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'Mrs. James Abernatby is od the sick
I ist.
Prof. Glover Ferrill is at Memphis at
tending the State Normal.
Mr. Allen Matbis had a flight stroke
of paralysis last week and is still con
fined to bis bed.
Miss Grace Moore visited old bom
friends here last week.
We are sorry to report Warren Cald
well still very sick.
A large crowd of young people en
joyed a musical at tbe home of Mrs
Joe McCoonell last Saturday nigbt.
Prof. Newt Williams and family called
on friends in Fremont Tuesday after
noon en route home from Union City.
Mrs. Albert Duty and children, of
St. Louis, are here on a visit to Mrs
Duty's sister, Mrs. Sadie Caldwell.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Caldwell have re
turned from a week's visit to relatives
near Portageville, Mo.
Mr. Joe Green spent several days last
week with his son, Robert, near Ridge-
ly, Lake County.
Charlie CaldweH bas returned from
Blytheville, Ark., where be went on a
prospecting trip. He reports the crops
there considerably damaged on account
of the dry weather.
Mibs Mexie Cloar visited her uncles,
Messrs. Walter and Frank Buchanan,
at Helena, Ark., last week. ,
Mr. Junas Caldwell, of Manila, Ark.,
is here on a visit to relatives.
Misa Elsie Caldwell begins school at
, Old Republican next Monday. Prof.
Frank Caldwell begins school at Hamp
. ton and Miss Leila Reeves begins school
at this place the 27th. We hope all the
parents still remember that the com
pulsory school law is still on and will
have their children ready for school
next Monday. Violet.
Frying Chickens 35c to 50c Each
" Means millions of dollars annually to
the poultry growers of the United
States. A big hen will bring a dollar,
$12.00 for a dozen. JJse B. A. Thomas
Poultry Remedy and grow bigger chick
ens get more eggs. Guaranteed to cure
" and nrevent chicken cholera by if rank
C Wehman. advt
Miss 'Anna Gordon, of Nashville, is
l visiting her aunt, Mrs. Maggie Harris
V Mr. Claud Andrews, of Union City,
was here Sunday. -
Mr.. Halbert Stovall was in Obion
Mr. and Mrs. Em'Bennett, of Pulaski,
Tena., are visiting Mr. Bennett's broth
er. Mr. John Bennett. ,
Mr. Davy Crockett and son, Paul
Smith, were in Union City Monday.
Messrs. Paul Brice and Roy Watts, of
Union City, were Troy visitors Sunday.
Mr. Joe McCracken, of LaGrange,
Ark., is here visiting bis parents.
C. L. Moffatt, of Tullahoma, is here
this week mingling with old friends.
While playing with some boy com
panions Tuesday Harry Nichols had his
arm broken. -
Mr. Youree Toombs, who has been
in the hospital, .is at home again.
Ice Cream Supper
An ice cream supper will be given at
tbe park in Union City .on Saturday
night, July 18,' by the Young Ladies'
Missionary Society of the Methodist
Church. The public is cordially solicit
ed to be present.
The drouth continues with unabated
.fury. Almost equal the one of 1874
Willie Wright, of Dyersburg, visited
relatives here Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Carutbers visited
Mr. Carutbers' sister at Memphis last
week.. . t y. .
Elihu Long writes us that a great
-deal of rain has fallen at Amorilla,
Texas, recently.
Cottage prayer meeting was conducted
last week at the home of Mr. Lee Brans
lord., This, week it will be held at the
home of Mr. Usry on Thursday.
Mrs. Mary Carter and sister visited
Nashville recently.
On Wodnesday, the 8th inst., Mr.
and Mrs. W. S. Long spent the day
' with Dr. and Mrs. E. M. Long, it being
Mr. Long's seventieth birthday. He
was treated' to a pleasant surprise by
bis loving children who could not be
present on the occasion. -
After a very pleasant visit to her
friend, Miss Jessie Whitesell, Miss Tay
lor has returned to her home. '
Communication of recent date reports
Miss Birdie Caruthers convalescing
nicely from an operation for appendi
citis. Her friends are happy to know
that she will be able to return home
very soon. ... - .
