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Insurance that Insures
City, Tenn.
Miss Jeanie Garner is visiting; in Tul
J. S. Adams made a short business
trip to Cairo Monday.
Mrs. J. W. Gamer is visiting
former Lome in Tuliaboma.
Get watch prices of Dietzel.
Ivone Wilson has returned home after
a two week's visit in Nashville.
Mrs. Munford, of Memphis, is a guest
of her sister, Mrs. C. C. AdanisL,
Rev. J. L. Hudgins, of Nashville, was
a pleasant visitor here yesterday,
Call 150 and get your coal and wood
Uuiuu Ciiy Ice Sc Ooal (Jo.
Miss Maud Davis, of Nashville, is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. J. N. Wilson.
Miss Claire Littleton is spending the
week. with friends at Bethel Springs.
Miss Petrie has returned to Nashville
aftera very pleasant visit to Miss Theresa
See Dietzel once then always,
Mrs. J
lietiey ana cniidrcn are
week with relatives near
spending the,
.misses reari ana ituoy JHiiam are
week-end guests of Mrs. Walter Harper,
near Beech,
Master Leonard Hunter, of St. Louis,
is visiting Marvin Wilson, Frank Kira
zey, and others. ,
See Dorrel Harris if you want to buy
or sell any live stock. Phone 240 or 133.
Mr. Chas. Priest, of Jackson, was a
guest of his sister, Mrs. Steve Harris,
Weduesday night.
Misses Annie and Allia May Little are
enjoying a visit in Georgia, near Chat
tanooga, this week.
Mrs, Dan Boone and little daughter,
of St. Louis, are guests of S. P. Harris
and family this week. "
Beautiful LaValliers Dietzel. '
Mr. Vernon Verhine is a social visitor
in Morganfield, Ky., and other points
in the Blue Grass State.
Mrs. Blanche Bolton, of Fulton, is in
the city visiting her mother, Mrs. C. C.
Adams, on Lilac street.
Mrs. Sol Ford and little daughter,
Drucilla, of Hohenwald, and Rev. and
Mrs. V. E. Boston, of Newbern, are in
the city this week guests of Mrs. Anna
Ford Walden.
Eyes txamined free at your home.
Write or phone W. TfWilkerson, Union
City, Tenn. 40-tf
H. M. Golden went to Nashville
Tuesday. He says Mrs. Golden is im
proving rapidly and thinks she will be
able' to leave the hospital within the
next few days and will return home.
Mr. John George, after a very suc
cessful trip over bis territory South, is
at home for a vacation this week. Mr.
George sold some of the biggest bills of
his entire work on the road this trip.
Handsome wedding presents Dietzel.
Mrs. Betty Green and daughter, Willo,
of Gulfport, Miss., mother and sister of
Mrs. Oscar Turner, arrived in Dyers
burg Saturday to be at the bedside of
Mrs. Turner, who is ill with fever.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Whipple left
Wednesday evening oveV tha I. C. and
C. i O. Railroads for Norfolk and Old
Point Comfort, thence to Atlantic City
and New York City, for a short vaca
tion trip.
If you want a farm of any size, ton
acres up, come to see us. It costs you
nothing to look nt these farms.
Davis & Russell,
Real Estate Agents.
Dr. B. F. Loring went to Nashville
yesterday and will be absent from the
vv e nave larnis lor sale in every sec
tion of Obion County and quite a num
ber of them in the central and western
part of r ulton County . We can suit
you in any price land you want.
Davis & Russell,
Real Estate Agent
Sheriff John Finch went to Bolivar
Monday, having in charge a young man
named Hubert Morris, of Number
Three, a patient for the asylum. Ha
was accompanied on his return trip by
a man named Cornatzor, of Cloverdalo,
Mr. Cordwell, of South Fulton, Mr.
Oats, of Minnick, and a negro woman
named Pardue.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best
for cooking. Call 150. Union City
Ice fe Coal Co. r
W. S. Thompson, well known in this
part of the State, who has been con
nected with the M. & 0. R. R. Co. for
i number of years, and lately acting
n the capacity of Commercial Agent,
has been promoted to the position of
General Freight Agent at Meridian,
Miss., -succeeding E. B. Blair, who goes
to Mobile as Assistant General Freight
Agent of the line. Mr. Thompson has
numbers of good friends here, his old
home, who are pleased to see him ad
vancing in his work.
f jtk . Jf jf At v"
i Union, City, -Tenn.'
