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Her "Second Love"
Tis a box of Johnston's
Chocolates, and she cannot watt
till her "first love" comes to thank
him for this thoughtful gift.
one of JoWon's psctaes d hi.
comprise three trays in the yellow box
Original Dutch Bitter-Sweeta
SwiM-Strle Milk Chocolate CrMms
Whito Cherries In Cream
Chocolate Dipped
queenly sweetmeats, scientifically
made from nature's richest bounty. Est
JoAifffcm'f and learn why we pay ta
extra fortune yearly for candy perfecnoa.
Put uo is 60c to $5.00 sze boses. it
your dealer fails to nipply you, ws fl
will forw.rd, B cbsrset pre-
paw, ,uv
uapa ornoaey
m. -imrzr
Essandee Cafe
The entire stock of groceries, for
merly owned and operated by A. J.
Rainey, has been placed in my
hands, as trustee. It is my desire
to sell the stock as a whole. If I am
not in the store call me at my home,
No. 602. The stock will be sold at
a sacrifice, and unless sold as a whole
by Monday morning, 13th of Sep
tember, at 9 o'clock, the doors will
be opened and stock sold out piece
by piece, at any price the articles
will bring, until the entire stock is
closed out.
Very respectfully,
Trustee for A. J. Rainey.
September 9, 1915.
Circuit Court.
Judge Joe E. Jones opened the
regular term of Circuit Court here
Monday. Gen. T. 0. Morris, and
Sheriffs Mathis. W. A. Hutchens, En-
loe Chiles and Lon McNeely were all
present. Officer Kirk is looking af
ter the wants of the grand jury.
H. M. Golden, Clerk, and T. L.
Lancaster, deputy clerk, were in
their Dlaces and work on the, large
docket started with very little cere
mony. The usual charge against
cfimes of the various kinds was de
livered by the court.
The following gentlemen compose
the grand Jury:
J. M. Campbell, foreman; J. A.
Reeves, J. W. Darnall, J. W. Ponder,
J. W. Earp, L. B. Rone, J. F. Swig
gart, A. L. Hurt, J. M. Nichols, H.
J. Jimmerson, W. H. Madding, A.
T. Adams, J. C. Isbell.
Trial Jury:
A. O. McDaniel. W. H. Pyle, J. R.
Avent, Henry Latimer, John Wood-
fin. N. D. Logan, Bob Shipp, I. M.
Hamilton. D L. Chambers, J. D.
Wall, John Elam, Pink Marshall. J.
H. Shore. -
Planters Protective Association of
Kentucky and Tennessee , vs. D. J.
Peeples; continued.
Mayor and Aldermen of Samburg,
Tenn., vs. Fred Brannon; compromised.
M. L. Tierce vs. Geo. P. Hurt, W.
T, Murphy; verdict for $100 in favor
of plaintiff.
Mayor and Aldermen of Kenton,
Tenn., vs. T. B. Ridgeway; continued.
Mavor and Aldermen of Kenton,
Tenn., vs. Ralph Burton; continued.
J. W. Gray vs. R. W. Gray, Otis
Gray; case set for trial next week.
C. L. Garrison vs. Louis Shatz;
W. B. Simmons, Ex. Guardian vs.
Orange Davis; case set for next
M. D. Glover vs. C. L. Robins, A.
D. Cutler; verdict in favor of de
fendants and against plaintiff for
cost of mule, or $125.
Mrs. Delia Byrd, Adm'x. of C. G.
Bvrd. deceased, vs. the I. C. R. R.
Co.; being tried. This is a personal
injury suit against the Illinois Cen
tral Railroad Co., which plaintiff
claims damages to the amount of
S25.000. Judge W. H. Swiggart is
representing the railroad company
and Attorneys E. J. Green and
Pierce & Fry are for the plaintiff.
As To a Voice.
"She says her voice is adapted to
all sorts of music."'
"Well, it seems able to stand any
His Views.
"Would you like some views of
the hotel to send to your friends?"
