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ClIflMell- $ ; iBIE Store
Buy your City and State Adopted
School Books and School Supplies
We are closing out Fine Stationery for 15c, former price 50c
Five quires of Paper for 25c
Closing out Wall Paper for. 5c 25c Matting for.-..:-- 17C
' Former price I Oc 1 $3.00 Druggett for. - $1.95
25c Wall Paper for J.12c $7.00 Kodak for $5.50
. 4 $20.00 Kodak fori $13.50
Our Public Library, composed of 50c and $1.50 Books, for 15c
Picture Moulding, former price 10c in this sale for 6c per foot
Many other things too tedious to mention in this
sale at same reductions
President Wilson may visit the Ten
nessee State Fair. The Board of Fair
Trustees for the State of Tennessee has
invited President Woodrow Wilson to
Nashville and to the Tennessee State Fair
September 22, Tennessee Day. It is
possible that the President may attend,
should the great stress under which he
now labors in guiding the government
through this period of war and turbu
lence among the nations cease; as his
attendance on this day would enable
him to get in touch and become ac
quainted with more of Tennessee's peo
ple than any other occurrence.
Hon. H. K. Br y son, our Commis-
soner of Agriculture, was out at the
fair grounds last week and inspected
the $25,000 building improvements now
under way and the added facilities for
the accommodation and comfort they
will give exhibitors and visitors. '
The wide-awake farmers and breed
ers all over the State are busy coaxing
meir - pumpkins, waiermmuus, com,
fruit, etc., to put on extra weight, size,
color, form and quality; their horses,
ponies, jacks, mules, cattle, sheep, hogs
and, chickens to put on their holiday
attire and be in readiness to receive the
blue ribbon at the Tennessee State Fair.
Secretary Busswurm is up to his ears
in mail, requests for premium lists, but
be is a glutton for work and keeps call
ing for more. Now don't let's disap
point him. Mail your request right
away and see if we can't swamp him.
In the afternoon and evening when
you have seen the vast displays of Ten
nessee's products and have wearied of
the many educational features you will
sit in the grandstand and be refreshed
by the ' soothing strains of the great
Scotch Hilanders 35-piece band and
Madam Frederick Von Stechow and
her Nashville Symphony Band; your
interest in the genus equinus will be re'
vived by the Lowande-Eugene Society
Riding Act; you will marvel at the
wonderful feats of the Eight Peruvian
Acrobats; you will be thrilled by the
death-defying aerial act of the Cevene
Troupe; you will be amazed at the skill
of the Tan Kwai Chinese Troupe, who
will perform from the top of the grand
stand to the infield; you will have to
hold your sides when you see the comic
antics of Fink's mules. In the after
noon you will see the best pacers and
trotters of the blue grass country con
test for the richest purses offered in the
Southland. In the evening you will see
the greatest horse show that has ever
been staged in this country. The day's
enjoyment will be brought to a close
with the most gorgeous pyrotechnic
display ever seen in the S,outh.
To the Public
I wish to state to the public that I
am still in the stock business and have
mules to rent. My character and bust
hess integrity is too well established
among hundreds of my business friends
to need defense. My character and nab
its of right were formed long ago and
irresponsible jalk can't change them
Phone Clayton 19-1.
Yours for business,
Richard B. Marshall.
. You've tried the rest, now try the
best Jersey Cream Flour.
at once!
my horse is sick.
r. Prompt attention must be giv
en ailing stock so that farm work may not be delayed.
Bell Telephone Service on the farm enables ydu
to get the veterinary quickly.
It also keeps you in touch with the markets and
your neighbors.
If there is no telephone on your farm write to
day for our Free Booklet.
- Address:--f -'r : ' ?
. ' Fanners' Line Department.
' INCORPORATED . - . ' .
Will Plan How to
Munition Tuberculosis War,
How to munition and carry on the
war against tuberculosis during the
cdming year will be discussed at five
sectional conferences on this subject be
ing called by The National Association
for the Study and Prevention of Tuber
culosis in Indianapolis, Ind.; El Paso
Texas; Columbia, S. C; Springfield
Mass., and Albany, N. Y.
The Indianapolis meeting, to be held
September 29, 30 and October 1, will be
known as the Mississippi Valley Tuber
culosis Conference and will take in the
States of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Mich
igan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee
Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota,
Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North
Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Col
At El Paso the Southwestern Health
Conference will meet September 27 to
October 1 and will discuss not only tuber'
culosis, but other health subjects. This
conference includes Texas, Oklahoma,
New Mexico, Arizona, California, .Utah,
Nevada and Colorado.
