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savagery was a slave, under tho variod
changes from barbarism to civilization
ol.o 1... 1 ...1 . I ,. . .
Kntere I .it the post office nt Ttnion City. Ten- "UD '"a "vv" ,u,ueu OUeaiBDCe atlU to
drudgery, and now that she has evolved
to the level with man almost shall vr
aeny nor the next and last step of
equality in fact and in law?
There is no valid excuse for withold
the ballot from women.
But, as stated in the outset, the time
is coming when woman's suffrage will
be universal, and should by all means
be first accepted by Democracy, of which
it is, in the very nature of tilings, a
As Tolstoi said in his prophetic dream,
the day 13 COmin? for a nnivfirsal r1nmnr.
Our Own Interests. racy, and with it the emancipation of
A few weeks ngo the city of Memphis womankind as an equal with her male
instituted the buy-at-home movement I companion.
and since that time has organized one
of the strongest business men's leagues! Lincoln McConnell,
in the Smth. Quite a number of other A laree audiencn lmnnl Mr MnPnn.
OOise, ,i sreoml-cliiss until matter.
Marshall & Ihird, Union City, Tenn.
For Trustee.
URATTON -WV nre nnthorir.nl to announce S.
R. Brat ton ns n cnmlkliite for Trustee of Oliion
County. Mifojret to the notion of the Democrtitis
party, hleolioti August, 1V16.
JACKSON. We are mithorixed to announce W.
K. Uillis) Jackson a candidate for Trustee of
Oman County, subject to the action of the
Democratic party. Klection first Thursday in
August, Win.
towns and citizens are organizing and nell, the third number of the winter
conserving their business forces. They course, last Monday night, and were
are not organizing corporations or mo- greatly pleased with his work,
nopolies, but co-operative societies for Mr. McConnell is with the Eedpath
the mutual benefit of all the commer- people and that is always a guarantee
cial nnd industrial classes, not one of taleut. He has got it and knows
against the other, but for the business how to use it. He is versatile but not
num. the working man and the farmer, limited to the ordinary accomplish-
Memphis had a competitive campaign ments of an entertainer. His versa-
for members to the organization, some- tility serves him to command the use
thing like the campaign now on in of humor, pith and point to embellish
Uuion City by the Moose lodge. In and invigorate one of the strongest lec
faet the idea came from the Memphis hires ever heard on any platform,
people. The idea is to stimulate and The subject was "Dead Lions," pre
patrouize home enterprise and to en- faced with the story of Sampson slay
courage loyalty to our home institutions, itig tlio lion. Sampson was on his way
That is in the main the mission of the to accomplish somo object, and the lion
business men's clubs. Uniou City has was iu his road. This did not doter
such a club, but for lack of interest it Sampson from the accomplishment of
has been allowed to retrograde until the his mission, so ho slew the lion. After-1
stitution of salaries. This does not
reach the heart of the trouble. The
poople are not relieved in the adoption
of this bill, but the State treasury is
bonefited by it alone, tho source from
wuicn me biggest graft originates. To
turn the fees back into the State treas
ury and pay out of it the salaries of
the officials, does not help the peopl
or the taxpayers a nickel, but causes
fund to accrue iu tho treasury for big.
ger graft and extravagance by the Leg
lslature and the lobby.
Unless these fees, or the excess of the
fees over the salaries, were converted
into a fund for paying the State debt,
this bill would be to add confusion to
the present system instead of relieving
and simplifying matters. It would do
more than that. It would necessitate
the election or appointment of an addi
tional officer for each county to audit
the books of the county officers and see
that the reports of fees collected were
properly executed and returned. The
substitution of the salary plan- would
cause a lack of interest in the collee
tion of fees, and probably a decline in
the revenues thus collected.
There are a number of things to be
done before the fee bill is adopted. A
commission should be appointed, in the
first place, to devise a thorough and
practical plan of collecting these fees
so that the poople of the State would
be benefited by tho change instead of
the State treasury. That was the orig
inal intention, as we understand it, of
the campaign against the fee system.
How this may bo done we do not pro
pose to say. It will have to be done
by a commission of men who are more
capable of the work than has been dis-
a m
AsK Your Grocer for
DahnHalker filing Co.
Ask us for prices when selling your grain. P.
P!::::,:::: :; :; :;:; ;;
Notice to Creditors of Henry A.
Wise, Deceased.
Jaa. H. Wise, Adm'r. et als. vs.
Mary Lee Wise.
In Chancery Court at Union City,
All persons having claims o? ''de
mands against the estate of Henry
A. Wise, deceased, are hereby order
ed to come forward and file such
claims or demands by petition in
this cause accompanied by proper
cost bond on or by the First Mon
day of March, 1915, or the same
will be forever barred and excluded
from the benefits of this proceeding. -This
order will be published for
four consecutive weeks in The Com
mercial, a weekly newspaper pub-'
lished in Union City, Tenn.