"Sir," said the disgruntled guest,
"I presume it will be better for me
to keep my views to myself."
The nervous system is the alarm 6ystem
of the human body. r
la perfect health we hardly realize that
we have a network of nerves, but when
health is ebbing, when strength is declin
ing, the same nervous system gives the
alarm in headaches, tiredness, dreamful
sleep, irritability and unless corrected,
leads straight to a breakdown.
To correct nervousness, Scott's Emul
sion is exactly what you should take; its
rich nutriment gets into the blood and
rich blood feeds the tiny nerve-cells while
the whole system responds to its refresh
ing tonic force. It is free from alcohol.
Scott & Bowne. Bloomfield, N.J.
When You Ask for a Bottle of
Say the name in full for your protection
against counterfeits
Insist on getting what you pay for
and refuse counterfeits.
Bottled in the most sanitary and mod
ern bottling plant in the South.
The public is cordially invited to visit
our plant every day in the year.
Protect Yourself
By takinj
Misses Glenn Rochelle and Anna
May Pressly were in Obion Saturday.
W. A. Smith was in Union City
Miss Kathleen Brice, after a two
months visit with her aunt, Mrs.' F.
D. Polk, has returned to her home at
Roanoke, Va.
J. W. Pressly is in Union City this
week buying his fall and winter
stock of dry goods. He was accom
panied by Mrs. J. W. Brantley and
Miss Louise Blanton.
Mrs. Fannie Walker and Miss Ad-
die Roberts, of Paris, are visiting at
the home of their brother, Dr. W.
F. Roberts.
Mr. Tom, Culp, of Newbern, vis
ited his mother, Mrs. Tom Inman,
Mr. Sidney Riddick, of Paducah,
Kv.. was here Saturday. He began
his school at Whiteside Monday.
Mr. Jack Revels, of Obion, was a
social visitor here Sunday.
Dr. W. F. Roberts was in Mem
phis Sunday.
Misses Annie Lee Roberts and
Louise Blanton and Messrs. Kinney
Roberts and John Taylor visited
friends in Hornbeak Sunday.
Messrs. Davy Crockett and H. E.
McDaniel were in Dresden Monday.
Dr. J. H. Meeks, who has been
working in Trimble and Mason, has
returned and will be located here
from now on.
G. R. McDade, J. T. Lasley and J.
W. Bennett were in Union City Mon
day. .
Miss Nezzie Waggoner, of Martin,
came in Sunday and will teach an
art class at Obion College this year.
Foreign-Born is Deplored.
Stockbridge, Mass., Sept. 4. Os
wald Garrison Villard, publisher of
the New York Evening Post, in an
address before the Laurel Hill asso
elation here to-day, declared that
the movement among American citi
zens of foreign, especially German
descent, to form bodies apart from
the citizenship presented a far-reach
ing domestic issue which the Ameri
can people must conquer.
Villard said that an important fac
tor ii the continuance of the "Amer
lean melting pot" lay in educating
immigrants to proper duties of citi
zenship. He saMd he was "born on
German soil, of a German father."
Foreigners becoming American
citizens should be made to under
stand, Mr. Villard said, that there
can be no divided citizenship or
layalty or allegiance under the
American flag; that no one can ac
cept political obligations here while
at heart loyal to another social sys
tem, another entitle or another
code of laws.
Your Body Protests Against Cal
You havis noticed the disagreeable
effects of calomel, the sickening nausea
that is characteristic. There is no rea-
1 son for tearing up your system in such
a drastic manner.
Liv-Ver-Lax, that wonderful vege
table compound, is just as useful as
calomel for toning up your liver and
ridding your system of stagnating pois
ons, and it does not make you feel
badly like calomel. It is pleasant to
take with no unpleasant after effects.
Keep it in your home for health's sake
If Liv-Ver-Lax is not entirely satis
factory, your money will , be returned
without question. The original bears
the likeness of L. E. Grigsby. For sale
at 50c and $1 by Oliver's Red Cross
Drug Store. Adv.
