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.1 .
LOCAL - AND PERSONAL Miss Del! Allen, after the school year.
has returned to Hickman for the bo) i-
Mayor McNeill, of Hives, was here g Miss Allen will be here for the
Wednesday. next term as teacher.
Mrs. Jas. Davis, of Terrell, was here
Wednesday shopping. v .
E. E. Craig' went to Martin Wednes
day on a short business trip.
Silver Slice Cakes at Essandee's Cafe.
Phone 539.
Ice Boxes and Refrigerators.
Nailling-Keiser Hdw. Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerre Malone, of Hick
man, were in the city Tuesday.
Mrs. Sudie M. Aldridge, of Hornbeak,
is at the hospital with her son, who was
operated on Wednesday morning for an
abcess of the kidney.
Watch for Bie Window June 5
Nailling-Keiser Hdw. Co.
Good ice at low prices. Thomp
son Ice & Coal Co., phone 282.
Grady Palmer, Miss Rosa Neil
Morton and Miss Corinne Morton left
Vernon Verbine and Tburman Talley Wednesday to join the excursionists on
are in Indianapolis attending the auto the Sidney at Hickman.
races. : ' G. E. Phebus and family will leave in
Palm Beach Hats, the latest styles, a few days for a trip overland in their
1. 1 mi . 1
at Mrs. Aran 8. lautomooue ior uoioraao. j.ney wui
WotrTi for Biff Window June i 5 probably spend some weeks or months
Nailling-Keiser Hdw. Co.
to Some One
wT IT riTJ-
in the West and may locate there.
TTT-J.-1. T TTT ' J T K I
VMt and Mrs. 8. B. Havs leave next waica Ior winuuw uo
week for South Carolina for a few weeks Nailling-Keiser Hdw. Co.
visit. Ice delivered promptly and at
J. S. Roberts and niece, of Moscow, reasonable prices by the Thompson
were ip the city Wednesday in their new lce & Coal Co. Phone 282.
...tnmnkito I "'
"Purity." that good kind of ice cream, Tfinn:B rfttimfir. of flharlfiston. Mo., and
i it i .i ' . ' '
servea at neuuersuu s iuuuuuu, iOU i M nlommnno n, r,joa ioav.
wit 1 I v.v. "'"""I 1
, I next jviuuuay uj viols luessra. ureer,
Ice Boxes and Refrigerators . . w ,to Moffatt in South
Nailling-Keiser Hdw. Co. Carolina for a few weeks.
- i
Mrs. Thos. Whitnell, of Martin, was Bev. H. H. Drake, at the head of a
visiting with friends here Wednesday large party of members aud friends of
and Thursday. the Baptist Church, left Wednesday
Mrs. Y.. A. Milner. of Crutcbfield, morning to join the Sidney on its annu-
. .... ... I I ! xL tLA
Ky., is at the Nailling Hospital for excursiuu, uuuer iu uihuw U1 uro
surgical treatment.
o -
Hall-Moody School at Martin.
Bir Muddv washed nut coal is best Watcll lor iJig winttow June o
for cooking. At Union City Ice A LNaiUing-Aeiser Jttaw. uo.
UoaIU. TTiA Thnmnun Tc A. final Co.
Ice Boxes and Refrigerators. kave openea the Taylor Grain Co.
Nailluig-Keiser Hdw. to. old warehouse on Harrison street,
Mrs. W. D. Harrison and Mrs. John phone 282.
Clayton went with excursionists on tne Friends of Catron Compton regret to
Sidney Wednesday. . learn . that he is not so well this week.
Miss Callie Howell returned to Ken- In a railroad wreck some months ago
ton this week after a school year in the be sustained a fracture of the hip and
city with the City Schools. was in hospital quite a while. Dur-
tt t -.a .u : ine the past few weeks he has been able
specialist, has moved from the Red to be on the streets, but is now confined
CrossD rug Store to JEssandee s uaie. to his room again
You can get shingles for $2.00 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Robey will be
per thousand at Union City Lumber connected with the Union City Training
Comrjanv school next year as menwers 01 tne
Oil Stoves. Nailling-Keiser Hdw,
Phone 282 for ice.
Parisian Sage surely makes dull, life
less and faded hair elossv. soft and fluffy.
Oil Stoves Nailling-Keiser Hdw. Just one application removes every bit
Have' you seen the pianos? THE
TOGGERY and WEHMAN give them
Mrs. N. J. Beck and daughter, Miss
Lottie May Snow, of Kaufman, Texas,
are guests at the Nemo Hotel this week.
Mrs. W. R. Jones, of Murphysboro,
111., returned to her home this week af
ter several weeks treatment at the hos
pital. '
of dandruff and stops itching scalp. A
large bottle costs but a trine at Oliver's
Red Cross Drug Store.-Adv.
