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Here's the oppor
tunity for you to get
one absolutely free
TriU 14 lrf.
Solid Gold Bracelet-Watch
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Infllah word only;
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14 ol paper; 50
word! la aheeL.
Letteramar Be repealed. If competln( litti conttla
ime number of vorda, pcatDCM will determine
Three local udee will decide aatolhe winner.
Liat mutt be delivered to our (tore oo et before
(lofint date of Skill Teat. -'
The Bracelet Watchthe neweit production o
the Omeoa Watch Comtany la on eihibitioa
In our ahow windows, toeethef with other aizea and
errlea of Omega Watchea foe Men end Women, t
pricea to euit evrry puree. The pnrpote ofthia
S-ll I Teal, and the otter, or thia very hirh trade
vatchv la to Impreia you with the all-around eicet
lence of Ometa Watchea and ae Influence pout
holiday buying.
Skill Teat Cloaca la Two Weeks!
Bransford &
Compulsory School Law. s
It is the" duty of every parent or
guardian of children in Obion County
between the ages of 8 and 14 years to
see that these children are in school 80
suceesaive days.
Tlie above provisions apply to chil
dren between the ages of 14 and 1G
years where the children are not en
gaged in some useful employment, or
can not read or write.
Any person making a false statement
in regard to the age of his children may
be fined not less than $2.00 nor more
than $50.00.
Any person failing to send children
to school may be fined not less than
$2 00 nor more than $20.00 for the first
offense, and not less than $5.00 nor
more than $50.00 for any subsequent
offense, and the cost of the suit.
The County Judge has original and
exclusive jurisdiction of all cases in
violation of this law.
The State Superintendent has con
strued the law to mean that the 80 days
are to be at the first of the school and
not at some other time.
A violation of this law is made a mis
demeanor and the offender may be put
in the work house to work out the fine.
The Ihw will be strictly enforced this
year, so please take notice and govern
yourselves accordingly.
, Very respectfully,
0KO. tt. Kehnev,
County Judge.
If you want to buy or sell a farm, let
us hear from you or come to see us.
Davis & Russkll,
Real Estate Agents.
Third National Supervisors.
Io this week's paper will be seen an
announcement from the Third National
Bank, oueof the county' strongest and
safest banking institutions. It is the
semi-annual report of the local board
of supervisors, which is altogether inde
pendent of the work of the State Board
of Examiners, aud a further safeguard
and guarantee to the patrons of this
bank. The work is complete in detail
and the report is made to show that
nothing has been left undone to thor
oughly satisfy and indemnify the share
holders and depositors against any pos
sible irregulaiity in the bank's financial
condition:" The plan is a good one aDd
should appeal to the public.
Union City Lodge F. & A. M. will
meet July 16 at 8 p. m. for purpose of
work in the third degree. All Master
Masons cordially invited.
S. E. Allmond, W. M.
Explosion of Thresher.
Last Friday the thresher outfit, be
longing to Davis, Phillips, Olive & Co.,
in Number Seven, was considerably
damaged. They were on Mr. Huse
Davis' place threshing, and the explo
sion was the result of the locking of
the belts. Damago amounted to about
one hundred dollars.
Contract for Church.
The contract for the building of the
rieasant Valley Church was let this
week to T. L. Bransford & Sons. The
work will begin at once.
Fine Bank Showing.
The Old National Bank statement in
this week's issue shows that institution
to be in a very normal and healthy
financial condition during the season
of drouth and uncertainty in crop pro
pects in this country. This is a very
solid banking house and the poople seem
to realize the fact. The business there
fore continues in spite of the gloomy
"Unthn. An are have to take taare of that
atork powdrr? It made dm awful eke; before."
'NiffM Nedfflit mi eon. no more of that barn
SALT BRICK la the up-to-date plea, it eana
ae well ae curt, ud we bctcx Uata the vad
I can heartily rrommend your atocfc
medicine above all o there that I ever need,
and I believe I have tried all of the let at
brands. Last prine cholera ot "none my
tiotre and one died before t really knew
they were eick. Two other were very artck
when 1 Boticed them, and ae I bad boasrht
two of your brick for the boreee, I decided
tor it a trial. I dleaolved half MEDI
CATED SALT BRICK la aoroe win, frlvtae
thia to the two pick ho and la a few
boors I gave the other halt to them. They
aremed to tmprora so nicety. I tur,t eer
eral of the Brick and ave it to all my hoc
and bave not lost another or with any
kind of dleeane. One at the mdck hoy tea
II of hU hair. V"S?i!$?
