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Jones Oveni May Term of
Circuit Court.
Judge Jones opened Circuit Court
liere Monday with a charge, includ
Ing reference to the recent ruling of
the State Supreme Court declaring
slot machines, clocks, wheels, etc,
affording a chance of winning one or
more duplicates of each article pur
chased, gambling devices and un
lawful, and forthwith every dealer
who had one in the city proceeded
to disDose of his machine, and the
result is that we now buy our "coke"
without trimmings.
Attorney T. O. Morris was ap
pointed State's Attorney pro tempore
on account of the continued illness
and absence of General Caldwell.
One or two State cases of minor
character and a few civil cases have
been called.
The case of Bill Bingham (col
ored) versus H. B. Horner was on
trial yesterday with the following
H. E. Shupe, W. H. Sanders, W.
H. White, J. A. Webb, S. B. Green,
W. W. Cross, W. T. Harris, T. B.
Carpenter, L. A. Williams, T. R.
IMassey, W. C. Barham, L. J. Henson.
W. J. Jackson vs. I. C. R. R. Co.,
three cases continued.
The Planters Association of Ken
tucky and Tennessee vs. D.J. Peeples,
Mrs. S. C. Arnold vs. W. C. White,
defendant taxed with costs.
State of Tennessee ex rel Fred
Brannon vs. Tookah Francis and W.
H. Francis, dismissed.
W. G. Weaver vs. John Diviney,
plaintiff taxed with costs and case
E. H. Lannom, of the law firm of
Gibbs & Lannom, was admitted to
the bar.
Grand jury T. M. King, foreman,
D. E. McCorkle, J. C. Dodson, T. N.
Neeley, Steve Board, W. M. George,
Albert Roper, J. H. Smith, B. F.
Hawkins, W. B. Grisham, E. P.
Jones, T. G. Harper, J. T. Lasley.
Church Notice.
The Rev. Wm. Thome, having a
long standing appointment at Marl
Bluff Church on the second Sabbath
of May, will preach at the North
First Street Presbyterian Church on
the third Sabbath, 16th inst., in
stead of the second Sabbath, his us
ual day. Members and friends will
please take notice.
In the State of Tennessee, County of
Obion, at the close of business
May 1st, 1915.
IMnsnnd Discounts... $204,684.64
Drafts bill of lading attached 17 ,751 .66
tJ. S.Bonds deposited to se
cure circulation (par value)
.Subscription to stock of Fed
eral Reserve Bank J4.5W.00
Less amount unp'd 2.250.00
Banking house, $5,500.00;
furniture & fixtu's 1,500.00
Due from Federal Reserve
Bank.. $ 4,327.06
Due from approved Reserve
Agents in New York and
St. Louis 10,608.85
Due from approved reserve
agents in other reserve
cities 11,835.00
Due from banks and bankers
(other than included in 8
or 9' 2.52
Checks on banks in the same
city or town as reporting
bank 4,143,54
Outside checks and other
cash items 63,25
Fractional currency, nick
els and cents.. 913.71
Notes of other National
Banks 3.730.00
Lawful Money Reserve
in Bank:
Total coin and certificates.. 10,180.70
Legal tender notes 770.00
Redemption fund with U. S.
Treasurer not more than
5 per cent on circulation) .
.Capital stock paid in
Surplus fund
Undivided profits $ 15,754.59
Less current expenses, in
terest and taxes paid 3,938.01
Circulating notes
Cue to Banks and Bankers
(other than included in 5
or6) 2.203.96
Demand Deposits:
Individual deposits subject
to check 145,277.79
Certificates of deposit due
in less than 30 days - 6,309.85
Cashier's checks outstanding 244.93
Time Deposits:
Certificates of depositdueon
or after 30days 17,731.99
Rediscounts with' Federal
Reserve Bank
JJotes and bills rediscounted
State of Tennessee
"County of Obion.
' SS-
I, Hunter Elam, Cashier of the
above named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
Hunter Elam, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 6th day of May, 1915.
C. V. Jones,
Correct Attest:
Jno. T. Walker,
D. N. Walker.
J. L. Fry,
Notary Public.
Bill Providing for $15,000 in Bonds
for City Hall.
The Board of Mayor and Alder
men met Tuesday night and among
other things acted on the proposi
tion adopted by the citizens meet
ing at the courthouse recently to is
sue S15.0UU tor me erection in
Union City of a city hall.
