of S. B.
Green, died at her -home near the fair
grounds On Saturday, the 23d ultl, after
a short illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Green moved from
Hornbeak where they ware well known
a few weeks ago. Mrs. Green was a
Miss Ashley, reared near Nashville.
She was a member of the Methodist
Church and a lady of Christian graces
and character. :! She leaves her mother,
Mrs. Rebecca Ashley, and five brothers.
The remains were carried to Horn
beak for interment,
If you are Dot physically able to come
to the olhce call telephone JNo. 4M,
We will send a specialist to your home
to examine your eyes and , fit your
glasses without additional charge.
: Tesnesskk OrriCAL Company.
Baseball Game To-day.
The Bloomer Girls Club will be bere
to-day to play a select team from the
Training and the High Schools on the
home grounds at the usual hour. Maa
ager Watts will be in charge, v
" Fire Sunday Night
The concrete block, east of the pas
senger depot on Church street, was
partly destroyed by fire last Sunday
night. The fire originated iu the old
Idle Hour picture show house, which
was unoccupied, and spread to the Ford
Bros, grocery store. The old show
house was entirely gutted and the Ford
Bros, suffered the loss of stock and fix
tures amounting to $1,500, with $1,000
insurance. W. R. Lancaster, on the
east of the show house, was damaged
slightly from fire and water. The
buildings burned belonged to T. W.
Jernigan, and were insured for $2,000.
A Woman 8 Charm.
Beautiful hair, fluffy, lustrous, abun
dant and free from dandruff, is one of
woman's greatest charms it's her main
delight yet many who would be most
attractive but for their streaked, thin
and lifeless hair, think there is no rem
edy and that pretty hair ts a gift of na
ture. . Beautiful hair is really a matter
of care and attention. Parisian Sage,
when rubbed into the scalp and applied
to the hair, will work wonders you
will be surprised and delighted with the
first application not only will the hair
appear abundant, soft, fluffy, radiant
with life, but really doubly beautiful.
Parisian Sage supplies hair and scalp
needs. It Burely removes dandruff with
one application and cleanses the hair of
all dirt and excessive oil. It is an inex-
pensive, scienunc tonic, ana contains
nothing to injure the hair or scalp. It
can be secured from Oliver's Red Cross
Drugstore or at any drug store. advt
J (- -J l
XT A YY T -ATI- :.;
Values in Mid-Summer Necessities without a doubt.
Curlin is now selling all Summer Merchandise, in June, at prices of
July and August
High-class Wash Fabrics. This store is noted for its Wash Fabrics. Great
values shown this season for the hottest days of summer.
To-morrow is the day of days to buy Muslin Underwear. '
Parasols on Sale. Special Saturday and Monday.
All Millinery, Hats, Flowers, Ribbons, Fancy Plumes, and Shapes at Bargain
Harvest Time in the Suit Department. All Spring Suits now sold for
one-half of former prices or less. Prices now
$6.75 $7.49 $9.75 $12.50
Our Silk and Crepe Dresses at prices to close.
House Dresses of Gingham, Percals, and Lawns. Prices:
75c SI.OO
Mo To C O
I 1M 9 S
. i . , i
Dykrsburq Residents Sr-EAK Out For
the Welfare of the Public. -
It is just the same in Dyersburg as
here in Union City; our friends there
speak out in the same glad, earnest way
as so many grateful Union City men
and women have spoken in these col
umns for years past.
Mrs. E. Johnson, 608 Broadway, Dy
ersburg, Tenn., says: "For years I was
in poor health and I knew that my kid
neys were not doing their work as they
should. I had acute pains in the small
of my back and though I was treated
by doctors, I did not seem to improve
I finally decided to give Doan's Kidney
Pills a trial and I was surprised by the
prompt way in which they helped me
Gradually the pains left and in a re
markably short time I was enjoying the
best of health, I am pleased to con
firm the statement I gave some years
ago recommending Doan's Kidney Pills
The benefit they brought me has been
nermanent. '
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't simply
ask for a kidney remedy get Doan's
Kidney Pills the same that Mrs. John
son had. Foster-Milburn Co.; Props.,
Buffalo. N. Y. - advt
Drinking Fountain.
Chas. Dietzel has, at his own expense,
placed a fine porcelain drinking foun
tain stand at the corner of First and
Church streets, close to the jewelry store
entrance. It is a very handy water jet
and the public will appreciate it. Noth
ing takes the place of a cool drink of
water to slake the thirst, and public
comforts like these are always in order
and serve a fine purpose. 4
Water at Chautauqua Grounds.
We are ?lad to announce that arrange
ments have been made for drinking
water at the Chautauqua grounds next
weok. Two big barrels of ice water will
be furnished by the local committee,
and the barrels will be placed upon
stands with a faucet, so that visitors at
the Chautauqua can provide themselves
with drinking cups and help themselves.
This plan was suggested as the most
sanitary and suitable to everybody. The
barrels will be filled twice a day with
fresh water and ice, and placed in easy
reach of the crowds. The visitors are
therefore requested to bring their drink
ing cups and help themselves. i
Mr. Mat True and family -visited Mr.
Tom True and family near Mount Ara
rat Tuesday.
Mrs, Keitbley, of Hornbeak, is visit
ing her daughter, Mrs. Ray.
Mrs. M. A. Flowers is the guest of
Mrs. Tom Neeley.
Mrs. Johnnie Frazier and children, of
the Beech neighborhood, visited their
kinsman, Mr. Ad Osburn, several days
this week. .
Mr. Geo. Darnell and daughter and
friend, Mr. Stiglar, of Clayton, visited
Mr. Ray and family Sunday.
Miss Beulah Killion, of Fremont, is
the guest of her sister, Mrs. Tom True,
this week. ,
Mrs. Lula Bell Edwards, of Fremont,
visited her aunt, Mrs. Sam Grooms, re
cently. - Messrs. Ozrose Primrose, Rans Mc-
Daniel and Langton Primrose went to
Kenton Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ad Osburn is with Mrs.
Osburn 's mother, Mrs. Goodman, near
Troy. -
Several from here attended cnurcn at
Mount Ararat Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown delight
fully entertained several friends Satur
day night.
Mr. Jim sanders and sister visited at
Mount Ararat Sunday.
Mr. Alton Neeley visited at Mount
Ararat Sunday.
Miss Dessie Primrose returned home
Sunday from Kenton. TaixtE.
A Big Regular
Dinner at
All kinds of short orders.
Something special
at all times.
for Ladies and dents.
Extra Bool Coffee and Ilk,
White &, Quinn
Real Estate and Insurance
We have moved our office to the building formerly
occupied by the Fair Furniture Co., now White's, and
will welcomh our friends to our new quarters. ,
We represent the best Fire, Life, Accident and Torna
do Insurance Companies, both City and Country.
We represent the Continental Farm Department-
none better.
If in the market to buy or sell city property, call on us.
White & Quinn
Real Estate and insurance
Chas. Williams
Frank W. Adams
Agents Casino, Lyndon and Charm
Canned Goods
Hoekin's Coffees, Teas and Spices
Williams (Si Adams
"We Deliver the Goods"
Telephone 421 306 East Main Street
I a

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