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What? Yes, You Can Find it at the Store of the
Ice Boxes, .
awn Mowers
OIL STOVES, see them. SCREEN WIRE, black and copper
Mastic Mixed Paint, the Best Paint ' "on the World."
Gasoline Engines and Well Supplies. Implements of All Kinds.
Miss Lore tie Carter is visiting relatives
in Faducah, Ky.
0. T. Pickard was a business visitor
in Memphis this week.
Mr. Fed McClanahan has returned
from a visit to Nashville.
Get you one of those lovely mid
summer hats at Mrs. Aran's.
Miss Lillian Clemmons, of Rives, was
the guest of Miss Dot Beck last Satur
day. Mr. Geo. Miles and Miss Virginia
Swiggart were in Fulton as visitors Sun
day. Mrs. Geo. Stone and son, Frank, were
in Trenton this week visiting relatives
and friends.
Lawn Mowers at special prices at
WEHMAN'S this month.
Mr. and Mrs. Arch Adams, of the
-vicinity of Fremoat, were in the
ity Tuesday.
Miss Lizzie Frank Young, of Browns
ville, is here as the guest of her brother,
Mr. Hotchkiss Young.
Miss May Talbott, of Danville, Va.,
, is to be here this week at the home of
Miss Virginia Swiggart.
'Mr. Clark, of the FrUgerald-Clark
Training School, Treoton, was a busi
ness visitor here this week.
hSm. DeGraffenreid, the ice cream
-specialist, has moved from the Bed
CrossD rug Store to Essandee's Cafe.
v Miss Eleanor Spencer is making quite
an extensive visit with relatives in Mem
phis and at Arkansas points.
Missffhulah Carter, who has been the
. house guest of Miss Lorene Carter, has
heturned to her home in Fultop.
Mr. A. McDaniel, of the vicinity of
State Line, was a visitor in the city last
week, a very pleasant caller here.
We sell cypress shingles for $2
per thousand. Union City lumber
Co. .
Mr. Mark Butler,' after bis first year
in Vanderbilt University, is' enjoying
vacation with homefolks and friends.
Mr. Morris Hawes, connected with
the Castle Heights school as a faculty
member is at home in Union City for
Misses Clara and Lillian Fields, Mrs.
L. J. Morris, Miss Virginia Fields and
Roy Graham, of Fulton, were in the
city Sunday.
The QUICK MEAL Oil Stove you
will , find at WEHMAN'S. It is the
lest. 1
Mrs. Ben Brown, of Gallatin, and
Miss Sarah Holt, of this city, were in
Nashville last week visiting relatives
and friends."
cgj gj a 2 s ana w a gf o
Misses Steele, of Columbia, S. C,
were here last week visiting the home
of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A.
L. Brevard.
Mrs. R. B. Green and daughter, Miss
Willo, are tip this week from Dyers
burg visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. Z. Massengill.
Silver Slice Cakes at Essandee's Cafe.
Phone 539.
V. C. Flack, of Owensboro, Ky.,
salesman in one of the dry goods bouses
there, is here for a vacation with home
folks arid friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Irby, Mrs. T. C.
Boone, and Whitlock Lyons, of Fulton,
were in the city Saturday nigtft attend
ing the Chautauqua.
See the new Sport Hats at Mrs.
Aran's .
Misses Louise Dabnke and Harriet
Beckham are at home from Vanderbilt
University, after another year's study,
to spend the holidays.
Miss Elizabeth Price, of Batesville,
Miss., is here, the guest of Miss Annette
Bratton. She will spend the remainder
of the summer in Martin.
Lawn Swings, and good ones, at
Miss Roberta Tisdale went to Ithica,
N. Y., last week so attend Cornell com
mencement, in which her brother, Mel
vin, is one of the graduates.
Mrs. Virginia Voorheis and Miss Char
lotte Voorheis, who are summering in
Union City, are rooming with Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Harrison on College street.
We sell everything to build any
thing. Union City Lumber Co.
. Mrs. R. H. Wade, Miss Lula Ing,
Miss Mamie Burrow, and A. J. Burrow,
of Fulton, were here Saturday night at
tending the Chautauqua to hear Nielsen.
Miss Mabel Wood, who has been vis
iting her friend, Mrs. Geo. A. Gibbs, Jr.,
in the city for two weeks or more, leaves
this week for her home in Jacksonville,
You are invited to be our guest at
our spring opening, Wednesday, June
9 Essandee's Cafe hours 1 to 6.
Mr. Ralph Quinn, after the second
year in the University of Virginia, is at
home for vacation holidays. Mr. Quinn
came borne in time to attend the Chau
tauqua meeting.
