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On the first page of tbe paper will be
found an address on Philippine inde
pendence delivered by Congressman Gar
rett io the House of Representatives. It
will be seen from this that Mr. Garrett,
a man of very sound opinion and con
viction, is in line with the policy of the
National Administration on this question.-
He seems to be following tbe
footsteps of tbe late lamented Senator
Carmack, who led the fight in the Sen
ate some years ago for the independence
of the Philippines in one of the most
aggressive and brilliant records ever
made in the Senate. Mr. Garrett dis
poses of the Republican theory that the
United States cannot honorably retire
from the inlands in a very clear and con
vincing way, and bis remarks seem to
have caught tbe ear of tbe House with
lome deep-rooted thought. He studies
bis subjects and is generally on firm
ground when be gets up to speak. Tbe
Ninth District takes considerable pride
n Mr. Garrett's work.
For the Christmas Bazaar.
One of the most enjoyable afternoon
entertainments was that given'by Mrs.
Ed Kirkland and Mrs. Clifford Joyner
at the pretty town home of tbe
former last Saturday afternoon. The
affair was given for tbe Christmas bazaar
to be held by the First Christian Church
some time before that date. It was a
baby linen shower, each guest bringing
a donation in linen, lace or silk for baby
Mrs. Kirkland's talent as a designer
of original social affairs is well known
here. Her possession of ideas that many
hostesses here may well envy was artisti
cally carried out in the arrangement of
ber reception rooms and in tbe various
contests enjoyed, the many guests en
tering into the contests with tbe spirit
born of interest and not of mere polite
Over the dining table, on which a
miniature lake surrounded by grasses
held a cunning stork on tbe bank, show
ers of cardboard hand-painted paper
Poor Blood Li
w the indirect cause of much
winter sickness it allows chiUs,
invites colds and tickness.
Nourishment alone makes blood
not drags or liquors and the nourish
ing food in Scott' Emulsion charges
summer blood with winter richness
and increases the red corpuscles.
A -
AJi? Its Cod Livr Oil warms
fjf the body, fortifies Oi. lung,
i'r-fiT and alleviates rhennurie
llr tendencies.
VI ft vm m riM iisi it i
dolls were suspended from the light
dome by blue ribbons. On the backs
of these dollies was written "Our Baby."
Pencils were attached and each guest
arawmg a aon baa to make as manv
words as possible from the two words
writing th6 list on the doll's backs
Mrs. Dan Glenn received the prize for
tbe most words. It was a big blue eel
luloid rattle. For tbe second contest
tbe guests were given little rolls of white
wax wrapped in with rolls of white paper
and tied with blue ribbon like baby di
plomas. This wax bad to bo chewed
and made into little dolls. Mrs. Tbad
Lee received the prize for the best mod
eled doll baby. It was so natural that
it had dimples. The prize for this fete
was a band-painted and attractively
mounted picture of a stork and babies,
Tbe last contest was the putting to
gether of a cut advertisement for Men-
nen s Talcum Powder, Fairy Soap,
Holeproof Hosiery and other advertise
ments relative to babyhood. As tbe
ladies finished their puzzles tbey were
presented with dolls to whose backs the
following cards were fastened with blue
ribbon, "Please dress me and send me
to tbe Christmas bazaar."
Chocolate and animal crackers were
served the guests on arriving. The re
fresbments at the close of tbe contests
were blocked chicken sandwiches cut in
the shape of baby moccasins and tied
with blue ribbon, and strawberry ices.
"That's The Stuff"
is what the carpenters say
when speaking of our lumber
for every good carpenter who
takes pride in his trade loves
good lumber to work with.
Our grade of lumber is care
ful lyselected, thoroughly sea
soned, and those who demand
a good article know that they
can depend on what we furnish.
T. R. REYNOLDS, Proprietor Phone 285
The boycott placed on anti-suffrage
Congressmen by the suffragists was in
dorsed by the Illinois Suffrage Associa
tion after a spirited fight.
