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Over White 6c Burchad' Drug
Store, Union City, Tenn.
, Telephone
Office 1 44-J, Residence 689. J
Over White 8c Burchard't Drug
Store, Union City, Tenn.
Telelphone i
Office 144-J; Residence 689. J
11 H
Cnlon City Commercial, established 1890 1 1Mo . , lo
west Tennessee Courier, esUblished 1897 t Consolidated September 1, 1897
VOL. 25, NO. 24.
County Democratic Executive Com
- mittee Meeting Monday. .
The Democratic Executive Com
mittee of Obion : County, Tennessee,
met in "the County Court room in
Union City, Tenn., on Monday, Sept.
6, 1915, for the purpose of changing
the date of the Democratic primary, future
and for such other business as might conquer
German madness' which has become
an obsession with them, has caused
the best of English statesmen to lose
their head to lose sight of Eng
land's best interests, so causing the
English to do which, if successful,
would be the worst possible thing
for England's future.
"Russia is England's great future
enemy. If you look far enough
ahead, no other conclusion can be
arrived at than that it is Russia with
which England must reckon in the
So England's , endeavor to
the Dardanelles, to take
come Deiore saia committee. Constantinope and deliver her
The secretary called the roll and England's greatest rival of the fu
the following members were present kure, is nothing short of political
and. absent: madness
District iMumDer- l, r. J. bmitn "England's prestige has been
held proxy of 0. L. Weaks; 2, pres- buried deeper on the front at the
ent; 3 present; 4, present; 5 pres- Dardanells than anywhere else in
ent; 6, present; 7, H. L. Clemment this war. The deepest grave of Eng
held proxy of T. B. Clemment; 8, nSh prestige is the Gallipoli Penin
absent; 9, present; 10, present; 11, gUia; her failure there is bound to
present; 12, . proxy held by Morris shake English influence to its very
MileB; 13, present; 14, absent; 15, foundation, and the day will come
present; 16, C O. Thomas and J. L. when England will know this."
Crockett answered for this district
Minutes of last meeting read and
approved. From the reading of said
minutes of last meeting, Dec. 4,
1915, it appeared from said minutes
that the said C. G. Thomas, com-
mitteman of District Number Six
teen, had vacated the district and
had moved into the Thirteenth Civil
District of Obion County, Tennessee,
whereupon the said J. L. Crockett
was elected by said committee in
stead of ( the said C. G. Thomas as
committeeman of the said Sixteenth
Civil District. .' .
By the reading and adoption of
said minutes the said J. L. Crockett
was declared to be the legally elect
ed committeeman of the said Six
teenth Civil District. C. G. Thomas
thereupon stated to the committee
that it was a misake: that he had
not resigned and that he was then
and still is a citizen of the said Six-
Paris, Sept. 5. A Havas dispatch
from Athens says that Djemal Pasha,
former Turkish minister of marine,
is said to be in complete disagree
ment with Talaat Bey, minister of
the interior, and Enver Pasha, min
ister of war, and is suspected of pre
paring a coup d'etat against the
committee of union and progress
After the failure of the expedition
against Egypt under his command
Djemal Pasha was ordered to Meso
potamia, but it seems that he did not
The dispatch describes the sltua
tion in Constantinople as growing
worse every day and adds that an
uprising is feared.
Experience of Man. Hanged.
Few men are ever hanged and live
to relate the experience, yet such in
teenth Civil District of Obion Coun- cldents are known, and the one here
ty. That it was true that he had reiated befell Mr. Tol Guest," of Cow
movea out or saia aistnct into an Tenn ., during the Civil War .Mr,
i nirteentn imi District, Dut tnat Guest is a . member of the "Old
he still retained his citizenship in Guard" of the Nashville, Chatta
tne saia bixteentn livii District. . it nooga & St. iiOuis Railway, and for
was' moved and seconded that the more than half a century worked for
said C. G. Thomas and the said J. L. the road in and around Cowan. His
Crockett be entitled to and allowed grst j0D ag a Doy waa witn the N. &
a one-half vote each at this meeting c., then under military control, and
only, which motion prevailed. ni8 iast work was for the same road
O. u weaks, wnom tne cnairman ne now being on the retired list.
I . - .1 - 1 ! A 1- . LI I .
apiwiuieu aiuiig wiiu mu uiuer mis experience m the service are
members of the committee to act as very interesting, and he has had
a sub-committee to select officers and 80me narrow escapes in the days of
have said tickets printed for said the old link and pin regime. But
primary, tendered his resignation to he is hale and hearty to-day at the
said committee, whereupon, by mo- aj?e 0f three score and ten and says
tion and second duly made, F. J. "the Lord must have been with me."
