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Over White & Burchard't Drug
Store, Union City, Tenn.
Office 144-J; Residence 689-J
DR. e. M. LONG
Orer White & Burchard't Drug
Store, Union Gty, Tenn.
Office 144-J. Residence 689-J
Union Oty Commercial. established 1890 j consolidated September 1. 1897
West Tennessee Courier, established 1897 I
VOL. 25, NO. 22.
Only a few more days of summer
-and then beautiful autumn.
Miss Edna Elkins, of Jackson, was
a visitor over Sunday of Miss Sallie
Misses Euline and Mary Cum-
mings visited in Union City the past
week and attended the Culpepper
In the fact that school opens on
the 6th pupils are gathering up their
books and searching for book satch
els and other requisites that during
the vacation have been out of mind.
Leo Bean, of Murfreesboro: is here
with relatives and friends.
Prof, and Mrs. S. B. Hays visited
in Union City Saturday.
Miss Dora Stephens and nephew,
Enoch Stephens Brantley, of Troy,
were guests the first of the week of
Miss Flo Tune. ,
Mrs. Jesse Caudle has again been
stricken with a protracted and se
vere spell of asthma. ' (
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Harper ' and
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Cummings Sun
dayed in Union City, attending the
Methodist revival.
Miss Missie Harris visited over
Sunday with relatives in Union City.
Mrs. R. E. Hellen and Miss Bessie
Dillard, of Ridgely, were visitors
"Wednesday and Thursday of Mes
dames T. P. Palmer and Max Phebus.
Mrs. E. T. Mitchell and Miss Ruth
Callicott, Tuesday, attended to busi
ness in Union City.
Mrs. William Crockett, of Hum
phreys County, is the guest of her
slaughter, Mrs. Sydney Cooley.
Mrs. Fannie Fowler, of the Lone
Star State, is visiting friends in the
county seat. She spent Monday and
Tuesday with Miss Dora Petty.
Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Phebus, of
Number Thirteen, were Sabbath vis
itors of Mr. and Mrs. John Thorn.
Messrs Ollie Dickey and Felan Kil
gore are rusticating on the Hugh
McDonald farm near Obion.
August 31 has been set aside by
the General Grand Chapter of the
0. E. S as Robt. Morris or Found
er's Day.
Tom Christian and family, moving
from Dyer to Fulton, were guests
part of the week of W. E. Agnew,
Mrs. Grace Williams Robins, of
McKenzie, of recognized ability in
public work of the Woman's Chris
tian Temperance Union, will be here
for the county convention. 'v; Mrs,
Robins is also a school teacher of
note. She will have the better part
of afternoon program which begins
at 2 o'clock. You want to hear Mrs
Kenton has the banner Parent
Teachers' Association. At a recent
public program the association made
itself felt for the good of the town
and incidentally cleared fifty dol
lars or more, which added to a
previous, almost impromptu effort,
makes a neat sum.
The county W. C. T. U. meets in
convention here Wednesday, the first
day of September, in the A. R. P.
Church. Troy, Obion, Union City,
Kenton, Rives, Rural Rives and two
unions in Lake, Ridgely and Tipton
ville, will be represented. The two
latter are expected to come in and
organize as a bi-county union.
While this is woman's work when
she may "bruise the serpents head,"
all those interested can prove it by
being in attendance, A very prom
inent C. P. minister says church
work is "a man's work." True logic,
yet the opposite sex does not desert
and leave a womanless church. Take
the cue and come to the convention.
Co-operation of ministers and teach
ers invited.
Preston Shore has purchased the
lot, cornering on Church and the
Parkway, owned by W. L. Clem
mons. This Is very desirable prop
erty, bringing a price equal to towns
of thribble our population. Mr.
Shore is having the old buildings
and fences removed.