'Mrs. Boyce Howse and children leave
to-day for Little Rock, Ark., where they
will spend several weeks.
See our new cabinet mantles before
you buy. Union City Lumber Co,
A.J. Haynie, of the vicinity o Troy,
a good friend of The Commercial, was
a visitor in the city last week.
Mrs. M. V. McConnell and daughter,
Miss Mary Maud, will visit Mr. Dick
McConnell in Chicago next week.
AIiss wananna Hears, after a very
pleasant visit in Union City, has re-
city several days. The Doctor has not
been well for some time and goes to the
city for medical treatment and a few
days rest.
Mr. and Mrs. Zack Corutn and little
daughter, Virginia, leave next Thursday
for New York City, where Mr. Corum
will be busy buying new goods for fall
and winter in Union City for Corum &
Jackson. '
Have your repairing done at Dietzel 's.
J. r. vecnine is taking bis semi
annual leave for the Eastern markets to
buy new goods for Morgan-Verhine Co.
He will be goae about thirty days tak
ing advantage of all the opportunities
for good values and attractive price in
You who are particular,
come here for your shirts.
We can give you just the
style you wantjust the
pattern and fit you per
fectly from our stock of
Emery Shirts. They're the
most satisfactory shirts you
can buy FIT, COLOR,
"A new shirt for one thai
fails." Emery.
The Toggery
Mr. L. W. Bondurant and little son,
Wilbur, have returned from a visit to
Mr. Herbert Bondurant and wife in
Nashville. Mr. Bondurant reports his
son as enjoying good health and hold
ing a good railroad position, which will
be good news to Herbert's many frionds
Several of Mrs. Jno. A. Baird's rela
tives are visiting her now, among whom
are Misses Mildred and Helen Harris,
of Memphis; Mrs. J. L." Parsons, of
Dyersburg; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mc-
turued to her home in Griffin, Ga.
All kinds of coal at Union City Ice A Mur.ry a,,d H'6'1" son' Georg0' of Jack
Coa Co. son, ana jur. vv. u. Harris, of Hum
Mr. J. A. Bennett and sister, Mrs
Evans, of , Fulton, are guests at the
home of Esq. and Mrs. L. L. Milam.
Mrs. John White, of Hornbeak, and
son Ralph, are in the city visiting the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vincent.
Mrs. Laura Jenkins will leave to
morrow to spend a few weeks with her
children, Gordon and King Jenkins, at
Paragould, Ark.
June birthstone pearls Dietzel.
11 " 'i " ""
Mr. Theo Lippard and son, of El-
bridge, were in the city this week visit
ing the home of Mr. Lippard 's aunt,
Mrs. F. W. Tardue.
Mr. Lydwell Garner, of Pine Bluff,
Ark., with Armour Co., is here with
his family, who have been visiting homo-
folks for several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Willis Williams, of
Boydsville, Ark., are in the vicinity west
of the city "Visiting Mr. Williams' pa-
T6uta, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Williams.
See Dorrel Harris if you want to rent
er buy a borne. Phono 210 or 133.
son, and
boldt. , .
W. C. Morris has returned from
trip on the road South, where be has
been engaged in making and exhibit
ing local moving pictures. Mr. Morris
said that he would be at home here
after looking after the Gem. Business
on the road was good, but he preferred
to give his personal attention to busi
ness at home.
High-Class work . in Furniture
Repairing and Refinishing.
Work Guaranteed.
Prompt Service.
Mrs. Joe rrioto, Miss Gertrude Par
due, M'm Mary Leita Webster and Miss
Jo Rippy leave next week for a trip to Fjrst-Class
Niagara falls and other points of in
Miss Bess Tinker, with Mrs. Arnn
millinery establishment, is here from
cl r ; .j -it k -
ot. i Aims uuu win accompany Mrs. arnu j L IVif J J
UUA vvuuics imauc ixi vtucr.