Mlsa Octa McDonald, of Obion,
was a visitor In the city Wednesday.
Dr. and Mrs. J. FranK Griffin, of
TiDtonville. were in the city Wed
Mr. and Mrs. Will Bushart. of
Gibbs. were in this week for the
Snow will case.
Midsummer hats and trimmings at
, . iou r01uvr m i u c ui uC l MMrs miuinery store.
. our spring opening, Wednesday, June ' "mm' J
9 Essandee's Cafe hours 1 to 6. The four hundred dollar pianos at
Oil Stoves. Nailline-Keiser Hdw. WEHMAN'S and THE TOGGERY
Screen doors and screen wire at
carload prices. Union City Lumber
Company. ' : : '
Many friends in Union City are glad
, to know that W. P. Casey is slowly im
proving and hope to see him well again
soon. ' ' '
. Mrs. Milton Bobbins, of St, Louis,
was a visitor in the city Wednesday, ac
' companying her husband on his trip
South. ' ' '
A call for 150 brings the coal wagon.
Union City Ice & Coal Co. '
Something doing June 5. Nailling-Keiser
Hdw. Co.
- Beautiful graduating hats just re
ceived at Mrs, Aran's exclusive mil
linery store
will be given away absolutely free.
Go ask them. .
Mr. and Mrs. Hastings, of Harris, ,
were here this week for the Snow
will case in court.
Miss Lorine Carter is a visitor in
Fulton this week, attending com-1
mencement at the Carr Institute.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack, of Corsicana,
Texas, were in the city this week
attending the Snow will trial in. the
Circuit Court.
C. I. Reynolds, proprietor of the
Palace Hotel, , is in Weaverville, N.
C. with his mother, Charlie Hill
and Margaret for a few weeks stay.
Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Young, of Ful- aj,out it quick.
ton, and JUr. Mrs. vv. j. iieias, oi juar
Telephone Union City Ice & Coal Co.
when you want coal right now.
are giving away pianos. uo
see i
i vi i n. .i. - rr mi ll. mi in mintfiiu
tin, are registered at the Nemo Hotel I ...
I T n TTnn rn Tifiaa i?Hna A rui narr Mica
( i xja tt i puviCf. iuioo uuua auuciavuf iuioo
t Jo Ripny. Miss 'Lizzzie Stitt and
Misses Jessie and Lillian Bird White- MIss je8Sie' Gibbs, Providence per-
sell, who have been -attending Ward- mitting, will leave here Sunday
Belmont College, NashvilK, arrived with the . visitors going to the U. C.
home Wednesday.
V. reunion at Richmond.
' All kinds of coal at Uniori City Ice & J. G. Mount, of this city, is a can-
Coal Co. didate for fire commissioner of the
Something doing June 5. Nail- district comprising this territory.
in-.TTnicAT- Trvinr C.n Mr. Mount is miller for the Dahnke-1
. . j Walker Milling Co. and has been a
Mrs, Aran invites the best dress- well known citis,en of thi8 city for
ers especially to visit her display of Ueveral years., He is very highly in-
summer millinery. dorsed and we trust he will get the
Call 150 and get your coal and wood. plun1.
Union City Ice & Coal Co. Call 150 for coal of any kind.
Would you like one of these beautiful pianos as a present? We
shall positively give them to some of our customers
Come to our stores, see and try these beautiful instruments. We will tell you all about our plan of giving these
pianos away. This is a present worth having. These pianos are of the celebrated CLAXTON make. They carry
the manufacturer s Ten Years Guarantee. We cordially invite your inspection.
To the first sixty who enroll as contestants will be given a souvenir and 5000 votes. Come in at once and let
explain how you can win. '
faculty, These well known teachers are
well prepared to take this work. They
have been for two years in the Murfrees-
No name of contestant will be known. VV
No name of contestant will be published.
Every contestant is credited with 2000 votes whc
placed in nomination. ' J !
Every contestant gets a number.
Standing of contestants' numbers published weekly.
AH vnra must bf brmiahr in pvprv Wprlnesrlav . fnr
recording. A
Votes cannot be solicited in or about the stores.
8. Tie votes in packages with your number and amount
on top slip.
9. Color of votes will be changed monthly and must be
reported to count.
1 0. Votes are transferable only before recording.
1 1 . Contestants having largest number of votes oh De
cember 24 win pianos and other premiums.
12. All parties to a tie shall participate equally.
1 3. No church, school, lodge,; society, or public institu
tion can become a contestant, directiy or indirectly.
.-Harrold Lannom arrived yesterday bora Normal taking teachers' courses
from the Lebanon law school and will an(j 0ne year since as teachers at Horn-
spend vacation at home. beak. They have bad years of experi-
Mrs, Nan Moffat, formerly of Bives, ence in the schoolroom iu the county
was a Visitor id the city Tuesday at the and will add much strength to the fac-
home of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Hamilton, ulty.
