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Floterial Majority.
J. L. Cochran's majority for Floater
frotu Dyer, Lake and Obioo couDties
over bis opponeot, Dr. J. F, Griffin, of
Tiptonvitle, is 5G votes. Tbe majorities
here and in Dyer counties are a total of
276. Dr. Griffin's majority in Lake
County is 220.
- Fine Corn.
BIr. Harvey Toombs, of Number
Three, left a very fine stalk of corn
bearing two well matured ears, at tbe
Old National Bank tbis week. Tbia is
somewhat a rarity this year on account
of tbe drouth. Dr. Miles also baa a
well matured specimen there.
" Witness Found.
It is said that the State and the attor
neys for Miss Clara Wehman, in tbe
murder case of George Wehman, her
father, to be heard at the September
term of tbe Circuit Court, have found
Luther Hockett, the negro implicated
in the murder, and have him 6afely
locked up in a Kentucky jail. It is al
leged that Hockett received some bills,
which were afterwards identified as the
murdered man's money.
An indictment will be found and the
case will be called in September. It
may, however, bo continued.
Call 150 and get your coal. and wood.
Union City Ice & Coal Co. ,
Marriage Licenses.
Bobt. Quinn and Deulah Ellinor.
Rufus L. Joyner and Callie May
Ben F. Stovall and Rosie Simpson.
Thomas Bryant and Bessie Nettles.
Riley Bradford and Emma May Pryor.
Sam Gravett and Lillie Wilkins.
If you sit in a cool draft when you
are heated and get a stiff neck or lame
back, you will be looking for something
that will ease the pain. Fix your mind
and don't be talked out of it, because
it is the best pain relieving liniment you
can get anywhere. Price 25c, 50c and
tl.00 per bottle. Sold by Oliver's Red
Cross Drug Store. adv
Real Estate Transfers.
II. M. Wilson and wife to,Chas.
Green, 5 acres in No. 6, $100. '
Ben C. Bradford and wife to Newt
McDavis and wife, lot in No. 13, $350.
Martha J. Majors to Alice Majors et
al., 50 acres in No. 16, $750.
R. L. Lockert and wife to 8. T. Wade
and wife, 155 acres in No. 13, $25,550.
sn.... rtr r.i,. c in ninti:.. vim
lot in No. 13, $60.
R. F. Cunningham to A. Wilson, lot
in No. 15, $100.
Carl F. Groos to A. F. Tittsworth,
141 acres in No. 4, $5,675.
L. S. Parks et al. to Jno. M. Smith,
lot in No. 5, $50.
Stephen Beard to T. J. Linton, 4 lots
in No. 16," $219.
Jefferson Turnbow to T. J. Linton,
lot in No. 16. $60.
A. P. Cloar and wife to U. B. Horner,
115 acres in 3, $4,620
Walter Brockwell et al. to J. H. Col
lins, 35 acres in No. 1, $500.
Lillian L. Drane et al. to Laura D.
Boop, interest in land in No. , $1,000.
D. W. Beckham et al. to D. A. Peeler,
lot in Union City, $2,000.
J. W. Burgess and wife to M. E.
Cleek, interest in 71 acres in No. 12,
$100. '
Est Hasl&n J, With Aid of C&rdai,
Effects Her Deliverance.
Draper, N. C Mrs. Helen Dalton, o!
Btis place, says: "I suffered for years,
with pains in my left side, and would
often almost smother to death.
Medicines patched me up for awhile
but then I would get worse again. Final
ly, my husband decided he wanted me to
try Cardui, the woman's tonic, so he
bought me a bottle and 1 began using it.
It did me more good than .all the medi
cines 1 had taken.
I have Induced many of my friends to
try Cardui. and they all say they have
been benefited by its use. There never
has been, and never will be, a medicine
to compare with Cardui. 1 believe it is
i good medicine for all womanly trou
bles." For over 50 years, Cardui has been re
lieving woman's sufferings and building
weak women up to health and strength.
If you are a woman, give it a fair trial.
It should surely help you, as it has a
million others.
Get a bo'.'Je of Cardui to-day.
