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You who are nartirnl-ir.
come here for your shirts, nl
We can give you just the
style you want just the
pattern and fit you 'per
fectly from our stock of
Emery Shirts. They're the
most satisfactory shirts you
can buy FIT, COLOR,
"A new shirt for one that
fails." Emery.
The Toggery
si. . I
"That's The Stuff"
is what the carpenters say
when speaking of our lumber
for every good carpenter who
takes pride in his trade loves
good lumber to work with.
Our grade of lumber is care
fullyselected.thoroughly sea
y soned, and those who demand
a good article know that they
can depend on what we furnish.
Uili! CITY
T, R. REYNOLDS, Proprietor Phone 285
"i,WiM, '"l"j;il:ljr,l,.,..IM,lM!, ..lJ M J
High-Class work in Furniture
Repairing and Refinishing.
First Class Work Guaranteed
D . C
rrompt Service.
Leather Work a Specialty
Box Couches Made to Order.
Telephone 438.
PVime chip m two mora cum of BLACK
Hina It badly, so pleas rnih It all ytra can.
Xh!i ts tha bast thlntt for stock wa hava foua4
and rarybod ta wanting It.
P. F. MORS ft scsr.
Will cure your Rheumatism
Neuralgia, Headaches, Cramps,
Colic, Sprains, Bruises, Cuts and
Burns, OhJ Sores, Stings of Insects
Etc. Antiseptic Anodyne, used in-
. .-11 -1 . 11 nm
icruauy tmu ciicruaiiy. nice OC.
Mrs. lorn Talley, of Waveriy, is the
mid-week guest of Mrs. W. E. Agnew.
Misses Lizzie and Ellen Guy last week
visited their uncle, Mr. Luui Carter,
near Jordan. '
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Meadow and Mrs.
Clay McAdoo. of L Dion City, ana i-iss
Marguerite Cowan, of Waveriy, were
week-end guests of Mrs. M. C. Harris
and family south of town.
Mrs. Lizzie Farris and Miss Josie
Foulks, of Faragould, Ark., and Mrs.
Mollie Walker, of Memphis,' are this
week guests of Mesdames Laura Hutcb-
erson, Ernest Shropshire ana James
McLesky. 1
The Leisure Hour Circulating Library
is appreciated by our reading people.
We are glad of this, for it is the aim of
the library to be not only a pleasure
but to keep up on leading questions of
tbe times.
Mrs. J. N. Bryson, of Union City,
but formerly of our town, was down
last week visiting old friends. Mrs.
Bryson while here also visited her niece,
Mrs. Wright, southeast of town.
Miss Sallie Beeves, of Obion, spent a
few days here the past week, guest of
Mrs. W. L. Clemmons.
Miss Mattie Hughes, summer guest
of Mrs. E. T. Mitchell, Saturday left
for her home in Columbia. Miss
Hughes made many friends here.
Mrs. L. A. Smith, of Troy, was a
visitor here this week.
Miss Lillian Clemmons is in Smilh
and, Ky., for a few days, guest of Miss
Chloris Dunn. Miss Dunn is charm
ingly remembered as the visitor of Miss
Clemmons during our tent meeting,
Mrs. J. S. Adkerson was a recent
business visitor to Union CJi .
Mesdames John Bittick and James
Waller Caldwell are in Troy for the
week-end, guests of Mrs. James Fressly
and others. ' '
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Craver, of
Obion, for several days have been with
relatives at Fleasant Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Hefley, of Union
City, the past week were visitors of Mr.
and Mrs. Chester Fhebus.
Miss Nell Fetty, house guest of Mi88
Ola Petty, Wednesday returned to Piney
Plead Callicott, Sr., and wife, of
Prescott, Ark., are here with relatives
in and out of town.
Miss Aletha Bonner came in Saturday
from a month's sojourn in the East.
Miss Bonner reports her stay in Chau
tauqua ideally pleasant and that a
week's stay in Chicago convinced her
that it was quite a city.
