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Local and Personal
Mrs. D. W. Beckham contiuuea very
Mr. Bob Hamilton was a Sunday vis
itor in Martin.
Mr. Otis Freenaan, of Martin, was in
ti e city Monday.
- Call 312 and 100 for taxicab.
Xmas Candy at 10c per pound at the
White Way Fruit Store.
Miss Eleanor Spencer was a visitor in
Hickman last week,
"Zudora" at the Reynolds this after
noon only. Be uure to see it.
Mrs. John Cox was a visitor with her
pirents in Hickman last week.
Mr. Paul Horn beak, of Fulton, was
here Friday night attending the Field
Minstrels. ' " '
All kinds X mas Fruits at White Way
Fruit Store. . .
New and beautiful china. DieUe).
lur. j)uu iuie. .u aji ccmj, vi, wo n
cinity of Gibbs, were id the city Satur
day shopping.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crenshaw were in
Troy this week visiting the bedside of
Mrs. Lucy Walton.
Mrs. Greer, of Shelbyville, was a vis
itor last week in the home of Mr. and
Mrs. R. M. Whipple.
The 50c window at WE H MAN'S will
have real bargains. Watch for it.
Call 150 for coal of any kind.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wells at Troy are
enjoying the company of a fine look
ing b&by boy born last week.
John Seinones, Jr., will arrive to
morrow from the Sweetwater Military
Institute and will spend the holidays at
home. - ; -
New manicure seta.-Dietzel.
The Christmas suggestions at
Wehman's are many and varied.
Tbauhouser' great serial picture,
"Zudora," will be shown this (Friday)
afternoon only at the Reynolds Theatre.
Don't miss it. -.
Mr. Grady Gore, traveling representa
tive of the Nashville Tennessean and
American, was in the city this week
looking after the interests of that paper.
Mr. and Mrs. Vivian Murphy, after
first half of the theatrical season, were
in the city this week for a holiday visit
with Mr. Murphy's mother and sister,
Mrs, A. J. and Miss Bertie Murphy.
On the 11th of this month the stork
stopped on his rounds at the borne of
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Johnson and left in
cheir care a fine well made baby boy
weighing eight pounds. Mother and
babe are doing well
The White Way Fruit Store makes a
specialty of Xmas Candy at 10c per
. Look for that 25c window you
hear the people talk about. It will
be open at Wehman's soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hamilton are at
home for the holidays with their daugh
ter at the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Bobt.
B. Hamilton on Ury street. They have
been en tour through the West, where
Mr. Hamilton reports theatrical busi
ness good, but very poor in the South.
W. T. Nichols, of Number Seven,
was in the city Monday aud from him
we learned of the illness of bis nephew,
Preston, a boy of eleven years, son of
Mr. Warren." The boy is suffering with
appendicitis, and has been very sick.
We trust'he will be improved in a f aw
days, if not already some better. , .
Parisian ivory toilet seW. Elietzel.
Don't forget the big 25c window
at Wehman's. It is open soon. '
Home Burned.
W. M. McClanahan, of the country
north of town, was here Saturday and
reports the loss by fire of the home of
his son, Will, an3 family near Martin
last Friday morning, aud that the fam
ily had moved back to Number One.
The fire originated while Mr. McClana
haa was, oui on bis farm, aud was not
discovered until the flames were bfyond
control. The building was estimated at
about $1,600, with only $700 insurance.
The furniture was very well covered,
but most of it was saved. The many
friends regret this misfortune and hope
the family will soon be housed in an
other comfortable home. 1
A Bras Fire Set is a mighty good
gift suggestion. You will find them
at Wehman's.
3 Equals 25
A startling statement but a true one fn this case.
One teaspoorJul of medicine and two pounds of
your own ground feed (cost about 3 cents - equal,
in what they do for your animals and fowls, two
pounds of any ready-made stock or poultry tonic
price 25 cents). There you are! If you don't
believe it, try it out! Buy, today, a can of ,
Qisgei ttti lata tonic Mike fit muU-proJacbf.
