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3 MMU m
Agents Club House, Lyndon, Charm
Canned Good
lleekin's Coffees, Teas and Spices
Frank W. Adams
"We Deliver the Goods"
Telephone 421 306 East Main Street
For Baby's
DAMP chilly
days men
ace even the
sturdiest little
chaps with cold
and sickness.
Baby's best pro
tection is the
In five minutes it will chase
the chill and warm up any or
dinary room. Take it wher
ever you need it.
The Perfection is convenient,
economical and easy to care
for. Does not smoke or smell.
For sale at all dealers or
V lf"&2'"5"Ii J
As a Reward for Victory.
The Training School football team
was given an oyster supper by Mr.
Aydelott nt Kirkland's last Friday nieht
at 8 o'clock when they returned from
Martin wi'h a decidedly victorious score
of 20toO. Tbiais the second supper
the team has enjoyed this year, the
other wl. . they won over M. U. S. of
Clinton 14 to 7.
A snappier and cleaner eme has
never be played than the one at Mar
tin with Ferrin. Not a player hhowed
the least cl mation to even so much as
argue. The home toam was well repre
sented b Union City people. 1 he lay
was an j ! football day, and nt inju
ries wlia' r were sustained , i ite
football ne has proven t mi.--' it
that it if w any niort- dant :-r --t-a : n
his powe
way a l
win. h
was tin
team, t
downs mi
ett kick
school I
they h,.
vidual player d'i 'ttiMt
.win. The D.C.T. . m
asy that the w. u-d not
j is stronger thai? Uu y ! ave
.ohI many year K.-mkin
i.n ipal star for tii b nw
i!ide two of the t'.'w
v. Everett the '! r F-r-vo
out of three t "U. The
by far the best ' k ri-ld
ut out this year. Wright
and Everett at halves, Rankin at full
and McConnell at quarter. They each
would gain at pleasure and Kan kin
couldn't be kept away from the ball on
the passes. He pulled down three and
gained some fifty or sixty yards on all.
The line was almost impenetrable. Moss
played his first game at right end. He
played his part seemingly as he were
an old player.
The next game is on the home field
against Huntingdon. Everyone at all in
terested come and help win the game.
The financial part has always been
wanting at home. Remember the date,
Saturday, 3 p. m.
i Don't forget the big Thanksgiving
game with Fari. A great crowd is ex
pected to xee itiis. the last game of the
season. "
Hem's) This?
We offer One lundred Dollars Re
ward for any of Catarrh that can
not be cured In ill's Catarrh Cure.
F. J tiENEY & Co., Toledo, 0.
We. theonde sium-d. have known F.J. Cheney
for the last 15 years, a ,d believe bim perfectly
honorable in ad i-HM.-t s trc?etioni and finan
cially nblc to tarr n; any &iiigatjon made by
hi firm.
Toledo. Ohio.
Hall'a Catarrh Cur. . tnken internally, acting
directly upon tfxr - ind tnucou aurfaces of
the aystem Ttsi i - .is sent free. Price 7J
cents per bottle . . . ' ll Drugirima.
Takt tUll i F in visforcouniipation.
local and Personal
Mayor W. A. McNeill, of Rives, was
in the city last week.
J. D. Littleton was at home this week
to vote last Tuesday.
Mr. Irvine Baker, of Trimble, was a
business visitor here Saturday.
New manicure sets. Dietzel.
Dr. liar Glover, of Number Teu, was
a pleasant caller here last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Dickson, of Rives,
spent Sunday with Mrs. Will Bell.
, Mrs. J. H. Hefley, of Woodland, was
with Union City relatives Tuesday.
Newest LaVallieres. Dietzel.
Mrs. Jno. Clayton has returned from
St. Louis where she visited her son.
Mr. Lee Maddox, of Number Seven,
was a business visitor here Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Youree, of Mos
cow, visited Mrs. Eunice Lannom Sun
day. Call 150 for coal of any kind.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Taylor moved to
Greenfield Wednesday where they will
J. A. Escue and family, of Spout
Spring, were in the city Monday shop
ping. Miss Vera Howard and sister, of
Bethel, were in the city Monday shop
ping. Japanese sandwich baskets. Dietzel.
Mr. Morris Hawse, of Lebanbn, is
here this week, returning home for the
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Walker and party
from Hickman were here Saturday
Mrs. Joe Sherrill, of Chicago, is the
guest of her mother, Mrs. Nannie Little,
for a week. .
Buy Christmas presents early. Diet
zel. '
E. H. Russell, of the vicinity west of
town, a good friend of the paper, was a
caller Monday.
Judge F. W. Moore was here this
week from Nashville to cast his vote in
the November election.
Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Carleton have re
turned from a two weeks' visit to rela
tives in Middle Tennessee.
All kinds of coal at Union City Ice &
Coal Co.
N. C. Northington, of Bandana, Ky.,f
is a visitor in the county at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Wade.
R. L. Harmond3, of Number Ten,
was a business visitor here Monday and
paid our office a friendly call.
' Mr. Will Taylor, the popular hotel
man, has gone to Steele, Mo., where he
will re-enter the hotel business.
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Jersey Cream Flour.
Mrs. James McClure and children, of
Nashville, were the guests of Mrs. Mc
Clure on Division street this week.
Dr. L. G. Landenberger, of St. Louis,
who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs,
Seid Waddell, returned heme Monday.
Mrs. Stanfield, mother of our fellow-
citizen, H. C. Stanfield, has been very
unwell this week. She is in feeble
Parisian ivory toilet sets. Dietzel.
T. W. Harpole.one of the well known
citizens of the country northeast of
town, was here last week paying our of
fice respects. "
Messrs. John George and Howard
Moffett, both well known Union City
road men, were at home this week for
the election.
Mr. Wade Wiley, here Monday from
home, came around and took a new
start in his Democratic literature by re
newing for his paper.
Community silver. Dietzel.
Mrs. Maddox and Miss Pauline Prattl
er, as the guests of Mrs. Chester Bon-
durant, were over in Mrs. Bondurant's
car from Hickman Saturday.
The Huntingdon football team meets
the Union City Training School eleven
on the local grounds Saturday, Nov. 7,
at 2 p. m. A good game. See it.
.Mr. and Mrs. Will C. Carter, of St.
Louis, arrived in Union City last week
in their auto car to visit the family of
Mr. Carter's father in Number Seven.
Telephone Union City Ice & Coal Co.
when you want coal right now.
Misses Claire and Roth Parks, of
Los Angeles, Cal., arrived Sunday night
to be the guests of their grandmother,
Mrs. Clara Edwards, for several weeks.
Messrs. Dan Glenn, Harry Gibbs,
Jim Fate Glover and Jakaway enjoyed
a few days duck shooting at the lake
last week. Sport was good, we under
stand. S. E. Allmood, who has been con
fined to his home in the city for sev
eral months, is able to sit up, but bis
health is not good, and his friends ten
der kindest regards. I
Mr. Tito Lannom is at home this
week from the Lebanon Law School fur
the election. Mr. Lannom's examina
tions take place in January and we un
derstand that be is making the finest
Miss Rosalie Thompson, of White
ville, Texas, is here on a visit at the
home of Mr. H. A. Compton near the
city. Miss Thomson is the daughter of
Mr. Hollius Thompson, formerly of
Union City.
L. B. Rone, of Number Ten, was here
Monday and a friendly caller. Mr. Rone
says that he has been somewhat sur
prised at his corn crop. He expected
to make six bushels to the acre, and
gathered in one field seven bushels and
on another eight bushels.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best
for cooking. At Union City Ice &
Coal Co.' ;
E. S. Tatom, of Shawnee, Okla., was
here last week, coming back to. look
after bis brother's interests. The late
John Tatom and Gene were brothers.
Mr. Tatom did not have time to get
here for the funeral, but he found a
host of good friends who were here to
pay the last rites to deceased.
R. P. Whitesell has returned from a
trip to Oklahoma. He stopped over in
Kansas City and tells us that Kansas
City is just now ready to dedicate a new
six-million-dollar union station, one of
the finest in the world. Kansas City is
also, he says, full of business; in fact,
there seems to be more business, going
on there than in St. Louis.
Stomach dosing will no more cure
catarrh than heal a cut. You must
get the medication right to the sore and
diseased membrane. That's the Hyo-
mei way you breathe it. No catarrh
remedy is so simple yet effective. Oli
ver's Red Cross Drug Store guaran
tees it. . advt
W. H. Garrigan, of Mena, Ark., drop
ped in to see us Tuesday. He is one of
Union City's old-time citizens and has
a world of friends here who are always
glad to sse him. He says Joseph Robert
and all the Obion County boys in bis
town are doing well and prospering,
although the crops and conditions are
worse than at any time since they settled
at Mena. '
The Huntingdon football team meets
the Union City Training School eleven
on the local grounds Saturday, Nov. 7,
at 2 p.( m. A good game. See it.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best
for cooking. Call 150. Union City.
Ice & Coal Co.
Rev. Wm. Thorne, of McKenzie, a
noted West Tennessee evangelist, will I
preach next Sunday at the First Presby
terian Church, North First street, morn
ing and evening, and the public is cor
dially invited to attend these services.