Some of the members thought it
would be better to ask the Legisla
ture for an act to issue bonds for
35,000 in lieu of the $15,000 propo
sition, so that $20,000 or more: of
the issue could be utilized on. the
streets and sewerage. But as long
as they had not been authorized to
do this at the citizens" meeting it
was decided to conform to the orig
inal proposition. A vote was taken
and carried that the city attorney,
Mr. Whipple, draft a bill asking the
Legislature for a special act to sub
mit to a vote of the people of Union
City a bond issue of J15.000 for-a
city hall. Mr. Whipple was present
with a draft of the bill, also another
for amendment to the charter pro
viding that the city of Union City
be empowered to issue bonds to the
extent of 10 per cent of its assessed
tax valuation, which has heretofore
been 6 per cent, and both are to be
presented to the Representatives for
action at the present session.
This disposes of the city hall mat
ter until these special bills are en
acted and then an election will. be
called in accordance thereto, and the
people given a chance to vote on
the question. ?
Another matter of interest at: the
present time was the street oiling
proposition to give everyone the ad
vantages, whether on gravel or dirt
streets, of the free service of oiling
by the city, the oil to be furnished
by those having their streets oiled,
provided however that not less than
block be oiled at one time. The
board voted that no charge would be
made for the spreading of the oil.
The cash balance in bank to the
credit of the city May 1 was $8,
032.04, at closing time May 4 was
The net earnings of the Water
and Light Plant for the month of
April were ?2, 526.18.
A walk was ordered to be built
on Fourth street at the residences
of T. R. Massey and R. B. Milner
running north from Washington
street GO feet. - . '
Gem Theatre Burned.
Fire broke out in the' Geni Thea
tre Tuesday morning . about' 1:30
o'clock and before it was discovered
flames were issuing from the' fornt
windows. Officer Fonzo White turn
ed in the alarm and the company
came posthaste, and began the .fight
to save the adjoining buildings and
as much as possible of the damaged
The firemen turned one stream on
the front windows and another thru
the side door at the top of the stair
way between the Gem and The Com
mercial office, and with a good pres
sure of water and hard work soon
had the flames under control. It was
prompt action as well a? effective
work, however, that prevented the
spread of the fire, and the firefight
ers were once more successful in pro
tecting the business section of the
city from a destructive conflagra
tion. W. C. Morris has been conducting
a photo playhouse in the building
for nearly three years. He stated
that he had invested about $9,000
in fixtures and equipment, includ
ing an electric orchestra piano, an
upright piano, a very expensive com
position curtain, about 300 opera
seats, an expensive booth box office,
and arrangements for elevated seats
and other accommodations. The cur
tain was stationed in the front and
the booth for the picture machine
to the rear. He had a lease on the
building for five years. His in
surance policies amounted to $3,500.
The building, formerly the prop
erty of the W. H. Griffin estate, was
sold in Chancery Court to Dr. W. A.
Nailling a few weeks ago, and con
veyed on Monday before the fire to
E. H. Marshall, who had a fire in
surance policy of $2,700 on same.
It was a two-story brick and 25 by
100 feet in size.
In the second story Justice W. C.
Morris conducted magistrate's court
in the rear, while J. E. Maveety and
John Church did business under the
name of the Gem Pressing Club in
front. They suffered a total loss of
effects, including some clothing and
pressing appratus. Jimmie Boyd
had some instruments In the build
ing which were also burned. On the
south side of the building the Cald
well Book Store suffered damage to
some extent irom smoKe ana water.
To the north Marshall & Baird
caught a little of the water in The
Commercial office. .
The weather was very dry, and
the fire, originating in the box office
A. CoM
booth, might have been one of the
biggest in Union City but for
the good -work of Chief Semones and
his company.
Business Men's Club.
The club met at the courthouse Tues
day night and adopted new by-laws,
which provide that the club nave stated
meetings only once a year, special meet
ings to be called by the president as often
as necessary, but only when needed for
the transaction of business. The board
of advisors will meet twice a month and
oftenwben called in special session.
The dues will be cnangea to conform
to the new organization of the credit
association when the committee has re
ported and the consolidation is made.
O..T. lickara was appointed a aeie-
gate to the meeting at Humboldt May
11, at which time W. G. Reynolds and
F. E. Quinn are to attend in their official
The club is anticipating a renewal of
activity when the organization of the
credit, association has been completed
and the various departments of the work
are arranged and provided for.
Sunday School Convention.
Delegates to the West Tennessee Insti
tute at Milan June 3 and 4, who desire
entertainment, are requested to notify
Mr. Fred Dickey, Milan, chairman of
Entertainment Committee. The dele
gates to the State convention, Knoxville,
June 8, 9 and 10, notify Dr. Charles A.
Perkins, 1547 Clinton avenue,' Knox
ville. Each school is entitled to one dele
gate for every twenty-five members.
Pastors and superintendents jare ex
officio delegates; .'
