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Insurance that Insures
Union City, Tenn.
Miss Kathleen Rogers is visiting in
raducab. r ' ', .. -
Mr. and Mrs. ' Walter Howell are
spending a few" days in St. Louis,
' " Little Miss Lois Choate, of Hickman,
is a visitor with Miss Sue Brown Moss.
' Miss Rosena Lawrence has returned
from a visit to relatives and friends in
Local and Personal
' Heartburn, indigestion or, distress of
line Etomacn is insiantiy' renevea oy
i HERBINE. It forces , the badly di
gestea rood out ot we Doay ana re-
' stores tone in the stomach and bowels.
Price 50c. Sold by Oliver's Red Cross
j Drug Store. advt
- !
mm mm
Results Not Influenced by Age or
Time Standing, Reports Expert.
An assistant of F. H. Seeley of Chi'
cago and Philadelphia, the noted truss
expert, will be at the Palace Hotel and
will remain in Union City this Saturday
and Sunday only, January 9 and 10.
Mr. Seeley says: The Supermatic
Shield as furnished and supplied to the
United States Government will not only
retain any case of rupture perfectly, af
fording immediate and complete relief
but closo the opening in 10 days on the
average case. This instrument received
ihe only award in England and in Spain,
producing results without surgery, harm
ful injections, medical treatments or
prescriptions. ' Mr. Seeley has docu
ments from the United States Govern
ment, Washington, D. C, for inspec
tion. (Don't wear a truss where the
lump is, but place it where the opening
is it's different call and be shown),
or if any interested call he will be glad
to show same without charge or fit them
if desired. Anyone ruptured should
remember the date and take advantage
of this opportunity. ,
Will those who owe The Commercial
for subscription please let this remind
them to send or come and pay up or
notify us whether or not they want the
paper continued. Please attend to this
while you think of it. '
Miss Lucile Craig is a visitor in Obion
this week.
Mrs. R. E. Craig, was a visitor in Mar
tin Tuesday.
Miss Margaret Whitson is visiting in
Bardwell, Ky.
Mrs. Joe Casey, of Kenton, is visit
ing relatives in town.
Ola Boxley, of Jackson, is visiting his
uncle, Mr. Zack Corum.
J. E. Cloar has been very sick at home
in Union City this week.
All kinds of coal at Union City Ice &
Coal Co.
Mr. and Mrs. ,M, A. Gaulden, of
Trimble, were in the city this week vis
Ring the home of .Mr." and Mrs. J. W,
Mrs. Will Massengill and little daugh
ter have returned to Poplar Bluff, Mo.,
after a visit here .with Mr. and Mrs.
Conrad Dahnke.
Mrs. W.'G. Reynolds and daughter.
Alice Lee, will return to-morrow from a
visit to Mrs. L. P. Garner and family at
Pine Bluff, Ark.
Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Phillips, who have
been visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs.
R. F. Tisdale during the holidays, have
returned to Nashville. '
Call 150, Union City Ice & Coal Co.,
when you want coal right now. 1
Mrs. Howard Moffett has returned to
home in Louisville, and Mr. Moffett to
his road work as salesman, after a holi
day visit in Union City.
The Woman's Missionary Society of
the Methodist Church will meet with
Mrs. W. R. Andrews on Main street for
the installation of officers.
Miss Bern ice Fort, of Memphis is the
guest of Miss Ethel Pierce at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Burney, Ex
change Street, for the week.
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co. Jer
sey Cream Flour, a home product and
W. J. Erwin, of Troy, was a' business
visitor in the city yesterday.
Mr. Walker Pickard was a business
visitor in Newbern Tuesday.
Prof, and Mrs. Gray, of Kenton, were'lwas a visitor here this week with the
in the city Wednesday shopping. . family of W. J. Davidson. Mr. David
"Mrs. F. J. Smith is visiting her aunt. son s nw a business man of Lubbock.
Mrs. C. W. Brevard, Jr., who has
been very ill at the home of her pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Talley, is re
ported better, we are glad to say.
Mrs. Wm. Hamilton, at home on
Florida avenue, is reported a little bet
ter. She has been suffering with a
stroke of paralysis of the right side.
H. A. Davidson, of Lubbock, Texas,
FOR RENT Nice 5-room cottage
33-tf B. M. Smoot.
FOR RENT A five-room cottage on
South Second street. Phone 144.
39-tf Dr. E. M. Long.
