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We Offer Some Timely Bargains in Ladies' Tailor
Made Suits, Dresses and Room5ize Rugs.
Choice of all Ladies' $30, $27.50 and $25 Suits ,
sell at one price . . . $18.50
Choice of any Suit up to and including
$22.50, in sale for . . . $14.00
Choice of all Suits to and including $16.50
ones-, in sale . . . $9.50
Ladies' all-wool Dresses,' the $5 grade, . $3.50'
Ladies' Serge and Poplin Dresses, $6 and
$7.50 values, sale price . $4.50
Ladies' Messaline Silk Dresses, $10 and $12.50 j
values, in sale , . . . $7.90
Very special prices on room-size Rugs for next
week Take advantage of this sale and buy
Rugs for your Christmas presents:
9x12 Smith's Seamless Brussels Rugs,
sale price . . $ 9.50
9x12 Smith's Seamless Brussels Rugs,
better grade .... $10.90
9x12 Smith's Best Brussels Rugs, in sale $12.90
9x12 Seamless Velvet Rugs, in sale . $13.90
9x12 Colonial Velvet Rugs, best . $18.50
9x12 Axminster .Rugs, seamed . $15.90
9x12 Smith's Axminster Rugs
Mrs. T. A. Cucnmiiigs and Miss Jessie
Callicott attended to business in the city
Mr. and Mrs. McAdoo Harris, of
Number Seven, and Mr. and Mrs. Will
Oould Harris, o"f Troy, were Sabbath
guests of relatives south of town.
Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Fbebus, of
Number Thirteen, were week-end vis
itors of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Thome
The Parent Teachers' Circle had a
call meeting Friday afternoon. Owing
to inclemency of woather ' only four
patrons were present. The sanitary
drinking fountain fund was increased
by the donation of one dollar. The
subject on program to hfs 'discussed by
"" Mesdames Lee Wade, E. A. fihropsbire
And T. A. Cu turnings were continued
for program Friday prior to Christmas
lay. The principal requests the pres
ence of the fathers to counteract the
"lone8omeness." .
Quite a number of porkers have been
made into pork and by products dur
ing this ideal cold spell. Seven hogs
killed by Mr. Knox Harper turned out
more than sixty gallons of lard.
The negro, who while asleep in the
depot had a new pair of shoes stolen
from off his, feet, a hat from his head
and money from his pocket, had the
luck to recover his property and cause
the culprit to take up quarters in the
The call meeting of the W. C. T. U
' Frulay afternoon with Mrs. Jas. McCaw
was well attended, considering the ex
treme cold weather. The welcome serv
ice for new members was postponed un
til Thursday afternoon after the second
Sunday in December.
; Miss Missie Harris and Mrs. T. f.
Palmer visited in Number Thirteen
Monday, guests of Mrs. J. D. and Miss
Addie Palmer.
Saturday the High School boys will
observe Arbor day and place a lot of
trees on the new school grounds. This
is a move in the right direction, for no
matter how fine a building we have, if
the surroundings are not commensurate
the artistic beauty of the property will
be lost Considering that children spend
five days in the week, nine months in
the year aud from six to eight years iu
school, tbe environment should be of
the very best. Tbe closer we commune
with the beauties of nature the more
we realize the creator.
The many friends of Mrs. J. G. Gard
ner, formerly of this place but now liv
ing in Hulburt, , will be sorry that
Mrs. Gardner's health is at present in a
precarious condition. Mrs. Gardner
has several relatives here, too, living in
and out of town who deplore her pres
ent health.
Dr. E. H. White was last week called
from the lake to attend the obsequies
of his nephew, Alvah White, who for
some time had been an invalid in the
home of a relative in Union City.
Mr. and Mrs. Moss Fisher, by special
wire, went to Columbus, Ky., Saturday
to attend the bedside of tbe only sister
of Mr. Fisher, who for some time had
been low with typhoid fever. The de
mise of Miss Fisher is felt because of
the pleasant and lasting memories held
among acquaintances of her visits here
to her brothers, Messrs. Moss and Tom
Mr. Joel Shore has been on tbe sick
list this week.
R. L. Shipp and family motored to
Churchton Sabbath. They were guests
of Mrs. Hendrix, a niece of Mr. Shipp.
liev. j. is. UiUley and . family came
over in a touring car baturday from
Kenton, spending the night with Mr.
and Mrs. Kirby in Union City. Sab
bath Rev.-Oakley very ably filled his
two appointments here. While here
they were the guests of Mrs. Laura
Hutcberson and Mr. and Mrs. W. J
There will be a call meeting to-day
(Friday) at 2 p. m. in tbe lodge room
of the Order of the Eastern Star. The
afternoons are short, come on time.
