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Oiip IPolicy :
Highest Quality Lowest Expenses
Lowest Prices
Nothing Lost on Accounts. Don't pay for
delivering other people's goods.
Get Prices.
Cash Store Co.
F. S. WHITE. Proprietor.
Removal Announcement
The Farmers Supply Co.
Successors to W. S. Jackson & Son.
Announce to their customers and friends
the removal of the goods from Southside
to the building on the northeast corner
of Court Square, where a visit will be
The new stand wili carry large supplies of
Groceries of all kinds, Wagons, Buggies, Farm
Implements, etc., and guarantee goods of the
best quality and lowest prices.
Delivery Wagons Union City, Tenn. Telephone 24
Next Door to Court House.
n n
0 01 Mil
M Kinds
Windows, Doors, Columns
Shingles, Posts, Rails
and Pickets
Some Second-hand and Rough
Askins & Dircks Lumber Co.
A little advertisemeht in The Commercial
Always does the business.
'e. p. gri
Golden Gate
Teas and Coffees
Chase & Sanborn's
Teas and Coffees
Meat, . Flour, Sugar, Coffee
AIThandled in an up-to-date, sanitary manner.
No order too large. No order too small.
Phones 204-230
Washington Ave.
Mr. Frank Brown and little daughters
visited relatives at Talley 'a Saturday and
Mr. Tom McDaniel and wife visited
Possumtrot relatives Saturday.
Mr. J. N. Sanders and sister were in
Troy Saturday. t
Miss Mary Lou Galloway visited Troy
Saturday. ;'
Mrs. Sidney Kirk delightfully enter
tained the following relatives and friends
Saturday at a fish fry and a splendid
dinner: C. 0. Primrose and family, W.
K. Dyer and family, M. A. Brown and
family, Bob McDaniel and wife, Billie
Wright and family, Jonathan Snyder
and family, Henry Berry and family
Claud Uerry and family. Ice cream
was served on the lawn at 3 o'clock and
rook was enjoyed. The winners of the
blue ribbon were C. O. Primrose and
Tom Darnell. Music was furnished by
the Kirk Band.
Miss Ora Brown visited relatives at
Union City several days the past week.
Mr. Quill Dyer and family visited
relatives near Curry's schoolhouse Sat
urday and Sunday.
Mr. Lure dow and family were in
Troy Saturday.
Messrs. Farris Calhoun and Boss Mc
Daniel spent the Fourth on the lake.
There will not be any preaching at
Bethel the second Sunday. It will be
here the fourth Sunday and at Frote-
mus the second. Protracted meeting
begius here the second Sunday in Au
gust, conducted by Revs. Crittendon
and Drake.
Mr. Mat True and family and Mr.
Sam Grooms and family enjoyed an
outing at Harry Cloar's pond on the
Mr. Bob Greene and family, of Lake
County, visited Mr. Mat True and fam-
ly Sunday.
Mr. Tom Neeley is on the sick list
this week. Tbixik,
We have just received our spring stock
of screen goods, and can supply you with
window and door shutters at reasonable
Warren McDonald Camp.
Warren McDonald Camp, U. C. V.,
No. 93G, met in the City Hall Monday,
July 6, at 1 p. m. Present, 27.
Commander W. T. Harris called the
Camp to order. Prayer by Chaplain J.
A. Cloar. Minutes read and approved.
Motion carried to recommend Dr. W.
H. Coley for reappointment on the
Pension Board.
Motion carried to appoint a commit
tee to co-operate with the Union City
Business Men's Club and the officials of
the Fair Association to fix date for the
State reunion, U. C. V., and also to con
fer with the two U. D. C. Chapters with
regard to the date for the State reunion,
U. C. V. The chair appointed as com
mittee: Dr. F. M. McRee, C.G. Thomas,
W. J. Briggs, H. R. Brown, Col. J. L
Motion carried to elect delegates and
alternate delegates to the State reunion
and matron of honor, sponsor and
maids of honor by acclamation. Col
E. N. Moore, Col. J. L. Cochran and
Dr. F. McRee were elected delegates and
Lieut. W. B. Stovall, Dr. Lasley and
C. G. Thomas were elected alternate del
egates. Matron of honor, Mrs. Chas.