FOR SALE Good, recleaned shelled
corn, apply to Howell Grain and Feed
Co. . 36-tf
- LOST A fur muff (civet catt) with
white spots, Christmas eve. Finder
will be liberally rewarded. Phone 57
40-lt H. 0. Head, Jr.
ter our interest in Obion and adjacent
counties. Salary or commission. Ad
i dress The Victor Oil Co., Cleveland, O
FOR RENT One six room house,
just one block south of Public School
building, on Morgan Street. Has elec
trie lights and bath. Will rent cheap
to right party, or will sell on long and
easy terms. For full particulars, see
Forester & Forester. Third National
Bank Building, Union. City, Tenn. It
WANTED Hats of all kinds to clean
and reblock. Men's Felt, Fur, Velour
and Panama hats, and ladies' of all
kinds reblocked iq any style. Prompt
service and the most perfect work guar
anteed. Glover The Hatter.
At Mrs. Wilbank's residence, 214
West Church street. lt-pd
WANTED Suitable man for care
taker and driver for the fire team and
for such other work as the Board of
Mayor and Aldermen may see fit for
him. to do. All applications must be
filed with the Recorder, J. W. Woosley,
before the first meeting of the Board in
January. T. R. Reynolds, Mayor.
December 22, 1914.
Farm For Sale.
160 acres, 125 acres cleared; 70 acres
of clover and tobacco land sown to
wheat, rest rented for $10 per acre,
money rent. Well improved, and the
best bargain I ever offered in my life.
Price Ifio.OO per acre. Write
U. O. Parrish, R. F. D. 8,
39-4t Union, City, Tenn
Mrs. Cave J. Crockett, in Fulton.
Mrs. Phil Hyman and daughter, Rena,
are guests of Memphis friends this week.
Little Robert E. Pitts spent the holi
days with his grandparents at Trimble.
You've tried the rest, now trv the
best Jersey Cream Flour.
Mrs. Frank W. Adams and little son
have returned from a visit to McKen-
Mrs. C. F. Reed, of Memphis, is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. O. T. Pickard, in
the city. .
S. D. Cochran, Lottie, La,, firm of
Wilson & Cochran, is now a tourist in
Roofing at $4.00 per square, guaran
teed fifteen years without painting.
Union City Lumber Co.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. HerriDg, of Moore,
Okla., were summoned to Union City
and arrived yesterday to attend the
funeral of Mr. Herring's father, G. M.
Air. and Mrs. T. T. Swayne, of Hick
man, were here this week attending the
funeral and burial of Mr. Fope Herring.
Mrs. Swayne was with her.father during
his illness.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best
for cooking. At Union City Ice &
Coal Co.
right,- Happy New Year
Greeting AH
May it bring what is best tp each and to all CONTENTMENT
We wish to thank all of our customers for their appreciated patronage during
the past year.
To Our Cash Customers:' Many thanks for what they have done, ;
, To Our Credit Customers: Much thanks for what they are going to do pay
up and start the New Year right. - -
To say that we want your business does not half express it We appreciate
your trade every day and night. 5
is not 'only to treat every one fairly, but to treat all alike One Price, One Rule to All.
We gladly sell for cash to all. To those that are worthy, we are glad to extend
the courtesy of time.
We expect and shall require from this time on, from the ones we favor, respect to
our credit rules.
All accounts due the first of the following month (except the ones for
which special arrangements are made).
All accounts 30 days past due will be stopped and collected before
further credit is extended to the delinquent ones.
Special arrangements will be made for farmers and others who do
not depend on monthly incomes.
These rules shall be enforced.
We do not make these rules because we do not wish to accommodate friends
and customers, but for the very reason that we do wish to accommodate, and for that
reason we are forced to protect ourselves to be able to do so.
If you approve of our policy, we thank you, and shall certainly appreciate your
trade. If you do not, we regret it it is our misfortune.
Either way, we thank you, and shall give you our very best service, and you are
always welcome at
Mr. Pratt Waddell returns after the
Miss ATlie May Little leaves Thursday holidays to law school at Lebanon.
to visit Mrs. Chas. McDaniel at Poplar
Bluff, Mo.
Mrs. Harry Vincent has returned
from a visit to Mrs. Sam Wynne at
We understand he will complete the
course in January ana remain for a
post graduate course.
Contractor R. E. Craig has just fin-
Congressman Finis Garrett is in the
city to-day attending to some business
matters. He has been detained at home
on account of illness, but is better now
Oak Mantels $4.50 and up.
City Lumber Co.
General D. J.Caldwell will be in Nash
ville next week for the opening of the
Mr. Drake, of Louisville, is in the
city visiting the family of his son, Rev.
H. H. Drake.
Miss lone Anderson, of Jackson, is
spending the week with her friend, Mrs.
Helen Cockrill.
Mr. Seid Vaddell will be in Nash
ville next week to see the opening of
the Legislature.
Dr. F. M. McRee will be one of the
lookers on at the opening of the Legis
lature next week.
Call 150 and get your coal and wood.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
ished painting and interior decorating and will go to Washington to-morrow
Union at the Will Fry home, and the house is The Commercial expects to print some
uow ready for occupancy. The family
will move in to-morrow or Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Patrick, of Paris,
and Mrs. D. E. Barnett, of Corinth,
Miss., are here visiting Mr. and Mrs.