Write fori trial nackaje
ot Bee Dee STOCK
also our 32 page, illustra
ted book, lull expii
its use Address s
Bee Dee Stock Medicine
Chattanooga, Tena.
23c, 50c sad $1. per cam
' At your dealer's.
P. B. 3
Co Friday evesirg Miss ADnie Lee
Brown entertained a number of young
ladies and young men ot the younger
set. Refreshments were served.
The Ladies Aid Society of the Metho
dist Church held their annual bazaar on
Wednesday at the home of Mrs. J. M.
Hubbard, , ' '
The Guild held their bazaar on Tues
day at CowgilPs Drug Store.
Mrs. Emma Stephens eutertained at a
silver tea on Thursday afternoon at her
home. Refreshments were seived.
Miss Mozelle Brasfield, of Woodland,
visited Miss Grorge Burrus the first of
the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Malone have re
turned from an extended trip in South
west Missouri.
Miss Ethel Walker has returned from
Misses Mary Briggs and Leron Brown
and Judge J W. McMurray were in
Union City Thursday.
Miss Marry Briggs attended the Fitts
Burrus wedding at Woodland.
Mrs. Clara Outten and daughter, Miss
Jeeait), Lavu returned home from ao ex
tended visit in Morganfield, Ky., and
Corinth, Miss. . '
Miss Florine Cloar has returned to
Union City.
Miss Kathleen Watts has concluded a
visit toMi8S Mary Tempa Burnett and
returned to Union City.
Miss Lou Barry is visiting in Louisi
ana. .'
Miss Dora Cavitt has returned from a
visit in Tiptonville, Tenn.
Miss Edna Trice has returned to her
home at Jackson, Tenn. '
Mr. and Mrs. L. Amberg and two
sons are visiting in Memphis.
Miss Ruth Edwards, of Mayfield, is
the guest of Mrs. D. B. Wilson.'
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Moore and.daugh
ters have returned from a visit it) Nash
ville with friends. - '. t , '
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Grissom have re
turned from a visit in Clinton.
Mrs. Maggie Randle has returned
from a visit in Fulton with Mrs. Horace
Luten and family.
Mrs. Kisoer has returned to her home
in Little Rock, Ark., after a visit to
Mrs! W. W. Bee. '
Mr. and Mrs. Otto JTertwick have re
turned to Cairo after a visit with Mr.
and Mrs. Percy Jones.
Wheezing in the lungs indicates that
phlogm is obstructing the air passages.
loosens the phlegm so that it can be
coughed up and ejected. Price 25c, 50c
and tl.00 per bottle. Sold by Oliver's
Red Cross Drug Store. advt
The Telephone
and Good Roads
The telephone noes hand in hand with pood
'roads. '
The telephone overcomes many of the obsta
cles of bad roads and makes it possible for the
farmer and other rural residents to transact busi
ness in the city and with neighbors when the
roads are impassable. -
Progressive farmers are insisting upon good
roads and telephones. These two agencies of
modern civilization are doing more than all others
toward "eliminating the isolation of country life.
Ycu can have a telephone in your home at very
small cost. Send a postal for our free booklet
giving complete information.; V
-Cumberland Telephone
and .Telegraph " Company
11 Couth Fryer Et, Atlanta, Ga. , .
Well, it will soon be time for old
Santa Claus to be around again.
Mr. Charlie Kirk and wife moved to
their new home this week.
Mrs. Cleve Brown and little daughter
and Mrs. Ray and Mrs. Chester Brown
visited Mrs. Em Brown at Tally's Mon
day. .-.
Mr. and Mrs. Alton Neely moved to
their pew home Monday.
. Mr. Ben Haynie, of near Beech, was
the Saturday night guest of Mr. Bura
. Mr. Jim Sanders .and sister visited
Protemus relatives Sunday.
Miss Maloney, of Elbridge, and Mr.