Burchard; sponsor, Miss Vangie Inman;
maids of honor, Miss Annie Cunning
ham and Miss Ninnie Barksdale.
Motion carried to adjourn to meet in
the City Hall the first Monday in Au
gust at 1 p. m.
R. W. Powell, Adjt.
In Memory.
On June 29, 1914, near the mid
night hour, the angel of death visited
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Caudle
and claimed for His own their only be
loved son, Denis, who was also our
dear schoolmate. He was about 14
years of age. His home was near
Pleasant Hill church. He was a mem
ber of. the Rives school, and loved by
all his schoolmates. He has been a
patient sufferer for many months.
When the schoolboys visited him he
would greet them with a smile and a
pleasant word; would immediately sit
up and entertain as best he could.
He has been quite feeble for a long,
long time. He professed faith in Christ
last summer and joined Pleasant Hill
church, living a true Christian until
death: thus leaving a consolation to
those near and dear to bin).
Funeral services were conducted in a
beautiful manner by Rev. Cunning
ham and the remains laid to rest in the
presence oi a nost of menus in tne
Pleasant Hill Cemetery. 9
To the bere'aved, mother and father
friends offer deepest sympathy, but only
a Higher Power can heal the broken
heart. Friend and Schoolmate.
Charles Ward, upholstei - located
in the Morris Block, on Ma. j street,
first store west of Methodist church.
Box couches made to order. Phone 438.
Marriage Licenses.
Homer Davis and Ora Johnson.
Dave Wilkerson and Vera Huffstutter,
R. P. White and Lanelle White.
Commodore Pride and Lottie Wilson.
V. B. Forrester and Ruth Callis.
Lancy Perkins and Willie Happy.
John Morrow and Nina Taylor.
Jim Hicks and Sudie L. Garrison.
Robert Cisco and Minnie Payne.
David Holland and Beulah Barr.
Floyd Rand and Nell Adams.
Green Lindsay and Lizzie Keys.
Card of Thanks.
Mrs. Loulie Gibbs Edwards asks The
Commercial to extend sincerest thanks
of the family to ail who rendered assist
aoce during their bereavement, and es
pecially to the following gentlemen who
acted as pall bearers:
Honorary C. H. Cobb, J. M. Rob
erts, Moscow, Ky., Judge W. H. Swig
gart, Seid Waddell, R. P. Whitesell, R.
A. Pierce, T. M. Pierce, Avery Beck.
Active Price Bradshaw, H. O. Head,
Harris Parks, Walter Howell, A. L.
Uartb, Dr. M. A. Blanton, R. M. Whip
ple, W. W. Mayes.
Special Announcement.
The Alumni Association of the Union
City Training School is planning to have
a big banquet at the Palace Hotel dur
ing the mouth of August. Every mem
ber of the Association is requested to
lend their interest to make this meet-
ng a great success. All who can pos
sibly must be present, and especially
those who have graduated within the
last eight years.
Let every Alumnus at once begin to
arouse enthusiasm for this home-corn
ing event. A final announcement will
be made later and a special invitation
sent to each member.
Pnmn im wait it mnn
UNI tffllWb lA
In the State of Tennessee, County of
UDion, at the close of business
June 30, 1914.
When you feel lazy, out of sorts and
yawn a good deal in the daytime, you
can charge it to a torpid liver which has
allowed the system to got full of impuri
ties. HERBINE'cures all disorders pro
duced by an inactive liver. It strength
ens that organ, cleanses the bowels and
puts the system in good healthy condi
tion. Price 50c. Sold by Oliver's Red
Cross Drug Store. advt
Mr. Guy Erwin, of Polk, visited his
uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John
Guy, last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Grimes, of Blyth-
ville, Ark., are visiting relatives here
this week.
Mrs. Yancy Donahue, of near Union
City, visited relatives here the first part
of the week.
