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Local and personal
B. E. Craig went to Fulton Monday.
Maj. Geo. B. Priskill ia at Humboldt
on a visit.
Joe Wilson, of Jackson,- was in the
city Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Pittnian visited
at Hickman last week.
J. V. Barnes, one of our good friends
at Troy, was a pleasant caller Monday.
Mrs. T. N. Tatton, of Fine Bluff,
Ark., was a visitor in Union City last
Dr. Newton A. Hawks was called to
Martin last Thursday on professional
business. i
Mr. Hunter ' Griffin, of Savannah,
Oa., arrived Saturday to visit relatives
and friends.
Mrs. Wm. Kelley and daughter,
Caroline, have returned from a week's
visit at Fulton.
W. L. White and W. W. Hutchison
have returned from a ten days stay at
Dawson Springs.
Mrs. Ben Dietzel and children, of
Tiptonville, spent the week here visiting.
They returned home Monday.
Miss Katie McConnell, a prominent
young woman residing two miles south
of Kenton, died last week.
Mr; and Mrs. C. D. Gibbs, of Helena,
came over to attend the funeral of their
on-in-law, D. A. Edwards.
Mrs. C. L. Ridings and little son,
who have been at Waverly for a month,
are expected home to-morrow.
See Dietzel once then always.
Mr. and Mrs. Fete Hepuer and chil
dren, of Poplar Bluff, Mo., are in the
city spending a few days with friends
and relatives.
Littlo Faul Granger, son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. E. Hudgins, is at Nashville
with his grandparents, Kev. and Mrs.
J. L. Hudgins.
Dr. J. Frank Griflin-, candidate for
Floater, and Hon. F. J. Caldwell, of
Tiptonville, motored to this city Mon
day and spent the day in the city.
Judge W. II. Swiggart left Friday for
a business trip through California.' He
also goes to Los Angeles and will prob
ably visit Mr. L. 8. Farks before he re
turns All kinds of coal at Union City Ice&
Coal Co., - .
Mrs. George Gibbs and 'Miss Jessie
Gibbs left Sunday for Savannah, Ga.,
where they will spend a month. Mr.
Gibbs accompanied the ladies as far as
Nashville. '
Dr. J. Frank McMichael will leave on
the 18th for St. Louis to attend the Op
tometric Congress of the American Op
tical Association, which -meets at the
rianters Hotel for a seven days' session.
Bon Kice and family have moved to
this city and are occupying the Edwards
cottage on Exchange street. They came
to Obiou County from Waverly and
have been living near Beech, west of
the city.
Horace McMichael is at home spend
ing his vatation with bis father and
mother. Horace is located at Chatta
nooga as prescriptionist with Voight
Brothes, one of the largest drug con
cerns in the country.
Mrs. Ola McLain, who was with Miss
O'Flannery during the season, is in St.
Louis with Kain, Sloan fe Co., Whole
sale Millinery, where she is taking
special instructions in the latest art of
designing next season's millinery.
T. J. Malone and wife, of Hickman;
M. F. Garrigan, wife and son, of Wood
land; Dr. liar Glover and wife, of Troy;
Hugh Garrigan and wife, of Union City,
motored Tuesday to Humboldt, Tenn.,
to attend the wedding of a relative.
Hair Made Beautiful.
Beautiful hair, thick, fluffy, lustrous
and absolutely free from dandruff is
not so much a gift of nature as a mat
ter of care and proper nourishment.
Hair is like a plant -it will not grow
healthy and beautiful unloss it has at
tention and proper nourishment.
Farisian Sage, daintily perfumed and
easily applied, tones up and invigor
ates the roots of the hair and furnishes
the necessary nourishment to not only
save and beautify the hair but also
stimulate it to grow long, heavy, soft,
fluffy and radiant with life. .
When used frequently and rubbed
into the scalp, it will simply work won
ders. Just one application stops itch
ing head, removes dandruff and cleanses
the hair of all dust and excessive oil.
Since Parisian Sage, which can be ob
tained from Oliver' Ked Cross Drug
Store or at any drug store, never disa'pr
points,' it id no longer necessary forn"y
woman to be humiliated because of
thin, streaky, faded, lifeless or unat
tractive hair. T aavt
Miss Dot Beck is visiting friends at
Irving Griffin has returned from a
two weeks visit to Memphis.
Drink ye at Dietzel 's fountain.
Miss Wiilette Baird has returned from
an extended visit to Jackson.
Mr. and Mrs. John Cox visited at
Hickman Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Phillips, of
Laurel, Miss., are "visiting Mrs. Robert
Call 150, Union City Ice k Coal Co.,
when you want coal right now.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hallum have re
turned from a visit to Mr. and Mrs. C.