Telephone 438.
First Christian Church. .
There will be services at the First
Christian Church on Sunday morning
at 10:45. All the members are urged
to attend and strangers welcomed.
J. E. Stuart, Minister.
Marriage Licenses.
I. Phillips and Gertrudo May Story.
W. J. Willingham and Mrs. M. M. j
Hensley. . .
G. W. Vinson and Zula Armstrong.
Ray Smith and Irene Haislep.
John Rud and Gertrude Bradley.
Olive House and Marie Williams.
Benj. Maddox and Lena Cody.
Robt. Thomas and Annie Parker.
Ben Carter and Eliza McCoy.
Credits Mis L-ure rrom Malaria to
the Modern, Non-Metallic Liver
Mr. F. E. Gilmore, of 209 Slaughter
Bldg., Dallas, Texas, says unqualifiedly
that he was cured of billiousness, stom
ach and liver trouble and constipation
ue naa oeen a sunerer lor years
from -the above complaints which were
a sure indication of malarial condition
so prevalent in this climate and his cure
is but one of hundreds that are occur
ring daily.
LIV-VER-LAX is really a wonderful
remedy and preventive for malaria and
all the obnoxious conditions that arise
from this dread disease.
Every one should protect themselves
against the malarial germ before it takes
hold and develops into serious stages.
Keep a bottle of LIV-VER-LAX in
the house and take a dose regularly
once a week, ihus you will insure to
yourself a clear eye, ambition, hope
and every mental condition that makes
life worth while. , advt
2 Leather Work a Specialty
to Chicago io a short while to buy
new fall hats.
All parties living within the corporate
limits are urged to cut the weeds on and
adjacent their premises and save the
marshal calling. T. R. Rkykolds,
OfBcers, judges, clerks, of the Flo
terial Primary Election to be held Aug.
6, 1914, at the voting precincts in Obion
No. 1, Jacksonville. Officer W. D.
Fry; Judges, Walter Bratton, B. E. P.
Matthews, Jerry Cloar; Clerks,' J. T.
Owens, Walter McClanahan.
No. 2, Woodland Mills. Officer, W.
D. Jones; Judges, John Hefley, Fayette
Glover, J. D. Alexander; Clerks, J. H.
Sanders,! J. C. label!.
No. 3, Clayton. Officer, Ed Mar
shall; Judges, G. W. Donnell, ' J. A
Caldwell, Alfred Cravens; CleVksj Albert
Caldwell,' Dr. Ras Williams.
No. 4, Rives. Officer, Fount Hollo
way; Judges, T. C. Callicott, Doctor Pal
mer, W, L. Clemmons; Clerks, Oscar
Clemmons, 8. B, Hayes.
No. 5, Hornbeak. Officer, Nick
Leathers; Judges, Dr. Yarbrough," Jno.
White, P. D. Hornbeak; Clerks, Walter
Woods, Fred Williams.
No. 6, Sambdrg. Officer, John Coch
ran; Judges, Charlie rage, Bob Wal-
ace, Sam Applewhite; Clerks,
No. 6, Troy. Officer, Jeff Howell;
Judges, F. B. Taylor; Jno. Cavanaugh,
D. K. Smith; Clerks, Tom Pressley,
Robt. McGowan. ' i ,,-
No. 6, Polk. Officer, Bates Ander
son; Judges, John Polk, lom Regan,
Sam Cook; Clerks, J. L. Pjeery, R. L.
Andrews. T
No. 7, Crittendon Grove. Officer, G.
W; Stoval); Judges, E. M. Jackson,
Bert Clemmons, 8. F. Howard; Clerks,
Jim Davis, Hugh Hunt.
No. 8, Kenton. Officer, Sam Shatz;
Judges, Jack Braden, Martin Bruce, J.
Ball; Clerks, Murry Dozier, Squire
No. 9, Elbridge. Officer, W. T. Call;
Judges, Walter Via, H. C.- Davidson.
W. H. Cutler; Clerks, M. E. Dickey, J.
W. Thompson,
No. 10, Caldwell's. Officer, Barry
London; Judges, Chas. Caldwell, Burcey
Roan, Bob Pate; Clerks, Wm. Cook,
Clarence Glover.