Mrs. Knox Harper and children will
spend the week-end with relatives in
Messrs. Hardy and Grover Petty put
thirty-three large porkers on the mar
ket the past week.
Prof, and Mrs. S. B. Hays will spend
tbe week-end in Union City.
Little Miss Mary Cummings is out of
school, afflicted with tonsilitis.
The administrative board met Tues
day. Monday has been designated as
clean up day. Place all your rubbish
out in front in barrels or boxes and the
town garbage wagon will come by and
haul the trash off. Those that have
phones should tell those nearby. This
is the best time to clean up. Some
sections of our town have needed this
relief for some 'time. Old cans, large
piles of cinders and old rubbish indis-
cribable, with kitchen refuse thrown on
top, is a breeding place for bacteria and
liable to cause an epidemic if we should
have a warm wet winter. Monday is
the day, remember. Everybody get
busy for a larger, cleaner and better
Already the vuletida snirit is with
Our rpercbants are ready y display of
holiday goods. We are not to have so
many toys but lots of beautiful and use
ful things are promised. The crocheters
are working overtime and laying in sup
plies of threads for fear the stock gets
low. We know of quite a number of
lovely gifts in crochet in hiding for un
suspecting people. It is wonderful bow
tbe recurrent birthday of .the Christ
child brings forth so much cheer and
"Peace on earth, good will to man."
We a8a. nation are coming to appreci
ate the possibilities of our opportuni
ties at Christmas times getting far re
moved from Scrooge of Dickens' "Crist
mas Carrol."
Community silver. Dietzel.
Miss Annie Garrigan, of Union City,
attended the Logan-Garrigan wedding
last week.
J. C. Isbeil has returned from a ten
days' hunt in Arkansas.
Miss Thelma Wheeler spent a fewdas
recently with Miss Fannie Linder near
Mr. Fred ; Carley, of Marmaduke,
Ark., spent a few days with relatives
near here recently.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Harris spent a
few days last week with relatives near
Master N. D. Marshall and little sister,
Prudence, are both on the sick list.
Mr. ond Mrs. P. Y. White, of Union
City, spent a few days last week at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Garrigan.
Miss Ruby Preuett spent Sunday at
the home of her brother, J. C. Preuett.
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Wheeler attended
church at Union City Sunday.
The Misses Corum, of Beulab vicinity,
Sundayed at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
H. C. Corum.
Quite a number of people attended the
dinner given at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Will Logan Friday.
Mr.; -and Mrs. HI,. Houser spent
Sunday with relatives near Sanders
Chapel. , Rosebud.
Roofing at $4.00 per square, guaran
teed fifteen years without painting.,
Union City Lumber Co.
Rev. Hugh S. McCord and wife, of
Dyersburg, are the guests of Houston
Starnes and family.
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Craig returned to
their home at Covington Sunday after a
visit of several days to Mrs. Craig's pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Forester.
Mrs. W. T. Baker returned home
Sunday after spending several days with
ner daughter, Mrs. John Henson, at
D. K. Baker, G. W. Forester and wife,
D. L. Craig and wife, Mrs. R. H. Fisher,
Mrs. Paul Crockett, R. W. Mahon and
wife, Willie B. Forester, Woody Cun
ningham, Bob Fox, A. M. Moultrie,
Eld. T. M. Carney and M. D. Hailey
accompanied the remains of Mrs, D. K.
Baker to Newbern last Sunday for in
terment. Wm, A. Kennison and family will
leave last of this week for Middleton,
Ohio, where they will in the future re
Ed Ledbetter was in Bern is, Tenn.,
several days last week attending the bed-
ide of bis fatber-in-law, J. R. Nicoll,
who was stricken with appendicitis.
Miss, Myrtle Davis and Calvin Wells
Taylor were Memphis visitors Sunday.
Quitman Poyner and wife, of Martin,
were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
J. O.'Hudson.
Miss Bessie Cook and Mrs. Tom Mc
Donald, of Polk, were in town Saturday
shopping. '
Mrs. J. H. Groves, of Dyersburg, was
tbe guest of her daughter,. Mrs. J. F.
Pope, Sunday.
Mrs. Lige Moore, of Glass, was a
Union City visitor Monday.