Smith was elected by said commit- But to the hanging: Mr. Guest,
tee in lieu of the said O. L. Weaks while working for the road as a boy
to select officers and have tickets Lf 19 years, enlisted along with oth-
printed for said primary election, er employes in a company formed
this committee being composed of F. by Ruf us Rosenborough, being at-
J. Smith, J. L. Crockett and John tached to the Fourth Tennessee in
White. command of Col. Starnes. He said.
Moved and seconded that the time in relating his experience, that he
for holding the Democratic primary was out from town about four miles
be changed from Dec. 4, 1915, to one day when four Yankees came
Nov. 20, 1915. upon him and demanded his pocket
n l i i. . " j i - . . ...
several ui iub cu.uuiua.iea mr me DOOK. tie relused to band it over
various county offices were present and preparations for the hanging be-
and expressed themselves as being gan at once. "They grabbed me,"
perfectly willing and satisfied to he said, "and one of the men who
change the date of the said primary
from Dec. 4, 1915, to Nov. 20, 1915,
this being the-date of the Senatorial
primary. No further business ap
pearing the committee adjourned.
J. L. FRY, Chairman.
E. J. GREEN, Sec.
had a bridle with a long rein threw
it about my neck and passed the rein
thru the ring of the bit and after
attaching a rope to this they pro
ceeded to a convenient tree and
strung me up. How long I was there
I don't know, but I felt the rein
Z k 4. An j i Tk -1 4.1
nr luuuweu a cuumug sensation, ana
LOST IN DARDANELLES then darkness. The next thing I
knew was that I was being held be
Turkish Diplomat Says No Gains
Have Been Made.
Berlin, Sept. 15. (Via Wireless
to Sayville, L. I.) "The situation
of the English at the Dardanelles
and their attitude toward Turkey is
tween two soldiers and that one was
looking about for water, while an
other was forcing whisky between
my lips."
Mr. Guest says that after the
Yankees pulled him up and got his
GERMANY WILL MATTE v overtures by the allied enemies of
NO PEACE OVERTURES Germanv for Peace on a basis of 'live
; ana let live, would be favorably
Willing, However, to Consider Sug- "r?' political standpoint," of
gestions From Neutrals. course, there is no wish for peace in
Washington, Sept. 4. Germany Germany. The German empire did
will make no overtures of peace, I not court this war, but she is willing
learn from a high source, but she at any time to consummate peace up
will receive hospitably any sugges- on a basis of industrial equalization.
tions of peace from any belligerent "If President Wilson can impor-
or from any neutral nation like the tune the allies to change their pro-
United States, acting for humanity's j gramme of German national destruc
sake, and will make known terms tion, a great step will be taken in
on which she will make peace. . the direction of cessation of hostili-
I am also able to give a definition ties.
of the vague term "freedom of the "To my mind the most favorable
seas," which has appeared so often peace sign is the recent collapse of
in official or semi-official statements foreign exchange in pound sterling
from Germany. on the stock excbange. England has
What Germany means by "free- been financing this war, and this
dom of the seas," while the present decline points to her financial straits.
war lasts, is sufficiently clear from "There has been much said about
her official correspondence with the the desire of conquest on the part
United States, in which Bhe sug- of Germany. This is untrue and
gested that Great Britain be com- should be corrected in the American
pelled to lift her illegal blockade of mind. Germany as a whole wants
the commerce of neutral nations and and intends only to be a national
to obey the rules of international State. She doesn't want to govern
law and the treaty of London that aliens and does not intend to do so
Great Britain herself initiated. if her rights of commercial expan
England is now violating and has sion are guaranteed. Only the j in-
violated every day for 10 months goes in Germany believe in keeping
past that treaty. anything not German.