Arthur Dyer, of Cobb's Chapel, were the
Wednesday night guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Cleve Brown and wife. ?
Mr. Bura Brown was in Obion Satur
Mr. Jim Fhillips and family visited
Tally relatives Saturday night. ,
Mr. Chester Esown visited Martin
relatives several days this week.
Everyone baa been very busy killing
hogs this week.
School will close here Friday until
after the holidays. Trixie.
Real Estate Transfers.'
Misa Bessie Clements to T. B. Clem
ents et al.v interest in 63 acres in No. 8,
$300. - . . '
Dahnke, Elam etal, to Dahnke, Elam
Co., land in No. 13, $3,000.
W. D. Moore to Mrs. Ella Moore, 60
acres in No. 11, $3,000.
M. Alphin to W. D. Moore, 60 acres
in No. 11, $3,000.
H: B. Horner et al. to Horner, Tilts-
worth t V, lot in No 13, $1,000.
Anna Enochs to Sue Enochs etal.,
lot in No. 3, $4,000. :
Marriage Licenses.
Joe JAesnlHg "and Carman Sandors. 1 1
Claud Jones and Sonora Bayze. ;
Chss. Wells and Maggie Lewis.
Gas in the stomach comes from food
which has fermented. Get nd of this
badly digested food as quickly as pos
sible if you would avoid a bilious attack ;
HERB1NE is the remedy you r. It
cieaases ana strengthens tnei. siouim n.
liver and towel?, and restores energy
and cheerfu'ness. Price 50c. Sold by i
Oliver's Bed Cross Drug Store. advt I
In Memoriam.
On the evening of Dec. 11, 1914, at
6 o'clock p. m., when nature's curtain
was thrown carefully over all the busy
whirl and confusion of t'je day, the
worthy subject of this sketch was quiet
ly and calmly released from her suffer
irfg and pain and the gentle spirit winged
iu way to the God who gave it.
A number of good and edifying verses
presented themselves to the writer on
receiving the sad intelligence of the
de&th and burial of this cousin and
friend, one of which was verj forcibly
impressed on my mind, 'I have been
with you in the sixth trouble and the
seventh I will not forsake." A'so the
23d Psalm was very beautifully illus
trated in the life and death of this
noted character who lived a very con
secrated and devoted life to her family
and frieuds, her church and her God.
She, before her failing health, was a
consistent member of the Cumberland
Presbyterian Church. She was a great
worker for and in the .church, and at
church benefits never allowed tired, bad
feelings to absent her from her postot
duty. I remember one incident. Addie
was the teacher of the bible class in the
Sabb'ath school for a number of years.
Several of the dormitory boys joined
her class. One day there was some
thing she wanted the class to memor
ize, I believe it was the Ten Command
ments. Being asked the question, if
all had bibles, one bright, promising
young man responded, that he had
none. The next day's mail brought
to him the coveted treasure. After re
ceiving it he hurried to my room to
show Aunt Ann the contents of the
nice little package containing a beauti
ful pocket bible with a dainty perfumed
note bearing best wishes for his future
welfare. I thought again of the precious
promises that awaits the final faithful,
"Cast thy bread upon the waters and it
shall be gathered many days hence."
And so forth and on, this life was full
Of just such deeds too numerous to
As tbe writer wended her way through
the assemblage of friends and relatives,
all the rooms and hall and back gal
lery crowded with friends of the de
parted, I was almost tempted to stop
and risk hearing the tender and pathetic
song they were singing preparatory to
farther service, when the thought came
to me of an expression of my dear old
father, which was that there was always
roojji for one more at the top rcund of
the ladder. Also a kind friend of miue
gently lent me a helping band to ascend
the steps. When seated I thought what
a blessing for one to live a life of use
fulness and try to let your light shine
that it could and did have an influence
for good and not evil all the way down
the journey of life. '
This dear girl bad many friends, and
kinsmen who did all they could to allevi
ate her suffering, which she bore so
bravely and with such fortitude, all tbe
while planning and arranging her plans
for the end that she was fully aware
of the fact that the time was stealthily
approaching when the messenger would
come for her to go to her eternal home.