The entertainment is on jthei VHar
vard Plan." The delegates are. giy,en
breakfast and lodging. They will pro
vide for their own'dinner and supper.
The railroads have granted deduced
rates on the certificate plan, : .. ; 1
. Dragged to Death. ' ... '.
Dyersburg.Tenn., May 3. Mrs. Ches
ter Keith met death in a peculiar acci
dent Saturday, when she was dragged
to death by a mule. Her husband bad
completed his farm work Saturday eve
ning and was making preparations to
take care of his stock. Mrs. Keith pro
posed to her husband that she ride the
animal to water. Her foot slipped be
tween the mule and the trace chain.
The mule became frightened and ran
around the stable lot and into the stable,
dragging her with him. When her hus
band stopped the animal and released
his wife from the tangled chain she fell
dead in his arms. Mrs. Keith was 25
and is survived by her husband and two
children. Her remains were interred
in Church Grove Cemetery Sunday af
ternoon. Bought an Interest.
B. B. Moss, of this city, for some
time with Dahnke's Cafe as salesman
and caterer, has bought a half interest
in the Pardue Bros, restaurant on First
street south of Wehman's hardware
store near Reynolds Theatre, and wishes
his many friends and those of Mr. El
Pardue to give him a call. The firm
has numbers of good friends in Union
City who take a very kind interest in
their success, and they will try to merit
the same with the most excellent fare
and attention.
-Arkansas Slayer Caught.
. Sheriff Ew' Monroe, of Crittenden
County, Ark., left Davenport, Iowa,
Tuesday afternoon with Alex Skinner,
alias William Lee Williamson, who has
confessed to killing D. A. Nichols, fore
man at a lumber camp at Democrat,
Ark., of the George T. Brown Lumber
Co., June 2, 1914. Skinner bad been
a fugitive since Mr, Nichols was slain,
and the Davenport authorities identified
him by a photograph and description
sent out by the sheriff's office at Marion,
Ark. Memphis News-Scimitar.
C E. Page, a stranger, was found
dead in his bed at the Usona Hotel,
Fulton, Monday. The young man
registered from Chicago and left no
Dizziness, vertigo (blind staggers), sal
low complexion, flatulence, are symp
toms of a torpid liver. No one can feel
well where the liver is inactive. HER
BINE is a powerful liver stimulant. A
dose or two will cause all bilious symp
toms to disappear. Try it. Price 50c.
Sold by Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store.
Longs and Regulars
Various Colors
Lecture Postponed.
Dr. Gordon Perry writes that he can
not be here to fill his appointment for a
lecture on the diseases of children and
the ladies ask us to call attention to the
fact. The lecture is postponed indef
initely. ;
Baptist Social.
The social that was given by the
Ladies Aid at the home of Mrs. W.
D. Williams was quite a success.
A very appropriate program was
planned by Mrs. Joe Moss,, and some
of the best talent in the Baptist
Church was used to add to the pleas
ure of the evening, as each one was
well prepared and willing to take
their part.
Dad Jin
"I decided last night to stay on the farm. I'sViriveii up that city notion. 'Here'
u a iiire future good land, healthy stock and lotting, money saving, firtpnof .
CONCRETE hiiiUngt. I've eotoqe suggestion, Dad. Let's lay a concrete driveway J
from the buggy barn to the house. It'll tave lota of work and expensive repairing. J
Let's use the asm tmtmt you selected for the buildings Lehigh Cement.",
f Thousands of farmers, in everV section
of the country, have awakened to the
economical value of concrete in farm
building construction. They recognize
the fact that an "expcriscproof" farm,
with its apparent future of independence j
and wealth, far offsets the attractions of J
' city lile to the younger generation.
) Be sure to select Lehigh Cement. 1
Uniform qualities of strength, fineness
and color country-wide distribution
made possible by 12 great mills are rea-1
sons which-make Lehigh the choice of
uum in ir.i.ii amnmi
Is not necessarily
the lowest in price
since the value is largely determined by the
quality you receive, and if it is
of all kinds. We guarantee our coal to be of the best
quality, and at the end of winter will prove the cheap
est, because it will go the farthest
Telephone No. 11.
TTTl 11
A large number of guests were
present and contributed liberally to
the Ladies 'Aid, which was very
much appreciated.
Delicious refresments of ice cream
and cake were served.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, I
Lucas County. tBS"
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is senior
partner of the nrm ot v. J. cneney tic Co., doing
business in the city of Toledo, county and State
aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of
ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS tor each and every
case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my pres
ence, this 6th day of December, A. D. 1886.
(Seal) A. W. GLEASON.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. Send tor testimonials, tree.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druirirists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
IxmCBClMEST Naks Your Farm Expense frco
Going to Stay
careful builders, all over, who seek the,
best remits in concrete work.