The Southern Tuberculosis Conference
at Columbia will meet October o" and-9,
and will devote considerable attention
to the problem of the tuberculosis ne
gro. The States included in this group
are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida,' Mis
sissippi, Georgia, Louisiana, North Car
olina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vir
ginia and West Virginia.
The New England Tuberculosis Con
ference will embrace the six States of
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Mas
sacbusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island.
The conference will be held on October
22 and 23.
The North Atlantic Tuberculosis Con
ference will be held at Albany during
the week of November 1. It will take
in the States of New York, Pennsyl
vania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware
and the District of Columbia.
Methods of carrying more effectively
the war against tuberculosis, both by
physicians and laymen, will form the
chief subjects for discussion at the vari
ous conferences. It is estimated that
over 100,000 people are interested in
the tuberculosis fight. Every possible
effort will be made to interest these
workers in attending the conference
nearest to them.
Does your roof leak? We sell
roof cement and guarantee it to stop
the leak. Union City lumber Co.
Disagreeable Calomel is Yielding
to Pleasant Liv-Ver-Lax.
Physicians generally agree that the
nauseating, unpleasant effects of calo
mel are due to the undesirably violent
action it has on the system. For a long
while various substitutes have been tried,
but it was only recently that the really
wonderful remedy, Liv-Ver-Lax, was
prepared successfully by L. K. Grigsby.
Liv-Ver-Lax has all the good and
none of the bad effects of calomel. It
is a necessity in every home, always be
ing ready to cleanse the sluggish liver
and bile clogged sytem, with no unpleas
ant after effects.
Liv-Ver-Lax is guaranteed to give
satisfaction, or your money will be im
mediately refunded. Insist on toe orig
inal bearing ' the' likeness of L. K.
Grigsby, Fcr sale in 50c and tl bot
tles at Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store.
Adv. i
Entered at the post office at Union City, Ten
aessee, a second-class mail matter.
Marshall & Baird, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 27, 1915.
Longest Simple Truss Span in the
' World.
n " One of the most important pieces
of railroad construction work now
In progress in this section is the
building of the Paducah & Illinois
Railroad's big bridge across the Ohio
River at Metropolis, 111., work upon
which has been progressing for
some months, and which will take
three years to complete. This
Structure will contain 19,o6o tons
of steel and will be 5,700 feet from
end to end, with a main channel
span of 720 feet, the longest simple
truss span of any railroad bridge in
the world. The piers will be found
ed 75 feet below the river bed, and
from the bottom of the main chan
nel pier to the top of the bridge span
will be 317 feet higher than a sky
This work wil also require 90,000
yards of concrete in the construction
of the piers and pedestals for the
steel work of the approaches, and the
bridge floor will be 53 feet above
high water. It is said by bridge ex
perts that the machinery for the
erection of this bridge is the most
complete of any plant assembled In
the country. The caisson for two
piers have already been sunk and
work Is progressing 'night and day.
The P. & I. Railroad is arranging
to open its line from Palucah, Ky,
to Metropolis, 111., on Sept. 1. The
Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis
Railway and the ' Burlington rail
road, which form the P. & I., have
constructed inclines on the Illinois
and Kentucky side of the river for
the use of transfer boats during the
construction of the bridge, and in
addition the'N., C. & St. L. has Just
completed a twelve-mile extension to
the river for the connections of the
P. & I. with the N. & C. at Paducah
This new road will open and de
velop a splendid business between
the Northwest and the Southeast,
and eventually it means that five
trunk lines will use this bridge.
A Union City Citizen Tells of
You have a right to doubt statements
of people living far away but can you
doubt Union City endorsement?
Read it:
B. F. Stanley, farmer. R.F.D.. Box
32, Union City, says: "My kidneys
have always been my one weak spot
Whenever I overwork or catch cold, it
makes me feel miserable and causes a
dull, heavy ache across my back. Iam
unfit to do any kind of work and the
kidney secretions become unnatural
Doan's Kidney Pills always relieve me
of the trouble in a short time. I feel
like a different person siDce taking
Doan's Kidney Pills."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mr. Stanley had. Foster-Milburn (Jo.
Props., Buffalo, N. Y. Adv.
Game Laws.
It is unlawful:
1. To kill wild birds, other than
game birds, except the Engusn
sparrow, the owl, crow and members
of the crow family, the hawk (ex
cept the sparrow hawk) and the
turkey buzzard.
2. To kill game birds and animals
except in open season.
3. To hunt birds or animals with
out first securing a hunter's license.
Except that a person may hunt up
on his own land without license.
4. To barter, sell, or serve for
pay, or offer for sale any of the pro
tected birds or animals.