All members of the different choirs
are urged to be present and help
with the music Friday evening at
the Methodist Church. Do not wait
for an invitation to take a seat in
the choir, as this meeting is for all
denominations. We want a good
choir like we had during the Cul
pepper meetings.
Firs! Tornado, Accident and Sick Benefit Insurance
Your famiIy-t5S
By taking a policy in the Mutual Benefit Life
None better
"White h Quinn
A radiant, rythmic presence
Of mist and sun and cloud,
With winter at the crossing,
And summer at the ford.
Midway the mystic river.
She hesitates between;
The sweet, elusive autumn.
In mist and shade and sheen.
The silver veil of winter,
The golden summer's maze,
In mellow measure mingled,
Smile in the autumn's haze.
Nashville Banner.
Money to Loan Cheap Rate on Long Time
; The Kentucky Rural Credit Association, incorporated
tinder the laws of Kentucky, is now offering a limited num
ber of shares of its capital stock for sale to the farmers of
Obion County, and its agents, M. E. Dilday and J. E. Jack
son, will be inthe county for the next fifteen days, and one
or both of them will be found in the law office of A. J. Har
pole in Union City. They would like to have all farmers and
land owners who either desire to invest or borrow, money : to
call on them at said office, where they may furnish them with
literature and explain the methods and working of the Asso
ciation. This is a great opportunity .to mtike good, safe in
vestments that will yield a good annual dividend or to borrow
money on long time at a very low rate ot interest with very
little expense. As only a limited number of shares have
been allotted to this county, parties who may be interested
should call early.
i II.. i -
J. M. Campbell and wife and IL
D. Campbell' and wife visited Mr.
Frank Campbell at Dyer Sunday.
Miss Etta Higgs, who has been
visiting relatives i here for the past
week, returned to her home in Mar
tin Sunday. She was accompanied by
her brother, Clyde Higgs, and wife.
The trip was made in Mr. Higgs
Miss Lessie Cox, of Trimble, and
Mrs. A. D. Woods, of Springfield,
Mo., visited their sister, Mrs. Elmo
Floyd, in this city Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Kerr and
children, of Kenton, visited Mr. and
Mrs. Elmo Floyd Sunday.
Miss Reggie Ashley, of Hornbeak,
ta visiMnsr har sister. Mrs. J. H.
Archie, in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Smith, of Mount
Moriah, were transacting business
in Obion Saturday.
Gordon Dodd and wife, of near
Rutherford, are guests at the home
of Allen Pyles and wife in this city.
Rev. J. C. Cason Is in Rives this
week atending the union meeting.
Paul Crockett an wife and G. W.
Forester and wife were visitors in
Rives Sunday.
G. W. Reed and wife, accompanied
by their guests, Mrs. Flowers, of
Kenton, and Mrs. C. A. Derryberry
and daughter, Mfss Sunshine, of
Jackson, took in the sights at the
lake Friday. '
L. G. Moffat and family and Miss
Sallie Reeves attended the union
meeting in progress at Rives Sun
J. R. Mills and family spent Sun
day at the home of Mr. Mills' moth
er, Mrs. M. V. Mills, in the country.
H. C. Davidson, of Cloverdale, was
in Obion Monday. He was accom
panied by his daughters, Miss Les
sie and Ola, who were en route to
Martin, where they will attend the
Hall-Moody Institute this year.
F. M. Bonds, of Luxora, Ark., is
visiting his sister, Mrs. H. D. Camp
Vern Forcum and Robert and Ben
Morris left Monday morning for
Lebanon, where they will attend the
law school at that place. , . ,
Mrs. Verdie Johns was a Union
City visitor Monday.
Esq. E. N. Moore went to Union
City Monday to attend Circuit Court.
Miss Tressa Dean, of Glass, de
parted for Nashville Monday where
she will attend the Nashville Bible
School. Miss Florence Smith accom
panied her as far as Union City.