Mrs. Mandy Rogers, of Ridgely, vis
ited her sister, Mrs. Sam Grimes, this
Mr. Herbert Wells spent the Fourth
in Martin.
Mr. and Mrs. McCorley and little
daughter, Mary, of Mayfield, Ky., who
have been visiting relatives and friends
here the past week, have returned home.
Miss Vera Taylor, of Mayfield, Ky.,
who have been visiting relatives here
for several weeks, has returned home,
accompanied by Miss Kate Bedford.
Mrs. Will D. Parks and children, of
Union City, are visiting Mrs. Parks'
brother, Mr. Geo. Wells, this week.
Mr. Billie Culberson and family, of
Mount Moriah, spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Bob Joyner.
Mr. Fred Blanchard, of Hornbeak,
is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Deb Morgan.
Miss Lottie Wilson and Mr. C. Pride
were united in marriage last Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Griffin have the
sympathy of the community in the
death of their infant baby, which died
Saturday. Daliah.
Worms interfere with the growth of
children. They become thin, pale and
sickly. Get nd of these parasites at
once if you would have healthy, happy,
cheerful children. WHITE'S CREAM
VERMIFUGE destroys worms and ben
fits the whole system. Trice 25c per
bottle. Sold by Oliver's Red Cross
Drug Store. advt
Their Own Victims.
New York, July 4. Three men were
killed to-day when a dynamite bomb,
said to be the most powerful ever used
in this city, exploded in an apartment
tenanted by the Industrial Workers of
the World. . The upper part of the six
story tenement bouse, in which the
bomb was being made, was wrecked.
A score of persons were seriously in
jured aDd much property damage was
done in a wide radius from the scene of
the explosion. Those dead and those
escaping injury in the apartment in
cluded I. W. W. men men, who are
defendants in the trial to be begun
Monday in Tarrytown, N. Y., where
they were arrested when they went to
the village to make demonstrations out
side the Pocantico Hills estate of John
D. Rockefeller.
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co. Jer
sey Cream Flour, a borne product and
Loans and Discounts
Overdraft, secured and un
U. S. Bonds to secure circula
tion ......
Banking house, furniture
and fixtures
Due from National Banks
(not Reserve Agents) 122.912. 19
Due from State and Private
Banks and Bankers. Trust
Companies, end Suviuits
Banks 3. 208. 07
Due from approved K (-serve
Arents 26,168.24
Checks and other cash items 3.886.S5
Notes of other National
Banks 3.340.00
Fractional Paper Currency,
Nickels, and Cents 5S5.08
Lawful Money Kbsebvk
in Bank, viz:
Specie 15.759.85
Redemption fund with U. S.
Treasurer (5 per cent of
circulation) ....... ....
(No. 9029)
Old National Bank
in the State of Tennessee, at the close of
business June 80, 1914.
Loans and Discounts 1273.521. IS
Overdrafts, secured and un
secured 4,147.91
U. S. Bonds to secure ctrcu-
latiou M 5O.000.oa
Banking House, Kuruitui'
and Fixtures 3, xw.ua
Due from National Banks
(not reserve airenui) . $35,617.29
Due from State and Private
Banks and Bankers. Trust
Companiea and Savings
Banks 21,853.21
Due from Approved Reserve
Checksandothercash items 252.27
Notes of other National
Banks 1.840.00
Fractional Paper Currency,
Nickels, and Cents 300.17
Lawful Vonkv Rkservb
in Bank, vix: -
Specie 17.885.70
Legal tender notes 2.450. 00
Redemption fund with V. S.
Treasurer (5 per cent of
Capital stock paid in
Surplus fund
Undivided profits, less ex
penses and taxes paid
National Bunk Notes out
standing Due toother National Bunk 5,0u0.00
Due to State and Private
Banks and Bankers 5,423.70
Individual deposits subject
tocheck 184.062.23
Time certificates of deposit
payable alter 30 days or
after notice of 30 days or
longer.... 30.857.67
Cashier's checks outstanding 40.00
Totnl $368,246.68
State of Tennessee,
County of Obion.
I, Hunter Elam, Cashier of the
above named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
Hunter Elam, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 4th day of July, 1914.