WrHitet Chattanooga Md!e!n Co, Ladles'
Advisory Dec.. Chattanooga, Tenn., lor Snciat
mfrMun on your ca and 64-paga book, 'Homa
Tmtraant lor Woman." in plain wrapper. N.C. 1SI
Oalaria or Chills & Fever
Prescription No. 668 it prepared "especially
Five or aix doaei will break any cate, and
if tnken then ai a tonic the Fever will not
return. It acts on the liver betteV than
Calomel and does not gripe or sicken. 25c
Restored To Health by Lydla
E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound.
Montpelier, Vt "We have great
faith in your remedies. I was very ir
regular and was
tired and sleepy all
the time, would have
cold chills, and my
hands and feet would
bloat. My stomach
bothered me, I had
pain in my side and
a bad headache most
of the time. Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound has
done me lots of good
and I now feel fine. I am regular, my
stomach is better and my pains have all
left me. You can use my name if you
like. I am proud of what your reme
dies have done for me." Mrs. Mart
GautHIEK, 21 Ridge St, Montpelier, Vt
An Honest Dependable Medicine
It must be admitted by every fair
minded, intelligent person, that a medi
cine could not live autl grow in popularity
for nearly forty years, and to-day hold
a record for thousands upon thousands
of actual cures, as has Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, without
possessing great virtue and actual
worth. Such medicines must be looked
upon and termed both standard and
dependable by every thinking person.
If you have tbe slightest doubt
that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound U'ill help you, write
to Lydia E.Pinkhum Medicine Co.
(confidential) Lynn, Massif or ad
vice. Your letter will be opene d,
read and answered by a woman
and held in strict confidences
Local and personal
Gus Carter is a Fulton visitor tbis
Mr. John Moffatt, of Troy, was in
the city Friday.
Mrs. G. B. White spent the day Sat
urday in Obion.
Col. II. C. Stanfield was a visitor in
Memphis Sunday.
C. P. Hardy is making a business
tour of Arkansas.
Call 150 for coal of any kind.
Miss Callie Howell has returned from
a visit to Kenton.
Mrs. Rex Roberts, of Mississippi, is
visiting in the city.
Dr. Virgil Jernigan and family left
for Colorado Tuesday.
Miss Louise Adams has returned from
a week's visit in Obion.
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Harrison have
returned from Memphis.
Beautiful LaValliers Dietzel.
Mrs. Fonzo White was a visitor with
friends in Obion Sunday.
Mrs. W. C. Caldwell, of Trenton, was
a visitor in the city Monday.
Miss Ruth Willingham, of Fulton,
was a visitor in tbe city Monday.
Miss Clara McConnell attended the
meetiug at Monnt Zion last week.
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. McDade, of Troy,
were in the city Monday shopping. '
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Jersey Cream Flour,
Dr. J. H. Rippy is a visitor at home
in Union City with his family this week.
Mrs. Fox and daughter, Miss Minnie,
of Obion, were here Monday shopping.
Mrs. Vera McGee, BogueChitto.Miss.,
is a visitor with Mrs. Littleton Thomas.
Mrs. Elizabeth Newsom has returned
from a visit to Mrs. F. A. Cole in Ful
ton. . ,
Mrs. Jas. Parsely, of Cherokee, Texas,
is visiting relatives and friends iu the
city. .
I'm in love with Chas. Dietzel's jew
elry. '
Esq. A. K. Wells and J. D. Dame, of
Glass, were business visitors in the city
D. A. Luten and Misses Cantie May
and Mabel and Wayland visited Fulton
this week.
Judge W. H. Swiggart left last week
for New York City on business for some
of his clients.
The friends of T. R. Clark are glad to
see him out again after an illness of
several weeks.
Sec Dorrel Harris if you want to buy
or sell any live stock. Phone 240 or 133.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harper, of
Beech, were the Sunday guests of Mrs.
L. L. Milam.
Mrs. Fannie Reeves and daughter,
Miss Allie May, have returned from a
visit to Obion.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Owen have re
turned from a visit to McKenzie and
Mrs. Owen is spending a few days with
relatives in Rutherford this week.
J. M. Edwards, who has been very
sick, continues unimproved, and not so
well this week.
Mr. Jas. Jenkins, son of Rev. W. T.
Jenkins, of Brownsville, was a visitor
here this week.
Mayor and Mrs. T. R. Reynolds vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Jake Huddleston in
Fulton Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Whipple have re
turned from a trip to Old Point Comfort
and Eastern points.