Slaughter Long k conducting a suc
cessful meeting at Brownsville. '
Sorry to report Mrs. Dock Carter very
much iudisposed at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. Long visited Mrs.
Harelson last week. They found her
able to be up and was very cheerful in-!
deed. She has been sick more than a
Little Miss Pauline Reeves, cf State
Liue, spent a pleasant visit with her
sister last Sunday. Lady Reader.
The drouth is yet unbroken.
Rye futures are being taken freely.
Misses Ida Spikes and Sarah Taylor
are visiting in Number Seven.
T. C. Callicott is taking tbe water and
baths at Dawson for chronic rheuma
tism. .
A new use for political platforms bas
been set by President Wilson in retir
ing to bis summer home during the
suffrage delegation call.
Mrs. Dickerson, of Texas, is a gueat
this week of Mrs. T. J. -Bonner.
Mrs. Hal Cotton and children are at
home from Covington.
Mrs. Mary Welsh, in bad health for
several years, died Friday morning in
the home of Henry Barker west of
town. Mrs. Welsh was near 65 years
old at death and inearly life placed her
membership in the C. P.Cburch. Sat
urday morning funeral services were
conducted in the Pleasant Hill church
by Rev. J. N. Bryson, of Union City.
Immediate relatives are a son, Ed
Welsh, and two daughters, Mrs. Homer
Craver and Mrs. Joe Thomson, and a
sister, Mrs. W. P. Morris.
MesdameS Ike Carter and Calhoun,
of Blytheville, Ark., are guests of Mrs.
Ora Pylcsff
Miss Sadie Fry, of Fulton, is the
guest of Miss Hattie Mai Clemmons.
Mr. and Mrs. Craver and the Misses
Tidrow, of Obion, were week-end guests
of Mrs. Henry Barker.
That, the Federation of Women's
Clubs,, in their recent Chicago biennial
meet, declared for woman suffrage is
said to be the largest wedge yet entered,
Sherrill Clemmons, of St. Louis, is
at home for a vacation.
Miss Ellen Guy is recovering from an
attack of .bilious fever.
Dr. E. H. White has been afflicted
with asthma for several days.
Prof, and Mrs. S. B. Hays and chil
dren spent Monday in Union City. -
J. D. Palmer, of Union City, was a
Wednesday guest of Dr. Palmer.
0. H. Clemmons made a trip to Cairo
Wednesday. Mr. Clemmons accom
panied his daughter, Miss Mildred, who
goes to Charleston,. Mo., for an extend
ed visit with her aunt,' Mrs. Jennie Lat
Mrs. J. W. Thome and daughter, Miss
Pauline, were inUnion City Wednes
day shopping.
Paul Newtdn, of Cairo, has been in
town several days on important busi
Misses Hattie Mai and Minnie Starnes
were in town Wednesday.
Mrs. Hubert Shore visited in Union
City Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Knox Harper received
some ten couples of th&r friends Wed
nesday afternoon late. Near 6 o'clock
an inviting repast was served on tbe
lawn a la Gypsy:
Our union, tent meeting begins the
fourth Sabbath morning, only a few
days off now. Rev. W. T. Logan, of
Wister, Okla., a minister of the Cum
berland Presbyterian denomination and
a revivalist of wide renown, will con-
duct tbe services with Mr. Stockton,
leader of the choir service. Rev. Logan
and Mr. Stockton will arrive Friday,
the 24th, and desire singers from all
denominations to congregate at the tent
Friday at 7:30 p. m, for choir practice
We have a new tent which will be placed
back of the C. P. Church. Make your
arrangements to come and be benefited
by gospel service and song.
The regular July meeting of the W.
C. T. U. will be reserved as a red letter
and social day by spending tbe day pic
nicking. A short L. L. L. program has
been arranged for morning hour. The
Buds of Promise and the Troy union
are invited guests.
Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Tom Harris,
accompanied by their sister, Missie Har
ris, motored through to their home in
Leonidas Polk Chapter.
On Thursday, July 23, at 5 o'clock
there will be a meeting of Leonidas
Polk Chapter, U. D. C, in the Park.
All members are urged to be present,
as there are several matters of impor
tance to be considered. We are anx
ious to use the profits from tbe next
Lyceum Course for something of ad
vantage to Union City. Also we wish
to determine who is to be the recipient
of the Training School scholarship.
Beef 1 7 Cents a Pound. '
ft nnvs to take care of your cattle
and to sea that they grow rapidly and
keep healthy. Don't let them run until
the inspector comes along and condemns
hnrd. R. A. Thomas', Stock Rem-
edy'is guaranteed for Horses, Cattle and
Sheep. Be sure you get a. a. iuomas .
Ask Frank C. Wehman. advt
Logan Female College
Russellville, Kentucky.
Fifty-eighth Annual Session opens September 16, 1914.
- Standard Junior College Course. Superior Departments of Music,
Art and Expression. Teachers trained in best colleges, universities
and conservatories. Director of Music studied in Berlin.
Dormitory accommodations for
conveniences steam heat, electric
cold water on all floors. Perfect
Well equiped laboratory, large
halls, and beautiful auditorium.
Small classes enable us to give
the individual student than is possible in the larger schools. We give
the most careful attention to the home life of our pupils, planning for
their health, happiness and comfort. The moral and religious at
mosphere of the school is unexcelled. Boarding patronage has in-
creased'235 per cent since 1910.,
superior advantages now offered by
Our rates are very reasonable. Write for illustrated catalog
and other attractive literature to-day.
The Reelfoot Interurban.
Mr. E. B. Stribbling, of Nashville,
has been in the citytbe past week.
Mr. Stribbling has had considerable
experience in promoting and building
electric lines in Tennessee and came
here to investigate tbe proposed line
from Gibbs to Samburg. His company
ad heard of tbe work, such as sur
veys, right-of-way, etc., aouu wjuic
years ago and sent Mr. Stribbling to
investigate. He has talked to business
men and has met with the Business
Men's Club. He talks fair and reason
able and his proposition is most feasible
and practical. He is merely investigat
ing prospective sections hereabouts and
that is what he is here for. He pro
posed to give the -situation a thorough
looking over and actual expense money
was all he expected while he was on the
job, which woulil be small, and the club
agreed to his proposition and be is now
going over the routes surveyed hereto
fore, notiug the condition of the coun
try, kind of soil, number of inhabi
tants, etc. When be completes bis
work he makes a report to the syndi
cate, and if feasible, they send the en
gineers at their own expense. If an
electric line from Gibbs to Samburg
would pay, we get it some day. We
think it will pay.
. , .
Well Curbing.
I have for sale complete stock of
glazed tile made especially for well
curbing. R. M. Whipple,
lS-tf Union City, Tenn.
Death of Mrs. R. L Crutchfield.
Mrs. R. L. Crutchfield died at her
home in this city yesterday morning
after a few days illness. A few days
ago she went to the garden to do some
work with the hoe, and fell, supposedly
with a sunstroke. She was unconscious
until death. She bad been operated on
at the Nailling Hospital a few weeks be
fore for twin tumor, but had practically
recovered her strength.
Deceased was 45 years of age and
leaves a husband who is employed with
the M. & O. R. R. as brakeman, and a
daughter, Miss Ruth, 13 years of age.