No. 11, Mason Hall. Officer, W. J.
Hopper; Judges, T. P. Finch, John
Miles, R. B. Milner; Clerks, Luther
Finch, J. L. Pierce.
No. 12, Talley's MilI.--Officer, Sam
Shaw; Judges, Jefre Tucker, Jas. M.
Calhoun, J. D. Gore; Clerks, Jno. Frank
Lee, Arthur Dyer. ......
No. 13, Union City. Officer, Josh
Adams; Judges, J. H. Steel, Henry
Moffett, I. P. Morris, Clerks, Homer
Reeves, Bob Craig. ,
No. 14, Glass. Officer, Dr. J. J.
Wells; Judges, Alex Mitchell, J. W.
Matthews, E. N. Moore; Clerks, Frank
Moore, Kirk Wells.
No. 15, Obion. Officer, W. H.Nich
ols; Judges, T. C. Wilson, W. J. Wat
son, John . Pryor; Clerks, Polk Beard,
Owen Walker. ' ,
No. 16, South Fulton. Officer, W.
D. Swiggart; Judges, Joe Crockett, Jno.
Will Thompson, J. G. McDade; Clerks,
Dalton McWherter, Gus Pickle.
No. 16, McConnell. Officer, Benton
Rowles; Judges, Neel Sellers, George
Smith, Will Jones; Clerks, Gene Smith,
Will Jolly.
No. 16, Pierce Station. Officer, W.
T. Hill, Jr.; Judges, Bob Foulks, Levi
'now, George Crafton; Clerks, J. Pierce,
Alex Cook.
Logan female College
Russellville, Kentucky.
Fifty-eighth Annual Session opens September 16, 1914.
Standard Junior College Course. Superior Departments of Music,
Art and Expression. Teachers trained in hest colleges, universities
and conservatories. Director of Music studied in Berlin.
Dormitory accommodations for one hundred pupils. All modern
conveniences steam heat, electric lights, toileta, haths, and hot and
cold water on all floors. Perfect Sanitation,
Well equiped laboratory, large gymnasium, elegant literary society
halls, and beautiful auditorium. ,
. - Small classes enable us to give far more attention to the needs of
the individual student than is possible in the larger schools. We give
the "most careful attention to the home life of our pupils, planning for
their health, happiness and comfort. TheVmoral and religious at
mosphere of the school is unexcelled. Boarding' patronage has in
creased 235 per cent since 1910. This is conclusive evidence of the
superior advantages now offered by Logan College.
Our rates are very reasonable. Write for illustrated catalog
and other attractive literature to-day. -.. , . . .
' . ; ' ' .'A; .
J. W. REPASS, A.M., D.D., President.
The Lady Winb
.- . '-. i ,; 1
Will always find that for a Card Party4 Dinner Party,
Reception Luncheon, or just the entertainment
of a guest or. two . .
Dahnke's Velvet Ice Cream
ICES OR SHERBETS will help wonderfully. 'All
styles and flavors. Special moulds. Delivered
: just when you want it. ,
Dahnke's Cream Bread
Wrapped in wax-paper wrappers. . No dust No dirt.
No germs.
No trouble to have the wagon stop at your home.
Phone 109
Union City
Building Material, i
We will baul it for you on short
notice. Will also meet other man's
prices. See us before you contract
yourf. Any other hauling will be ap
preciated. Try us and be convinced.
Phone 639 and 620.
Matinee Saturday At
The Reynolds Theatre.
To accommodate those who are un
able to be io town Saturday nieht. the
Reynolds Theatre will, commencing
with to-morrow afternoon, give a Satur
day matinee commencing at 2:30. The
prices are 5 aad 10 cents.
j The Building Season J
We have every sort of building and firiishing lumber
you're apt to need, including '
' ' ' H , ,i,f t , i .
Dcors end AViiffows, 'Sfili;l3s .. . . -
A visit to our yards will be appreciated. Come and
inspect our stock for your own satisfaction.
CXMoss 2i'Co.
Yards south of Presbyterian Church.
First Street, - UNION CITY, TENN.

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