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Mr. and Mrs. Polk D. Beaird and Mrs.
Barnes, of Obion, were in the city as
shoppers Wednesday.
Mrs. Julius Sydnor, of Ohio, is in the
city visiting the home of her .mother,
Mrs. Anna B. Morgan.
June birthstone pearls Dietzel. .
Mrs. L. E. Edwards, of Cleveland,
Miss., "is in the city visiting ber mother,
Mrs. Morton, and family.
Mesdames T. R. Langston and H. E.
Brannon, of Mississippi, were guests at
the Palace Hotel Tuesday.
Coal Coke Wood Call Tel. 150.
Mi3ses Nina Loyd Wheeler and Allie
B. Campbell left this waek for school.
They enter Ward-Belmont.
Miss Mary Swiggart is a visitor this
week at the State Fair in the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Porter.
Buying Dietzel's jewelry is like court
ing a widow. You can not overdo it.
Mrs. Guy Lee has returned from
Louisville and is attending the State
Fair at Nashville this week.
Mr. and Mrs. McCorkle and Mr. and
The Problem of the Few
UU lhJIlli Mow U mo
: 2 : .
V K :' CI Til rv
LH il T
L IN l. .v '
THERE are some young men who know
our fabrics and workmanship to be ab
solutely first-class but still think a perfect
fit in ready-for-service clothes an impossibility.
To such we extend a1 special invitation to
visit our store, and critically inspect our lines of
0 RM
The young man who argues for custom tailor
made clothes as against ready to wear clothing
harks back a quarter of a century. As well might
he deprecate the existence of the safety Razor.
The Ederheimer-Stein Fitform ready-for-service
clothes we sell are the result of an evolution in the
method of making men's wear. In place of the
more or less skillful attention of an individual you
receive the perfect product of skilled craftsmen in
clothes specialists who have the reputation of an
industry to sustain.
You will have courteous attention aft oppor
tunity to look at and try on any suit we have. No
Need to Purchase all we ask is that they spare
the time. How about Today?
Mrs. Ned Joyner is visiting in Mar
tin this week.
Mrs. F. V. Tardus has been quite
sick this week.
Call 150 for coal of any kind.
Mrs. $. T. Wade is a visitor at the
State Fair this week.
Dr. F. M. McRoe is a visitor at the
State Fair this week.
Drink ye at Dietzel'a fountain.
A. J. Corum was a visitor at the State
Fair, Nashville, Tuesday.
G. W. Jeter, of Dresden, attended the
Rye speaking here Wednesday.
Mrs. C. M. Thompson, of Newbern,
was ft visitor in the city Friday.
Mr. Clarence Durdick has returned
from a week's visit in St. Louis.
All kinds of coal at Union City Ice &
Coal Co.
Mrs. M. A, Blanton left this week to
attend the State Fair at Nashville.
Mr, and Mrs. Jere Malone, Hickman,
were in the city Tuesday shopping.
I'm in love with Chas. Dietzel's jew
elry. ' '
Misses Hillis and Coats, of Greenfield,
were in the city shopping Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Finch, of Ken
ton, were here as visitors this week.
If you need a veterinarian see Dr.
Glosson. ...
,ZX72. W. l. v-"""" ..
visiting relatives at Obion this week.
Mrs. Walter tlowell and Miss Callie
Howell were Kenton visitors this week.
Semones & Johnson meet all I. C.
trains at Gibbs. rhone 75 or 109.
Postmaster Gordon Baird, of Obion,
was here at the Rye speaking Wednes
day. Hon. E. A. Elkins, of Dresden, was
. hero for the Democratic rally Wednes
Miss Cora Palmer left Tuesday for
Ward-Belmont to resume her musical
Misses Elaine. Phoebe, Sue Dell and
Moore Joyner motored over to Elbridge
See Dietzcl once-then always. -
Col. Hillsman Taylor, of TrentotJ
was here Wednesday attending the
Col. G. R. McDade and party from
Troy, were here Wednesday for the
Mrs Amn invites vou to inspect ber
stock of millinery, furs ana novelties.
