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Social and Personal
Mrs. BerryhUl, Editor.
Telephone 140. Kindly report " early con
venient. In Honor of Her Sister.
Mrs. Guy Miles was the hostess Tues
day afternoon of a five hundred party
given in honor of her sister,. Miss Eula
Dale, of St. Louis, who is her guest
The game was played at three tables,
Jdiss Kuby slaves won the uigti score
prize and Mrs. Paul Matties, of Jones
Loro, Ark., cut the consolation. The
former gift was a hand embroidered
towel and the latter a guest towel with
a crocheted border. Refreshments were
attractively served, being cantaloupe,
grapes and ices.
Boost the Ball Club. -
Brother DeGraffenreid, the secretary
and treasurer of the Union City Ball
Club, is putting forth a plea that would
draw tears from a stone for heartier
financial support of the local club.
Whether it will draw funds from the
closer of the town fans remains to be
seen. Most of the citizens have con
tributed without much begging on the
committee's part, Mr. Henderson and
Mr. Oliver, the druggists, being among
those ready contributors. Quite a few
of the business firms have contributed
twice. The gate receipts were very good
on the three days that Humboldt played
here. Their expenses were $GG, and it
took the three days to make the money
for them. Good players cost money,
And fans who are willing to leave their
business to enjoy a good game are sure
ly willing to contribute toward the sup
port of the club.
Shoot at Fulton.
Harry Edwards, Clarence Johnson,
Sam Parkman and Harry Gibbs went to
the Fulton shoot last week md brought
back most of the honors in their auto
mobile. Mr. Gibbs was classed as high
professional at the-mect, breaking every
target but six. He is high with the
Memphis Club also and brings in many
prizes from shoots all over the South
rn States. Harry Edwards was high
amateur at the Fulton shoot.
Harrison-Hudgins Marriage. .
At v o clock Xhursuay evening, Au
gust 6, in the parlor of the Memphis
Conference Female Institute, Mr. Julian
, L. Harrison, of Union City, Tenn., and
Miss Jessie L. Hudgens. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Hudgensr of Jack
son, Tenn., were united in marriage,
Rev. II. G. Hawkins, president of the
M. C. F. I., performing the ceremony
The attendants were Mr. Cliff Arm
strong and Misses Mary and Lily War
ren. The couple left last night for Un
ion City. Jacksou Sun.
There was an informal dance at the
Elks Club rooms Tuesday evening after
the first picture shows, about a dozen
couples taking part in it. The music
was furnished by the Stanley Jug Band,
Miss Craig Hostess.
Miss Lorine Craig was the hostess of
a party given last Saturday night
Many were present who enjoyed Miss
Craig's hospitality.
Mrs. Will Herring honored the young
set with a dance last Friday night. The
front lawn was beautifully decorated for
the occasion. Several out-of-town visi
tors wrere preseut. Delightful refresh'
inents were served at a late hour.
Ihe amazing spectacle or a young
ladv seated in the ancient manner of
sideways on a horse has excited some
wonder in the. town. The young lady
was dressed in a baggy voluminous con
cern known as a riding habit, faintly
suggesting, the aroma of moth bails and
the possibility of her legs getting tangled
up in the several yards of material.
She was more concerned with the man
agement of her steed than she was at the
excitement of the multitude whose ad
miration was possibly confined to those
members or fossils of an extinct era of
manners and deportment, determined
that any way but riding sideways on a
horse is a breach of etiquette in a lady.
All these old fogies and fossils have to
die soon, and some of them not ever
knowing that the style of riding side
ways for a lady was instituted by a
queen "with hip trouble who couldn't
ride any other way. No matter what
Confederate veterans may have as opin
ion on the subject! and doctors of phys
ical training may have against theses
critics, it remains an impressive fact
that the lady who was seen riding side
ways looked'funny. Thehealtby, grace
ful young damsels of New York, whoi
can bo seen by the hundreds in Central
Park, New York City, in the morning,
clad in their boyish breeches of kahki,
riding spirited mounts, would have
caught the sideways lady and put her
in a museum of antiques. It inspired
something like the following:
Ella thinks it perfect fruit is
To gallop on the gyascuties. (Clas
sical name for horse.)
Some brazen females ride astride
But Ella takes hers on the side.
Miss Rubye Mayes has returned from
Jlorganheld. Ky.. where sue was a
popular guest at the home.of Miss Lillie
Anderson. This hostess will be pleas'
antly remembered here as a visitor last
spring with Miss Mayes. While away
from home Miss Mayes was also a vis
itor in Evansville, Ind., being the guest
of Miss Margurite Klauss, who was the
handsome first bridesmaid at the Swig
gart-Mayes nuptials in June.