This Jan. 16, 1915.
43-4t GEO. A. GIBBS, C. & M.
membership has dwindled from over wards passing that way Sampson saw
two hundred a few years ago. Union tho carcass of the lion converted into a
City practically initiated the movement hive of bees and honey. This was the
of these organizations and then looked foundation of a riddle, which Delilah
on while others took it up and left us beguiled Sampson into .disclosing to his
What is now wanted is to revive the
interests of the Union City club, and
when this is said it is not meant that the
club comes back again with nothing new
to offer. There is a proposition before
the club which is of vital interest to every
business man and citizen in and around
Union City. There are a number of
propositions that will be worth much to
our city and county under a renewal of
activities of this club in the proper chan
nel, and these thiugs are uow suggested
from a council of the best men of the
clubs of the West Tennessee League.
A leading slogau of the movement is
home enterprise and loyalty. What
does it profit a man if he takes the
money earned of his own citizens and
spends it with strangers many miles
away for those things which he can buy
at home? Does it uot disrupt and dis
organize the business conditions at home
and leave the people dissatisfied, the
community entaugled, neighbors es
tranged and finally a decline of business
and civic interests altogether? There is
no other way to view the matter.
What the club wants is to overcome
these conditions and bring about a nor
mal and mutual relation of business and
civic iuterests. There are a number of
things that need our co-operation as well
as the iuterests of our business men.
Our farmers need us and our mechanics,
and they all need to join in the move
ment for a get-together of all the varied
interests and for the benefit of every one
of them.
The club here meets next Tuesday I
euemies. But this was only au inci
dent of the theme. The point was that
Sampson let nothing on earth interfero
with his object.
From tins the speaker drew tho pic
ture of success and failure in life. He
spoke of the pool-room habitue, desig
nated "fool -room," and the common
excuse that tho loafer and pool player
never had a chance. He never had tlio
ambition, and ambition, the speaker
said, consisted of something more than
desire. It meant purpose and action.
Edison was a failure in school and
Clark, the commentator, was a dunce
at lt, but they both woko up and de
termined to slay the lion to conquer
the problems of life and they did it.
Mr. X eweus, who charmed an audience
iu Union City a few weeks ago, was
a driver on a milk wagon in Chicago,
and, concluding life a failure in his
youth, went to the Chicago Kiver bridge
to suicide, but the water was so muddy
and threatening he formed a resolution
to return and make a man of himself.
Every man cannot be a giant, but he
can succeed at something honorable
The student is the person who digs out
his problems, the failure he or she who
depends upon the assistance of others
to get through with their studies. Ain
bitiou is not only aim and desire but
purpose to hold and grip the advantages
of life iu the pursuit of something val
The man who succeeds is au optimist.
The pessimist never had a chance. Op
timism is not egotism. Egotism says I
am. optimism savs 1 will, r.gohsm is
night, and every citizen in Uniou City the counterfeit of optimism. An op
should be present and hear these mat-j l'mit is a man w believes in the
tors discussed. Remember the banquet i Creator and the divine plan of
takes place on the tirst meeting night in ! human existence. The agnostic is a
March and you will wanta ticket. Come ! pessimist and a failure in life,
and help plan for the occasion and make 1 The interests of Christianity and hu
it one of the biggest successes iu Union , n endeavor are identical, and these
Citv. ' facts were orought out in one of the
" ! most graphic and interesting lectures
Two Things Coming. i over heard here. Mr. McConnell cap-
A man said the other dav that he was ' tivated his audience.
!i wnsrer of five dollars made that ,
the bars iu the hotels of Memphis would The Fee Bill.
never be closed. The bars were closed i Last week we published the text of
aud the bet was lost. This shows that ' the fee bill without comment. The
sentiment is gradually changing about Commercial always tries to have
played by the authors of the Ashcroft
It has been said that the bill was in
troduced for the purpose of influencing
other legislation and without any seri
ous intention of having it passed. If
that is so it is probably already dead,
but to adopt it in the present form
would bo very premature, to say the
least of it.
Railroad Assistance.
"If it benefits the community, it ben
efits the railroad," was tho motto of the
N., C. & St. L. system under the long
and successful administration of Maj.
J. W. Thomas. On a larger scale and
broader basis the old and popular policy
seems to have tho hearty approval of
tho newly elected president, Col. John
Howe Peyton. In tho early spring of
1914 ho established in "tho barrens,"
a poor, worthless section of waste lauds
around Tullahoma, a demonstration
farm. It was well supplied with im
plements, stock and laborers, presided
over by a young man farmer, who un
derstood soil needs and plant culture.