Miss Gertrude Williams, of Johnson
City, is the house guest of Misses Lil
lian Bird and Jessie Whitesell. Miss
Williams is the daughter of Judge Wil
liams and many social affairs have been
planned for her during her stay here.
Does your roof leak? We sell
roof cement and guarantee it to stop
the leak. Union City Lumber Co.
Ice Cream
Union City, Tennessee jj
L. B. Wright and Doss Bowden
are looking after the interests of V.
E. White's grocery store, while the
proprietor is away with the good
roads boosters.
William ' Turner, son of Dr. and
Mrs. W. M. Turner, is engaged for
the holidays with Oliver's f?ed Cross
Drug Store, doing some training in
the line of business.
Special prices at WEHMAN'S this
month on refrigerators.
Z. D. Dunlap, Assistant Director Gen
eral, National Highway Association, and
Thos. A. Williams, Field Secretary, were
in the city this week, assisting W. G.
Reynolds in preparations for the' trip
over the Paducah-to-Memphis High
T. B. Greer, of Memphis, accom
panied by bis children, Mary Holmes
and T. B., Jr., came up from Memphis
last week. Mr. Greer spent a few days
here and returned to Memphis, the lit
tie folks remaining for an extended visit
to relatives and friends.
The entertainers of parties order
refreshments from "ESSANDEE'S
CAFE," Phone 539.
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Tomerlin and chil
dren, of Indianapolis, Ind., are in the
city for a visit with relatives and friends
Mr. Tomerlin will be here for a week
and probably Mrs. Tomerlin and chit
dren will remain for a while longer,
The visitors are with Mr. and Mrs. H.
T. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Whitesell
Harpole and G. W. Tomerlin.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best
for cooking. At Union City Ice &
Coal Co.
Rev. John M. Harrison and bride,
who have been visiting the home of
Mr. Harrison's pareuts and other rela
tives and friends in Union City, left
Wednesday returning to Arkansas. The
bride is a native of Salado, and the res
idence of the Harrisons will be at Alicia,
from which place the minister serves his
circuit. Friends in Union City tender
them the kindest wishes.
If your shoes need repairing you will
find Will Ogles, the shoemaker, with
the Morgan-Verhine Co. big store.
Dr. J. J. Wells, of Glass, arrived home
Saturday from Avoca, the Knights of
Pythias home near Tullahoma, where
he had been attending the meeting of
the Grand Lodge. This was the twenty
sixth consecutive meeting attended "by
Dr. Wells, a record not yet attained by
any other member of that order. The
naughty types last week made The Com
mercial say that the good Doctor was in
Nashville attending a Masonic meeting.
Get a QUICK MEAL Oil Stove for
hot" weather cooking. You find
them only at WEHMAN'S.
Dr. Ira Park, who has just completed
his medical education at Vanderbilt
University, we understand will locate in
Union City. Dr. Park is a son of that
splendid physician and citizen, whose
borne is in the vicinity west of Union
City and who is so well and popularly
known in this part of the country. The
young man is indeed much like his
father and will undoubtedly be a val
uable addition to the fraternity and the
good citizenship of Union City, and we
will be mighty glad to welcome him
Dr. 0. B. Chandler, of Nashville, is
in the city spending vacation from
school. Dr. Chandler has another year
in Vanderbilt to complete his medical
course, and then he informs us. that be
will take a couple of years in hospital
work. Dr. Chandler has been educat
ing himself for the profession thru his
services as clerk in the Nashville post
office. He has been making very fine
progress, we understand, and a man
who does these things deserves a great
deal of encouragement and approba
tion. We trust that his success will be
in keeping with the best standards of
the profession.
"Double-Quick" is the best ice
cream freezer. Tou get it at WEH
The cruiser North Carolina has reached
Boston after ten months' fereign service
in the Mediterranean.
Down in Mind Unable to Work,
and What Helped Her.
Summit Point, W. Va. Mrs. Anna
Belle Emey, of this place, says: "I suf-
icicu iui ij years wun an awiui pain in
my right side, caused from womanly
trouble, and doctored lots for it, but with
out success. 1 suffered so very much,
that I became down in mind, and as help
less as a baby. I was in the worst kind
of shape. Was unable to do any work.
I began taking Cardui. the woman's
tonic, and got relief from the very first
dose. By the time I had taken 12 bot
tles, my health was completely restored.
1 am now 48 years years old, out feel as
good as I did when only 16.
