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: . , , RIVES. . . . . , ,
"What kind of winter is this?
. ' Preaching Sabbath at C P. Church.
Rambler was id Number Four the
past week. i
' Mesdames Spikes, Cummings and
Bradley were In Union City Saturday.
Mrs. Walter McCowan, of Cairo, is
the guest of her mother, Mrs. Callie
Benton. , '
. . Mrs. Holland Bittick, recovering from
aserious malarial attack, is in the coun
try with her daughter Mrs. W. J; Cald
well. . ' P
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Rankin, of Num
ber Seven, were recent visitors of Mr.
and Mrs. Jas. Scoggins.
Mrs, Eliza Wallace is back home from
Yincennes and makes a very familiar
sight to her friends to see her out enjoy
ing her flowers.
' Lon McCowan, of Cairo, and Mrs.
Mary Mathis, of Memphis, are guests
in the home of Monroe McCowan.
The T. J, Bonner home is in the
hands of the painter and the paper
Misses Caruthers and Butler, of Union
City, were week-end guests of Miss Cal
lie Byrns.
- Austin Carter, of Chattanooga, spent
last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs,
W. V. Carter, just south of town.
The new arrival, an infant daughter
tin tbe home of Postmaster Hal Cotton,
:is happily environed and growing rap-
idly. This is such an important young
lady that a suitable name is the daily
(Problem. '
Rev. and Mrs. Burgess Cunningham,
of Union City, were Sabbath guests of
Mrs. Dora Petty.
Mrs. Si Pruett, of Clayton, is here for
the closing exercises of the school.
Rev. Gentry Reynolds, of Kenton,
spent the Sabbath with his daughter,
Mrs. Knox Harper.
Mr. and Mrs. Woose Wommack and
Mrs. Robt. Shipp, of Moffat, went over
to Fulton Monday shopping.
Mr, and Mrs. Leslie Hooper, Mrs
P vies, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Kitchell
and others attended the obsequies Mon
day afternoon of Harry Anderson in
A new street is being opened in Cald
well addition.
Mr. Dave Woody has accepted a place
on the school board.
Mr. John inorne ana aaugnter, miss
Pauline, visited in "Union City Tuesday.
Mrs. VV. Li. (Jlemmons ana aaugnter,
Miss Hattie Mai, will come in home
'from Nashville this week.
A splendid program has been arranged
for the Sabbath school convention here
on the fifth Sunday.
Mrs. Dora Petty and Miss Petty were
in Union City Monday.
The following ladies will represent re
spectively Pleasant Hill, Crittendon
Grove and Rives at the General Assmbly
of the C. P. Church in session in Mem
phis: . Mrs.. Mollie Elam, Miss Irene
Caudle and Mrs. W. J. Caldwell.
Miss Flannary, of Union City, was
the guest of friends in Number Seven
f Members of 0. E. S. take notice that
a dispensation has been granted this
chapter to meet in the afternoon of the
second Wednesday of each month.
The social meeting of the Woman's
Christian Temperance Union in the
lovely home of Mrs. T. J. Bonner
Thursday afternoon of last week was
well attended. The program on anti
narcotics by Mrs. McNeill was very in
teresting. The social hour passed away
as if a-wing. Refreshments of cake in
variety and luscious strawberries were
served. Two visitors signed the pledge
and became members. Those present
were Mesdames E. P. Lindsay, Floys
Carter, Esther Howard, Erne Hamil
ton, Jas. Olive, Lebrun Clements, Chas.
Bell, Jas. McCaw, T. A. Cummings, T.
P. Callicott, Geo. Botts, , Jerry Spikes,
Jas. Scoggins, W. A. McNeill, R. L.
Phebus, T. J. Bonner, Dell Moss, Ed
Houser, Dell Harper, Knox Harper,
Tom Starnes, T. P. Palmer, T. G. Mar
lin, Herbert Shore, W. E. Agnew, Mar
garet Harris. McAdoo Harris. W. J.
B '
Caldwell, Wilford Farris, and Misses
Bess Clements, Ellen and Lizzie Guy,
Martha Wade, May Ward, Aletha. Bon
The nervous system is the alarm system
of the human body.