LSeal.J W. M. Miles.
Correct Attest: Notary Public.
Jno. T. Walker,
J. L. Fry,
D. N. Walker.
Total a. r. $439,566.73
Capital Stock paid in $75. 000.0ft
Surplus fund 15,000.00
Undivided Profits, less ex
penseaand taxes paid 10,211.01
National Bank Notes out
standing; 50,000.00
Due to oilier national banks 10,5tU.19
Due to Stnte and Private
Banks and Bankers .... 20,021.03
Dividends unpaid 810.00
Individual Deposits subject
tocheck 236,110.00
Demand certificates of de
posit 19,732.00
Cashier's checks outstand'g 2,100.00
Total $439,566.23
State of Tennessee, )
County of Obion. S 1
I, E. V. Caldwell, Cashier of the
above-named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
E. V. Caldwell, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 3rd day of July, 1914.
W. M. Milks,
Seal. Notary Public.
Correct Attest:
Walter Howell,
S. Waddell,
11. P. Whitesell,
Round trip, railroad faro $4.90.
Board at Cave Hotel including the sev
eral routes in tho Cave for $6.50. Mak
ing total cost for three days trip $11.40,
going on regular train. Humboldt
3:33 p. m. Milan 3:5G p. m. Mc
Kenzie 4:45 p. m. Paris 5:15 p. m.
Limit on tickets ten days. Write or
phone L. & N. Agent. 14-3t
Her Only Chance.
"Then you think my daughter's con
tralto will not get her into grand opera?"
"Never, madam. If she could lower
it a notch she might make a freak fe
male basso for a vaudeville turn."
Case of Thrift.
"A reception to-day, my dear, when
you gave a party only last night?"
"Yes; I had a bowl of fruit punch
left over, and I didn't see the use of
wastiug it."
. , , .j
Praise Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Women from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from all sections
of this great country, no city so large, no village so small
but that some woman has written words of thanks for
health restored by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound. No woman who is suffering from the ills peculiar
to her sex should rest until she has given this famous remedy
a trial. Is it not reasonable to believe that what it did for
these women it will do for any sick woman ?
Wonderful Case of Mrs. Stephenson,
on the Pacific Coast.
Independence Oregon. "I was sick with what four doctors
called Nervous lrostration, was treated by them for several years,
would be better for a while then back in the old way again. I had
palpitation of the heart very bad, fainting spells, and was so nervous
that a spoon dropping to the floor would nearly kill me, could not
lift the lightest weight without making me sick; in fact was about as
sick and miserable as a person could be. I saw your medicines ad
vertised and thought I would try them, and am so thankful I did for
they helped me at once. I took about a dozen bottles of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and also used the Sanative Wash,
Since then I have used them whenever I felt sick. Your remedies
are the only doctor I employ. You are at liberty to publish tnis let
ter." Mrs. V. Stephenson, Independence. Oregon.
A Grateful Atlantic Coast Woman.
IIodgdon, Me. MI feel it a duty I owe to all suffering women to
tell what Lydia E. rinkham's Vegetable Compound did for me. One
year ago I found myself a terrible sufferer. I had pains in both sides
and such a soreness I could scarcely straighten tip at times. My
back ached. I had no appetite and was so nervous I could not sleep,
then I would be so tired mornings that I could scarcely get around.
It seemed almost impossible to "move or do a bit of work and I
thought I never would be any better until I submitted to an opera
tion. I commenced taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
and soon felt like a new woman. I had no pains, siept well, had good
appetite and was fat and could do almost all my own work for a fam
ily of four. I shall always feel that I owe my good health to your
medicine.'' Mrs. IIaywabd Sowers, IIodgdon, Maine.
For 30 years Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound has been the standard remedy for fe
male ills. No one sick with woman's ailments
does justice to herself if she does not try this fa
mous medicine made from roots and herbs, it
has restored so many suffering women to health.
fJ C05ni)ESTIAL) LY5!, MASS., for ad rice.
Your letter will be opened, read and answered '
by a woman and held in strict confidence.

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