Engraved visiting cards Dietzel.
Mr. EaBly Penick is enjoying leave
of absence in Chicago, Milwaukee and
South Haven this week.
Miss Mary Crenshaw and daughter,
Miss Ruth, have returned from an ex
tended visit in Memphis.
Mrs. J. P. Verhine and Miss Helen
Verbine are in Dawson Springs this
week for a few days visit.
Miss Liilee Jones, of Obion, was a
visitor Sunday and Monday with Miss
Reba Wrather in the city.
Coal Coke Wood Call Tel. 150.
Mrs. J. B. Mitchell and children and
Miss Anna Nichols, of Troy, were vis
itors in tbe city thi3 week.
Miss Lola Harper is visiting Miss
Martha Hilton Wilson and Mrs. J. R.
Moffatt in Troy this week.
Miss Annie Owen, at Crockett, enter
tained 'a number of her Union City
friends Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Stevens and Editor
and Mrs. Sexton, of Hickman, motored
over to Union City Sunday.
Handsome wedding presents Dietzel.
Mr. Otho Beck, traveling salesman
for the Canvas Decoy Co., is spending
a few days at borne this week.
Misses Ruby Mays and Virginia Swig
gart are tbe week-end visitors of Miss
Grace Caldwell at Maple Grove".
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Robey, of the
vicinity of Futon, visited Miss Ethel
Russell on Pierce Street Thursday.
Mrs. J. W, BranBford is expected
home next week from Louisville, where
she has been spending tbe summer.
Telephone Union City Ice & Coal Co.
when you want coal right now.
Mr. Harry Scates, of Greenwood,
Miss., was a visitor here this week with
bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Scates.
Mrs. T. M. Nance, of Paducab, was
in the city this week visiting her sisters,
Mrs. F. E. Quinn and Mrs. G. W. Car
ter. Mrs. C. F. Johnson and children, of
Kisme, Fla., are in the city visiting
Mrs. Johnson's sister, Mrs. G. W. Car
ter. Miss Marie Delvecchio has returned
to Dyersburg after a visit in the city at
the home of Mr, and Mrs. J. W, Bur
ney. Buying Dietzel's jewelry is like court
ing a widow. You can not overdo it.
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Milam enjoyed a
family reunion in Martin Friday, given
in honor of Mr. Stovall of southeast
Mr. Morris Hawes has returned from
a trip to Oklahoma, representing Castle
Heights School in the way of soliciting
Rev, John Garth and Mr. Russell
Garth left this week for their respective
homes in Hickory, N. C, and Farm
ville, Va.
Mrs. J. N. Bradshaw and daughters,
Misses Nannie May and Lucile, were
in Hornbeak this week visiting relatives
and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Biggins, of Nash
ville, were in the city last week visiting
the home of Mrs. Higgins' brother, W.
E. Hudgins. , '
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co. Jer
sey Cream Flour, a home product and
guaranteed. ,
Mrs. Pauline Driver has returned to
her home in Osceola, Ark., after an ex
tended visit here in the home of Mrs.
J. R. Cathey.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Carter and fam
ily, of Fulton, were in the city this
week visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Q. W. Carter.
Mrs. Irene Dahnke and Miss Mary
Swiggart have returned from a visit to
Nashville, going and returning in Mrs.
Dahnke's car.
Chas. A. Douglas, of Humboldt, was
in the city this week" visiting his cister,
Mrs. W. B. Hallum, and mingling with
old-time friends.
See Dietzel once then always.
Mrs. Helen Cockrill and son, Francis,
are at home in the city with Mr. and
and Mrs. G. W. Phebus, Sr., Mrs.
Cock rill's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Arnn and Mrs.
H. R. Walker left yesterday for St.
Louis and Chicago to purchase a fall
stock for Mrs. Arnn's millinery and
furnishing store in this city.
Mrs. J. E. Pollock and Miss Kate
Bransford left Wednesday for Jackson
to attend a house party at the hom of
Mrs. J. H. Wheeler.
Mrs. W. H. Swiggart, Jr., and Mrs.
W. R. Andrews and daughter, Miss
Agnes, left tbis week to visit Mrs. Jones
Griffith in Mayfield.
Mr. Connie Klutz, of Jacksonville,
Fla., was the guest of bis aunt, Mrs. J.