Danish manufacturers are anxious to
obtain American cotton and in order to
avoid breaches of neutrality the re-exportation
of cotton has been prohibited.
Fifty persons remaining ou board the
Rohilla wreck at Whitby, England,
were rescued, in all seventy were lost in
the disaster and 146 were saved.
Virginia Goes Dry.
What is this startling news they print?
Virginia's dry, they say.
Of this we never had a hint
Before election day.
The Colonels and their juleps rare .
Were celebrated long,
And people knew them everywhere
In story and in song.
But now no fragrant greens may tint
The sugar aud the rye.
Exterminate the beds of mint,
Virginia has gone dryl
Relics of the Past
"I'd like to see a one-horse shay,"
remarked the city visitor.
"Out of date," said bis country host.
"The nearest we can -come to it now is
a one-cylinder car."
Call 150 for coal of any kind.
You've Got It
When you're all choked up and your
, muscles ache
And a thousand cures you re told to
When your head feels like it's all stove
And you only cry when you try to grin.
When you long to take a gun and blow
Your brains out don't care where you
When your throat is sore and your eyes
are dim
Ana your neau aotu roar ana you ve
got no vim.
hen you feel the daises soon must
So sadly o'er your new made grave.
WThen ev'ry time you heave a cough
It nearly takes your blamed bead off,
When lifo looks black and those you
Eye you with pity on the street.
When the war in Europe can go hang
And the world series has no more tang.
When you cling to a jug of whiskey like
A beginner clings to his wabbling bike.
When you bate to die, yet foar to live,
And drug stores you your money give.
When you .feel like Fate has mashed
you flat,
Till you don't know where on earth
you're at
, Florida Times-Union.
Real Estate Transfers.
W. 8. Puckett and wife to J. R. Puck-
ett et a)., interest in 125 acres in No.
14, $600.
Mrs. Erie Cunningham to W. T.
Shires, interest in 125 acres in No. 14,
$800. '
John R. Hays and wife to L. S. Parks
et a!., 4 acres in No. 12, $100.
J. J. Burrus et al. to Geo. C. Burrus,
64 acres in No. 2, $3,320.
R. T. Curlin to M. W. Barney, lot in
No. 13. $1,152.20.
E. R. Conn and wife to C. C. Conn,
interest in 200 acres in No. 7, $500.
Notice, Christian Endeavorers.
We are eager to establish something
to impart good influence to the young
people of our town. Show your En
deavor spirit. Let's have something
that will entertain innocently and also
help build true Christian character.
Come help plan and discuss this in
our meeting at tue V. L . Liiurcu next
Sunday evening at 6 o'clock.
Your servant and president, ,
Sam'l F. Byrn.
Dahnlte's "Mothers"
it B
Card of Thanks.
We wish to express our most heart
felt thanks and appreciation to the
friends and' neighbors and Dr. liar
Glover, who was so patient and kind
and considerate to us in the recent ill
ness and death of our dear beloved
daughter and sister, Irene Irvine. May
the richest blessings and grace of our
good Lord and prayers rest on these kind
friends is our thanks.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Irvine
and Family.
uilds Brawn, Brain, and
Benefits Health
'ar - .it
Phone 109
Union City
or your Grocer and it will be delivered
Fresh Bread and Cakes Daily.
West Tennessee Conference.
The West Tennessee Annual Con
ference of the A. M. E. Church is in
session in Union City, opening Monday
with Bishop J. H. Jones, of WUbiforce,
Unio, as the presiding otucer, repre
senting the Ninth District including
Tennessee and Alabama. The session
has been taken up largely so far with
the financial report, which shows a de
crease on account of low priced cotton
in some quarters and an increase in
others. The attendance shows between
80 and 90 ministers, who are provided
with good homes in tbe different de
nominations, and all tbe churches of tbe
district are well represented. Conference
will probably adjourn Sunday with
services Sunday in all the churches.
As To Friends.