In perfect health we hardly realize that
we have a network of nerves, but when
health is ebbing, when strength is declin
ing, the same nervous system gives the
alarm in headaches, tiredness, dreamful
sleep, irritability and nnless corrected,
leads straight to a breakdown.
To correct nervousness, Scott's Emul
sion is exactly what you should take; its
rich nutriment gets into the blood and
rich blood feeds the tiny nerve-cells while
the whole system responds to its refresh
ing tonic force. It is free from alcohol.
Scott & Bowne. Bloomficld. N. J.
- WEHMAN can sell you an elec
tric fan at a money-saving price.
, ' . OBION.
.Misses Clara and Kathleen Ralls, of
Finley, Miss Vic Ford, of Dyersburg,
after spending a few days Jiere as guests ,
of Dr. 'and Mrs. Upchurch, returned
home Sunday afternoon.
Frank Taylor, of Reel foot, attended
the closing exercises of Obion Training
School Thursday and Friday,. His son, '
Frank, Jr., who has been attending!
school here, accompanied him home
Saturday. (
L. M. Taylor, of -Memphis, spent
Friday night in Obion, the guest of his
brother, Albert Taylor.
Albert Taylor, wife and daughter,
Lorine, went to Reelfoot Tuesday to
visit friends and relatives for a few days.
Dr. and Mrs. Upchurch, accompanied
by their guests, Misses Clara and Kath
leen Ralls and Vic Ford, went to Union
City Sunday in the Doctor's new Dodge
Paul Hurt, of Okolona, Miss., is vis
iting his sister, MVs. R. W. Mahon.
Dr. E. R. Nichols of near Troy, was
in Obion Monday.
W. J. Brown, wife and daughter,
Maxine, and R. W. Mahon and wife
attended the play, "Ten Nights in a
Barroom," at Mason Hall Saturday
night. They report a large crowd in
attendance at the play and an excellent
time had by all.
L. G. Moffat and family, accom
panied by Miss Sallie Reeves, visited in
Rives Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Forcum and G. B,
Baird autoed to Reelfoot Sunday.
Rev. Raymond White, of Union City,
preached in Obion Sunday night.
A family reunion was held at the
home of F. P. Moore at Glass Sunday
at which the following relatives of Mr.
Moore were present: W. A. Moore, of
East Barnard, Texas; W. P. Moore, of
New Orleans; J. L. Moore, wife and son,
of Nashville, and H. J. Moore and wife,
of Vinton, La. This was tbe first time
Mr. Moore and his four brothers had
been together in thirty years.
Mrs. M. T. Easterwood, of Caruthers-
ville, Mo., arrived in Obion Monday
and is visiting her daughter, Mrs. T.
H. Shults.
Miss Gladys Pruett, of Froglevel, was
the guest of her aunt, Mrs. T. H. Shults,
Rev. J. C. Cason, G. M. Steele, M. D.
Hailey, L. T. Rawdon and J. S. Cox at
tended the Quarterly Meeting of the
Methodist Church at Glass Sunday.
Miss Mable Steele, who hass been
teaching music atSelma, Tenn., stopped
off here Saturday and spent the night
at the home of her uncle, G. M. Steele.
She was en route to her home at New
bern to spend her, vacation. Miss Steele
has been selected as music teacher in
the Obion Training School for next
V. Forcum returned home Monday
night from a business trip to Chicago.
We are informed by Rev. A. Floyd
Crittendon, pastor of the Baptist Church,
that a revival meeting will be held at
that church beginning June 6. Rev. J.
E. Skinner, of the Lockland Church in
Nashville, will do the preaching.
L. G. Moffat, of the well known T.
B. Moffat & Son store.departed Monday
night for St. Louis to buy new goods.
G. A. Nichols is in St. Louis this week
buying new goods for the Obion Mercan
tile Company.
Baxter McDonald, of Helena, Ark.,
came in Sunday night to' attend tbe
Harry Anderson funeral.
Mrs. J. H. Starnes spent Sunday in
Dyersburg visiting her parents.
D. H. and R. E. White have sold
their blacksmith shop and garage to W.