Mrs. W. W. Swink and Mrs. Sin
clair, of Kenton, were visitors in
Obion Monday.
Hunter Wells, of Glass, departed
Monday night for Auburn, Ala.,
where he will re-enter the veterinary
school at that place.
Dodridge Nichols departed Tues
day morning for Ruskin, Tenn.,
where he will attend college.
D. E. Myers, north 'of town, was
taken to Memphis Sunday morning
t where he was operated on for ap
pendicitis. Mrs. G. L. Henson, of Route Two,
was taken to Memphis Tuesday
where she underwent an operation
for appendicitis.
Miss Lester Pierce has gone to
take up her work as assistant prin
cipal in the Alamo High School. Miss
Lester is one of Obion's most popu
lar young ladies and her many
friends predict that her work In the
school there will be very nuccewiful.
ited her daughter, Mrs. FHnn Brown,
C.-S. Whitley, wife and daughter,
little Miss Evelyn, of Union City,-
are the guests of T. H. Shults and
A. J. Pruett and daughter, Miss
Gladys, of Froglevel, were In Obion
Tuesday the guests of T. H. Shults
and wife. '
Miss Bennie Fox went to Rives
Tuesday to take charge of the music
denartment of the school there. Miss
Fox has had exceptional training in
music, which, with her natural abil
ltv. make her in ever way well pre
pared for teaching music. Her
many friends here feel that Rives
should feel proud to secure her ser
Drug Store Closes.
Attorney J. A. Whipple, represent
ing Dr. Charles M. Henderson, went
to Memphis Saturday and filed in the
Federal Court a voluntary petition
in bankruptcy. Attorney W. E
Hudeins has been named as tempor
ary receiver and the first meeting
of the creditors called for September
17, the official notice appearing in
another column of this issue. Mr.
Henderson opened business in this
citv something less than two years
aeo and has conducted a very popu
lar and progressive place, but the
nrofits were never large enough to
take care of the expenditures and
make it a prosperous venture. Dr
Hendefson is a pleasant gentleman
and has made hundreds of good
friends in Union City who have
learned of his misfortune with pro
found regrets. It is understood the
stock, fixtures and accounts invoice
about ? 4,000, with debts aggre
gating about $5,000.
All kinds of coal at Union City Ice &
Coal Co.
Try This.
If you're used to giving knocks, -
Change yor style:
Throw bouquets instead of rocks,
For awhile.
Let the other fellow roast, .
Shun him as you would a ghost, .
Meet his hammer with a boast,
And a smile.
When a stranger from afar
Comes along,
Tell him who and what you are.
Make it strong.
Needn't flatter, never bluff,
Tell the truth, for that's enough;
Join the Boosters Club b'gosh!
That's the stuff !
Hiring Sophocles.
"I see the Highbrow Monthly
prints something by Sophocles .in
every number. I rather like the
idea, don't you?"
"I gezo," responded the owner of
the Weekly Whiff. "But you're the
editor. If you fancy his stuff make
him an offer."
Special Premiums.
Since the fair catalog was issued
the President, Mr. Farris, has left
with us some special announcements
as follows:
By Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Milk and butter cow, any age or
breed. Premium, $5 coupon ice
book; second premium, one ton Bon
Air Coal.
W. L. Bryan has been named as
superintendent of hogs to serve in
stead of S. T. Wade, whose name ap
pears by mistake in the catalog.
LOST In the park or near the
M. & O. depot Monday, small ladies
purse, containing 75 cents. Reward
by returning to this office.
Gasoline Engines and Wagons
'Zio& Wagon, complete with bed made out '$55,00
- of good seasoned material for ...........................
Have in stock one 3-4 H. P. Water Cooled Gaso- $370O
line Engine at bargain price of
See us for estimates on Plumbing. Water Systems, Lighting
Plants, Etc., for your home. ,We guarantee to give satisfaction.
We haw Homier 'One Kentucky Lump or Kut at
Real Estate and Insurance
Mrs. M. A. Quillen, of Illvei, vU

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