The recent wet spell has greatly
damaged crops on overflow land,
which we are sorry to say is re
flected not only by the farmers but
also by the merchants. The corn
cfop was to be the bonanza to bal
ance up accounts. The wind dam
aged corn on the up-lands, also de
pleted the fruit crop by half. ; f . ,
"No school can be a success with
out the hearty co-operation of the
parents. Give us your earnest sup
port and co-operation, not for the
first day only but for the entire
nine months. We invite you to be
with us the opening day. Come and
get interested. Let our school be
second to none in the county."
The above is finis of our current is
sue of school catalog.
Mrs. Pybas Rogers has been over
a rew days with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. James McCaw.
Recent guests of Mrs. T. P. Cal
licott and daughter. Miss Jessie,
were Mesdames Royster and Allen,
of Fulton, and Miss Ruth Rowland,
of Union City, and her visitor, Miss
Ediline Wear, of Clarksdale, Miss.
Owing to the siege of wet weath
or the series of sermons at the Chris
tian Church have been postponed
A few days since we found one of
our excellent teachers in preparation
for the opening of school, by looking
over all available material for beau
tifying the schoolroom. Some love
ly prints in child study and nature
scenes were being artistically tinted
and mounted in our heart. We re
joiced for the children that would
not only have such a teacher but
that could lose some of the tedium
of long study hours in a rest for
the eyes and mind by attractive
pictures on the wall.
The Rives Graded School catalog
is before us. We find it replete, in
information. Our directors are D.
H. Woody, president, W. E. Shrop
shire, secretary, and 0. H. Clemmons,
treasurer. The faculty is composed
of S. B. Hays, principal, Mrs. S. B.
Hays, first assistant, Miss Sadie
Frye, intermediate primary, and!
Miss Florence Botts, music. This is
a strong board and a select faculty,
and in meeting the request of the
principal, outlined in the catalog,
will give a full school and splendid
daily attendance, two premises
which denote high grades a syllo
gism of desired progress.
Mr. and Mrs. Orie Brown, of
Clayton, were over the past week.
Twenty-four States now have the
excellent statute law . known as
Mothers' Pension. In our town the
need of this , law is forcibly im
pressed. Two widows, one with two
small boys, the other only one child,
a daughter. All three children are
of school age. Their mothers seem
to be making every effort to earn
a living doing laundry and such
other work as they can find. Con
sidering that they pay five dollars
per month house rent and do not
average fifty cents cash per day any
one can read between the lines. We
hardly think any institution could
care for these children for less than
ten dollars for each per month, yet
if this amount were allowed the
mothers the family could be kept
intact. A plan that would be bet
ter in the majority of cases for the
children and much cheaper to the
State. The next time you vote for
the J. P's. ask them how they stand
on a mother's pension law.
The George Eader home is be
ing improved. The gallery has not
only changed approaches but is
shingled up to the , floor, which,,
when finished, will add an odd and
quaint artistic ornamentation. Some
of the shade trees near the residence
are being removed, giving more sun
light and breaking up the dense
Miss Lila Agnew is visiting rela
tives in Dyer.
0. -H. Clemmons has had trouble
with a barbed wire wound on his
hand, necessitating several trips to
Union City.
The Rives Rural met Tuesday af
ternoon at the nearby M. E. Church.
6ne new member reported, which
more than brings this union up to
the required number to have signal
honors at the coming State convert
tion at Martin.
"Miss Ida Spikes is the mid-week
guest of Mrs. Floys Carter across
the river. - t
One of - our grocerymen reports
the return of fifty-nine cents for a
case of eggs. No doubt stolen hen
nests have been robbed and dumped
on the market. s. A deplorable prac
tice which keeps, the market price
low. . f- ' '- . V :,
Mr. Bub Dickey visited the oil
mills at the lake Sunday, - f'.
Messrs. Herbert Boston and Lester
Phillips attended the ice cream sup
per at Jones' schoolhouse Saturday
Several from here are attending
the meeting at Troy this week.
Mr. Mat True and family visited
relatives at Fremont Saturday night
and Sunday.