Mavor and Mrs. T. R. Reynolds are
in Nashville this week attending the
State Fair.
Mrs. T. R. Boxley has returned to
Jackson after a visit with Mr. and Mrs
Zack Corum. ,
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Jersey Cream flour.
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Hailey, of El
bridge, were here this week as visitors
and shoppers.
Miss Elsie Tanner is studying dra
matic expression in Chicago, in one 6f
the large schools.
Ride to Gibbs with Semones & John
son. Two new cars. Fhone llR or j.
Little Miss Catherine Sue Thompson,
of Jackson, is spending the week with
Mrs. J. A. Prieto.
J. W. Kerr, of the First National
Bank, Kenton, was a social visitor in
the city this week.
The fall millinery bats at Mrs. Aran's
nm nlpnsinif and attractive, i-.au ana
"tr a
see them. . ,
Miss Ethel Henderson is a visitor this
week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Her
bert Naylor near Fulton.
Mrs. Mary Hicks, of Paducah, Ky.,
arrived Wednesday and is a guest at the
home of her step-daughter, Mrs. Clive
N. Lannom.
Mrs. Geo. Bowden, Martin, were here
Wednesday as visitors and shoppers.
ftnr autos haul vou anvwhere at any
time, exclusive Palace Hotel privileges.
Semones & Johnson.
Miss Catherine Sue Thompson, of
Jackson, was a visitor here this week at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pneto.
Mrs. Anna M. Fleming, Monterey,
and Miss Lillie Brown, Bradford, Tenn.,
were in the city last Friday as visitors.
Have your repairing done at Dietzel's.
Mrs. Douglas Walker has returned to
her home in Georgia after a visit here
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. N.
Messrs. Russell and Fred Gardner, of
St. Louis, were in the city last week vis
iting the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Gardner, Fifth street.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best
tor nnokinsr. At Union City Ice &
Coal Co. ...
Miss Eva Parks has returned to Trim
ble. She was accompanied by Mrs
Clara Edwards, who is visiting the home
of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Parks.
Miss Elizabeth Roberson and brother
Rex, after a very pleasant visit here with
Mrs.' Pearl Vincont, have retii-"J to
their home in Dennison, Texas.
Anyone wishing to meet I. C. trains
at Gibbs, phone 75, Palace Hotel, or
Dfthnke's Cafe. Two new cars. Clar
ence Johnson and Jno. F. Semones.
Mrs. Claude Walker and Thos. D.
Samuels, of Clinton, and Miss Gladys
Robinson and Frances Calder motored
from Fulton Monday evening and dined
at the Palace Hotel.
Escorting the remains of W. Jl Moss
to Franklin, Tenn., and attending the
funeral Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. C.
T. Moss, Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Moss, H.
P. and Jas. B. Moss.
Mr a Amn invites vou to her millinery
display, which is now ready, comprising
some of the most beautiful effects and
styles ever seen in Union City.
Lee Cloys, who has just graduated
from Columbia University in New York
City, left that place this week for Pana-
ma, where he has accepted a piace in
the school at $150 per month.
P. Hyman will close his store next
Wednesday on account of Jewish holi
day. The store will be opened again
Thursday aDd the customers are invited
to call and see the new fall lines of
Tha newest there is in 1914 millinery
now on display at Miss Flannary 's store.
Call at the new location, next to Red
Cross drug store.
Rev. J. E. Stuart and family are pre
paring to leave for the minister's new
work in Nashville. The many friends
here, and there are hoBts of them, will
. . 1 il tL A.
remember uiem witn me warmest o-
teem and kind wishes.
M .1. M. Glenn and Mrs. Dan G n
villa this week attending the State Fair.
They were accompanied by Hon. Dan
Glenn, Jr. They are visiting the home
of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Davis.
If you want a farm of any size, ten
acres up, come to see us. It costs you
nothing to look 8t these farms.
Davis & Ritssell,
Real Estate Agents.
We are glad to see Mr. Sam Agnew
on the streets again after several weeks
HiriPM of typhoid fryer. Mr. Agnew is
not strong yet but he is gradually gain
ing strength, and we trust wilt be his
former self in a few weeks.