What Germany means by "free- CANNOT WHIP GERMANY.
oom oi tne seas in peace, arter tne As far as the present campaign
present war, is in suDStance tnis: la concerned, it. is imnnaKihle to train
bne wants an iron-clad Interna- more from a German point of view.
iionai agreement, to wnicn, oi it nn Hn hi tha m.iit nf ih. v
course, Great Britain would be a been in doubt. Germany, the flower
party, providing that in all future o her army corps engaged in Russia,
wars private property of all nations has been able t0 hoid the western
shall be free at sea; that, the mer- front against the allied armies.
cna.ui snips even oi Denigerents, "Military experience shows that it
when bound on peaceful errands, not is impossible to dislodge strongly en
carrying munitions of war, shall not trenched troops except by employing
be molested by enemy warships; that five men to one. Germany and her
every nation when at war shall be alliea now have from 6i000,000 to
free to carry on its ordinary foreign 70oo,000 men in the field. Shortly
commerce uninterruptedly; that its the invasion of Ru8Sia will cease and
warships, munition ships and other she win intrench there. Do you
auinirauy vessels snail aione oe sun- thlnk her allied enemies can bring
ject to attack, like fortified towns." to bear 35,000,000 men to dislodge
Germany, naving an army exceu- German armies from their intrench
ing any other, wishes to make that mentg?"
J li J- ,
army potent auu natives in general Shipment of arms to the allies by
less potent to deprive a belligerent, American manufacturers was next
having command of the sea, of the
right to. destroy peaceful commerce.
Officially Berlin admits the United
States is within her rights in manu-
It is also probable that Germany, facturing and shipping abroad war
in any treaty of Deace. would seek munitions," said the informant of
to provide against German goods by the International News service. "But
any of the nations now at war or the open designation of J. P. Mor-
their colonies. gan as an agent for the allied ene-
Germany knows, of course, that mies might easily be accepted by this
every nation will fix its own tariffs nation as a breach f neutrality."
and grant any degree of protection
it desires to its home industries, but
Germany will insist that no country
give any preferential tariff to any
nation, nor discriminate against Ger
man exports in any colonial posses
IT. C. V.
Warren McDonald Camp met Sept..
6 in the City Hall at 1 p. m. Was
called to order by Commander Dr. J.
IT. Lasley and opened by prayer by
J. A. Cloar, chaplin. Minutes read
Germany desires an open door to and approved. Jno. White and Pleas
comnete. the nnlv iiTiiierstan1itie- he. I nuruueaK reponeu mat tne citizens
in that the nation that can nroduce of Hornbeak and vicinity would ae
the best and cheapest shall win cept any aate tne camp mignt maKe
I jrn . n . . 4 ... J T T 1 T T
where she mav She relies nnnn her 1UI "1B euuiuu, u. . v., bo,
own technical skill to expand her
foreign trade
by motion, that carried, the camp
selected the last day of September
The other terms of peace accept- and the flrst day of October as the
able to Germany, when she is asked,
The erection of an indenendent
kingdom in Poland as a buffer state and 9tn of 0ctober to the last day of
hetween Russia nrt fiermanv with SeptemDer and nrst day OI UCtODCr,
two days the county reunion, U. C.
V., would convene at Hornbeak; so
the dates are changed from the Sth
like that of a man sitting on a tree Pcketbook, they were apparently
branch and cutting it off between usnea, ana seemg mat ne was ai
most aeaa tney naa set aDOUt un
So declared a Turkish diplomat of ding" the hanging but that they
tiiuiusi waueu iuu iuuk. lie said
high rank from Constantinople,
while discussing with me the recent
heavy losses of the allies on the
Gallipoli Peninsula. The diplomat
continued :
"All reports to the contrary not
withstanding, the allies are making
no progress in or along the Ddrdan
thousands of lives in what has been
a hopeless undertaking so far.
"The English really have had bad
luck in meeting failure In the Dard
anelles, and I hope they will con
tinue to have such luck. It is lucky
for us and not much lucky for Eng
that the marks of the leather rein
remained on his throat for several
weeks, and that the first gray hairs
he had were on top of his head
where one of the soldiers struck him
with the butt of his gun.
