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Hickman Items.
Mack Reid and pf Henry were io
Union City Sun J lyt'n s.Jn aIoui si-curing
the Moose Hand f..r the Fourth of
July. . '
Henry Eilio.it and Mi, Lucy Clark,
of Clinton, were; m;uri'd at Fu!ton Sun-
Mi.-ses Eraokye IVavier and Homer
firw n spent Tue.vJ.iy in Union City.
Miss Ethel Creii-iyii an J Hill IVavler,
two popuUr yomss; o"'opc iuf ttiii i ity,
were united in n.uriij Sim Jay even
ing by Rev. K...M. Walker,' of the First
Methodist Church. The wedding oe-
v , ;
VV. w W W7-
. , v .
curred at the resident of Ri-v. Walkt-r,
and the couple were aeeouipanied by
their friends, Miss Florence Chidester
and Bun Haekett. ' ,
Our Union City friends showed a most
generous and commendable spirit in
calling off their celebration in favor of
Hickman, especially io view of the fact
that they had gone to considerable ex
pense in advertising and getting up their
amusement program. r Our committee
was not only received most cordiaUy
but assured by the gentlemen of Union
City's committee that they would be
with n their wive, sweethearts and
friends. Welcome to Hickman, neigh-
H K .
uors; wen uo our ot-st tn iniw you a
pood time. In turn, the Young Men's
Business) League, who are in charge of
the Hickman celebration, will 'boost
your chautaiifj.ua and fair. Such rela
tions such good fellowship is not only
pleasant but profitable to both of us.
As an evidence of the Courier's appre
ciation of the courtesy extended to us
we are willing to cany a line of adver
Using for both events without charge
Courier. " ' ' '
Tractically all of our time i devotod
to farm insurance and the sale of farm
land. See us before you trade or sell
Davis & Tlvnasvi., '
Real IOntato Agents.
now mm
; iWiSt V
.... . .. ,: j y
B H r
Blade Tan White
The F. F. Dalley Co, Ltd.. Buffalo, N. Y, Hamilton. Ont.
must ;
7 w
By Taking Lydia E. Pink-
hamV Vegetable
Compound.' ?
Cleveland, Ohio -' My leftside
pained me so for several years that I
expected to have t
undergo an opera
tion, but the first
bottle I took of
Lydia E. Pinkham's
'Vegetable Com
pound relieved me of
the pains in my side
and I continued rta
use until I became
r'eg'alar and free
Jrom pains. I had
.'i..ked ; several doc
tor9 if there , vyas . anything- I could
take to help mjj inul they said there
was nouimg mm uiey Knew or. i am
thankful for such a d medicirtend
will alwoys giVe it Uto lughest praise.'
Mrs. C. IL GBiFHTir, 7305 Madison
Ave., Cleveland, Ohio.
Hanover, Pa, " I sufTenid 'from fc-
male trouble and tho'paina were so bad
at times that I could not sit down. The
doctor advised a severe operation but
my husband got me Lydia E. Pinkham's
v egetable Compound and I experienced
preat relief in a short time.' Now I feel
like a new person and can do a hard
clay g work and not mine it What joy
and happiness it Is to bo well once more.
I am always ready and willing to speak
a good word for the Compound. Mrs,
Ad'a Wilt, 196 Stock St, Hanover, Pa.
If there are any omplleallons you
io not nnaomana write io i.yaia t:.
i inKnam jneaicme tk. (cenli Jentlal)
W . . tr I , l r . . d
read and answ0rr4 by woman an4
Jicla In strict confidence.
Martin Locals
B. It. Pratton, of Uuion City, spent
a few hours hero last Thursday with
-Mr. and Mrs. Ralston House. ;
Mr, and Mrs. H. (I, Drake, of Union
City, were here Tuesday for a few hours.
Mrs.. Mollie Prieto, of Union City,
spent several days hero with Mrs. Mag
gie Crutchfield since our last.
Joe and Lewi HibbitU, of Union
Oily, are visiting their grandpareuU,
Mr. and Mrs. Z. M.'IIaukins.
Tom Noah arid Walter Pickard,, of
Union City, were here on business last
Thursday. ' " -:
Charley Burchard, of Union City,
pent Sunday here with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Burchard. :
Mrs. George T. Hall and little son.
tJeorge Macon, are in Union City this
week, the fcufsln of Mrs. I), A. George.
Mrs, B. C. ISrambani and sons, Uob
,ort Ueorgw and Lewis, of Union City,
HO sp -ndirtg ' his' week with Mrs, Oeorge
T. Hal!. Mad.
LIV VRR-I-AX tttnes up the system,
tiniulntt'S (ln liver to work in burmnny
"with the other oi'gaus,- Guaranteed to
j-jvc s it ii-f iction. Oliver's Bed ' CroJ
)ri!.2 Sioie. - ' " advt
Afalct of MolLer do Doubt Pre-
venis Daugtter'i Uatimelj EnrL
Ready, Ky. " I was not able to do
anything for nearly six months," writes
Mrs. Laura Bratcher, of this place, "and
v, is do n in bed for three months. .