Two new books next week will be
added to the library. They are "The
Linder Box," by Helen Thomson
Daviess and "The Eyes of the World,"
by Harold Bell Wright. . The latter is
just from the press with the record of
one-half million sold before its publica
tion. The meeting at Pleasant Hill,-conducted
byRev. Burgess Cunningham,
of Union City, and Hamp McLeskey,
of Nashville, came to a close Friday
evening. There were sir converts and
additions to membership.
. Mr. and Mrs. Brasfield, .of Kenneth,
Mo., and Squire and Mrs. Howard, of
Number Seven, were recent guests of
Dr. and Mrs. T. P. Callicott.
The new school grounds have been
opened and the excavation for heating
machinery made. The contract will be
given out at an early date.
Mayor W. A. McNeill came in from
points in Mississippi very much indis
posed and is now uuder the care of Dr.
E. II. White. "' .
Messrs. Jesse Woody and Herman
Saunders, attending Draughon's Bus
ness College at Nashville, in recent ex
amination each scored 100 in mathe
matics. This (is flattering to these
young men and their alma mater.
Mr. al Mrs. .Will D. Moffat, of
Chicago, Bind Miss Lillian Moffat, of
Tipton, Miss., are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. 0. H. Clemmons.
Our school opens Monday, Sept. 7.
Teachers and pupils seem anxious to go
into harness for the fall tenn. A large
attendance is expected. The friends
and patrons of the school are invited for
the opening exercises. Our faculty is
the same as last year throughout, Prof.
8. B. Hays, principal; Mrs. Hays, as
sistant; Miss Sadie Frye, intermediate
department, and Mrs. Leslie Shore,
t!r. RaglanJ Writes Interesting
Letter on This Subject.
Madison Heights, Va. Mr. Chas. A.
Ragland, of this place, writes: ,fl have
been taking Thedford's Black-Draught
for indigestion, and other stomach troub
les, also colds, and find it to be the very
best medicine I have ever used.
After taking Black-Draught for a fev
days, I always feel like a new man.
Nervousness, nausea, heartburn, pain
in pit of stomach, and a feeling of full
ness after eating, are sure symptoms of
stomach trouble, and should be given the
proper treatment,- as your strength and
health depend veryMargely upon your
food and its digestion.
To get quick and permanent relief
from these ailments, you should take
a medicine of known curative merit.
Its 75 years of splendid success, in the
treatment of just such troubles, proves
the real merit of Thedford's Black-
Draught. Safe, pleasant, gentle in action,
and without bad after-effects, it is sure
to benefit both young and old. For sale
everywhere. Price 25c. KCizj.
Mr. C. M. Harding, of Hickman,
Ky., was here Friday. ,
Miss Juliet Oakley, of Jackson,
visiting Miss Glenn Bochelle.
air. ana jurs. irea ttrown nave re
turned from a visit to Oklahoma.
Bev. T. P. Lindsay, of Memphis, is
conducting a revival at the Curry school
W ... T . . . .
air. j. w. rressiy, after a week s
illness, is again able to be out and at
tending to business.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Bennett and chil
dren and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Brantley
spent Sunday at Gibson Wells.
Mrs. H. H. Bochelle and children,
Misses Juliet Oakley and Glenn Ro-
chelle were among the visitors at Reel-
foot Lake Sunday.
Mrs. W. B. Harris and children have
returned from a visit to Chicago and are
here with relatives.
Miss Flora Wallace, of Union City,
is visiting at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wallace.
Mrs. Lizzie D. Farris, Mrs. L. A.
Smith and Miss Josie Faulk were in
Rives, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Er
nest Shropshire.
The French and British troops oppos
ing the invasion or the German army
in Belgium have suffered a serious re
verse, according to the official announce
ment issued by the French War Office.