Miss' Willie Belle Mayes was the
hostess Saturday afternoon of the Mu
sical Matfhee Club. An interesting
Gounod program was given. A wel
comed addition to the club ranks was
the name of Mrs. Ed Long who has
been identified with the encouragement
of musical study in local circles for
quite a while. A program to fit in with
the study of the afternoon was given
finishing the study of the works of the
great French master of melody. An
ice course was served after the lesson
which had been led by the president,
Mrs. Jim Cunningham. The next
meeting of the club will be held at the
attractive home of Mrs. Bob White on
the 29th. The program at this meeting
will consist of a study of the works of
the French woman, Chaminade, and of
our own song writer, Mrs. Carrie Bond,
of Chicago. The following is an out
lined program of the meeting:
Vocal solo Mrs. Carlton.
Instrumental solo Mrs. Long.
Instrumental solo Mrs. Whipple.
Vocal duet Mesdames Lee and Carl
. Instrumental solo Mrs. Dahnke.
Instrumental solo Mrs. Reynolds
Reading Miss Rippy. ,
Vocal solo Mrs. White.
Instrumental solo Miss Dahnke.
Vocal solo Mrs. Cunningham.
Instrumental solo Miss Mayes.
Vocal solo Mrs. Lee.
G. T. Marlin was operated on Mon
day morning in a Paducau hospital for
Miss Daisy Wall and Miss Elizabeth
Choate have returned from a mid-week
visit with relatives in Crockett.
Mrs. Dell Harper and little grand
children, Ruth and Joe Harper, were in
Thursday shopping.
The beaux and belles and a few out
side euests have been on the lake for
sever days'. ,
Mayor McNeill reports money io for
the school building, the contract to be
given ngbt away ana wort to begin
The W. C. T. U. meets Thursday af
ternoon of next week at three o'clock
in the M. E. Church, Mrs. Ernest Shrop
shire leading. There will be an election
of officers for the ensuing year. Dele
gates for the State convention will also
be elected.
Rev. Hamp McLesky, of Nashville,
begins revival services at Pleasant Hill
Sabbath morning.
The revival came to a close Wednes
day evening with twenty-six or more
conversions. This is conceded to have
been one of the best revivals held here
for numbers of years. The attendance
was fine and the rapt attention was
very noticeable. The song service in
both the choruses, assisted by the con
gregation, was a source of spiritual up
lift. . ' '
The G. F. Botts bungalow is rapidly
nearing completion, and in its artistic
beauty and appointments will add much
to the town.
Mr. George Gardner, of Hulbert, Ok
lahoma, is visiting relatives and friends
Miss Hester Koss, ol Jackson, was
the guest of Miss Missie Harris the first
of the week.
Rev. W. O. Weir will fill his regular
Alumni Picnic.
Invitations have been received from
the Alumni Association of the Training
School to the "annual picnic which will
be given at Carter's Pond on the Mobile
tfe Ohio Railroad. Miss Margaret Por
ter, President of the Alumni Associa
tion, . and other officers in the same,
have been instrumental in getting to
gether many graduates of the Training
School and funds to defray the expenses
of the outing.. Every member of the
Alumni is allowed one guest, which will
swell the picnic crowd to a great extent.
About sixty invitations were issued.
Professor Aydelott is exceedingly de
sirous to bring as many of his own one
time pupils together as is possible.
The picnic is arranged for the 24th.
An enjoyable party of last week was
that given by Misses Willie Bell and
Ruby Mayas in honor of their sister,
Mrs. W. H. Swiggart, Jr., who is stop
ping at her former home after her re
turn from her trip to Denver with her
husband. Tables were arranged in the
receptien rooms for thirty-six card
players, Five Hundred being the game
of the afternoon. The three prizes for
high scoring by club member and guest
and the consolation cut, were handsome
bridge table covers. They were award
ed respectively to Miss Helen Verhine,
Mrs. Henry Hassler and Miss Lila Lit
tleton. As
dainty crepe
was presented Mrs. Swiart. Among
the visitors outside the cftsb were Mrs.
Henry Hassler and her guest of that
week, Miss Marianna Sears, of Griffin,
Ga., Mrs. Bob Bell, of Nashville, and
Miss Eula Dale, of St. Louis.
appointment next Sunday in the Cum
berland Church, as the A. R. P. Church
is being repaired.
Mrs. T. P. Palmer and son, Cbillian,
are guests of Mrs. Hellen, at Ridgely,
Miss Pauline Thorne is the house
guest of her sister, Mrs. Ollie Penn, in
Number Seven.
