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Entered at the pout office at Union City, Ten-tiei-M
e, as aecond-cUa mail matter.
Marshall & Baird, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 1914.
Railroad Commissioner
State Senator
Floterial Representative
Entertain the Veterans.
Union City will this year entertain
the Confederate veterans of the State of
Tennessee in convention here October 8
and 9. These annual conventions have
become an integral part of the United
Confederate Veterans' organization, and
several of the larger towns have already
had the honor of acting as host to the
noble men who offered themselves as
sacrifice for the honor of the Southland
Through the efforts of Dr. McRee and
others of our veterans Union City was
selected as the place of the 1914 meet
ing, and we are prompted to urge the
generosity and chivalry of our people in
making the occasion a hospitable and
pleasurable one. Our homes should be
open to these visitors and our hospi
tality should be unlimited. A great
majority of the veteraus will 'be with us
only one night, and no one will be
called upon to go tqany length of
trouble in making the aiilusT one of the
most successful in every respect. It
should be a pleasure, ; and no doubt our
citizens all, will esteem it a pleasure to
entertain these veterans. They will be
here from all over the State not many,
but remnants of the thinning ranks will
be renresanted from every section. Give
them a cordial and hearty reception.
They deserve it, and make their stay
among us an event to be remembered
Union Citv can and will do this. She
has never been known to fail.
It seems from the official returns so
far received over the State that Judge
Sam C. Williams is re-elected to the
Supreme bench over bis opponent, Rob
ert Burrow, and from a general view
Doint we have an idea that it will be
better for the Democratic party in Ten
nessee that this is so. A great many
of the independent! who felt kindly
disposed to the candidacy of Mr. Rye
for Governor were not pleased with the
nomination of Mr. Burrow. Really
there are a great many Democrats in
the State who feel that the judiciary
should be separated from party organi
zation. This, however, is a mooted
question. In the main there are many
eood reasons for the position. That
national and State issues should figure
in the election of judges is hardly de
fensible, but there is danger of the
nartv club sometimes, the matter of
patronage, etc. As stated before, how
ever, the election of Judge Williams
will do a great deal towards healing
these differences and increasing the vote
for Rye, and no Democrat, we are sure,
will ever regret a vote to return the ma
chinery of Tennessee into the hands of
the Democratic party. There will be
no regrets over the question of law en
forcement. The Democratic party is
tho author of all the Prohibition laws
in the State, and its pledges for Prohi
bition are just as safe and reliable as
those of any other party. The pros
.pectsof a Democratic victory in Novem
ber are very good indeed.
Home Building.
Union City continues to improve,
notwithstanding the drouth and its con
ditions. C. II. Cobb's new home on
Main street, now ready for the plumber
and decorator, will undoubtedly be the
Jjandsomest, it not the most expepsive
in Union City. It is of pressed brick
and stone, with massive two-story col
umns in front, terraced balcony in
closed leading frotb. the second floor,
And terraced porches downstairs. The
building is two stories and basement,
with Rttic. The walls are white, and
-.h room will bccomple'o with plumb
ing. On the right are reception, dining
And breakfast rooms. On the left are
tfamily rooms. On the right upstairs u
the music room, and on the left bed
rooms. A grand staircase leads through
the center. The house stands well
back with expansive lawn space, sloping
down to the walk. On the left side is a
macadam driveway with portecochere.
To the rear is a garage. This is a very
indefinite ' description, but when the
work is complete we expect to have a
better one. The combined efforts of
Architect II. P. Taylor and Mr. and
Mrs. C. II. Cobb have been brought to
bear in developing the type of arcbi
tecture and manner of its execution.
Mr. Cobb has given bis personal atten
tion to the work.
The Erst section of the Methodist
Church wall has been completed. This
is of mat brick with red sunken mortar,
capped with stone. T. L. Bransford &
Sons, the contractors, have been mak
ing fine headway during the dry weather.
It will be a very large building with
many Bpacious and convenient depart
Mr. and Mrs. Connie Dyer are having
a pretty new bungalow home built on
South Ury street. This will be a nice
addition to that part of the city.
Dr. F. W. Watson is making some
improvements on his home on Ex
change street. A new porch is being
erected according to the latest designs,
and other improvements are being
made. '
Bootleggers to Burn.
A session extraordinary was pulled
off in the City Court Tuesday. Mayor
Reynolds, Chief -of Police Noah and
City Attorney Whipple were all present
and business was transacted wholesale
fashion. . . "
Messrs. C. H. and W. II. Lindsay,
secret service men of East St. Louis, bad
been in the city for ten days and had
bought booze at a number of places.