A. Douglas at Humboldt.
Get watch prices of Dietzel.
Mrs. M. D. Egglestou.of Richmond,
Va., has returned to her home, after
spending a week with her brother, J. F.
Beautiful China wedding presents
Mrs. R. B. Hamilton and granddaugh
ter, little Miss Arnetta, are in Trenton
this week visiting the home of Mrs.
Hamilton '8 sister, Mrs. Hite.
June birthstone pearls Dietzel.
Rev. J. L. Hudgins, editor of the
Cumberland Presbyterian, Nashville,
was here a short time Monday, visiting
at the home of bis son, W. E. Hudgins.
Buying Dietzel's jewelry is like court
ing a widow. You can not overdo it.
Little Miss Kate Watson Robinson,
of Roswell, N. M., arrived Friday with
Mr. Chester Craig, and will spend some
time with her grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. H. T. Robinson.
Cbal CokeWood Call Tel. 150.
On last Tuesday morning a fine barn
belonging to Mr. Gid McRee, of the
Whitesides vicinity, was burned to the
ground. Mr. McRee lost a lot of
farming implements, hay and other
feed stuff. The origon of the fire is un
known. Troy Press.
Have your repairingdone at Dietzel's.
Mr. W. R. Jones, of Murphysboro,
111., was here last week with relatives
and friends north of the city. Mrs.
Jones, who will be pleasantly remem
bered as Miss Corum, had been in the
county several weeks. They . all re-
turnwito Murphysboro Monday.
Engraved visiting cards Dietzel.
Miss Mildred Elliott, after spending a
few days in this city, left Tuesday for
Humboldt. There she joins Mrs.
Stubbs and they will go to Memphis to
reside. Mr. Stubbs jn the future will be
associated with the Klyce Grain Co. as
manager of the bay and oats departments.
I'm in love with Chas. Dietzel's jew
elry. .
Miss Stella Williams, after a success
ful month of Curtis work in the South,
has returned to New York City where
Bhe will enter Columbia University for
courses in six week's summer school.
She will visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs
T. J. Williams, near Union City in
August before going East again in Sep
tember for college work.
Handsome wedding presents Dietzel.
The barn of W. W. Morris, on his
farm five miles west of Fulton, probably
the largest barn in the couuty, was
burned some time Sunday night. Con
siderable bay and corn were burned.
The live stock all escaped, except one
pig that was caught in the barn. The
loss is probably $1,500, partially in
sured. The origon of the fire is un
known.-r'Fulton Leader.
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Jersey Cream Flour.
Large crowds attended- the celebra
tions at Hickman and Martin. Elab
orate programs were put on at both
places and the populace for miles and
miles around attended. They spoke,
they yelled from early morn; walked
in dust shoe-mouth deep and 8 rue! led
the' whirlygig spew. This all 'round
us for ten long hours and yet it did not
Call 150 and get your coal and wood.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Col. Thos. H. Lovelace, formerly a
popular Fulton newspaper man, now of
St. Louis, where he occupies the im
portant position of assistant secretary
and manager of the St. Louis Business
Men's League, the representative com
mercial organization of that city, ac
companied by bis wife, Mrs. Lovelace,
ia in the city visiting the home of his
brother and Mrs. W. W. Lovelace. The
visitors came through Sunday from St.
Louis in a private auto car.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best
for cooking. ' At Union City Ice &
Coal Co.
1 If it is not convenient for you to come
totbe office, call telephone No. 463. Wo
will send a cpecialist to your home to ex
amine your eyes and fit your glasses.
13-tf- Tennessee Optical Co.
.Lr fctrnMnil faZZ3
r m iiw'il i n r
arvest Time In Summer lerchandise
Bargains in Prolusion in Such Goods That Are Needed Every Day
July Clearance Sale on all Spring Suits.
All Suits sold for $12.00 and $15.00 will
be priced for
All plain and fancy Crepes at great re
duction. White Goods, Fancy Ratine
-DOWN prices given should interest
every woman in need of inexpensive
Summer Dress.
Trimmed Hats . . . 98c up
Untrimmed Shapes . . 25c up
Women's $6.00, $8.00 and $10.00 White
Dresses will be priced for
Women's $15.00, $20.00 up to $25.00
Silk Dresses to close will be priced for
Woolen Skirts at prices to close from
$1.00 to $4.50
July Sale of Muslin Underwear.
It doesn't pay you to make your own
muslin underwear at present prices.
Silk and Crepe de Chine Waists at
Half Prices
PETTICOATSIn Silk and Crepe
de Chine at Bargain Prices.
To C U
Real Estate Transfers.