J. he protracted meeting commences
i .1 11- "tl 1 .1 . .1 1
at me inrisuan unurcn we iourm oun-.
day of this month by Rev. Lipscomb.
Misses Mabel Warren and Ruth
Moody have returned from a pleasant
visit to friends in Obion.
Mrs. Charlie Payne died Tuesday
morning after a long illness. We sym
pathize with the bereaved family.
Mr. Felan Kilgore left this week for
Knoxville, where he will enter school
Miss Mildred Clemmons has returned
after an extended visit to relatives in
Miss Ellen Turner, of Obion, is the
house guest of Misses Hattie Mai and
Minnie Starnes.
Mrs. Maggie Barker entertained Tues-
evening in honor of Miss Ellen
Turner. Many amusing games were
played and at a late hour delicious re
freshments were served. All
Mrs. .Barker an excellent hostess
The cotton crop is being benefited by
the daily showers. Adjacent to town
cotton is luxuriant and promises a fine
There has been an ease up in the
scarcity of eatables. Wagon loads of
watermelons and cantaloupes are com
ing in. oaturaay mere was a wagon
load of butter beans brought in and
sold for two bits for two gallons. Three
nice watermelons can be purchased for
a quarter with the possibility of an ex
tra one as a gift if you are popular.
Mesdames John McCutcheon, E. M.
Mr. Curtis Tate add sister, Miss Ruby,
spent the week end with relatives near
hid J. F. Vaught, of Los Angeles,
Cal., spent several days in the city this
week, the guest of his sister, Mrs. T. G.
Moseley, and other relatives and friends.
Mrs Joe Rodgers and children, of
Union City, are spending the week with
Mr. and Mrs. N. N. Garrison.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Byers and chil
dren, of Cincinnati, were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. 0Jt. Wade last week.
Misses Marion and Fanchon Taylor,
of Trenton, were the euests of Mrs. C.
R. Wade Sunday.
Mrs. Mollie Ware, of Jackson, is vis
iting Mrs. Ella Moseley on Vine street.
Miss Laura Lou Hamilton is spend
ing the week at Gibson Wells.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tenn and children,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mitchell, Mesdames
Delia Montgomery and Alvin Glisson
and Francis Yates are spending the
week at Gibson Wells.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Worts are spending
a few days at Dawson Springs.
Miss Myra Taylor visited relatives in
Rives last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. DeBow, of Union
City, visited relatives in Kenton last
Mrs. Rube Freeman returned home
Tuesday after a visit to relatives in
Union City.
Miss Ruth Jones is visiting her grand
mother, Mrs. Hattie Becton, in Dyer
this week.
Mrs. Harry Atkins and little daugh
ter Rebecca, of Union City, were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Atkins
Thursday. .
Mrs. Ann Howell and daughter, Miss
Callie, moved to Union City Tuesday,
which will be their future home. We
regret very much to lose these good
people, life-long residents of Kenton,
and who have won the love and respect
of every citizen of the town. Our loss
is Union City's gain.
J. W. Boyd, an old and highly re
spected citizen of Dresden, is visiting
his daughters, Mrs. A. M. Tierce and
Mrs. M. V. Norman, near Mason Hall.
Harrington and R. E. Hellen spent the
a guest favor a case of weun-euu iu mempms suopping. ine
de chine handkerchiefs P"ty motored through and were the
guests of J. T Foster.
A party of young people spent Satur
day evening at Shaw's Park on the
lake. They report a good time for
themselves and also that a crowd from
Rives were not by any means having a
dull time.
The baseball nine from Ricks Mill
were over Saturday and gave the local
team a close game.
A professional team from Dyersburg
Lake Party.
Mrs. Ruth Whipple, who has been
entertaining Miss Bertha Adair, of Lou
isville, chaperoned a party to Reelfoot came over Monday for a three days' en
unm tnis week in honor of ber visitor,
as follows: Miss Lila Caldwell. Miss
Miss iLueleen Crittendon, of Halls,
Tenn., is visiting relatives.
Miss Bertha Barton, of Martin, is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bell.
Mr. John Mullins, of Commerce,
Texas, has returned home after a visit
with his uncle, Mr. M. R. Cobb.
Miss Pauline Thorn, of Rives, is at
tending the Crittendon Grove meeting.
.Misses Vera and Ella Marshall, from
north of Union City, have returned
home after a visit with Mr. and Mrs
Joe McGaugh.
Mrs. Clinton Shipp is visiting parts of
Middle Tennessee, and will be gone for
several weeks.