To put the radiance of sunshine in
the hair, and not only make it grow
long but soft and beautiful use Parisian
Sage, the inexpensive tonic sold by Oli
ver's Red Cross Drug Store. There is
nothing better to remove dandruff and
stoo falling hair. advt
Marriage Licenses.
Justus Pewett and Audra Campbell.
Jack Cole and Oralee King.
Cage Poore and Annie B. Cheatham.
Vernon Hendrix and Lydia Wilson.
Jack Darnell and Lillie Mai Nighton.
Linsey Hutcbins and Ressie Johnson.
Aron Serven and Mrs. Amar B. Sil
vertooth. -
Raymond Otto Williams and Nell
Gladys Willingbam. " ' .
Many Union City People Have Dons
When the kidneys are weak tbey give
unmistakable warnings that should not
be ignored. By examining the urin and
treating the kidneys upon the first sign
of disorder, many days of suffering may
be saved. Weak kidneys usually expel
a dark, ill-smelling urine, full of "brick
dust" sediment and painful in passage.
Sluggish kidneys often cause a dull pain
in the small tf the back, headaches,
dizzy spells, tired, languid feelings and
frequent rheumatic twinges.
Doan's Kidney Pills are for the kid
neys only; they help weak kidneys to
rid the blood of uric poison. There is
no better recommended remedy..
Read the statement that follows:
Mrs. Emma Fonville, 113 Oxford
street, Martin, Tenn., says: "I can
recommend Doan's Kidney Pills high
ly, I used them for kidney weakness
and they benefited me." .
The above is not an isolated case.
Mrs. Fonville is only one of many in
this vicinity who have gratefully en
dorsed Doan's. If your back aches
if your kidneys bother you, don't sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy ask dis
tinctly for Doan'b Kidney Pills, the
same that Mrs. Fonville bad. Fifty
cents all stores. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Props., Buffalo, N. Y. advt I
oocti riews
foil9- Wofmein
Many a woman to-day is suffering untold misery
from troubles peculiar to Her sex. and in this connec
tion Chiropractic has a message of hope and cheer. If
Chiropractic has been more successful in any one
group of diseases more than another, it may be welj
said of women's diseases; troubles usually show mark
ed improvement from the very start of taking of the
adjustments, regardless of the length of time that they
have existed. . "
Another point regadring Chiropractic that will inter
est women is the freedom that they have in consulting
a Chiropractor in reference to these troubles, as they
do not have to submit to any examination other than
the simple baring of the spine so that the adjustment
may be given. A kimona or other garment slipped on
backwards being the only requisite necessary. This
An Ua Jnaa kvVh am afl1faaof Vtffl Ttra ! T -T A " t O f fa ft t Y
m - -"
o) of All
EM Kinds
Windows, Doors, Column's
Shingles. Posts. Rails
and Pickets
Some Second-hand and Rough
Askins & Dircks Lumber Co.
Cheap ?
I I rKtCTTr J I 111
Is not necessarily
the lowest In price
since the value is largely determined by the
quality you receive, and if it is
of all kinds. We guarantee our coal to be of the best
quality, and at the end of winter will prove the cheap
est, because it will go the farthest
Telephone No. 11.
Death of Miss Irene Irvine.
Miss Irene Irvine, daughter of R. W.
Irvine, of the vicinity of Clayton, died
Sunday morning, Nov. 1, 1914, at 4:30
a. m .t after an illness of over thirty days
of typhoid fever. . Miss Irvine was 19
years of age and a member of the Bap
tist Church at E eel foot. She was some
time since a correspondent of this paper
and we regarded ber as one of our bet
friends. She was esteemed by hosts of
friends as a young lady of graces of
heart and character, and her demise
brings grief to the family and the com
munity. We tender our kind con
Tbe remains were interred at Antiocb,
with Eev. Lampkiu in charge,
Sfaort-lerm notes to be used instead
of gold have been considered by the
British and American financiers as one
method that might solve tbe foreign ex
change problem.
After Orphans.
Eev. B. T. Gover, of Tullahoma,
Tenn., president of the Home Mission
Rescue Work, was in Union City last
week in the interest of the orphan chil
dren. If you know any little boy or
girl in this city or county who needs a
home be wants you to let him know
and be will come and get them and put
them in good private homba, where
they can be tent to school. Address
B. T. Gover,
' Tullahoma, Tenn.
Rev. Gover found a baby girl eight
moots old while here eight miles north
of tbe city and placed it in a good home
near Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Liv-Ver-lx tones up the system,
stimulates tbe liver to work in harmony
with the other" organs. Guaranteed to
give saiisfactioo. Sold by Tlios. J. Bon
ner & Son, Rives, Tenn. advt
Call 150, Union City lee &. Coal Co..
when you want coal right now.

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