F. McMichael, Monday, enjoying a va
cation en tour borne.
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Whipple and
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Henderson spent
tbe day Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J.
D. Killion at Protemus.
June birthstone pearls Dietzel.
Mrs. J. W. Woosley is this week vis
iting her son, Mr. Chas. Kistner, and
wife and baby at DeSoto, Mo., going
also for a visit to St. Louis.
Mrs. J. D. Boaz and son, of Okla
homa City, Okla., are in the city visit
ing Mrs. Boaz' mother, Mrs. Nan Gard
ner, and Miss Addie Gardner.
Mesdarues G. B. and Fonzo White,
Misses Vivien and Estelle, Miss Marie
Sedberry and T. C. Rippy enjoyed a
visit to Reelfoot Lake tbis week.
J. M. Moore, manager of the Tren
ton Telephone Exchange, accompanied
by his children, was a visitor in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Clark this
Mr. Claud Whitley and Mr. John
Pitts have been temporarily promoted
during Mr. Lovelace's absence at the
N., C. & St. L. depot. Mr. Lovelace is
enjoying bis annual leave of absence.
.Call 150, Union City Ice & Coal Co.,
when you want coal right now.
Mrs. G. C. Cloys mother, Mrs. Long,
and family will occupy the new bunga
low home on Exchange street, now
about complete, and will move in short
ly. Union City friends will kindly wel
come them.
Mr. Sam B. Martin, formerly of this
city, but for a number of years pro
prietor of one of the biggest printing
plants in the South at Hattiesburg,
Miss., was here this week mingling with
old-time friends.
The pastor, Rev. A. C. Moore, assist
ed by Rev. W. W. Armstrong, has been
conducting revival services at Mount
Zion, and the meeting closed last week
with five or six conversions and a good
interest in the work.
Mr. and Mrs. Cully Manning are this
week visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs.
J. N. Bradshaw. Mr. Manning is a son
of Mrs. Bradshaw and was recently
married ini Florida. He if connected
with the U. 8. Navy.
'Miss Stella Williams, recently re
turned from Barnard College, New
York, to the borne of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. T. J. Williams, leaves again
to take up her work with the Curtis
Publishing Co., with which she has been
so successful.
A very handy hitching rack has been
located on Main street between the Un
ion City Auto Co. garage and the Hef
ley Grocery Store. This rack is pro
vided with extra chains for hooking the
hitch reins, and the business men of
that section are to be credited with this
Mr. Earl 8. Lancaster, a recent grad
uate of the Rochester Business Insti
tute, Rochester, N. Y., is now. connect
ed with the faculty of a Southern Illi
nois Business School as teacher, to be
gin his work this fall. The young man
goes to Illinois with the finest character
and indorsements.
Conservatory Graduate
Long Experience
Correct Melhod
Ice Cream
One quart to any
amount packed and
delivered anywhere in
town any time.
All Kinds of Good Eating
for Ladies and Gents.
H iiwamiO
All Mid-Summer Fabrics
1 Novelty Wash Goods in great variety in plain
white and fancy color price down.
1 Few Suits and Dresses to close less than half
J On Saturday and Monday, our Remnant days,,
, you can find any amount of Bargains.
w ,you
White &, Quinn
Real Estate and Insurance
We have moved our office to the building formerly
occupied by the Fair Furniture Co., now White's, and
will welcomh our friends to our new quarters.
We represent the best Fire, Life, Accident and Torna
do Insurance Companies, both City and Country.
We represent the Continental Farm Department
none better.
If in the market to buy or sell city property, call on us.
White &. Quinn
Real Estate and Insurance
Chas. Williams
Agents Casino, Lyndon and Charm
Canned Goods
lleekin's Coffees, Teas and Spices
Williams (Si Adams
. . . . .
"We Deliver the Goods"
Telephone 421
We have every sort of building and finishing lumber
' you're apt to need, including
Doors end Windows, Shingles
A visit to cur yards will be appreciated. Come and
inspect our stock for your own satisfaction.
Yards south of Presbyterian Church.
First Street, - UNION CITY, TENN.
$1 Pays for The
'mml .QEaaaaalla
Frank W. Adams
306 East' Main Street
Commercial 1 Year
g Season

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