The meeting at Harmony came to a
close Monday night with six additions
to the church.
Miss Eleanor Bryan, of Union City,
report I is the guest of the Misses Stovall during
the Crittendon Grove meeting.
Miss May Fields has returned borne
Jrom Murray, Ky., where she has been
visiting her grandmother. ...
A crowd of young people spent last
Thursday on Carter's pond, chaperoned
by Mr. and Mrs. McGaugh.
Miss Ridie Corum, of near Gibbs, is
the guest of Miss Ollie Harris.
Miss Cecil Olive has returned home
from a visit to Knoxville.
Mr. Rob Foulks, of Fulton, made a
social call here Sunday.
Miss Stovall, of Nashville, is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Stovall.
Miss Grace Hall began her school at
Bradford, Tenn.,. Monday morning.
We all wish her success, this being her
first school.
Miss Lueleen Bull ington is visiting
relatives in Greenfield.
Mr. and Mrs. Will DFlack have
purchased their daughter, Bernice, a
new piano.,
Messrs. Neil Hilliard and Arthur
Crayons, of Detroit, are guests of rela
tives here. . -
Miss Birdie Bolton, of near Fulton,;
was the mid-week guest of Miss Gladys
Miss Edna Hester, of Mayfield, Ky
Stella Monrotus, Miss Carrie Catron,
Miss Dixie Caldwell, Miss Clara Weh
man, Mr, Sid Caldwell and Mr. Caesar
Palmer. They were in camp for a few
Union City Pictures.
Mr. Morris asks us to announce that
the moving pictures of Union City and
local affairs, shown here at the Gem last
summer, will be shown again Saturday
to-morrow night for the benefit of
those who couldn't attend on account
of the heat and other causes. They will
be seen at the Francis Airdome.
gagement with the Ridgely-Tiptonville was the guest of Miss Eveleen Fuzzell.
team. At this time we can onlv renort
the Monday game, which was very close,
being 6 to 5 in favor of Dyersburg. The
teams are well rounded and nut over
some excellent ball. Lawyea Harvey
Teague was umpire.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Haskins, of Un
ion City, are here for a two week's visit
with relatives.
Mrs. Homer Hale, of Union City,
guest of her sister, Mrs. O. H. Taylor,
has returned home.
Drink ye at Dietzel's fountain.
Call 150 and get your coal and wood.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Free Show Tickets
Reynolds Theatre
On every loaf of bread sold by
the Reynolds & Kaiser New Home
Bakery, commencing with Monday,
Aug. 10, you will find attached
labels which will entitle you when
presented at the box office of the
above theatre tickets as follows:
For 10 Red Labels," one ticket.
For 5 Blue Labels, one ticket.
Save the labels and see a good sho
free. 19-2t
7T y-
I 0
1 tA
M 7 " "flia-
A Convincing Sip
that we sell the best harness
made is found in the fact that
the most experienced horse
men are among our best cus
tomers. They know by ex
perience that poor harness is
both dangerous and expen
sive. Be as wise as they and
come here for harness that
can be relied upon and that
will wear wonderfully.
The Farmers Supply Co.
Successors to V. S. Jackson & Son.
Delivery Wagons Union City, Tenn. Telephone 24
Next Door to Court House.
Better place your. order and have your
delivered this month as prices advance
September 1st, and again October 1st.
Ve Have Stock Plugged and Reamed Well
Piping, Pumps, Equipments and
Gasoline Engines
We are Prepared to make Market Prices on
Complete Well Outfits and to figure on Com
plete Water Works System & Lighting Outfits.
We are catering to all kinds repair work,
blacksmith and wood work.
We will make it to your interest to get our
prices when in market for goods In our line.
emones i
UNION CITY, '- - -
The Political Pot Is
All political and other news is given in full
and up to the minute in
The Nashville Banner
Published in the Capital City, the news cen
ter of the State. By special arrange
ment we offer you
The Commercial
. '.' AND '
The Nashville Banner
Trlnl Cirrt&r nf Tlia Rantier hv
Month 25c. This rate is not good in towns
where Banner is delivered at 10c per week.
Work House Commission.
Commissioners of the Obion County
work house will .meet next Tuesday, eo
Judge Kenney informs us. The judge
says the jail is now'pretty well filled.
Mr. Finch ia now entertaining 33, and
of this number 15 are ready for road
duty. The meeting ofjthe commission
is called for the purpose of arranging
the work for such 'prisoners during tha
fall season.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best
for cooking. At Union City Ice &
Coal Co. , , ,

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