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Tinest Agricultural Exhibit, Fine
Stock and Fine Fair.
The" fair opened here Wednesday
with an unusually large attendance
on the opening day. It would not
be right to say that the present fair
Is the' largest 'in the number of ex
hibits and entries, but what is lack
ing in quantity is showing in quali
ty. What we can say with a great
deal of pride and pleasure is that
the agricultural exhibit is the only
real, genuine agricultural show ever
seen in the county. At the first
meeting of the present organization,
a street fair, the agricultural dis
play was very fine, but the present
exhibit is incomparably the largest
and best. The credit for this of
course belongs to our friend, Mr. A.
Harris. In the agricultural depart
ment can be seen almost a complete
replica of Mr. Harris exhibit at
Memphis last year, but with 1915
produce. All thru the department is
to be seen the finest specimens of
corn, wheat, rye, grasses, vegetables,
fruits, etc.
The garden and farm displays are
in every way better and more at
tractive. Mr. Herman Dietzel, Jr.,
and Mr. Ike Wade have farm dis
plays and they are in a class entire
ly in advance of the old displays
seen here. The garden displays of
J. D. McBride and W. M. Walker are
also fine. These exhibits are worth
coming to the fair to see. Nothing
like them has ever been seen here
before. But all the way thru the
department the exhibits are unus
ually fine. Mr. Tom Massey is as
sisting Mr. Harris.
The Woman's Building shows a
smaller number of entries than at
some of the former meetings, but no
finer exhibits were ever seen here.
This department, always popular, is
just as attractive as ever, and the
ladies are indeed well pleased.
The track entries are large and
some of the best trotting and pacing
talent is on the ground. Mrs. J. T.
Landry is here with her race ostrich,
Blitzen, and her Arabian horse, Dun
ner. The race takes place every day.
Mrs. Landry has also entered a num
ber of good horses, and the amuse
ments, including the Ferris wheel
and the merry-go-round, and the
street shows, are getting a liberal
patronage. The fair starts fine and
bids fair to wind up a great success.
The following premiums were
awarded on Wednesday:
HORSES. Ail work.
Stallion. Four years and over:
Geo. Bufford, first; C. D. McDaniel,
second. Three years old: Jas.
Kimpson . Yearlings: C. D. Mc
Daniel. Suckling colts: L. G.
Mares. Four- years and over:
Geo. Bufford, first; Jas. Kimpson,
second. Three years old: Ike Car
mack, first; S. T. Evans, second.
Two years old: L. G. Burkett, first
and second. Yearlings: L. G. Burk
ett, first; Geo. Bufford, second. Suck
ling colts: Ike Carmack first; Geo.
Bufford, second.
Matched team. L. G. Burkett,
first; Geo. Bufford, second.
CATTLE. Herefords.
Bulls. Three years and over:
Tom Callahan. Yearlings: Tom Cal
lahan. Cows and heifers. Yearlings:
Dodds & DeBow.
Polled Angus.
Bulls. Two years old: C. N.
Red Polls.
Dodds &
Three years and over:
DeBow, first and second.
Advice of Mother no Doubt Pre
vents Daughter's Untimely End.
Ready, Ky. " I was not able to do
anything for nearly six months," writes
Mrs. Laura Bratcher, of this place, "and
was down in bed for three months.
I cannot tell you how I suffered with
my head, and with nervousness and
womanly troubles.
Our family doctor told my husband he
could not do me any good, and he had
to give it up. We tried another doctor,
but he did not help me.
At last, my mother advised me to take
Cardui, the woman's tonic. 1 thought
it i was no use for I was nearly dead and
nothing seemed to do me any good. But
1 took eleven bottles, and now 1 am able
to do all of my work and my own
I think Cardui is the best medicine in
the world. My weight has increased,
and I look the picture of health. "
If you suffer from any of the ailments
peculiar to women, get a bottle of Cardui
today. Delay is dangerous. We know
it will help you, for it has helped so
many thousands of other weak women
in the past 50 years.
At all druggists.
Writt u: Chattanooga Madidna Co., Ladies'
Advisory Dept., Cbatt&nooea, Term., for Strcial
tutmtittu on your case and 64-page book, "Horn e
Treatment for Women." in plain wrapper. fl.C 133
Two vears old: S. L. Royster
Calves: Dodds & DeBow, first and
Pnws and heifers. Three years
and over, two years old, yearlings
and calves, Dodds & DeBow, first ana
second on each.
Bulls. Three years and over: H
Dietzel, first; W. M. Warterfleld, sec-
nmi Two vears old: C. N. Bur
nett. Calf: W. M. Warterfleld, first
and second.
Cows and heifers. Three years
and over: , W. M. Warterfleld, first
and second. Two years old: W. M.
Warterfleld, first; C. N. Burnett, sec
ond. Yearlings: W. M. Warter
fleld, first; C. N. Burnett, second.
Calves: C. N. Burnett, first; W. M.
Warterfleld, second.
Any Breed.
Sweepstakes, for milk and butter:
W. M. Warterfleld.
Bull any age or breed: H. Diet
zel. .
Cow any age or breed: W. M.
Sweepstakes, for beef: Dodds &
Bull any age or breed: Dodds &
Cow any age or breed: Dodds &
-The Races.