In tb"e battle line, which extends from
Mons to the Luxemburg frontier, sev
eral army corps, composed of both Brit
ish and French, took the offensive on
Sunday against the Germans, but their
plan of attack failed, owing to the "un
foreseen difficulties," as described by
the official statement, and the troops
retired to the covering positions. The
losses on both sides are reported as ex
tremely heavy, and the French official!
describe the Germans as being obliged
to establish themselves in fresh posi
tions in Lorraine. The French have
spent Sunday in the city, the guests of abandoned those portions of Alsace and
relatives. T . n. u..i :..i
cunied. Detachments of German cav-
have returned from a ten days stay at oneratin on thfi extremB riht.
have reached Boubaix, a few miles to
Mrs. Edward Ledbetter has returned
from a visit to relatives at Bemis, Tenn.
Mrs. J. M. Baird is visiting relatives
at Hornbeak this week..
Miss Gladys Hubbs, of Martin, is the
guest of Miss Lucile Wall at her country
home. .
Enloe Chiles and family, of Union
City, are guests at the home of Mr.
Chiles' father, Col. J. T. Chiles.
Talmage Cunningham, a prominent
young farmer, has just purchased a Sax
ton auto.
Miss Elizabeth Stanfield was the guest
of her sister, Miss Floreta, at Dyersburg
Reed Goulder and wife, of Gibbs,
Golden Gate
Teas and Coffees
Chase & Sanborn's
Teas and Coffees
Meat, Flour, Sugar, Coffee
Mishandled in an up-to-date, sanitary manner.
xNo order too large. No order too small.
Phones 204-230 Washington Ave.
T n. m. 1
Dawson Springs.
Geo. Nolan is visiting
Waveriy, Tenn., this week
Elmo FTtyd and wife are visiting rela
tives at points in Missouri
Rev. J. S. Cox returned home Mon
day from Barlow, Ky., where he filled
the north of Lille. This territory is de
fended only by reservists.
Japan has come into the War of
Nations. The Emperor of Japan has
declared war on Germany, and the
the Methodist pulpit in the absence of papanese fleet and land forces are ready
Rev. J. T. Bagby Sunday, both morn
ing and evening.
Corinne and Lorene Cox are visiting
relatives' in and around Fulton this
week. y
Mrs. Allie Steele is visiting relatives
in Newbern this week.
Mrs. O. A. Wilburn is visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pope, near
II. Kellams has been quite ill for
several days, but is reported much improved.
MikeRiggs was in Union
day on business.
. K. B. Baker and family and Mrs. G.
W. West visited friends in Rives Sun
day. Miss Annie Mai Miller, of Mempnis,
is a visitor at J. W. Pryor's this week.
. J. L. Bradshaw, of Cotton Plant,
Ark., visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
T. C. Bradshaw, at Elbridge several
days this week.
Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Roberts, of Troy,
motored over to Obion Sunday.
Joe Edwards and sister, Miss Grace,
of Trimble, were shopping in Obion
for the struggle around Kiau Chau, the
German protectorate in China. Late
dispatches from Tsing Tau say that the
German preparation, is complete, and
that the territory will be defended to
tbe upmost. Several German warships
are lying in the harbor of Tsing Tau and
the waters have been mined.
Coincidentally with Japan's declara
tion of war against Germany, the British
Official News Bureau announces that
Austro-Hungarian Government has or
dered the Austrian cruiser Kaiserin
City Tues-1 Elizabeth, now at Tsing Tau, to disarm
and has further instructed the crew to
proceed to Tien Tsin. This apparently
eliminates Austria from the conflict in
the Far East.
The Ice Cream Specialist
Telephone 100
In spite of the fact that England is
very anxious to obtain foodstuffs from
this country, every liner that has sailed
recently bas had much empty space in
its hold. The American exporters are
unwilling to take the risks.
J. P. Morgan and William Porter, of
the Morgan firm, were in conference
with Secretary McAdoo and members of
the Reserve Board in Washington, and
assured the officials that financial con
ditions were steadily improving.
Government war risk insurance was
practically assured when the Senate
passed tbe bill providing for such a
bureau of the Treasury Department
with $5,000,000. Tbe measure is ex
pected to pass the House.
Careful diet ia of utmost importance to
men and women past tiny year of age;
It keeps up their strength, and the oiJ
food in Scott's 'Emulsion is a nourishing
food, a curative medicine and a sustaining
tonic to regulate tne functions.