An important event for
the public.
begin their Semi - Annual
Clearance Sale to-morrow.
Prices will be reduced all
over the store. Their repu
tation for handling fine
goods makes this sale worth
Social and Personal
Mrs. Berryhill, Editor.
Telephone 140. Kindly report as early a con
venient. Gipsy Tea.
With Miss Edith Quinn as hostess,
a Gipsy tea io honor of Miss Emma
Conley, of Waverly, Tenn., at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Ed McAlister, west of
the city, was greatly enjoyed by a num
ber of young people last Monday night.
They met io the Thomas Park in town
at 7 o'clock and were driven iu wagons
to the McAlister home, where lunch was
spread. At a late hour the company re
turned to town after a very pleasant en
tertainmeut. Those forming the party
Misses Emma Conley, Kate Kirk
man, Edna Lois McAlister, Allie B.
Campbell, Edith Quinn, Blanche Stu
art, Jeanie Garth, Beth Rook, Jessie
Stone, Agnes Andrews, Willa Whitson,
Mary Lee Rodgers, Mary Dahnke, Nell
Nailling, Vivienne White, Lila Cald
well, Miss Whipple, chaperone; Ralph
Quinn, Ferrill Alexander, Robert Whit
son, Ovid Jernigan, Fletcher Tucker,
Cecil Stone, Meeks Meadow, George
Meadow, Melvin Tisdale.
Death of Mrs. Bronaugh.
Mrs. J. C. Bronaugh, formerly Miss
Bculah Miles, died at her home in
Trenton, Ky., of heart failure on the
7th inst. Mrs. Bronaugh bad been sick
but was nearly recovered when her baby
hoy was born last Saturday, and then
heart failure took place. The baby
died and mother and babe were laid to
rest Wednesday, the 8th inst. Mrs.
Miles, Miss Stella, Malcom and Mr.
Bronaugh are prostrated with grief.
The family resided formerly in Union
City and hosts of warm friends here
tender the kindest condolences.
When the baby is suffering the doublo
aflliction of hot weather and bowel dis
orders, the remedy needed is McGEE'S
BABY ELIXIR. It reduces the fever
ish condition, corrects the stomach and
checks looseness of the bowels. Trice
25c and 50c per bottle. Sold by Oliver's
Red Cross Drug Store. advt
Obituary of Mrs.Vm. Stanley.
Mrs. Maggie Stanley (nee Redman)
wife of Mr. Wm. Stanley, was born
in TWnniher. 1854. in Williamson
County, Tenn., and died of dropsy
July 3, 1914, at tier nome in union
County,.Tenn. She was first married
to Mr. Wm. Dixon, of Williamson
County, Tenn., and they moved to
Obion County about twenty-nve years
ago and located near, Union City, where
her husband and only cnua aiea. ene
married Mr. Wm. Stanley in October,
1906, and lived until death near Stan
lev's Chapel Methodist Chutch, which
was built by her nusoana, wno is sun
an hrtnnrav steward, although nearly
nin ty-three. Sue bcame a memoor oi
iu Christian Church about fifteen years
an tViniiirh she exnressed the intention
- -is-. '..... , . .
of joining the Methodist unurcn; out
failing health prevented her attending
church and carrying out her desire.
She leaves, besides a devoted nusoana,
tlimn sisters and three brothers, m
Mra Mnllin Gathio and Mrs. Bettie
Washam, of Obion County, Mrs. Jane
Hudson, of Chattanooga, and wuiiam,
James Redman, of Eagle
villa Tonn.. and many friends and
vfin sustain the ereat loss of
a faithful wife, devoted sister and help
ful friend. Her chief characteristics
.raiuinw inilustrv and devotion to
V-1 V
in knmn The funeral was conducted
by Rev. H. B. Terry, pastor, at Stan-
ley's Chapel, and uunai in Diovau wm-
Money to loan on farm land. Long
time. Easy Terms, bee us at once.
13-tf Howard & Bcrsev.
iScautiful LaValliers Dietzel.
