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Malle tikis Youair dlristmas Store
We make this request because we believe our store deserves it' The largest stocks, broadest assortments, greatest
values and the best service are here.
For Ladies:
A Set Fine Furs " i
A Box Silk Hose
A Box Handkerchiefs
A Pair Kid Gloves
' Table Linen and Napkins
A Silk Umbrella
Silk Waist
Silk or Wool Dress
"Toyland and Dollville.
The worlds of joy for girl or boy- Wonderland, where
dear old "Saint Nick" has brought his pack of sure delights.
To-morrow, Saturday, we open our Bargain Basement,
where you will find a large stock of Toys of all kinds, Dolls,
Doll Furniture Merry-go-rounds, Pictures, Christmas Books,
Games, Toilet and Manicure Sets, Sweet Grass Baskets,
Serving Trays, Hammered Brass; Wagons, Go-carts Doll
Buggies, etc. When you start to town, don't fail fo put the
Big Standardized Store on your shopping list.
The place to buy all your Christmas goods.
For Ladies:
Rug, any. size
Marsailles Counterpaine
A Silk Petticoat
Silk Kimona
Sweater Coat
Manicure Set
White Ivory Toilet Set
Traveling or Hand Bag
GIFT SUGGESTIONS FOR MEN A Bath Robe, Box Silk Hose, Pair Kic'pr Auto Gloves, Silk Umbrella, A Sweater Coat, . Box Silk Ties, Box Initial Handkerchiefs,
' Stetson Hat, Box Shirts, Traveling Bag, Leather Suit Case, Overcoat, Cuff Links, Jewelry Novelties.
Do your Christmas shopping at The Big Store,
where you get good treatment and good .
goods at reasonable prices
: -
I am authorized to take applications for loans on improved
farri lands in Obion County, Tennessee, in sums of $1,000 and
up for term of 5 years, drawing interest at 6. per cent, payable
semi-annually. Apply At OnCC.
Phones Office 1 43; Residence 589
Union City, Tenn.
Insurance that Insures
ACCIDENT Union City, Tenn.
Union City Ladies - .
Aid War Sufferers.
Mrs. W. H. Swigjf art, complimented
a number of bor women friends, among
whom are many adept seamstresses, by
inviting tbem to her home Thursday
afternoon to help make compressed Red
Cross bandages for that society, to be
forwarded from the Nashville head
quarters to London, England. These
bandages will be distributed among
millions of others to the various tield
hospitals over suffering Belgium and
The ladies so fortunate as to be able
to attend Mrs. Swiggait's afternoon
were armed wiih their threads, needles
and scissors, and in a short time, made
all the shorter by the interest in their
jtood work, made many yards of ban
dages, which will be sent to Nashville
Hot chocolate and wafers were served
midway of the afternoon.
It is needless to say that hi every
titch put into the rolls of cloth that
may ease the pain and stop lb o escap
ing life blood of some poor soldier. A
prayer was entered from Union. City
mothers and wives that this dreadful
and insane slaughter in Europe may
soon end. : -
Japanese sandwich baskets. Dietzel.
Stockholders Meeting.
Thtj annual meeting of the share
holders of the Farmers Exchange Bank
of Union City, Tenn., will be held in
the bank building at 3 o'clock p. m. on
Thursday, Jan. 14, 1915, for the pur
pose of electing a president, cashier and
directors for the ensuing year.
!t is requested that every stockholder
will be present in person, or by proxy.
R. E. White, Cashier.
8?tf Harris Paess, Trident.
FOR RENT My six-room residence
on Church street, with'city light and
modern conveniences. Phone 318.
37tf D. A. Peeler.'
Stockholder's Meeting. ,
The stockholders of the Third National
Bank of Union City, Tenn., will hold
their regular annual meeting in the
bank building at 10 a. ni. on Tuesday,
Jan. 12, 1915. for the purpose of elect
ing directors for the ensuing year, A
full attendance is requested.
Ht'STKR Ei.am, Cashier.
37 4t . D.N. 'Walker, Vice Pres.
Letters to Santa Claus
Dear Santa: I am a little girl 16 years
old and am a very good little girl, I
think. Will you please bring me a great
big doll and doll dresses, a doll bed, a
set of little dishes, a little stove, candy,
apples and oranges and all kinds of
nuts. I will be a good little girl. Don't
forget mama and papa and brothers and
sisters. Please don't forget my good
old scnool teacher.
Lillian Roberts.
Union City, Tenn., Dec. 15.
Dear Santa: I am a little boy Dine
years old. ,1 go to school most every
day. Please bring me a raincoat, gloves
and leggins, fireworks, and all kinds of
fruit. Your little boy, .'
Clyde Bruer,
Dear Old Santa: Don't you pass by
my house this year and not come to
see me. Bring me several toys some
horses, cows and sheep and a little barn
too, also I want a rocky horse, one that
won't buck and jump for it would throw
me in the fire. Come to see Mama and
Daudy White in Oklahoma, and all the
little girls and boys. Don't be late about
coming so I will get to see you, for
mother makes me go to bed early. -.
Your baby boy, '
William H. Hale.
P. S. Santa, don't forget my daddy.
Fill bis socks full, and I expect you bad
better bring him some news, too.
Dear Santa: " It has been one long
year since you were here but all us lit
tle boys and girls are sure glad to know
that you will visit us soon. Hants', I
don't want very much this Christmas,
as you know I must not be greedy, for
I have a little baby brother just one
year old. He has never seen Christ
mas, so you must try and not to forget
him. .Santa, I would like for you to
bring me a pretty dollie and a little
table and a doll cart adpleuty of can
dies and fruits Little brother wants a
rocky-horse and a doll. So guess that
is all for us, . Best Wishes to you for a
merry Christmas. . . .-
We remain, your little friends,
Tisv axd G. D. Blakkly, Jr.