"Old friends are best," declared Van
Safer to play poker with, at any
rate," commented Skiner Skaggs.
Wake up your liver. A lazy liver
brings on the worst of diseases. Liv-
i Ver-Lax is happy in results. Ask Thos,
J. Bonner & Son., Rives, Tenn. advt
Profited Little'
Polly wants a cracker," squawked
the parrot.
"Is that all that bird can say?"
Yes," answered the dealer, and it's
strange, too. It lived with a Boston
family for years."
In damp, chilly weather there is al
ways a large demand for BALLARD'S
SNOW LINIMENT because many peo
ple who know by experience its great
relieving power in rheumatic aches and
pains, prepare to apply it at the first
twinge. Pric6 25c, 60c and $1.00 per
bottle. . Sold by Oliver's Red Cross
Drug Store. advt
mp ii uiiiiiib mm mm wmm r p.. u . wwiw B""" wmmmmm mmmmm 9 imnm m
J iflJlt hUtti 1 1& U
Ever lade on Seasonable Merchandise
The Lamlbert Co.
must make room for their Big Stock of Toys and Christmas
Goods, and in order to do this we will sell our regular stock
DERWEAR at the
Lowest Prices Ever Named on Goods
of the Same Quality.
Everything in the house reduced. See bill and let each
dollar do the work of two.
Store. J
I will sell at public auction to the highest bidder
On Monday, Nov. 9,1914,
the following personal property:
Seven head of- Mules and Horses, including 1 standard
bred registered trotting mare and colt, some fine Jersey
Cows and Yearlings, Farming Implementsi including Binder,
Disc Harrows, walking and riding Turning Plows, Mower,
Hay Tedder, several good Cultivators, Hay Baler, Hay
Rake Corn Planter, Wood and 'jsteel Harrow, 3 Wagons, 2
Buggies, Buggy Harness and Wagon Harness, Etc.
Sale will be held at the C. H. McKinnis farm, four
miles south west ot Union City, on the Union City and Troy
TERMS OF SALE 12 months with good security
and six per cent interest from date of sale. Dinner will be
served on the grounds.
J. Q. SAUNDERS, Auctioneer. .
iimme a
Tbe barbers are persistent lads
As no man can deny.
They've many furbelows and fads
They'd like to have you try. .
They want to sell you tonic sprays
And rubs and other frills.
They seem to have a thousand ways
Of running up your bills.
The barbers want to cut your hair;
To shampoo "you they seek.
If one took all the bill of fare
He'd have to stay a week. ;
Rub a sore throat with BALLARD'S
SNOW LINIMENT. One or two ap
plications will cure it completely. Trice
25c, 50c and $1 00 per bottle. Sold by
Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store. advt
A Valuable Agency Secured.
Frank C. Wehman has secured the
agency for B. A. Thomas' Stock and
Poultry Remedies and B. A. Thomas'
Hog Powder. These remedies bave been
sold for years and are of known merit.
B. A. Thomas' Hog Powder is the
only guaranteed cure for Hog Cholera
made by any concern. It also prevents
Hog Disease and saves 20 per cent iu
Tbe Poultry Remedy cures Chicken
Cholera and make chickens healthy
and increases egg production.
Tbe Stock Remedy is necessary to
keep stock in good condition. It wiil
increase both milk and butter when fed
to cows.
You want to call and discuss these
goods with this firm, learn of its value
and good points. v " .
Always buy the large packages they
are cheapest. advt
'A steamer loaded with supplies will
sail from New York at the earliest pos
sible date for Belgium, The condition,
of the refugees is said to be worse tbau
Useful Studies.
"I gee that our schools are getting
practical at last."
"How, now?" j ,f h . ,
"One college has added bridge and
moving-picture acting to its curriculum.
Optn to AIL
This is not a private war.
can get into it.
No need for calomel with its nause
ating effects. I,ivVer-Lax is happy in
results. Thos. J. Bonner & Son, Kives,
Tenn., will tell you about it advt

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