Monday night Miss Mary Preuett, of
Woodland Mills, was the beautiful hos
tess of a delightful lawn party given in
honor of her guests, Miss George and
Mr. Wells, of Memphis..
Talking and contests were the fea
tures of the night. Miss George and
Mr., Wells were voted the honor of be
ing the best conversationalists of the
crowd and were very solemnly united in
the holv bonds of matrimony by the
little minister, Mr. Clarence Luton,,
Esq. After the wedding the guests
were invited into the dining room where
an ice course was served.
About thirty-five enjoyed this hospi
tality. At a late hour the guests de
parted declaring Miss Preuett a grand
Miss Marianna Sears, of Griffin, Ga.,
is a visitor in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Hassler. Miss Sears is the
daughter of Mrs. Clay Faircloth, a well
known visitor in Union City. Miss
Sears will be entertained with a dance
at Mrs. Hassler's and at the homo of
Mrs. J. A. Wheeler, and a party of
friends will make Miss Sears the bonoree
of a steamer party from Hickman to
St. Louis.
Miss Taylor, of Jonesboro, Ark., a
Ward-Belmont student, is a visitor in
Union City at home with Miss Cassie
Hamilton and Miss Jessie Whitesell.
The visitor was entertained last week
with a rook party by Miss Hamilton on
Florida avenue.
Misses Marie and Belding Petry, of
Nashville, are the guests of Miss The
resa Arnn. who has planned a number
of entertainments for the young ladies.
Mrs. Brevard asks us to state that
there was -no Gipsy Tea at her home
last week. The social notes made a
mistake of it.
A croauet party for Miss Taylor and
the entire social calendar was canceled
last week on account of the death of D.
A. Edwards.
Ice Cream Supper
An ice cream supper will be given at
the park in Union City on Saturday
night, July 18, by the Young Ladies
Missionary Society of the Methodist
Church. The public is cordially solicit
ed to be present.
Stings or bites of insects that are fol
lowed by swellings, pain or itcbrag
should be treated promptly, as they are
IMENT counteracts tne poison, it i
both antiseptic and healing. Price 25c,
50c and $1.00 per bottle. Sold by Oli
ver's Red Cross Drug Store. advt
for the business you have given us.
Keep it up and oblige
Phone G39 and 629.
To Virgie Ward, Mrs. Ola Smith,
and Creath Smith, Mrs. Lula
Nowlin, JRoy Nowlin and Sadie
Mrs. Maggie V. McConnell et als.
Virgie Ward et als.
Chancery Court, Obion County Tenn.
In the above styled cause it appear-
in?? to the Clerk and Master from the
hill r.f rnmnlaint. which is SWOrn to,
that the defendants, Virgie Ward, Mrs.
Ola Smith and Creath bmitn, ner Hus
band, Mrs. Lula Nowlin and Roy Now
lin, her husband, and Sadie Ward are
r,n.rnsiilonts nf the State of Tennessee,
so that ordinary process of law cannot
be served upon them, it is tuereiore
hereby ordered that the said above
named defendants appear before the
Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court
of Obion County, Tennessee, on or be
fore the First Monday of August, 1914,
that being a regular rule day of said
Chancery Court, and make defense to
the said bill, or the same will be taken
as confessed by them, and the said
cause set for bearing ex-parte as to
them. It is further ordered that publi
cation of this notice be made for four
The Commercial,
a weekly newspaper published in Obion
County, Tenn.
This June 30th, 1914.
(14-4t) Clerk and Master.
Lannon A Stanfield, Sol, for Compl't
Call 150 for coal of any kind.
Union City, Tenn., July 7th, 1914.
To the Board of Directors,
Third National Bank.
We, your committee appointed, did on the 3rd day of July examine the
cash, notes, and general books of the bank and respectfully submit the
Cash. We counted the cash and verified same with the books and
found same in balance. We checked over all cash items and found them
to be regular.
Notes. We listed all notes, examined this item very close; went over
the securities, verified our listing with the amount shown on the general
books and found them to be correct. We found all loans well secured, and
which is evidence that the finance committee are watching this important
Bill Lading Drafts. This item was checked and found to be correct
and each to be in accord with the general books.