Dear Sauta: I am a liiiio girl 13 years
old and I think I am very good. So will
you please bring me a doll, doll buggy,
a set of dishes and a little stove, and
please don't forget my teacher. Please
don't forget papa and mama and my
two little brothers.
Pauline Slayden.
Union City, Tenn., Dec. 15.
Get your bargains out of the 25c win
dow at WE H MAN'S.
Although Provisional President Gu
tierrez and Gen. Carranza assured the
Ameriean Government that their forces
have been instructed to confine their fire
to Mexian territory, Washington had
received no official assurance of the re
ceipt of such instructions by the respec
tive commanders.
Legislation authorizing the Govern
ment to purchase ships for ocean trade,
urged by the President in his annual
message, will be considered by the Sen
ate Commerce Committee.
Bat Hnsb&nd", With Aid of Carchii,
Effects Her Deliverance.
Draper, N. C Mrs. Helen Dalton, of
this place, says: "I suffered for years,
with pains In my left side, and would
Dften almost smother to death.
Medicines patched me up for awhile
but then i would get worse again. Final
ly, my husband decided he Wanted roe to
try Cardui, the woman's tonic, so he
bought me a bottle and I began using it.
It did me more good than ail the medi
cines I Nd taken. ,
I have Induced many of my friends to
try Cardui, and they all say they have
been benefited by its use. There never
lias been, and never will be, a medicine
to compare with Cardui. I believe U Is
i good medicine ior all womanly trou
bles." .
For over 50 years, Cardui has been te-
i, ... Amon' iiffnrirmo finH htliM'uifV
weak women up to health and strength.? i
If you are a woman, give it a fair trial.
It should surely help you, as it has a
million others.
Get a bottle of Cardui to-day,
Wriu tot Chttanoof Mecln Co, Ladle
Advisory Dent. Ghattacoog, Tnn.. far gncial
inttrufUimt on ynur ca nu 64 pn book, 'Hom
rratnint lor Womsn." In tins wrapper. W.C. 1 J6
Public Spirit.
Swift & Company, realizing fully
of the Southern farmer, have adopted
through their large fertilizer interests
in the South a new plan to relieve
the cotton situation . They are cer
tainly doing their share in helping
the South by their consumption of cot
ton cloth
Although already large users of cot
ton, cotton seed oil and other south
ern products, they are making this
year a special effort to increase the use
use of cotton goods in all departments
of their numerious plants.
Cotton. bags, cotton sheeting, aud
cotton coverings for meats are being
substituted wherever possible. An ordi
nary year.s requirements for this firm
amouuts to over ten million yards,
and with their present "Help th2
South" policy their consumption of
cotton goods will be largely increased.
One item alone, that'of using cotton
instead of jute tankage pre.-s cloths,
has aided 300,000 yards to the Swift
This is surely a shot in the right
direction and one the South can fully
appreciate. We hope that their initia
tive will start a movement which will
become even more beneficial than the
"Buy a Bale of Cotton" propaganda.
We could stand more big corpora
tions imbued with the public spirit
of Swift & Company
The Million Dollar Doll.
This is one of the few cities to be -visited
by the much-talked-of musical
comedy success, "The Million Dollar
Doll," under tne direction of Harvey
D. Orr, appearing here Friday, Dec. 18
(to-night), at the Reynolds Theatre.
. There can be no doubt as to the merits
of this big production which has already
delighted thousands of music loyjarjiJj
world over. It's song hits ai-e now be
ing played in nearly every large theatre
the inspiring waltz song, "Night
" has become a musical seusatioo.
. lha scenes of The Million Dollar
Doll" take place near America's most
picturesque river, the Hudson, whSlh
gives great opportunities for' beautiful
stage settiogs. The first act rshows the
magnificent ball room of Co!. Barring
ton,, a wealthy retired army oliicer; the
fiuale of the first act presents a wonder
ful dancing ensemble which embraces
the entire company, so gorgeously
gowned that several of the leading
critics credit Mr. Orr with having "Out
Broad wayed Broadway."
The third act' scene is an elaborate
garden party on the Hudson , with a'
spectacular cabaret scene, probably tha
most expensive stage setting ever seen
in musical comedy, The story centers
around "The Million Dollar Doll" who
is troubled with an over abundance of
ardent suitors, including a flirtatious
uncle, a broken down collego professor,
along with a fascinating widow and her
dancing girls. Among the song hits are
"The Dancing Craze," "Society," "A
Little Girl from a Boarding School,"
"When a Fellow Needs a FrienJ;" and
"Night Time."
Both pre? and public have pro
nounced this big show to be the ban
ner attraction of the season, Manager
Cox should be congratulated on secur
ing this show. Manager Cox urges tha
patrons to reserve their seats early.
Seats on sale at Dahnke's Cafe. Prices,
35c, 50c, 75c and $1.00.
Representative Hobson, before the
Naval Affairs Committed, declared the
United States-prepared for war in the
Pacific in 1913, and challenged Secre
tary Daniels to deny the truthfulness of
his statement.
Cash in the vaults of the 7,571 na
tional banks reporting their condition
at the close of business October 31,
amounted to $925,553,375, an increase
over the amount on September 12 of
$21,846,020. ,.,
Proposed increases in freight rales on
livestock, fresh meats and packing house
products from Chicago and other West
ern centers were suspended by the Inter
state Commerce Commission until April
15, pending investigation.
Finis J. Garrett, of Tennessee, is be
ing put forward as' an opponent of
Claude Kitchin, in the content for Dem
tcratic floor leadership in the House.
Secretary Bryan reiterated his de
termination to seek ratification of tha
Nicarauguan and Colombian treaties nt
the present session of Congress.

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