6. To hunt upon the inclosed
lands of another without permission,
6. To kill more than twenty game
birds or animals in one day.
7. To take, ship, or transport any
protected animal or bird, killed in
this State, unless the same be in the
personal possession of or be carried
openly by the owner or person who
killed or captured same who has in
his possession at the time a lawful
license to hunt.
8. To use any pitfall, deadfall,
scaffold, cage, snare, trap, net, salt
lick, blind, pen, baited hook, poison,
chemicals, or explosive for the pur
pose of killing, injuring, of captur
ing any protected birds or animals.
9. To pursue, catch, take or kill
any birds, wild turkey, wild ducks,
wild geese, or other aquatic bird or
fowl between sunset and sunrise.
European News.
"Got the paper, my dear?"
"Well, what's the Russian news
from Timbuctoo and the German
news from Tokio." . .
Why Spend 5 Cents for an Imitation
When You Can Get the Genuine
you get a Cool Drink, why
not get the Best?
Call for it by its true name Coca-Cola.
It is not a "Coke." It is not a "Dope." Genu
ine Coca-Cola in Bottles will please you. It is
refreshing exhilerating. J
For Sale Everywhere at 5 Cents.
Same Old Story.
Another disaster!
They couldn't come faster,
Or so to the reader it seems.
Some more public fury,
A coroner's jury 1
And evidence taken in realms.
Much probing and fighting,
Some talk of indicting;
Inspectors arrive by the score.
And what is the finish?
Their efforts diminish
And things go along as before.
Gun Cotton.
The cotton mills at Humboldt are in
stalling $25,000 worth of new machin
ery suitable for cleaning and bleaching
"linters" and other low-grade cotton
which are used by warring nations in
the manufacture of "gun cotton."
About 30 bales per day will be used in
this new department of the Humboldt
Constipation is the starting point for
many serious diseases. To be healthy,
keep the bowels active and regular.
HERBINE will remove all accumula
tions in the bowels and put the system
in prime condition. Price 50c. Sold
by Oliver's Ked Cross Drugstore. Adv.
colored Jersey heifer, no marks, weight
about 400 lbs. Reward.
Mrs. Annie Naylor,
22-tf R. F. D. No. 5.
A Troubled Town.
I'll sins you a ditty of Mexico Cifv.
It falls about four times a week.
Marauders attack it and take it and
sack it,
Harassing its occupants meek.
It is a great pity that Mexico City
Is thus of its treasures bereft.
The town is still saving its side
walks and paving,
But really there's little else left.
When the baby is suffering the dou
ble affliction of bot weather and bowel
disorders, the remedy needed is Mc
the feverish condition, corrects the
stomach and checks looseness of the
bowels. Price 25c and 50c per bottle.
Sold by Oliver's Bed Cross Drug Store.
Adv. '
LOST A ring of keys. Return to
Jno. T. Walker. 22-lt
Call 150 and get your coal and wood.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
By special arrangemens we offer you
The Commercial
The Nashville Banner
Both One Year for Only
This is an unusually liberal offer, and
you should take advantage of it without
delay. The Commercial will give you all
the home and local news and the Banner
will give you all the foreign and general
This is the reading season, and every
body who wants to keep up. with the times
must have reliable, high-class newspapers.
Trial order of The Banner one month
25c. This rate is not eood in towns where
The Banner is delivered at. 10c per week.
Also all points outside of Tennessee. North
Alabama and Southern Kentucky the rate
is DUc per month or $D.LXJ per year.
1. Historic College for young ladies of the
2. City Advantages Street cars at corner
depots; fine churches; VS. Government
building; Carnegie library; Y. M. C. A
building, all within a few blocks.
3. Beautiful campus, ample brick structure;
electriclights; baths; steam heat in reci
tation rooms; a gymnasium; tennis and
basket-ball courts; chorus and physical
culture course free.
4. "A. B. and B. L. literary course free; con
servatory advantages in Music, Art and
Expression; piano directress sudied in
Paris and Berlin.
5. Educational Trips to Memphis and St.
Louis a feature of 1915-16 session,
which opens September 15.
jBoarding attendance doubled last two
years). For catalogue address
H. G. HAWKINS. President,
Jackson, Tenn.
Building Material
We have every sort of building and finishing lumber
you're apt to need, including '
; Doors and Windows, Shingles -
Complete nevir Ifnb of Cobinet Mantels
i A visit to our yards will be appreciated. : Come and
inspect our stock for your own satisfaction.
C. T. IVIoss H Co.
, . . . .--.
'. . ' , ; -,: '-x ' , j
Yards south of Presbyterian Church.
First Street, ' - UNION CITY, TENN.

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