Overdrafts. "The amount of overdrafts was small compared to the
volume of business, and of a temporary nature.
Time Certificate Deposits. This item was checked and found to be
Expense. We checked this account, all expenses being shown in full
detail which makes it easy to see just what the expenses cover, and we
found the same very conservative and deserves special mention.
Correspondent Banks. This item was checked and verified with the
books and found to be correct.
Depositor's Ledgers. We went through the individual ledgers and
found them to be correct; examined the balance ledger and all items were
correct. .
General Books. We found all the general books to be correct.
The committee made a thorough examination of all the books, in fact,
the business of the day was turned over to the auditing committee to be
balanced, we counting all the cash and verifying all entries and in each
division we found all books and items to be correct.
Respectfully submitted;
Insures the Life of Your, Home
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I a smaller expenditure than Mastic Paint "The Kind That Lasts. "
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assures permanent satisfaction. It has stood
the test of time for more than 40 years and
you can't go wrong in using it
Mastic Paint b the unadulterated combina
tion of the finest pure White Lead, Zinc and
Linseed Oil The formula is plainly printed
on every can. It is far superior to any other
paint and more economical.
. T TWa... .Mmri
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FtX-EEr Paint Them," also color card of 45 color combinations.
Death at 120 Years.
An old colored woman, Mattie John
son, a resident of this city for many
years, reputed to be 120 years of age,
was buried last Tuesday. The old woman
lived alone. Some years ago she served
in the capacity as nurse until extreme
old age. Two or three months ago she
was taken ill, and life gradually ebbed
away. Her physician, Dr. Walker, from
all the records he could find, computeu
her age at 120 years. Certain it is that
she was raised in the South and livea in
Louisiana in her young days. She was
familiar with many incidents and knew
many of the soldiers engaged in me
Mexican War. She moved to Middle
Tennessee and during the Civil War
went as far north as Cincinnati, and
from there she came to this country.
A colored woman in this city, who has
grandchildren, when a girl knew Mat
tie Johnson in Middle Tennessee, and
the latter then was married and had a
family of children. The old woman
was evidently of Indian blood. Her
hair, that which was not frosted with
age, was straight and black, and she
bad the characteristics of the race. She
was a member of the Baptist Church.
Non-Resident Notice.
Nora Smith et ala.
J. M. Finch et al.
Chancery Court, Obion County, Tenn.
In the above styled cause it appear
ing in tha Clerk and Master from the
bill of complaint, which is sworn to,
that the defendant, Jasper lMicuworui,
is a non-resident of the State of Ten
naauoo an tlmt ordinary nroces8 of law
ltvoovv - - - - r ar
cannot be served upon him. It is there
fore hereby ordered that the said above
nmfil riflfondant aonear before the
Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court
of Obion County, lenn., on or before
the first Monday of September, 1914,
that being a regular rule day of said
Chancery Court, and make defense to
the bill, or the same will be taken as
confessed by him and the said cause
set for hearing ex-parto as to bim.
It is further ordered that publication
of this notice be made for four consecu
tive weeks in The Commercial, a weekly
newspaper published in Obion County,
Tenn. This July 8, 1914.
15-4t Clerk and Master.
Tierce & Fiy, Sols, for Compl't. ,
Union City, Tenn., July 7, 1914.
Sealed bids will be received until noon
of Tuesday, the 4th day of August,
1914, for approximately 440,700 cubic
yards of ditch work with floating dredge,
and approximately 21,000 cubic yards
with teams, and for clearing approxi-;
mately 125 acres of right of way. Will
entertain bids for all or any part of said
work. Bids on work as a whole or for
the dredgebnat yardage must, as a guar
antee of good faith in entering into con
tract, be accompanied by certified check
tor one-tenm u-iu; oi amount so te
spectively bid; bids for team work yard
age and clearing, as a whole, must like
wise be accompanied by certified check
for $1,000.00; bids on team work yard
age and clearing separately must be
accompanied respectively by certified
check for toOO.OO. Right to reject any
and all bids reserved by Board of Di
rectors. Specifications can be bad by
applying to W. C. Kelly, Engineer,
Union City, Tenn. Work to be com
pleted in one year. 15-4t
Harris Fork Drm.vage District
No. 3, By J. L. Pickle, Secretary
of the Board of Directors.

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