They had been brought here by T. R.
Reynolds for that purpose and they
were assisted in the work by a colored
man named Sam Wbodard, also of St.
Louis. After remaining here a week
they ware ready to report and for trial
Warrants had been issued for Newt
McDavis, John Ross, Sam Powers, J. C,
Adams and John Babies, all colored,
and Officers Noah, White and Williams
had them in line long before Mayor
Reynolds rapped for order. i
McDavis, Ross, Powers and Adams
all drew fines of $50 each and Babies
escaped by the skin of his teeth. The
St. Louis negro swore that on Saturday
last at about 7 or 8 o'clock p. m. he
bought whiskey of Babies. But Satur
day happened to be August 8" and
Babies happened to be at the fair
ground celebrating. At least, he proved
this fact by quite a number of his kind
The proof showed him to be there from
6 a. m. until 10 p. m. The city witness
evidently had bis dates mixed. The
evidence produced showed John pretty
close, and if he consumes all the barrels
of beer and jugs of whiskey delivered to
his address the thirst be possesses is
something awful.
City Court adjourned, Officer Josh
Adams invited the bunch to Judge
Maves' court, and on behalf of the
State, asked the four fined in Mr. Key
nolds' court to make bond for their ap
Dearance at tne oeptemoer term oi
Judge Jones' Circuit Court. Powers
made bond and McDavis, Ross and
Adams were turned over to Jailer- Sto
The Swimming Pool.
To the list of those who have already
learned to swim we can add the names
of Mrs. Robt. White, Mrs. Wallace
Moore, Lily Bates, Eunice Brice, Agnes
Andrews, Miriam Edwards, Kathleen
Burdick, Imogene Jones, Thelma Dix
on, urownie uixon.
A question sent by the superintendent
to every pool in the State, How often
do you empty the pool?" received for
an answer, "That depends on the num
ber who U3e it, sometimes once a week,
more often twice a week." In answer
to the question, How do you sterilize
the water?" the reply came from fifty
per cent, by refiltration through sand,
from seventy-five per cent, by using
bichloride of lime. Engineer C. H.
Jenks has made an exhaustive investi
gation of the pools at Yale, Northwest
ern, Furdue, Brown, etc., and finds
bichloride of lime not only advisable
but necessary. In the Union City pool
the superintendent ban used bichloride
of lime from the day of its opening.
It is used at the rate of one pound per
100,000 gallons of water. This baa
been found to furnish the correct reac
tion. 1
Owing to the approaching opening of
school, the pool will not be opened here
after in the raorning3.
Bought Fine Farm.
Sam Wade, one of the cleverest men
and best "farmers in Obion County, has
closed a deal whereby he becomes the
owner of the R. L. Lockert farm two
miles southwest of town. It is among
Obion County's best places,' contains
about 150 acres and sold for $165 per
acre. Mr. Wade will give up the man
agement of the Parks plantation at Clay
ton and will move to his new home at
The Public Schools.
Our public schools will open Aug. 3,
and it is the desire of the Board of Edu
cation and the faculty that all children
who intend going to school shall begin
on the opening day, and, if possible,
never miss a day during the entire ses
sion. But few parents realize what it
means to the children to ,be regular in
attendance. No child who is often ab
sent from school can be expected to keep
up with bis classes and pass bis grade.
From all indications, we are going to
have the largest school the coming ses
sion that we have ever bad, and we be
lieve there is no finer public school in
the State than we have here. The library
will be running and managed by one
who is greatly interested in its success,
and we believe the children and the cit
izens at large will very much appreciate
this splendid addition. The swimming
pool has been in use for some time, and
will be used continually after school be
gins. Hours for opening will be ar
ranged by the swimming pool commit
tee and the superintendent.
The commercial course, domestic sci
ence, and domestic art, should appeal
to a great many children who want a
practical business education. The fact
is, that a little of that mixed along is
good for all children. These courses
are very thorough. You can not get a
more complete course in any school.
The commercial course will prepare you
for any office work, and even if you
never expect to use it, it will give you
a practical idea of business that you will
never learn in any other way.
W. G. Reynolds,
President Board of Education.
For the Veterans.
Leonidas Polk Chapter will meet in
the Elks Hall Thursday, Aug. 20, at 3
o'clock. Every Southern woman in
Union City is invited to be present and
aid the Chapter with advice and offers
of aid in entertaining the veterans at
the convention Oct. 8 and 9.