E. E. Owen. Mr. Patrick is a brother
and Mrs. Barnett a sister of Mrs. Owen.
One of the best household remedies
is Hyomei, that Oliver's Red Cross Drug
Store guarantees for catarrh, head colds,
bronchitis and croup. Easy and pleas
ant to use perfectly harmless. You
simply breathe it. advt
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Hudgens and lit
tie daughter, Virginia, have returned to
their home in South Carolina, after a
holiday visit with Mrs. Hudgens' pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Warter-
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Gibbs, as chap
erons, Miss Clara Parks, Mr. Will Parks,
Miss Jessie Gibbs, Miss Ruth Nesbit and
postoffice news soon, perhaps in its next
Parisian Sage, a daintily perfumed
liquid, sold by Oliver's Red Cross Drug
Store, is a most invigorating and help
ful hair tonic. It stimulates the growth
of new hair, removes all dandruff and
makes harsh and faded hair soft and
lustrous. advt
Buy Home.
The buying of homes by lodges in
Union City is becoming popular. The
Masons are now negotiating for the H.
T. Robinson building and the proba
bilities are that the Union City lodge
will soon be installed in that building
as their own and a good one it will be.
Worst Conflagration in History o
City Rages.
Clarksville, Tenn., Dec. 29. Damage
Miss Eva Parks attended a dance at the of $250,000 was caused here to-night
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Golden have re
turned from a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Golden at Fulton.
Mrs. Jack Johnson has returned to
Nashville after a visit in the city with Forked Deer Club, Dyersburg, Tuesday when fire swept the business section of
Mrs. W. P. Rogers.
Stockholder's Meeting.
The stockholders of the Third National
Bank of Union City7 Tenn., will hold
their regular annual meeting in the
bank huildinff at 10 a. m. on Tuesday.
0 .
Jan. 12, 1915. for the purpose of elect
ing directors for the ensuing year. A
full attendance is requested.
v Hunter Elam, Cashier.
87-4t D.N. Walker, Vice Pres.
Stockholders Meeting.
The annual meeting of the share
holders of the Farmers Exchange Bank
of Union City, Tenn., will be held in
the bank building t 3 o'clock p. m. on
Thursday, Jan. 14, 1915, for the pur
pose of electing a president, cashier and
directors for the ensuing year.
It is requested that every stockholder
will be present in person, or by proxy.
R. E. White, Cashier.
88tf "! Harris Parks, President.
Mr. Albert Stovall has returned to
Memphis after a visit in the city with
relatives and friends.
' Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Gibbs are house
keeping, occupying the Lambert cot
tage on Home street.
night. the city. The fire, which broke out at
Stop the leaks in your roof with Lum- 6:30 o'clock, was under control at 10
Cement. Sold by the Union City Roof- p. m. The damage is partly covered by
ber Co. Stops leak on any kind of :.,
Beginning at Elders' Opera House, it
Mesdamei Fred and Will Smith, of swept the entire block, consisting of the
Memphis, are in the city visiting rela- Clarksville Coca-Cola bottling works,
tives and friends. The latter is visiting Grizzard & Co.'s general Erocerv store.
Mrs. Bob Creason, of, Memphis, and her sister,. Mrs. E. P. Grissom, and the Perkin & Grizzard, hardware; the Postal
Mrs. Smith, of Martin, were in the city
Wednesday as visitors.
Miss Zula Carter, of Fulton, is spend
ing the week with her cousin, Miss Lo
rine Carter. Division street.
You can get shingles for $2.00 per
thousand at Union City Lumber Co.
Miss Nannie Luten, of Moscow Ky.,
spent Christmas with her brother, Mr.
D. A. Luten, in Union City.
Miss Leona Wise, of Memphis, is the
holiday guest of Miss Marie Lockhart.
She will return home Sunday.
Messrs. Dan Glenn, W. C. Cowden
and Harry Gibbs went to Reelfoot Lake
this week for a few days hunting.
Mr. Andy Anderson at Polk is re
former her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. H.
An item on the last page should read
that Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Cunningham are
entertaining a very pretty baby daugh-
Telegraph Co.'s office, G. S. Moore's
gun and bicycle repair shop and the
Clarksville Buggy Co. Crossing the
street, it wiped out the Lillian motion
picture theater, one of the finest theaters
ter. the first in the family of that name in the South. Next to this came the
for many years, and the parents are Purity Candy Kitchen, and adjoining
greatly rejoiced. ' .
Mrs. E. T. Mitchell, of Rives, is spend
ing a few days with Mrs. Geo. W. Pbebus
in the city. A surprise dinner was ten
dered to Mrs. Phebusthis week, at which
a number of the family were present
and enjoyed a reunion.