It contains the medicinal fats of cure
cod liver oil and science proves that they
furnish twice as mucn energy as other
foods then too, it creates pure blood,
sharpens the appetite, relieves rheuma
tism, strengthens the body and alleviates
the ailments due to declining years.
Scott's is free from wines, alcohol or
harmful drugs. Beware of substitutes.
Miss Alma Isbell spent Monday nigh
with Miss Virgie Glover.
wr. ana jvirs. a. tf. Harris, or near
Fulton, visited relatives near here last
Mrs. M. F. Garrigan and daughter
Miss Katherine, and Miss Lizzie Malone
spent a few days last week with Mr. and
Mrs. Jerre Malone at Hickman.
Misses Allie and Dovie Preuett visited
at the home of their brother, W, P.
Pruett, Jast Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Glenn Davis and little son
James Wheeler, of Nashville, spent i
few days last week with Mrs. Davis
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Wheeler.
Miss Nell Marshall spent Saturday in
Union City.
Mrs. J. I. Wheeler and daughter,
Mrs. Glenn Davis, of Nashvfle. are vis
iting near Ogden Landing, Ky.
Mrs. W. T. Harris is improving after
an injury sustained by falling off a box
from under a peach tree.
C. L. Harris spent a few days last
week in Louisville, Ky.
Mr. and Mrs. Eli Ratliff, of near
Crystal, spent Friday night with rela
tives near here. . Rosebud.
The Federal Reserve Board has decid
ed to open all twelve of the reserve
banks simultaneously.
At Tsing Tau, Capital of Klau Chau,
the German protectorate in China, the
German forces have prepared for a bom
bardment by the Japanese fleet, by
dynamiting all the tall structures there
which might be of assistance to the at
tacking forces as sighting points. They
have also taken all measures to oppose
the advance of a Japanese field army.
Plans for the purchase of foreign
ships, to be operated by the American
Government, are being matured f
Washington. The Administration Bi
providing for this departure was intro
duced in the House by Representative
The importation of ferromangauese
having been largely stopped, its manu
facture is being attempted in the Bir
mingham iron district, and if successful
this necessary element in the making of
steel will be produced on a large scale.
While the Liege forts are said to be
holding out, an official statement from
the French Government tells of the
blowing up of Fort Chaudefontaine by
the Belgian commander after it had
been razed by the German gdns.
John E. Lamb, vice chairman of the
Democratic National Committee, and in
charge of the Western headquarters at
Chicago in the preaidentinl campaign of
1908, died at his home in Terre Haute,
Ind., after a prolonged illness. .
No evidence of Conspiracy to force up
the price of foodstuffs bas been discov
ered by the Federal inquiry in New
York. No abnormal supply of food
products was found in the storage ware-bouses.
The Right Rev. Robert Strange, bish
op of the diocese of East Carolina, died
at Wilmington, N. C.
Oup iPolIcy :
Highest Quality Lowest Expenses
Lowest Prices
Nothing Lost on Accounts. Don't pay foH
delivering other people's goods.
Get Prices.
Cash Store Co.
P. S. WHITE, Proprietor.
We Have Stock Plugged and Reamed Well
Piping, Pumps, Equipments and
Gasoline Engines
We are Prepared to make Market Prices on
Complete Well Outfits and to figure on Com
plete Water Works System & Lighting Outfits.
We are catering to all kinds repair work,
blacksmith and wood work.
We will make It to your interest to get our
prices when In market for goods in our line.
Semones Son
Ready for To-morrow
Horses digest their feed less thoroughly than
other farm animals. In order to insure thorough
, digestion of all the food eaten, and to make your
' horses readier for next day's work, add to their
evening feed a teaspoonful of
It will lessen your feed bills.
It win Increase your profits.
Bee Bsc
1 m uing Bee Dte
mr horses regularly and
find it a saving proposition
on feed. It also make
them healthy, Uiriviuaud
Ira Johnston.
R, F. D. No. 1.
O'Neill, Nebr.
23c, BOc and $1. per can.
At your dealer's.

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