The baptising will be here at the
creek Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Everybody invited.
Mr. Johnnie Primrose and family,
recently of. Texas, 'are visiting Mr.
Ozrose Primrose and family this
week, .
Mr. Will Griffin and family, of
Possumtrot, visited relatives here
this week.
Mr. Edgar Taylor and wife visited
near Clayton this week.
Mrs. Mat Ross, of Mississippi, is
visiting relatives here.
Mr. Quill Dyerand family visited
Mrs. Dyer's mother, Mrs. Griffin,
near Curry's schoolhouse Saturday
Mr. Cleve Brown was in Union
City Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Thearon Dyer visit
ed Mrs. Dyer's parents, -Mr. and
Mrs. Johnson, Saturday and Sunday.
Let's all get together and have an
ice cream supper and phone 539,
Essandee, at Union City. They will
make the ice cream.
Meeting Closed.
The Culpepper revival, one of the
most wonderful ever held in" Union
City, closed last Monday . night.
Some of the largest crowds ever at
tending services in Union City have
filled the big church every day and
night, overflowing on &: number of
occasions.' Interest has been marked
thruout. ; .v.:;;" :-: 'V
"The speaker conducted meetings,
frfcm two to four' times each day
during the sixteen days of his stay,
and at the evening service the house
was filled long before the announced
hour for opening. Many made pub
lic profession of faith in the Saviour,
about two hundred, and one hun
dred and seven have become mem
bers of the Methodist Church, where
the meetings were held, and others
have - and will Join other '.Ipcal
churches. ,
The services were enjoyed by
large numbers and much and lasting
good has been accomplished. Clos
ing services Monday night lasted un
til near midnight, and next morning
Rev. Culpepper and Robinson took
the train for Paris, A free-will of- .
fering, amounting to more than $500
was turned over to them before they ."
left. ' '
Real Estate Transfers.
G. W. Phillips to W. W. Mays and
wife, 20 acres in No. 13, $4,480. .
W. C. Gammons to Mrs. A. E.
Gammons, lot in No, 16, $500.
' J. G. Houston to W. A. Berry and
wife, lot in No. 16, $1,250.
Mrs. A. E. Gammons to Ezra
Vance, lot in No. 16, $200.
Henry Hutchison to Mary Hutchi
son, lot in No. 16, $50.
S. F. Howard, clerk, to W. B.
Gibbs, one-fifth interest in 121 acres
in No. 3, $100.
S. A. Wade to H. A. Atkins, 50
acres in No. 13, $8,000.
V. E. White and wife to Mrs.
Cora Wheeler, lot in No. 13, $1,500.
, R. M. Whipple, trustee, to T. C.
Belcher et al., 28 acres in No. 2,
The Toggery Building
Telebhone 270
Ladies Suits
Misses Suits
Junior Suits
Suits for nhe Stout
Dressy Coats
Sport Coats
Motor Coats
Rain Coats
Street Dresses
Party Dresses
House Dresses
Dresses for all occasions
In Serge
Chudder Cloth
Mixtures, etc.
In Crepe DeChine
I wish to announce that I have opened a Ladies Ready-to-Wear
Store in The Toggery Building and will carry a complete line of
Ladies, Misses and Childrens Ready-to-Wear garments and
accessories. 4
My operating expenses being small and selling strictly on a
CASH basis will make it possible for me to give the public better,
goods for less money than any store in Union Gity.
See my line beiore buying and be convinced. Yours truly,
In Crepe DeChine
Georgetts Crepe
Tub Silk
In Silk
Pins, Hair Pins, Satety Pins, Beauty Pins, Hair Nets, Dress Shields, Collars, Ties, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Belts, Hand
Bags, Fancy Towels, Wash Rags, Crochet Threads, Tatting Threads, Embroidery Threads, Tatting , Schuttles, Crochet
Needles, Collar Supports, Middy Laces, Novelty Braids, etc.
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