We were not aware that the conven
tion was to meet here until we saw the
announcement in the papers, but as our
veterans have accepted the hospitality
of the towns of Tennessee, we ought to
be and are ready to return that hospi
tality. The town, that is the Business
Men's Club and Fair Association, will
furnish the dinner the two days, with
the ladies help, but the ladies are to fur
nish whatever entertainment is decided
upon. Homes must be provided for the
one night of their stay, and these com
rades of our fathers, grandfathers, hus
bands and brothers ought to be made
to feel that in Union City they have
had the warmest welcome and in every
way the most memorable convention
they have ever had. Let us make it a
red letter occasion for these old heroes.
Mrs. A. L. Bhevaeo.
Moving House.
Mrs. N. E. Beck is having the Smoot
house, which she bought recently,
moved to her lot on the corner opposite
the residence of Col. D. A. Keller on
Division street. It was the Smoot
homestead on the corner of Ury and
Vine, and Mrs. Bock is moving the old
house, which she will improve for rental
purposes. We understand Mr. lien
Smoot will build a modern bungalow on
the corner lot vacated. Mr. Sam Park
man has the contract to move the old
For Horse Stealing.
Sam Thompson is a Rives negro, that
is, he calls Rives his home. Last Fri
day Sam needed a little cash and he
made his way to the farm of W. G.
Harris and appropriated a fine horse
and at once came to Union City and
attempted to sell Mr. Harris' horse to
Campbell & Ragsdale for a very small
sum of money. They reported the mat
ter to Mr. Noah and held Sam until the
officer arrived. Judge Bratton sent him
to jail and Gen. Caldwell will pass him
to Nashville in September.
Fine Melons. .
Mr. Ike Carmack, who is one of the
champion water melon growers in the
county, has been marketing some fine
melons here this week. Good, ripe,
mature melons, or any other 'kind of
fruit, such as Mr. Carmack raises, are
not only toothsome and delicious but
they are healthy; while the faulty prod
uct is a detriment to good health.
Fine Pigs.
Mr. Arch Adams, who resides some
seven or eight miles southwest of Union
City, marketed a lot of hogs here Sat
urday, all from three litters of Decem
ber and January pigs, from which he
realized the sum of f 3S3. This is do
ing a profitable business on a small
If you want to buy or sell a farm, let
us hear from you or come tb see us.
Davis & Russell,
Real Estate Agents.
t J
Ask Your Grocer for it
Dahnke-lvaiker Milling Go, j
Ask us for prices when selling your grain.
YM'M'M wd;;;;;:;: ;;:: ::
Now is the Best Time
for Concrete VorK.
Before doing your spring clean
ing, have your mantels and grates
renewed, so one cleaning will do
We have a fresh car of Lime for Whitewashing
Chicken Sand, 10c per bushel
We are making concrete blocks
every day. Can make any size
you want.
Phone 491
dl Sons
.j i .r or nil
1 U H
Mi Kinds
Windows, Doors, Columns
Shingles, Posts, Rails
and Pickets
Some Second-hand and Rough
Askins & Dircks Lumber Co.
F. C. AYDELOTT, Principal.
Tha weatlisr remains warm,
M tills is exactly tits time to
see us about your supply of
for the coming winter, You' can
save tig money by buying now
while you can get summer rates
See us about it at once.
Union City Ice & Goal Go.
Telephone 150
Wholesale and Retail
Reelfoot Lake and
Mississippi Kiver
Fish Game
' Oysters in Season.
New location, East Main Street
Phone 185. ' UNION CITY, TENN
A Modern Surgical Institution
Graduate nurse in attendance.
Rate reasonable.
Dr. W. A. Nailling, Surgeon
Mrs. L. E. Rodecker, Supt.
N.,C. &St. L Ry.
Ifiavt Co ion City.
No. 5. .7.45 a.m. No. 8 3.05 p.m
No. 52 .
No. 63..11.05 p.m.
.6.47 a.m. No. 4.12.50 p.m
No. 54.7.52 p.m.
Office: Room I, Nailling Building
Physician and Surgeon
Office over Front Rooms, Miss Flannery'a
Millinery Store, next to Farmers
Exchange Bank.
Phones Office 193, Residence 446
Veterinary Physician and Surgeon
Grndunte of McKillip's Veterinary ColWe.
Chicago. All call answered day or night.
Office at J. T. Holt's
Wvery Stable.
Telephones Office 544.
Kesidence 667.
Union Ciljr, Tenn.
XaipTing 2annJI 'fil mooj :9orrrQ
pun uotitjoijpadg "subjj sjgnoj.
Dr. I. Qlosson
Phone 12
Union. City, Tennessee

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