Harbison, of near Polk, who has
taken charge of same. We understand
that Messrs. White anticipate moving
to Colorado. J2 .
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wiley, of near
Union City, spent Sunday with Mrs. I.
Master Lawrence Cunningham and
sister, Earline, of Elbridge, are visiting
relatives here this week.
Mr. Paul Hurt, of Okolona, Miss., is
visiting his aunt, Mrs. Ellen Farrior.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Tune attended
services at Elbridge Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Pervis and Mrs.
W. Barnes spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Cecil Howell. r
Mrs. Cude and daughter, Ruth, spent
Sunday with Mrs. Leslie Marshall.
A number of our young people at
tended the children's service at Elbridge
The Ladies Aid will give an ice cream
supper at this place to-morrow (Satur
day) night, May 22. , Everybody come.
Mr. and Mrs. Tolan and Mr. J. C.
McCauly were guests of Mr. and Mrs
Marion Thompson near Monah Sun-
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Howell, of White-
side, spent Tuesday night here with subject t0 tne lnspection of the at
their brother: torney for the Criminal Court; that
Drama Nigjit
William Owen and cast in a modern play, "The Servant In
the House."
Health and Happiness Day
Lectures by Dr. Charles E. Barker, who was physical ad
viser to President Taft during his administration in Washington.
Band Day
Francesco Pallaria, dynamic, dramatic and spectacular di
rector and his band.
Popular Science Night
Wrestling gyroscope, monorail car in action, handwriting
on the wall by ultra-violet rays. A thrill and surprise every minute.
Patriotic Day
Ex-Governor Shallenberger of Nebraska, newly elected mem
ber of Congress, in a great address on "Political Patriotism."
Joy Night
Rollicking fun, music and enthusiasm. Don't miss this feature.
Alice Nielsen Day
Recital by Prima Donna Soprano of the Metropolitan and
Boston Opera Companies. Greatest musical feature ever an
nounced on a Chautauqua program.
g Chautauqua Weefi m
m Don't make the mistake because these lectures are in the S
morning that theu are dm or unimportant. The men selected
for this work bu the Redpath Educational Department are ex-
perts and authorities on their respective subjects,
8 If uou miss the morning hour lectures uou will miss
m one of the best features of the Chautauqua. I
L : : : .. I
Chautauqua Dates Here, June 12 to 19.
AN ACT to establish a Criminal
Court in Obion County, Tennessee,
and to define its powers and juris
diction. Section 1. Be it enacted by the
General Assembly of the State of
Tennessee, that a Criminal Court
be. and Is hereby established at
Union City in the county of Obion,
and that the jurisdiction of said
court shall be coextensive with the
limits of said county.
Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That
the Criminal Court for Obion Coun
ty have all the jurisdiction given
to the Circuit Courts of the State
in the trial of indictments and pre
sentments of all misdemeanors and
offences against the State up to and
including the grade of petit larceny
and all offences for the violation of
the liquor laws of the State within
said county of Obion to the exclu
sion of the Circuit Court of said
Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That
the Clerk of the Circuit Court for
said county of Obion, shall be the
Clerk of said Criminal Court, and
shall perform the duties required by
law of Clerks in relation to said
criminal business in the Circuit
Courts of the State, receiving the
same compensation as provided Dy
law for Circuit Court Clerks.
Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, That
upon the adjournment of each Cir
cuit Court of Obion County, the
grand jury organized by said Circuit
Court shall be the grand jury for
the Criminal Court of Obion County,
and shall hold monthly sessions,
during the sitting of said Criminal
Court, and shall hold- their office un
til the convening of the succeeding
Circuit Court; provided, however,
the first grand jury to serve in said
Criminal Court may be summoned
and empaneled by the Judge there
of as now provided by law for Cir
cuit Courts in cases where the
County Court has failed to appoint
said jurors, or when they fail to ap
pear; that during the sitting or tne
Circuit Court for Obion County all
indictments and presentments for
the grade of offenses above named
shall be drawn by the State s at
torney, or his assistant as now pro
vided by law, and said indictments
and presentments shall be returned
to the Circuit Court, but immediate
ly transferred by the Clerk into the
d ghaU keep a
jseparre minute book of the pro-
ceedigs in rererence to cases aoove
m mi mmm
when the Circuit Court is not in ses
sion, the same duties devolving up
on the State's attorney in the Cir
cuit Court shall devolve upon him
or his assistant in said Criminal
Court of Obion County, and he shall
in s,uch cases sign all indictments
and perform the same duties as re
quired of him in similar cases here
tofore performed by him in the Cir
cuit Court; that the Judge of the
Criminal Court shall have the same
authority and jurisdiction over the
grand and petit juries and witnesses,
within the grade of offenses named
as possessed by Circuit Court or the
Judge thereof; the grand jury shall
not have the power or authority to
consider any other matters than
those provided for in this Act while
sitting as a grand jury for the
Criminal Court of Obion County.