G. G. Harvey and wife to W. C. Lof
ton, 46 acres in No. 5, $500.
C. P. Patterson and wife to J. M. De
Bow, lot in Union City, $3,500.
Mrs. C. M. Benton to Mrs. Maud
Clark, lot in Rives, $1,000.
A. E. Caldwell and wife to G. W.
Barnes, 8 acres in No. 3, $300.
W. L. White, trustee, to G. B. White,
lot in Union City, $250.
Robt. Henderson to G. B. White, two
lots in No. 13, $800.
J. P. Maddox and wife to D. C. Mad
dox. one-half interest in -'00 acres in
No. 7, $7,500.
Laura L. McClure to H. N. Sellars,
lot in No. 16, $50.
Hattie B. Sallars et al. to Frank Sel
lars and wife, 18 acres in No. 16, $700.
E. L. Fox et al. to W. M. Fox, ,165
acres in No. 14, $9,569.15. , ,
J. J.' Fox'etal. to E. L. Fox, 129
acres in No. 14, $4,134.15.
Practically all of our time is devoted
to farm insurance and the sale of farm
lan'd. See us before you trade or sell
' Davis & Russkll,
Real Estate Agents.
Hopes Her Statement, Made Pnblic,
will Help Other Women.
Hines, Ala. "I must confess", says
Mrs. Eula Mae Reid, of this place, "thai
Cardui, the woman's tonic, has done me
a great deal of good.
Before I commenced using Cardui. I
would spit up everything 1 ate. I had a
tired, sleepy feeling all the time, and was
irregular. 1 could hardly drag around,
and would have severe headaches con
tinuously. Since taking Cardui, I have entirely
quit spitting up what I eat. Everything
seems to digest all right, and 1 have
gained 10 pounds in weight."
If you are a victim of any of the numer
ous ills so common to your sex, it is
wrong to suffer.
For half a centurv. Cardui has been re
lieving just such ills, as is proven by theJ
inuiisaiius ui iciiers, similar 10 inc auuve,
which pour into our office, year by year.
Cardui Is successful because it is com
posed of ingredients which act specifically
on the womanly constitution, and helps
build the weakened oreans back to health
and strength.
Cardui has helped others, and wtQ help
you, too. Get a bottle today. You
won't regret it. Your druggist sells it
Writ In f ChattaiMMM MrdkhM (".. Ldi" Ad.
vtsory Dept., Chartanon, Tentu, for Special In
ttruetiimi n your caM and t-p booh, 'Hnm
traaueBt far Womb," mm la Bteia wrapper. HQ Id)
Isaac Hutchens, of Union City, in
an altercation with a negro doctor, shot
the colored man in the head, but the
skull was so bard, the bullet plowed its
way around the negro's skull upder the
skin without doing much harm. Hutch
ens left that town and came over here
where Officer A. C. McClain, of 8outh
Fulton, captured the runaway and car
ried him back to face the charge filed
against him for the shooting. Hutch
ens is now in jail. If those who violate
the laws of the country do not want to
be overtaken, they had better stay away
from this town, for we have some of
ficers here who will nab them right now.
On Saturday afternoon a house on
the farm of C. C. Thomas, near Fulton,
was burned. His son, Henry Thomas,
was living in the house at the time and
practically everything was destroyed. It
caught from a Hue.
Rev. R. H. Pigue informs us that he
has arranged for a big tent meeting to
be held in the woodland of Little Sam
Bard between Boaz Chapel and Pleasant
Hill, beginning Aug. 21. Mount Mo
riah will assist in the preparations and
other responsibilities of the meeting.
Rev. Pat Davis will do the preaching.
Hogs Ten Cents!
You can't afford to loose them, they
are worth too much. You will not
loose them if you use B. A. Thomas'
Hog Powder according to directious.
It is guaranteed to cure sick hogs and
keen well ones from getting siek. Guar
anteed by Frank C. Wehman. advt
A Big Regular
Dinner at
AH kinds of short orders.
. Something special
at all times.
for Ladies and Gents.
Extra Good Coffee and Milk..
White & Quinn
Real Estate and Insurance
We have moved our, office to the building formerly
occupied by the Fair Furniture Co., now White's, and
will welcomh our friends to our new quarters.
We represent the best Fire, Life, Accident and Torna
do Insurance Companies, both City and Country.
We represent the Continental Farm Department
none better. '
If in the market to buy or sell city property, call on us.
White & Quinn
Real Estate and Insurance
Chas. Williams
Frank W. Adams
Agents Casino, Lyndon and Charm
Canned Goods
lleekin's Coffees, Teas and Spices
Williams (& Adams
We Deliver the Goods"
Telephone 421
306 East Main Street

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