Mrs. Crutchfield was a member of tbe
Methodist Church, and esteemed by her
neighbors for many good qualities of
mind and heart. , '
Balled Out
Col. Will Watts and bis invincibles
lost three games or thereabouts at Rip
ley, but the Ripley people were so' kind
that the Union City bunch felt like
staying and joining the Ripley team in
a game at Halls.
yfr cub tasttp J3 enaa ro
TMKm oar doctvb emtaa m
MiA&tmoo nanoua tur tans
jtr a juamM tarn sfoe mtd
rrua SfejrT MiSf dmre
y Yog. Jfifl IT CYEmr
I tin r xmr-i yoot MEDICATED SALT
BRICK tot tha put few month and find it
convenient to five, no WHtt, practically
Inexpensive end, I belier it to be th vary
beat Stock Remedy I ever eaad. Several
atock men who have tried the brick are
highly platted wlU the refulta,
PtatnUa, ilo, Sep, M, WSk
V fif iw rcarr .WW jms vttus 1
I I w iwb jueK3 nrt tkkk ron. I
one hundred pupils. All modern
lights, toilets, baths, and hot and
gymnasium, elegant literary society
far more attention to the needs of
This is conclusive evidence of the
Logan College.
M.. D.D.. President.
High-Class work in Furniture
Repairing and Refinishing.
First-Class Work Guaranteed,
Prompt Service.
Leather Work a Specialty
Box Couches Made to Order.
Telephone 438. 1
Good Woman Dies.
, "At the family home about three miles
east of Rives, in Number Seven, yester
day morning at 6 o'clock, surrounded
by her loved ones, Mrs. Alexander, wife
of James J3. .Alexander, breathed, her
last. She bad, been sick a long time
with cancer and bad borne her suffer
ings patiently and without a murmur
as only a good Christian mother can.
She was about 55 years of age at tbe
time of ber death and lived a useful
life, a kind companion and a tender,
loving mother; was loved and highly
respected by all who knew her.
She leaves a husband and six chil
dren, two sons and four daughters, Mrs.
Lula Vaughn, Number Seven; Mrs.
Bettie Shivelle, of Nashville; Mrs. Rush
Bartlett, of Kentucky; Mrs. Connie
Dyer, of Union City; Reece Alexander,
of Union City; and Sinkler Alexander,
single, who lived with his parents. One
son died in Mississippi about three years
She was a member of tbe Christian
Church, having joined in early youth
and hers wad a consistant Christian life
The funeral was Conducted from the
Berea Christian Church this morning
(Friday) at 9 o'clock by Rev. John R,
Williams, of Hornbeak. - -
To the bereaved family The Commer
cial offers its tenderest sympathy.
Union City People Have Absolute
Proof of Deeds at Home.
It's not words but deeds that prove
true merit.
The deeds of Doan's Kidney Pills,
For Union City kidney sufferers, , .
Have made their local reputation.
Proof lies in tbe testimony of Union
City people. -
Mrs. H. T. Dunn, 417 E. Exchange
street. Union City, Tenn., says: "I of
ten felt dizzy and nervous and my back
and head ached badly. In the morn
ing when I got up I was all tired "out
and I knew that my kidneys were out
of order. The results of using Doan's
Kidney Pills were highly satisfactory.
They relieved me almost at once and
gradually the trouble left until I was
well. My experience bas been bo satis
factory that I recommend Doan's Kid
ney Pills to anyone having trouble from
kidney disorders. "
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy get Doan's
Kidney Pills the same that Mrs. Dunn
had. Foster-Milburn, Props., Buffalo,
N. Y. advt
WANTED To buy a farm in Obion
County. Write or call on us at once.
HoESEB-TrrrswoETH Land & Arc-nox
Company. 14-tf
Miss Gladys Maloney returned last
Tuesday from Chicago, 111., where she
has been visiting relatives for the past
six weeks.
Mrs.. W. F. Barry, daughter and son,
Bernice and Will F., of Jackson, are
visiting the former's brother, Esq. E.
N. Moore, near Glass this week.
Mrs. G. W. Nolen returned Monday
from a visit to ber mother, Mrs. Priest,
at Rutherford.
Mrs. D. L. Craig, of Covington, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.
W. Forister, this week.
Miss Una Boone, of Elbridge, was
here Monday en route to Union City to
attend the Teachers' Institute.