Sec. 5.' Be it further enacted, That
the Judge of the said Criminal
Court shall have authority, when
the business of the Court demands,
to have summoned and empaneled
petit juries to try cases in the Crim
inal Court; the Judge of said Crim
inal Court shall also have the same
power at any time to have summon
ed and empaneled grand jurors to
serve in said Criminal Court in as
full manner as the Circuit Court of
Obion County now has under the
laws of the State of Tennessee.
Sec. 6. Be it further enacted, That
the Sheriff of Obion County shall
attend the terms of the Criminal
Court and perform all the duties re
quired of sheriffs in relation to the
offenses above named, as now re
quired in the Circuit Court of Obion
County under the laws of Tennes
see, receiving therefor the same com
pensation now allowed him by law.
Sec. 7. B it further enacted, That
the records and proceedings of said
Criminal Court shall be kept sepa
rate from the records and proceed
ings of all other courts.
Sec. 8. Be it further enacted, That
the Clerk of said Criminal Court
shall be required to give bond with
good and solvent security, payable
to the State, in the sum of $5,000
for the faithful discharge of his
duties under the provisions of this
Act, which said bond shall be ap
proved by the Judge of said Criminal
Court -and duly spread on the min
utes of said Court;
Sec. 9. Be it further enacted, That
for the purpose of carrying into ef
fect the full intent of this Act, all
the powers and jurisdiction as here
tofore vested in the Circuit Court
of Obion County under the laws of
Tennessee, for the trial and punish
ment of misdemeanors and offenses
above mentioned are now hereby
and herein vested in said Criminal
Court of Obion County.
Sec. 10. Be it - further enacted,
That there sail be twelve regular
sessions of the said Criminal Court
of Obion County in each year, to be
opened and held on the Third Mon
day of each month hereafter and to
continue from day to day, if neces
sary, (Sunday excepted) until all
the business is disposed of. j
Sec. 11. Be it further enacted,
That the Judge of the County Court
of Obion County, shall be the Judge
of and hold the Criminal Court of
Obion County, and shall receive no
other compensation than is provided
by law for said County Judge.
Sec. 12. Be it further enacted,
That the District Attorney General
or his assistant for the Judicial Cir-
cuit which embraces the county of
Obion shall be prosecuting attorney
for the State in the said Criminal
Court and shall attend said Criminal
Court and prosecute all misdemean
ors and offenses against the State
in said county above mentioned and
shall perform all other duties in ref
erence to said cases as are 'now re
quired of him by law.
Sec. 13. Be it further enacted,
That the said County Court of Obion
County now held and presided over
by the County Judge of Obion Coun
ty, and said Criminal Court for
Obion County by this Act establish
ed, likewise held and presided over
by the County Judge for Obion
County, may both be kept open, and
no conflict. of powers and jurisdic
tion in this respect shall arise, and
when said Judge is sitting as Coun
ty Judge, the Clerk of the County
Court of said county of Obion shall
act as Clerk of said County Court,
and when said Judge is sitting as
Criminal Judge, the Clerk of the
Circuit Court of said county shall
act as Criminal Court Clerk; nor
shall there be any conflict between
the Circuit Court of said county and
the Criminal Court of Obion County
as to the Clerk of said Courts, but
both Courts may be open- at the
same time, and the duties of the
Clerk in both Courts may be attend
ed to and performed by the said
Clerk and his deputies.
Sec. 14. Be it further enacted.