4 I cannot tell you how I suffered with
my head, and with nervousness and
womanly troubles. .'
Our family doctor told my husband he
could not do me any good, and he had
to give it up. We tried another doctor,
but he did not help me.
At last, my mother advised me to take
Cardui, the woman's tonic. 1 thought
it was no use for I was nearly dead and
nothing seemed to do me anv eood. But
I took eleven bottles, and now 1 am able
to do all of my work and my own
washing. . ,
I think Cardui is the best medicine in
the world. My weight has increased,
and 1 look the picture of health. "
If, you Suffer from any of the ailments
peculiar to women, get a bottle of Cardui
today. Delay is dangerous. We know
it will help you, forit has helped so
many thousands of other weak women
in the past 50 years.
At all druggists.
HrrUt it: Chattanooga Madictn Co., Ladies'
Advisory Dept., Chattanooga, Tenn., lor Stecial
Inttrwtim on your casa and 64-paga book, "Home
Treatment (or Woman," In plain wrapper. M.C. 1 S3
Elks' Dance.
On last Thursday evening the Elks'
Hall was beautifully decorated with
artistically arranged cut and pot flowers
and ferns. From every point arid cor
ner of the beautiful room Chautauqua
pennants floated on lh6 breeze from the
generously distributed electric fans. Jn
One corner of the rbom a large white
banner with B. P. O. iu large purple
written across its face partly hid the
band composed of mixed talent from
Dyersburg and Union City.
Motoring parties from Fulton, Hick
man and Martin were among the jolly
crowd assembled there.
At a late hour refreshments were
served and all present enjoyed a most
ightful evening.
Money Ready for Southern Banks.
. Washington, June 15. Secretary Mc
Adoo again stands ready to lend a hand
to Western and Southern banks irrcase
they need money for crop moving pur
poses. The plan of lending government
money to the banks in agricultural dis
tricts for use during crop moving sea
son last year was so successful that it
will be adopted thi?year if the necessity
Money loaned by the Treasury De
partment last year wa3 secured mostly
by commercial paper, and all the bor
rowed money bad been returned to the
treasury by April 1, together with in
terest amounting to $200,(XX). The to
tal amount loaned to banks was $37,-
386,000. It went to 193 banks in C2
cities of 2S States.
The Wheat, Crop.
. Wheat cutting in Obion County is
about finished and threshing will be
started this week. Ed MoAllister, one
of the best of farmers, says the crop
will not be large, but is uniform, and
about the same in all sections and every
body will make good yields. He thinks
the average will probably be below 20
bushels ber aero. Says reports indicate
that the price at the opening will be
around 75 cents, and that his crop goes
to the elevator for storage. This has
been done for several years and during
that time he has not been compelled to
accept less than $1.00 for his crop.
LIV-VER-LAX is guaranteed to re
lieve troubles resulting from a disor
dered liver. Pleasant to take and per
fectly harmless. Oliver's Red Cross
Drugstore.' ' advt
; Barn Burned. .
A fine barn on the farm of.jCol. J.
Jordan, near Woodland Mills, was de
stroyed by fire ' Tuesday afternoon.
Stored iu the barn was some feed, hay,
corn, harness, farm tools, etc .The loss
was several hundred dollars with no in
At MIEkjnniaijni9 IPC
Automobiles Industrial and Pleasure Cars Vehicles Horse 'drawn
:y Comics Wheelbarrow up.
Steamboats. Motor Driven. Sail Boats. Skiffs
.Steam, Motor Boats and Skiffs. Fancy Diving and Swimming Races
Motor Cycles, 440 Yards
Dashes, 100 and 200 Yards
Relay Races, 12 Teams
Fat Man's Race
Beef and Milk A-plenty
Cattle are kept for two purposes; for beef pro
duction and for milk production. To do either right
they must be healthy. There is nothing bfctter to
keep them in continued good health, or to make
them well quickly when sick, than a few doses of
Stirs up the liver Drives
disease poisons away.
Bee oee
Any tune any ol my cat
tle get anything wrong
with them I give them a
few doses of BeeDee
They soon get well.
John S. Carroll,
JUoorhead, Miss,
Hair Raising, Death Defying, 60 Foot Dive Every Hour of the Day.
Sir. Rapids
that night.
will run a cheap excursion from Cairo, WiclclifTe and Colum
bus,, to Hickman, on the morning of the Fourth, returning
25c, 50c and $1. per can.
At your dealer's,
C dl 150. Union City Ice & Coal Co.
yhi'D yuu want coal right now.
With the Lessons
r At night when the children gather around
the sitting-room table studying their lessons for
. k the next day, the telephone often rings. A little
neighbor a mile down the road wants help from
his school-mates. Children as well as grown-ups
get pleasure and profit from the farm telephone.