Tut on the job in March ho produced
last year on ten acres an avorago of
1,500 pounds per acre, the finest sam
ple of tobacco marketed iu Tennessee
this season. Corn, crimson clover and
rye were also produced in satisfactory
quantities and quality the highest. Ou
another plot a splendid growth of alfalfa
is growing. And all this was done and
is being accomplished in ouo of the
poorest counties in tho State, the aver
age assessed valuatiouof Coffee County
farms for 1014 being $2.fr2 per acre,
and can be purchased at from fG.OO to
$20.00 per acre.
In addition to tho above farm Mr.
Feyton has procured lands at or near
Dickson and also at Martin, over in
Weakley, and will have experts in
charge at both places during the com
ing season.
Dowu iu Fayette County, we notice
Mr. Feyton and his able corps of indus
trial assistants are co-operating with the
corn club boys, and have recently au
thorized the free delivery at Sonierville
of 100 tons of crushed lime rock, w hich
will be distributed through the county
demonstration agent at that place.
Quite an expensive undertaking: bring
ing the work to the farmer, locating at
points where most beneficial: demon
strating the farm work to the farmer
$1 Pays for The Commercial 1 Year
High-Class work in Furniture
Repairing and Refinishing.
First-Class Work Guaranteed.
Prompt Service.
Leather Work a Specialty
Box Couches Made to Order.
Concrete Block, Church Street, first door
west of Metcalfe's Laundry
Telephone 438.
Golden Gate
Teas and Coffees
Chase & Sanborn's
Teas and Coffees
Meat, Flour, Sugar, Coffee
All handled in an up-to-date, sanitary manner.
No order too large. No order too small.
Phones 204-230 Washington Ave.
To any part f
of City for
Phones 79 and 100
Wholesale and Retail
Reelfoot Lake and
Mississippi River
Fish Game
Oysters in Season.
New location, East Main Street
rhono 185. UNION CITY, TENN
Good Job Printing a Specialty Here
A Modern Surgical Institution
Graduate nurses in attendance.
Rates reasonable.
Dr. W. A. Nailling, Surgeon
Mrs. L. E. Rodeckf r, Supt.
and that men. who have ' opinion, whether it is worth anything
boon ridiculing the idea, are gradually , or not. 15m unless one tries, as Lin
learning to admit the truth. Prohihi-; coin McConnell savs, he never amounts
tiou is coming ana witn it woman s suf-
, I and giving every possible effort to ben
etit tlie communities and show the m -
frage, just as sure as God made little
Come to think of it why should any
Democrat object to woman's suffrage.
Democracy means universal suffrage aud
that no man should undertake to abridge
bid neighbor's franchise. Democracy
means individual sovereignty, and the
fact that women are not allowed to vote
is merely a sentiment which custom has
crystalliaeJ into the fallacy and injustice
of our present system. To say that in
telligent women should be classed wish
ignorant negroes and criminals in the
extension of suffrage is without doubt a
premise or a position of the most un
reasonable nature.
Woman, the weaker vessel, under
to anything. One of the things that is
eating and sapping the foundations of
good government, destroying the essence
of Democracy, is public extravagance
and graft. Our county officers are not
grafters. They are working under
system that was equitable and fair when
it was devised, but it has outgrown these
conditions. The fees that accrue to the
officials iu the big counties of Shelby,
Davidson, Hamilton and Knox are alto
gether out of reason, but those who
hold the offices in the smaller counties
are not overpaid to any considerable
Yet with all this the system needs
revision. But in revising it something
else needs to be done besides the elim
ination of the fee system and the sub-
terest the company has in the prog
ress aud development of the country
it serves.
Being a member of a party of a dozen
West Tennesseans, the writer had the
pleasure of spending a few hours at the
Tullahoma farm a few days ago. It
was a pleasant and instructive trip.
Hon. G. E. MeDade, of Troy, was a
visitor here Monday, and informs us
that he has drafted a bill which makes
an exception of Eeelfoot Lake in the
general legislation concerning the shoot
ing of game. By the provisions of this
bill hunters on the lake will be allowed
to continue their vocations for profit
with the proper regulations, and that he
has been assured of its passage. This
will relieve those who have been under
the impression that they would be cut
off entirely from their work as hunters
and fishermen.
riorferfc III! I
v L
HHAtlA 11111
j . amuse i JZ7 jj
Office: Room 1, Nailling Building
AH calls answered day or night.
Location Office nnd Hospital opposite Hou
ser's Livery Stable.
Telephones Office tii; Residence 207
Union City, Tenn.
aoiAvi d H
Leave Union City.
ao. o...4o.m. o. 3 3.05 p.m
. No. 93.9.55 p.m.
wkst Boom.
No. 52 ..6.47 a.m. Jfo. 4 12.50 p.m
No. 927.10 p.m.

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