One lucky thing in connection with
They are only sacrificing he tkln of his Pe according to
mr. uuceii, waa luai ue' uau mat
morning left with his sister a.11 his
savings some $300 with the ex
ception of $3.50 which the soldiers
got. ' . '
Turn About.
It is all right for us to relate the
details of the summer vacation: but
"England has simply gone mad we should also be Drenared to listen
from fear of Germany. This absurd to a few
Roman Catholic monarch
equality for the Jews.
Cession of a part, if not all,
Courland by Russia to Germany.
Russia to grant autonomy to Fin
land, which she has misgoverened
and oppressed. 1
Servia to be divided between Aus
tria and Bulgaria, with possibly a
small morsel for Greece. Servian
sovereignty to cease.
Belgium to be restored to the Bel
gians, Germany to receive as com
pensation for evacuating Belgium
the Congo State in Africa, now own
ed by Belgium.'
France to cede her African colon
ial territory to Germany as compen
sation for Germany giving up North
ern France.
Great Britain-to restore all of Ger
many's African colonies. '
Germany to retain all of Alsace
Loraine. V
No war indemnities are mentioned
in this category of demands by Ger
many for granting peace.
This is the first direct expression
of the German government looking
toward cessation of international
hostilities thru a third party. The
International News Service inform
ant is a man of the highest standing
both in the United States and Ger
many, and his views reflect those of
the German government. He said:
I have no hesitancy in telling
the International News Service that
Delegates elected to the State con
vention and reunion, U. C. V., at
Memphis Oct. 6 and 7 are Col. E. N.
Moore, Lieut. W. B. Stovall and A.
L. Brevard.
Alternates, Lieut. C. G. Thomas,
Captain Thomas Harris and Col. F.
M. McRee.
Motion carried by acclamation not
to instruct the delegates.
Miss Rachel McMurry, Sponsor,
Miss Saddle, Maid of HonSr, and Miss
Iva Shipp, Maid of Honor, were
elected for the Memphis reunion.
Dr. F. M. McRee was ordered to
select the day, hour, date and route
that the Veterans will entrain for
Memphis and report at Hornbeak
Sept. 30.
Camp voted to attend the Mem
phis reunion as a military company.
Col. E. N. Moore ordered Company
E to open and hold an election to
elect a captain to fill the vacancy
caused by the death - of Captain
Hugh McDonald on the first day of
October, 1915, at Hornbeak, Tenn.,
and to fill any vacancy that may
have occurred among the officers by
death or , otherwise. Col. E. N.
Moore will -open and hold the elec
, R. W. POWELL, AdJ't.
Slang in a Hat Store.
"What can we do for you, sir."
"I want to buy a silk hat."
"Yessir. Jim, show this gentle
man some periscopes."
Chen y-tlQoss Grain Co.
Winter Grown Barley,
Crimson Clover Seed,
New Crop Rye,
Rape Seed,
All Kinds Field Seeds,
Tennessee Horse Feed,
Tennessee Dairy Feed,
Corn Chops, Oats and Bran,
All Kinds FeeU
Wholesale and Retail
Grain Uou and FiolH Caarlc
Telephone No. St M
nonMrv m i ham on farm
I am authorized to take applications for loans on lands in
Obion and Weakley Counties, Tenn., and Fulton County, Ky.
The terms and conditions upon which this money will be loan
ed are most favorable to the borrower. All or any part of a
loan may be paid after one year, interest being stopped on
payments made.
Now is the time to arrange your farm loans while the money
can be had at a low rate of interest and on long time.
Attorney At Law Union City, Tenn.
Winter Rye, Barley and Turf Oats
Crimson Clover, Red andiSweet Clover
Timothy, Red-Topjand Blue Grass
Improved Kentucky Grain Drill
Peering Corn Harvester, DeeringlDisc! Harrow
International Gasoline and Oil Engines
Oliver Chilled Plows, Buggies, Wagons, &c
"Quality First"
Tisdale & JacKson
Ice Cream
and Ices
Silver Slice
Johnston's (Milwaukee) Box Candy
The appreciated Chocolates
Essandee's Cafe
The Quality Shop
Service at our fountain is pleasing to those who can dis

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