Attorney Harvey Teague, of Ridgely,
was a holiday visitor in town this week.
Mr. Teague says he has enjoyed a fine
year's business since he hung out his
this E. B. Ely's confectionery store was
also badly damaged.
Help was telegraphed for frpm Nash
ville and Hopkinsville, both cities re
sponding promptly. The Daily Leaf
Chronicle was damaged, but it will issue
its regular edition to-morrow.
AH the wires in town are down and
the electric plants have suspended
Trouble Ahead.
I'm afraid this chafing dish my
ported to be very low in health. He has I shingle at Ridgely and that he is greatly I wife got is going to cause discord. "
been in bad health for a year or more, pleased with his location. His brother I Why so?"
Telephone Union City Ice & Coal Co.
when you want coal right now.
and family are also located at Ridgely,
where they have concluded to reside.
Well, I don't like her chafing and she
doesn't care for my chafing."
Mayor McNeill and wife attended to
business in Union City Monday.
Hon. T. J. Bonner, Worthy Grand
Master of the State, is atteuding to Ma
sonic duties in Memphis and Collier
ville. v
John F. Clemmons was a visitor in
Brighton and Memphis this week.
Miss Nadele Flint, of Wingo, is vis
iting Miss Florence Botts.
Mesdames Avery Coble and New
berry, of Union City, are the guests of
Mrs. Dave Hooper.
Mr. and Mrs. John Inman and daugh
ter, Miss Ethel Lee, of Cotton Plant,
Ark., and Mrs. Wallace Crockett, of
Troy, were the holiday guests of Prof,
and Mrs. S. B. Hays.
Mrs. Z. T. Green, of Newbern, was
the guest this week of Mrs. Gus Calli-
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Clemmons and
Miss Sallie Reeves, of Obion, were in
Rives this week visiting Mrs. W. L.
miss .11 nice snore is visiting near
Mrs. Hugh McDonald, of Obion, was
a visitor in Rives Monday.
Mrs. E. P. Lindsay and son, Ki Wade,
are here from Memphis as visitors.
Miss Amy Moss entertained a select
few Monday evening.
Misses Hattie May and Lillian Clem
mons and Miss Florence Botts were in
Fulton as visitors this week.
Miss Anice Carter, of Martin, was a
visitor here Monday with relatives and
Because of the sailing of the Dela
ware back to Vera Cruz Lieut. Mars W.
Palmer was called away before his leave
of absence expired.
It is understood that the Rives Grain
Co. has about $6,500 insurance, with a
loss altogether of several hundreds or
thousands. The friends are not yet ap
prised of their intentions in rebuilding,
but there are hopes that this industry
will be restored to the enterprise of
What He Does.
Mr. Newens, while presented as a
monologist, is all that and more. His
entertaining purpose programs are truly
entertainments with great purposes. He
impersonates and yet he does not. He
presents the characters of real men and
women without costumes or make-up
accessories. He is no way mechanically
offensive. Probably the strongest point
in his work is the message that he brings
to his audience in every program. His
entertainment is the sermon without
the preacher, the lecture without the
lecturer, the drama enacted without the
actors and stage properties.
When he comes January 5. at the
opera house.
Let Phone No. 22 do your
hauling day or night. Same
attedtion given all calls
15c jobs up.
A Thrifty Soul.
" My wife enjoys Christmas, but it
brings her one sore trial."
"What is that?"
"She has never been able to evolve
any tasty dish from left-over holly ber
ries." . ,
Call 150 for coal of any kind.
Notice of First Meeting of Cred
itors. In the District Court of the United States
for the Eastern Division of the West
ern District of Tennessee-In Bank
ruptcy. Iu the matter of J. Q. Shires,
Bankrupt. In Bankruptcy No. 725.
To the creditors of J. Q. Shires, of
Obion, Tenn., in the county of Obion and
district aforesaid, a bankrupt: Notice is
hereby given that on the 29th lay of
December, A. D. 1914, the said J. O.
Shires was duly adjudged bankrupt; and
that first meeting of his creditors will be
held at office of W. E. Hudgins in Un
ion City on the 11th day of January.
A. D. 1915, at one o'clock d. m.. at
which time the said creditors may at-
iena, prove tneir claims, appoint a trus
tee, examine the bankrupt and transact
such other business as may properly
come before said meeting.
All parties indebted to said bankrupt
are hereby warned not to pay him, but
will settle with trustee when elected.
W. E. Hudgins, Att'y Filing Petition.
December 29, 1914.
Referee in Bankruptcy.
Will cure Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia, Headaches, Cramps, Colic
Sprains, Bruises, Cuts, Burns, Old
Sores, Tetter, Ring-Worm, Ec
rema, etc. Antiseptic Anodyne, !
used internally or externally. 25c j

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