Friends accompanying the Democratic
candidate for Governor to Union City
Wednesday were Geo. Welch, candidate
for Railroad Commissioner; C. W. Corn
worth, of the Nashville Banner; J. M.
Malone, of the Tennes3ean, and J. M.
Call 150, Union City Ice & Coal Co.,
nben you want coal right now.
E beg to announce that we arev
now showing over 100 styles
in Ladies' and Misses' Tailored Suits,
with more coming in every day.
And from the way that the eager
buyers arc picking them up they
must be correct from every stand
point. Come in and see them, as we now
have a complete stock of all colors
sizes and prices.
Our Coats, Dresses and Skirts are
here and we can please you.
Union City, - Tennessee
Geo. W. Robinson and daughter, Miss
Kate Watson, left yesterday after a very
pleasant visit here at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Harry T. Robinson. They go
first to visit Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Tomer-
hn in Indianapolis, Ind., and then home
to Roswell, New Mexico.
Lieut. Gov. Thomas Morris, of La
Crosse, Wis., is here this week. ' Mr.
Morris, Mr. Fitz Smith and Lannom &
Stanfield will defend Dr. T. F. Thomson,
Chiropractor, charged with practicing
medicine without license from the State
Medical Board. The case is docketed
for to-day.
Mim Flannarv. the milliner, extends
to you an invitation to call and see the
new things in Fall millinery. All the
sooann'a nPu-Ast th in eg. And vou will be
surprised at the most reasonable prices.
Barn Burned.
During the heavy rainstorm the other
dav liehtning struck the Moss Johnson
barn on Division street and destroyed
the building and a large amount of
feedstuff. The fire company was called
out in the rain, but they responded and
worked faithfully to keep the fire from
spreading. -
Organized Union.
I. A. T. S. E. No. 582, was organized
here recently, wittv A. J. Walden as
nresident. Carlisle Johnson vice presi-
Roy Taylor, secretary-treasurer,
i vt 1 a-nUV. afit-froanf f arma
and Mrs. P. W. Prather are in asli njg a the International Association of
Theatrical Stage Employes. The car
penters of Union City are also getting
ready to organize a union, but haven't
got their literature yet. , J .
Folk Dancing.
Some of the people in Union City have
the wrong idea of folk dancing and
seem to think that it is dancing. In
justice to Miss Beck, who, in connection
with her expression, teaches folk dancing
here, we wish to give an explanation of
what it is. It is a system of gymnastics,
physical culture and drills from dif
ferent countries, used with music, for
producing grace and beauty in move
ment and is no more the dancing of to
day than playing tennis. It is being
taught in the larger schools of the North
and South and some of the up-to-date
smaller ones where a special teacher
and music are maintained.
Handsome wedding presents DieUcl.
Oyster Special
1,000,000,000 Gallon Oysters, 3 trains celery,
2 trains that famous Coffee received daily at
Takhoma package they are cheaper than meat
Oysters Fried
Oysters Raw
, Oysters Chilled
Oyster Pie
Ladies and Gents you will get some service at
Kirkland's and some Class.
Oysters Stewed
Oysters Scolloped
Oyster Cock Tail
astic Paint
fTHE BEST PAINTERS everywhere use it because it is a
guaranteed paint and gives universal satisfaction. Covers
more surface, spreads easily, holds its color, wears and
lasts longer then any other paint you can use. It's
"The Kind That Lasts"
Forty years' reputation is
the record behind MastiC
Paint The formula is on
every can. You can easily
apply it yourself if you
haven't a pointer to do it
for you.
et us show you! some fine
color combinations and tell
you all about the iron-clad
guarantee under which
Mastic Paint is sold by us
and backed by its makers
the old reliable hVrn of
Peaslee - Gaulbert Co, of
Louisville, Ky.
' -i . v
"HiTS'Jf wWC' ..
DT?U Ask us for handsome illus
rlv trated book on "Homes and
How to Paint Them. It's Free-
Hardware Co.

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