That the Circuit Court of Obion
County shall have, retain and hold
exclusive jurisdiction of all crim
inal cases and indictments and pre
sentments which may be pending In
said Circuit Court on the day and
date when this Act takes effect, and
shall hold said Jurisdiction over all
said cases,- indictments and present
ments from term to term until the
same have' been finally disposed of
by trial or otherswise.
Sec. 15. Be It further enacted;
That where a person is tried in the
Circuit Court of Obion County for
an offense of a higher grade than is
provided for in this bill, that the
Euilding Day Thursday, July 29,
The above date is set as highway build
ing and improvement day for the main
highways of West Tennessee.
It is hoped that each and every county
will organize and build one or more of
the main line roads on this day.
The road from Fulton, Ky., to Mem
phis is already planned.
The following committees are appoint
ed , and others will be made soon for
each county:
Obion County S. R. Bratton, J. O.
Bennett, Bob Fox.
Dyer County E. E. Williams, Tom
Pierce, E. Rice.
Weakley County G. E. Bowden, T.
H. Farmer.
The various committees from the dif
ferent counties will organize their re
spective counties and work out aJJ de
details in regard to the route to build
and designated meeting points, and
foremen for every squad of workers.
All arrangements must be made in ad
vance. It is suggested that the roads so desig
nated shall be called Sate highways and
built thirty feet between ditches and
hills cut to a 5 per cent grade, and all
low places levied.
It is expected that all right-of-ways
will be given by citizens along the pro
posed route, besides work with teams
and men.
For further information write G. E.
Bowden, secretary, Martin, Tenn., or
the chairman.
W. G. Reynolds,
Chairman Good Roads Committee
West Tennesse.
Meeting of the good roads committee
of the Business Men's League of West
Tennessee at Newbern, Tenn., May 18,
was called to order by the chairman,
W. G. Reynolds, of Union City. W.
M. Merwin, of Newbern, acted as sec
retary. The chairman stated the object of the
meeting was to discuss the road propo
sition and make recommendations that
may be helpful to the citizens of West
Tennessee, and more especially to all
those connected in any way with road
The committee recommends that
special road working days be set and
that all citizens join in for one big day.
Standard thirty-foot roads between
ditches for the principal highways and
the building of more steel and concrete
bridges and culverts is heartily recom
The dragging of all public roads after
rains is urged, and that it be made a
part of the contract.
The working of county prisoners is
also advocated, and that they be pro
vided with teams and all necessary road
machinery in the building of highways.
All this to be done in addition to the
regular contractor's work.
That all County Courts and road of
ficials in West Tennessee shall set a
standard or specifications for all bridges,
either wood, concrete or steel, that noth
ing but first-class work may be done ia
the future.
W. G. Reynolds,
Chair. Good Roads Com. West Tenn.
G. E. Bowden, Secretary.
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co. Jer
sey Cream Flour, a home product and
Circuit Court is not, by this bill, de
prived of the jurisdiction to impose
a sentence and punishment in case
of conviction, for grades of offenses
covered by this Act.
Sec. 16. Be it further enacted;
That all appeals from the Criminal
Court herein createtd shall be to the
Supreme Court and shall be perfect
ed in the same way and manner as
if the case had been tried and de
termined in the Circuit Court of
Obion County, Tennessee.
Sec. 17. Be it further enacted,
That in case of the absence or in
ability of the Attorney General or
his assistant, to attend at any term
of said Court, that an Attorney Gen
eral pro tern may be appointed by
the Judge of said Criminal Court
herein createtd, who shall be duly
sworn to discharge his duties as
such Attorney General pro tern,
agreeable to the oath as now pre
scribed for District Attorney Gen
eral and and who shall have the
same authority as such District At
torneys General pro tem as is now
conferred upon the regular District
Attorney Generals.
Sec. 18. Be it further enacted.
That all laws and parts of laws in
conflict with this Act, be, and the
same are hereby' repealed, in so far
as they conflict with this Act, but
no further or otherwise.
Sec. 19. Be it. further enacted.
That this Act take effect from and
after June 1, 1915, the public wel
fare requiring it.
iy)ff Hii gin? Pi? i

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