Do you know how little this service costs and how
valuable it is ? ' -:
. See the nearest Bell Telephone Manager or
write for our free booklet A postal will do.
Cumberland Telephone
and Telegraph Company
No. 211 South Pryor Sf., Atlanta, Ga.
couple are popular young people from
the community three nlilcs east of Ful
ton. Loader.
The first and worst of all frauds is to
cheat oneself. Bailey.
Strikes Gas
Ve are in receipt of the following
communication from L. L. Tain
"We have a strango pump on J.'D.
Leech's place. Will Marshall and John
Burch drove a pump here on this place
G4 feet deep, and it has enough gas to
force the pump to work same as you
would work it by hand. It will pump
after priming for about fifteen minutes
and will pump three tubs of water and
then stop. You can prime it again and
it will pump same amount as before.
When lighted with a match the gas will
bum same as a blow-torch. It is bard
to put out; throwing water on doesn't
put it out, and two or three men have
to fan it with their- bats to extinguish
the blaze. The blaze runs about three
feet high above the pump, and would
soon melt off tbe pitcher if left burning.
Fersons desiring to see this well can do
so by calling at John Burch's, ten miles
west of Hickman." Hickman Courier.
If your eyes need attention, call at
our office and have them, examined (not
tested) by one of our specialists. It will
not cost you anything.
ll-2t ' Tknsesbce Optical Co. j
Fiiltnn Ma
, i r fHJ!V!.Ui, a is Kiaui, Mlftt ft OIU-
Mr. Hoy Newton and Miss Callie km- t:,- ,.,.,. , ,, ... ....
J . t Hon may be reached which will ternn-
ney were , married Saturday night at 8 . nato strife in Mexico.
o'clock, me couple live in tuiton ana; As a sequel to the Ilousa Merchant
have many friends. Quite a party of i Marine Committee's extended investiga-
them were present to witness tbe cere- tion of ''PP'iS combinations, Repre
eentattve Alexander, of Missouri, will
introduce' to-day a bill to bring wafer!
trintportation in bUi foreign and do-1
nicv.lii: commerce ' undir dovernnient
Officers and men among the Ameri
can bluejackets and marines who dis
tinguished themselves by conspicuous
bravery at Vera Cruz, 108 in number,
were formally recognized and rewarded
by the Navy Department. There were
medals and gratuities for eleven enlisted
men for extraordinary heroism display
ed. Especial praise was accorded Rear
Admiral Fletcher' by Secretary Daniels.
With the tolls tight past, the House
plans to push tbe appropriation bills,
while the Senate proposes to rush im
portant trust bills. Leader Underwood,
during the week, will renew the fight
for a July adjournment. j
Admitting that Mexican mediation at
Niagara Falls is now at its most critical
stage, where the personnel of the pro
visional government to succeed Huerta
must ibe selected, Administration lead-
mony that united the young couple and
wish tlicio bappi'nesp and prosperity.
The ppcond couple was united Sunday !
at 2 o'clock lhe contracting parties
were Mr. Loncy Anderson and Mis-s
llattie Net-ley. They were accompanied
by several friends in buggies. The
which is in a state of activity after a
lapse of years. A column of smoke es
timated to be 2,000 feet high was seen
from a distance of fifty miles. One life
is reported to have been lost.
Trinted copies of the opinion of Mr.
Justice Holmes in the "Kentucky Har
vester": cases has caused attorneys Io
veer in their opinions, the majority now
being inclined to the view that the to
bacco pooling act will not be upheld.
Several persons were prostrated by
lightning shock during the storm that
passed over Evansvillti Saturday night,
when property damage amounting to
$100,000 was done.
Theodore Roosevelt III., Col. Roose
velt's first grandson to bear the family
name, was born in New York Sunday
to Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., 'and Mrs.
Roosevelt. ' ..
The American liner New York, whose
side was stove in as a result of being
struck by the Pretoria off Nantucket,
reached New York with 600 passengers.
"Fifty members of "Cen." Kelly's
"army," convicted at Grafton, W. Va.,
will be put to work on the county road.
Two eruptk
Mt. Lassen,
ns er noted' Monday at j
the California volcano,
' Many people ufT-r the torturri of
Lime fiiii'wles and stiffened joints because
of impurities in the blood, and each suc
ceeding attack seems more acute until
To arrest rheumatism it is quite as im
portant tot'inprove your general health at
to puKfyyour Mood, and tbe cod liver oil
inScott'sI'muliion ia natnre'apreat bl'iod
maker', while its medicinal nourishment
MrcnKtliens the or. .us to evj- the
tu)purhk' and tipbuUJ jour rntKth.
fccott Ivmiilston n helnne; tl.'.UHiim!
every ii.'iy wtioroitiu not (iihi fj'.ij- ti
lu.fu.afi the alcoholic eubilituUs.
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