Good Job Printing: a Specialty Here
Lehigh Cement Maks War Jam Expense-Proof,
Dadjm Going to Stay
"I decided last night to stay on the farm. 1've-given up that city notion. Here
u ture future good land, healthy nock and lotting, money -saving, fireproof
CONCRETE buildings. I've got one suggestion, Dad. Let'i lay a concrete driveway
from the buggy barn to the house. It'il save lots of work and expensive repairing. 1
Let'a use the saint centtnt you selected for the buildings Lehigh Cement."
' Thousands of farmers, in every section
of the country, have awakened to the
economical value of concrete in farm .
building construction. They recognize
the fact that an "expenseproof" farm,
with its apparent future of independence
and wealth, far offsets the attractions of
city life to the younger generation.
Be sure to select Lehigh Cement. '
Uniform qualities of strength, fineness
and color country-wide distribution '
made possible by 12 great mills are rea
sons which-make Lehigh the choice of
careful builders, all over, who seek 'die
best results in concrete work.
Tear down these wooden structures
that need constant repair that are in
daily peril of fire. Replace them with -Lehigh
Cement Concrete buildings.
Ask the Lehigh Dealer
Discuss bur plans with hint;" he will
give you valuable cooperation in either
Building or remodeling.
I .if f 1
Some of our friends are complain'
Ing of the fact that automobilists in
their cars at night are running with
out light and taking considerable
chances of doing some damage to
persons and vehicles passing. The
ordinances require all cars to be
lighted at night, and it would be
well for those who have cars to be
a little more thoughtful when they
go out.
Miss Cora Benedict leaves Satur
day to attend the U. C. V. Reunion
at Richmond, Va., as sponsor for the
Gov. Jas. B, McCreary Chapter, U.
D. C, of Kentucky, from there to
Washington City and return by the
way of Olympian Springs to attend
the midsummer meeting of the Ken-j
tucky Press Association. At Frank
fort Miss Benedict will be guest in
the Executive Mansion.
Barns Damaged.
Mr. Henry Latimer, near Beech,,
had a very fine barn damaged by the
wind last Friday night. The barns
belonging to Ed Houser In Number
Two and I. J. Stone near Crockett
were also damaged. The sheds were
blown down. The barn belonging to
Adrian Houser was struck by light
ning Sunday night and damaged.
Insurance policies on all these barns
were held.
T. L. Bransford
& Sons
The entertainers of parties order
refreshments from "ESSANDEE'S
CAFE," Phone 539.
Representative J. L. Cochran, be
fore returning from Nashville,
bought a thoroughbred Shetland
pony and buggy for his wife and
family in Union City, and drove
around to the Executive Mansion to
see Governor Rye. He informed the
Governor that he named the pony
Tom Rye and the Governor said that
this had given him more pleasure
than anything that had been done
for him. The extra session was dis
cussed and neither Mr. Cochran nor
Governor Rye seemed to think it
would be demanded.
Horse Hurt
A stranger named Sibley hired a horse
and buggy from Mr. Preston Houser
last week and drove off a bridge east of
the city near Mr. Geo. Nash's farm.
The horse and buggy and driver dropped
about fifteen feet.' Mr. Sibley sustained
no injuries, but the horse was badly
bruised and hurt. The harness was
damaged but the buggy was not broken
up to any extent.
Coal Coke Wood-rCall Tel. 150.
Supper at Mount Hermon.
A barbecue and ice cream supper
will be given by the Ladies Aid of
Mount Hermon, two miles north of
Woodland Mills, on Wednesday,
June 2, 1915,. for the benefit of the
Christian Church. Everybody wel
come. E. J. DOUGLAS.
Barbed wire cuts, ragged wounds, col
lar and harness galls heal up quickly
MENT is applied. It is both healing
and antiseptic. Price 25c, 50c and $1.00
per bottle. Sold by Oliver's Red Cross
Drug Store. Adv.
Grocery Stores.
Mr. Frank Glass and Mr. Arnold,
the latter connected with the M. &
O. R. R. Co. as supervisor, will be
engaged in the grocery business as
partners on the corner on Washing
ton street, where G. B. Wright is in
business. Mr. Wright will move
back to Southside to the old stand.
The Hardy & Glass store will be
known as the Hardy Grocery Com
pany, and these changes will take
place June 1.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,
A,ucaa county, '
Frank I. Chenev mnlces noth shut ,-
partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney & Co., doinr
business in the city of Toledo, county and State
aforesaid. and that said firm will pay the sum of
case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use -of
Sworn to before me and guhacritvri in m niM.
ence, this 6th day of December, A. D. 1886.
.. Notary Public.
Halls Catarrh Cure is taken Intpmnllv .iH
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
me system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.

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