Cardui certainly saved me from losing
my mind, and I feel it my duty to speak
in its favor. I wish I had some power
over poor, suffering women, and could
make them know the good it would do
If you suffer from any of the ailments
peculiar to women, it will certainly be
worth your while to give Cardui a trial.
It has been helping weak women for
more than 50 years, and will help you.
Try Cardui. Your druggist sells it
Writt it; Chattanaan Madieina Ca Ladiee
Advisory Dent, Chattanooga, Tenn., for Sttcial
Imtructimt on your case and 64-page book. ''Home
Treatment tor Women." In plain wrapper. W.C ill
cythe Blades
Cafe Change.
The cafe and restaurant east of the
passenger station, recently under the
management of Mr. Jeff Bowden, is
back in the bands of 0. B. Blewer. Mr.
Blewer has been out for some time, en
gaged in other business, and returns to
look after the interests of the stand.
New Grocery Store.
Mr. Ed Dietzel has opened a new
grocery store in the building on the
corner of Church and Second streets,
where be has for some time conducted
the poultry, fruit and vegetable busi
ness. Mr. Dietzel is a hustler and be
will always be in line with the best there
is in the trade. He will appreciate your
Burglars entered the home of R. P.
Whitesell Saturday night while the fam
ily was attending the Nielsen concert.
A valise was filled with valuable articles
and taken from the house. The hounds
were sent for and when they arrived a
trail was taken to Baptistville, where a
couple of negroes were found. Charley
Taylor and Webb, the latter from Dyer
County, were arrested and brought to
Services at the Park.
Union services were held by the min
isters in the city last Sunday night at
the Railroad Park, and quite a large
audience was assembled. C. V Jones
conducted the music, with the assistance
of a cornet, clarinet and two vio
lins. Rev. Roger L. Clark preached the
sermon from the text "Who is Your
Neighbor?" The sermon was applied
locally to our responsibilities with our
neighbors. A case in point was that of
an epidemic in a certain city. A milk
man had sold infected milk to his cus
tomers. Typhoid fever developed and
spread its poisonous infection to two
hundred and fifty victims, resulting in
one hundred deaths. The importance
of responsibility bad been neglected.
One man says he doesn't believe in for
eign missions, and yet the divine com
mands are to go into all the world and
preach the Gocpel.
You and I have no right to forget our
neighbor. If our own premises are
neglected with the growth of rank and
poisonous weeds we owe it to our neigh
bors as well as ourselves to destroy this
unsightly, unhealtbygrowth. We are
not independent creatures. Our actions
and our lives have some influence upon
our neighbors, and our responsibility to
them is to live clean and pure. I
Rev. C. M. Zwingle and W. W. Arm
strong assisted in the services. A col
lection was taken for some poor people
in the city who needed help, amounting
to $13, very liberal indeed andja credit
able work.
Card of Thanks.
I wish to thank the neighbors and
friends for their kind assistance in sav
ing our household goods from the fire
and rendering other valuable assistance
at a time when it was so much needed.
There are often many compensations
when trouble overtake us, and this kind
ness was fortunate indeed.
Edna Boston.
By Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
table Compound and Wants
Other Suffering Women
To Know It
Murfreeeboro, Tenn. "I have
wanted to write to you for a long time
to tell you what your
wonderful remedies
have done for me. I
was a sufferer from
female weakness
and displacement
and I would have
such tired, worn out
feelings, sick head
aches and dizzy
spells. Doctors did
me no good so I tried
the Lydia E. Pink-
ham Remedies Vegetable Compound
and Sanative Wash. I am now well and
strong and can do all my own work. I
owe it all to Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound and want other suffer
ing women to know about it." Mrs.
H. E. Maben, 211 S. Spring, St, Mur
ireesboro, Tenn.
This famous remedy, the medicinal
ingredients of which are derived from
native roots and herbs, has for nearly
forty years proved to be a most valua
ble tonic and invigorator of the female
organism. Women everywhere bear
willing testimony to the wonderful vir
tue of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Why Lose Hope.
No woman suffering from any form
of female troubles should lose hope un
til she has given Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound a fair trial.
If yon want special advice write to
Lydia E. Plnkham Medicine Co. (confi
dential) Lynn, Mass. Your letter will
be opened, read and answered by a
woman and held in strict confidence.
Insolvent Notice.
Having suggested the insolvency of
the estateof W. E. Logan to the County
Court of Obion County, Tennessee, all
persons having claims against said estate
are hereby notified to fito the same with
the County Court Clerk of Obion Coun
ty, duly authenticated in a manner pre
scribed by law on or before the 29th day
of September, 1915, or the same will be
forever barred both in law and in equity.
This June 21, 1915.
13-4tpd , Executors.

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