Mrs. Don Ledbetter is visiting rela
tives at Trenton this week.
Kyle Baker and wife and W. G. Baker
and wife spent Sunday near Rives with
Miss Mattie Lowe is visiting in Mar
tin this week.
Mrs. Don Williams, of Jackson, is
tbe guest of relatives here this week.
F. D. Hobbs and wife, of Dyersburg,
were guests of F. H. Foote and wife
H. C. Davidson and family will leave
Friday for Hot Springs, Ark., to spend
a few weeks.
v Prof. W. M. Freed, of Zion, was here
Monday en route to Dawson.
T. J.Timmons, of Thompson.Station,
is visiting friends and relatives in and
around Obion this week.
Curlin Wall left Sunday for Memphis,
where he will enter a business college.
Miss Clara Starnes, of near town, is
attending the Teachers 'Institute at Un
ion City this week.
. Mrs. W.. C. Smith, of Rives, visited
ber sister, Mrs. N. N. Tucker, last week.
J. S. Cox and wife spent Sunday with
the former's sister, Mrs. R. P. Milner,
of Mason Hall. '
Owen Walker, Clarence Fentress and
Herman McClure went to Ripley Mon
day to play ball with tbe Union City
team against the Ripley boys.
Earl D. Samburg, of Nashville, spent
the first part of the week with friends
in the city.
Reid Goulder and wife, of Gibbs, spent
Sunday in Obion, the guests of the lat
ter's mother, Mrs. N. B. Rutledge.
Mesdames Anderson Dean, E. W.
Parks and Miss Lesta Pierce motored
over to Union City Monday.
Jewel Townsley returned home Sun
day from a three week's visit to friends
and relatives at Gibbs.
Still At It.
"If perseverance counts for anything
that kid of mine will amount to some
thing in life."
"How now?"
"We took all his explosives away
from him. Now he's trying to see what
he can do with" his mother's face pow
der." "
iiiu jLyji.-
The Ice Cream Specialist
' nn i i ' iaa
The Lady Who
k Will always find that for a Card Party, Dinner Party,
Reception Luncheon, or just the entertainment
of a. guest or two
Dahnke's Velvet ice Cream
ICES OR SHERBETS will help wonderfully. All
styles and flavors. Special moulds. Delivered
just when you want it
Dahnke's Cream Bread
Wrapped in wax-paper wrappers. No dust. No dirt
No germs.
No trouble to have the wagon stop at your home.
Phone 109
Union City
- 1 Li -
"4i ::k'ui
for new buildings sometimes
tax our resources to the utmost
hut we never yet have been
found wanting. Our stock is
constandy replenished with the
best grades that can possibly
be demanded by the most ex
acting builder. .
lip G!TY
T. R. REYNOLDS, Proprietor Phono 285
Massey Sella to Moose.
T. R. Massey has sold his business
house and fixtures, pool tables and com
plete outfit" in Union City to the Union
City Lodge Loyal Order of Moose. The
trade was made Wednesday. Mr. Mas
sey thereby retires from business and
gives bis whole attention to his farm,
while the Moose Lodge will make club
rooms and headquarters in their own
building. The Moose members will ar
range and furnish their rooms in an at
tractive manner, and they will have
convenient quarters for meetings and
leisure hours.
LOST Ladies' brooch, center stono
(absent), set with 120 pearls. $5.00 re
ward. Return to Annie Lee Owen
(col.) S20 East Matthews St. ltpd
FOR SALE Six-room house with
bath and electric lights, located on Mor
gan street. Everything in good repair.
Will sell cheap if sold at once, on long
and easy terms. For particulars see
16-4t O. P. Bisuop.
WANTED. A nice couple to occupy
furnished room or rooms for the sum
mer. Modern conveniences. Rent
reasonable. Apply at 717 Main street,
or call phone 621.
Get an e rolu
at Ligon Furniture Co.'s
C. G. Nay lor, Manager.

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