Ethel Morris was a business visitor to
Union City Monday.
Miss Lizzie Hornbeak and Mr. Com-
pley, of Hornbeak, were the guests of
Mrs. Emma Parks Sunday.
Rev. G. P. Mcllwain, of Dyer, filled
his regular appointment at the Camp
ground C. P. Church Sunday.
Uncle Ned Hambrick and W. J.
Stults, of Lane, were here a few hours
Monday en route to Union City.
Mrs. W, H. Hamilton leftlast Friday
for Tuscumbia, Ala., where she will
spend several weeks with her parents.
T. J. Amis was a business visitor to
Union City last Thursday.
II. C. Corley was a business visitor to
Union City last Friday!
D. K. Baker returned to his home at
Waverly Sunday. Mr. Baker has the
sympathy of everyone in the loss of his
wife, which sad event occurred at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. G. W.
Forester, last Friday morning in Obion.
N. N. Dickey returned to his home in
Rives last Friday after spending several
days with bis daughter, Mrs. N. N.
Miss Bernice Fleming was in Union
City shopping last Saturday.
Mrs. A. W. Taylor, of Trimble, was
the guest of friends here Friday.
J. W. Buchanan was a visitor at the
lake Monday.
How's This?"
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney k Co., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.J. Cheney
for the Inst 15 years, and believe him perfectly
honorable in all business transactions and finan
cially able to carry out any obligation, made by
his firm. .
l National Bane ok Commerce,
Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is tnkeri Internally, acting
directly upon the bloyd and mucous surfaces of
the system. Testimonial, sent free. Price 73
cents per bottle. Sold by all Druirmsts.
Take Hall's 1-amily Pills for constipation.
How About Wearing It?
Very few of us receive foreign orders
or decorations. Hut that a all right.
Any man can buy a monocle.
Would Be Nice.
We ought to have enough of them
by this time to form a Society of Lady
High-Class work in Furniture
Repairing and Refinishing.
First-Class Work Guaranteed.
Prompt Service.
Leather Work a Specialty
Box Couches Made to Order.
Concrete Block, Church Street, firtt door
west of Metcalfe Laundry
Telephone 438.
Some Valuable Pointers.
Don't get your ideas of married life?
altogether from the comic weeklies,
young man. ,
Mothers-in-law are often affable.
Sometimes they leave you money.
A bride frequently knows how to
make biscuit.
And if she doesn't, it ia not absolute
ly imposible to secure a cook. Don't
believe all you read in the funny maga
zines. " t
A tight feeling in the chest accom
panied by a short, dry cough, indicates
an inflamed condition in the lungs. To
relieve it buy the dollar size BAL
you get with each bottle a free HER
PLASTER for the chest. The syrup
reTaxes.thd tightness and tbe Dlaster
draws out the inflammation. It is an
ideal combination for curing colds set
tled in tbe lungs. Sold by Oliver's Red
Cross Drug Store. advt
Liv-Ver-Lax is guaranteed to relieve
troubles resulting from a disordered
liver. Pleasant to take and perfectly
harmless. Get it from Thos. J. Bon
ner & Son, Rives, Tenn. advt
To John F. Pierce et als.
Joe H. Pierce et als.
Jno. F. Pierce et als.
Chancery Court, Obion Connty, Tenn.
In the above styled cause it appearing
to the Clerk and Master from the bill of
complaint, which is sworn to, that
the defendants, Jno. F. Pierce, Mil
dred Pierce, David Pierce, Walter
Pierce, Ralph Pierce, Kingston Pierce,
Tbeodocia Pierce, Rose Ellen Pierce
and Pierce, an unnamed in
fant child of Jno. F. Pierce, are non
residents of the State of Tennessee
and are residents of tbe State of
Texas, so that ordinary process of law
cannot be served upon them. It is
therefore, hereby ordered that the said
above named defendants appear before
the Clerk and Master of the Chancery
Court of Obion County, Tennessee on
or before the first Monday of January,
1915, that being a regular rule day of
said Chancery Court, and make defense
to the said bill, or the same will be taken
as confessed by tbem and the said cause
set for bearing ex-parta as to them. It
is further ordered that publication of
this notice be made for four consecutive
weeks in The Comnu-rcial, a weekly
newspaper published in Obion Countv.
This November 10, 1914.
Clerk and Master.
Ball & Gordon, Cooper & Clark. Sols.
forCompPt. 33 4t
Coal CokeWood Call Tel. 150U

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