Taking her time to quietly and with
tbe most resigned manner sue mads
final disposal of all her little treasures
of an earthly nature to those sbo felt
she wished to have them, then care
fully made ali arrangements prepara
tory to her eternal home.
So that is the final career of this
noble Rirl who looked so long to tbe
home interest and care of her dear,
patient mother, that never did tire of
doing, doing, trying, trying, watching,
watching, hoping against hope, yet
never tiringalways ready to try any
suggestion that could be rendered for
tbe better. I thought of the dear old
grandmother, Aunt Margaret Harper,
who loved Addie so dearly and rith
whom she lived until large enough to
go to school; how proud she would be
of her girl's biography. Her grandma,
who could see a long ways and all the
good points, was a woman of uncom
mon mind. '
Addie Gardner was born in Browns
ville, Tenn., Dec. 3, 1SC8, departed this
life Dec. 6, 1914, 6 o'clock p. m. She
leaves a devoted mother, one sister,
Mrs. Annette Boaz, and two brothers to
sincerely mourn her going onward and
upward to her eternal home.
Ass McAijsteh Cloak.
December 11, 1914.
Christmas Market
The ladies of Pleasant Valley an-
nounce a tnrisimas mame
day, Dec. 23, at White'B furniture store
near the o!d post office, where will be
offered for said for the benefit of the
new church dressed bens, "chicken,
eggs, milk, butter, and cake and otner
articles. Tbe friends are invited to come
and help in the work.
m i"
..Call 150. Union City Ic & Coal Co., i
wjjen ycu want coa! right cow.
Jjimj) Cr
m jiLfi?ect
"N. R. A. writes: 'i am 45 and do not have enough blood.
Will elixir of iron, quinine and strychnine be of any use?
What dose should be taken and how often? What would you
recommend as a blood builder and tonic?
"Elixir of iron, quinine and. strychnine constitutes a good
general blood tonic But poor blood is an effect. Generally
it is possible to find the cause. It is good judgment to treat
causes, not effects. Too many people dope with, iron tonic
year in and year out, when what they need to do to remove
the cause would not be difficult to discover or remedy.
' Sometimes it is hookworm, sometimes constipation, some
times indoor life, sometimes stomach ulcer, sometimes cancer,
sometimes bad eating habits."
The above article originated with Dr. W. A. Evans, health
specialist on the staff of the Chicago Tribune. Dr. Evans, in
the reply he makes N. R. A, is a CHIROPRACTOR all the !
way through the first paragraph of his answer. He turns
"doctor" again, however, in the last paragraph, where he looks '
to hookworms instead of SUBLUXATIONS as the "cause."
132 acres, 4 miles south
35 acres, 4 miles north
Both well improved
5-room house, North Division street
4-room house, North Third street
Cheap and good terms.
One business house for rent Jan. 1, 1915
White & Quinn
' ' Real Estate and Insurance .
VttuMlii ft miium"t rf " h
to the danger point w ith that
old carriage. Just a little,
accident will cost you much
more than one of our splendid
carriages. Look over- those
in our warerooms. You will
find them stsunch, strong and
handsome. They mean safety
as well as pieasure fn your
The Farmers Supply Go.
Successors to W. S. Jackson & Son.
Delivery Wagons'-. " Union City, Tenn. Te!gp!ien3.24
Next Door to Court House.
k1 v-w
ill ws i Mn mf ).
' ' Daily hy mail, not Sunday ,
During January iand February only
Regular Annual FWera'rt IVrvxl 1 Jjnitfd to thrse
two months
Just One-half Regular Price
Subscription orders at this rate will be accepted only
when sent through regular Courier-Jouonal Agent in
this district or to ; j
Gounar-Journal Gonipsoy, Leuisvil, Ky, ;
1 1
i l

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