4 Tear down these wooden structures'
that need constant repair that are in 1
daily peril of lire. Replace them with j
' Lehigh Cement Concrete buildingsi '
Ask the Lehigh Dealer
- ' Discuss bur plans with him; he will
give you valuable co-operation in either j
. building or remodeling.
ransford & Sons
Y.W.MS. . ,
There will be a special service of tbe
Young Woman's Missionary Society ot
tbe M. . Cburcb next Sunday after,
noon at 3 o'clock for tbe benefit of those
members who cannot attend tbe regular
meetings. We appreciate those mem
bers who are unable to be present in
body but are with us in spirit and are
ever ready to contribute liberally to the
cause. We expect to have reports from
tbe different officers and several short
talks. A report from the annual con
ference will be given by Miss Bobinson
and Miss McConnell. All are cordially
invited. ' 1 1 : ;
ThR Woman's Missionary Society of
tbe Methodist Church meets with Mrs,
J. W. Garner, East Exchange street,
Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
To those who discriminate GOOD
Patronize ESSANDEE'S CAFE, the
SLICE CAKE Phone 539. :
' L. P. Chapter.
The ladies of Leon id as Polk Chapter,
U. D. C. wish to state that they bad
nothing whatever to do with the sale of
tags here Monday for the benefit of
Confederate soldiers. They request us
to make the statement.
Baptist Ladies Aid.
The Ladies Aid met Monday, May
3, with Mesdames W. S. Jackson and
Guy Lee. A large number was pres
ent and delicious refresments were
served consisting of angel food cake
and lemonade. Much interest was
shown by all present. This was a
delightful occasion.
Sallow complexion is due to a torpid
liver. HERBINE purifies and strength
ens the liver and bowels and restores
the rosy bloom of health to the cheek.
Price 50c. Sold by Oliver's Red Cross
Drug Store. Adv.
W. C. T. U.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at ,3
o'clock p. m. Friday (this afternoon) ,
in the Masonic Hall. Members are
urged to be present as the new plan
of work will be adopted with
changes to meet the approval of the
Call 150 for coal of any kind
First Christian Church.
A social and . praise service will be
held at tbe First Christian Church next
Friday night. Right hand of fellowship
will be extended to all who united with
the church recently. All members and
friends are cordially invited to be pres
ent. No written invitations ,are, issued
and all are welcome. Song and praise
service after social. - .
, ' Roger L4 Clark.
Hot weather is coming. Do your
cooking in comfort. Buy a ..QUICK
MEAL , Oil Stove at WEHMAN'S and
you wiU have, no dread of the hot
To J. R. Wrather.
The Security Trust Company
J. R. Wratber et.al.
Chancery Court, Obion County, Tenn.
In tbe above styled cause it appearing
to tbe Clerk and Master from tbe bill of
complaint, which is sworn to, that the
defendant, J. R. Wrather, is a non-resident
of the State of Tennessee and a resi
dent of tbe State of Texas, so that ordi
nary process of law cannot be served
upon him. It is therefore hereby or
dered that the said above named de
fendants appear before the Clerk and
Master of the Chancery Court of Obion
County, Tenn., on or before tbe first
Monday of June, 1915, that being a
regular rule day of said Chancery Court,
and make defense to the said bill, or the
same will be taken as confessed by bim
and tbe said cause set for bearing ex
parte as to bim. It is further ordered
that publication of this notice be made
for four consecutive weeks in The Com
mercial, a weekly newspaper published
in Obion County, Tenn. ;
This May 6, 1915.
6-4t Clerk and Master.
C. H. Cobb, Sol. for Compl't.
To Mrs. S. M. Hubbard. i
The White Sewing Machine Company
W. G. Harris et als. .
Chancery Court, Obion County, Tenn.
In tbe above styled cause it appearing
to tbe Clerk and Master from tbe bill of
complaint, which is sworn to, that the
defendant, Mrs. S. M. Hubbard, is a non
resident of tbe State of Tennessee and a
resident of the State of Kentucky, so
that ordinary process of law cannot be
served upon her. It is therefore hereby
ordered that tbe above named defendants
appear before tbe Clerk and Master' of
the Chancery Court of Obion County,
Tennessee, on or before the first Monday
of June, 1915, that being a regular rule
day of said Chancery Court,' and make
defense to the said bill, or the same will
be taken as confessed by her and the
said cause set for bearing ex-parte as to
her. It is further ordered that publica
tion of this notice be made for four con
secutive weeks in Tbe Commercial, a
weekly newspaper published in Obion
County, Tennessee.
This May 1, 1915.
-4t Clerk and Master.
Knight & Bea8ley, Sols, for Compl't.

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