The races at the West Tennessee
Fair grounds Wednesday afternoon
attracted a large crowd. Girdle Mc
Gregor, by McGregor, owned and
driven by D. Finnell, of Tuscaloosa,
Ala., easily won three heats out of
five in the 2:30 trot. This bay stal
lion will go on to the Tri-State
tracks from here. He has made a fine
showing over the circuit so far, win
ning first and second in the Fulton,
Ky., trottong races last week. The
Jenora, of Emmett Johnson, of Jack
son, Tenn., came second, Elmira
Moore, owned by O. L. Norton, of
Greenville, Miss., third, and Gray
Belle, owned and driven by our old
friend, J. E. Harrison, fourth.
Walker Direct, Jr., driven by Mr.
Harrison and owned by the Reo
brothers, of Florence, Ala., won
three straight heats in the 2:25
pace. Dan H., a young roan stainon,
new to the circuit, was entered in
this pace by his owner, J. D. Hughes,
of Bells, Tenn., being driven by Mr.
Hughes and won second place. Mr.
A. Oliver, of Paris, Tenn., a broth
er of Mr. Oliver of the Red Cross
Drug Store here, entered his pretty
bay mare, Mary Locanda, in this race
and saw her finish third under the
driving of L. W. Matheny.
There is said to be more class and
style to Mrs. Aran's new hats and
trimmings than ever brought togeth
er in one assortment heretofore. - See
the display in her store.
Mrs. Frank Hawkins spent Sun
day with Mrs. Gray near State Line.
Those on the sick list this week
are Mr. Dick Bumpious and Will
Vinson and little daughter, Willie
B., and C. B. Hawkins.
Miss Myrtle Stanfleld and sister,
of Union City, attended the unveil
ing here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Roberts, of
Beech, spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Tom Vinson.
Mr. Ammon Cunningham, of Mis
souri, is spending the week with his
sister, Mrs. Cleveland Council.
Miss Lela Reeves spent Saturday
and Sunday with homefolks.
Dolph, the little five-year-old boy
of Mr. and Mrs. Bob McCain, of Cres
cent, died Saturday and was buried
Sunday afternoon at Antioch Ceme
tery. Services were conducted by
Rev. Lamkin.
Mrs. Will Caldwell spent several
days last week with her sister, Mrs.
Jim Hart.
Virble and Arndle True, of Beth
el, spent Saturday and Sunday with
their grandmother, Mrs. Annie Kil
lion. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Edwards enter
tained a few of their friends Satur
day night in honor of Mr. Edward's
sister. Miss Euna Bell. Euna was
fifteen looked very pretty. She re
ceived many useful and also beauti
ful gifts. A jolly crowd was pres
ent and everyone voted Euna an
ideal hostess and wished ' her many
more birthdays and that she might
always be as happy as she seemed
then. At a late hour delicious re
freshments were served, consisting
of cake and cream.
Mr. Will Covington's children sur
prised him with a birthday dinner
Sunday, being his fifty-fifth birth
day. He received many nice pres
ents and a fine dinner. It is so nice
not to forget papa and mamma, for
they are our best friends.
If your child is pale and sickly, picks
at the nose, starts in the sleep and
grinds the teeth while sleeping, it is a
sure sign of worms. A remedy for these
parasites will be found in WHITE'S
clears out the worms, but it restores
health and Cheerfulness. Price 25c per
bottle. Sold by Oliver's Red Cross
Drug Store. Adv.
tvary Town In Three States Will Send
Delegation to Memphis During
Ten Days of September 26
to October 5.
"All aboard for the Tri-State FairP
People In this section are all agog
with interest in the bit: agricultural
and development ' exposition at Mem-
phis, which opens September Zb ana
will run until October 5.
So imnortant has the fair become to
(fata territory that plans are already
wnder way for a big attendance from
this eovnty. The fair this year will
be unmsalry interesting. Owing to the
ar and other conditions, farming and
fcataineaa methods have in the past
jrtar undergone a tremendous change,
and the fair will act as a gigantlo
mirror la reflecting the progress which
has 'been made.
On of the bicxest attractions at
any fair is the Stock Show. At Mem-
nhia this Is esDeciallr the case. The
Memphis Stock Show has always been
one of the biggest: in the South, ana
this year It promises to eclipse all pre
vious records. i
Practically every . big herd in the
omiTitxv will send its chamnions to
Memphis to compete for the premi
ums. "
. Owing to the splendid co-operatiou
A nretty compliment was paid the
women of the South by the Tri-State
Fair Association when announcement
was made several years ago that an
entire building at the Memphis Fair
would be turned over to them for their
This building has since that time
developed into one of the prettiest
and most interesting spots on the
grounds, and is again in charge of the
women for the fair which opens Sep
tember 26th. -
It is safe to assert that it has more
men visitors than any other one build
ing at the fair, and . th,is. .year the
The Bouth is coming into 'its own in
the livestock world. This ,1s demon
strated by the vast number1 of South
era herds that will be on exhibition
and in the competition at the Tri-State
Pair at Memphis this year.
Secretary Frank Fuller of the Fair
Association has just returned from
Birmingham and reports the South
ern cattlemen are enthused over the
Fair and are expecting to capture big
Robson plantation at Robson, La.,
Js sending 12 head of Angus cattle and
16 bead of Berkshire swine.
Red Pebble Farm, Ashburn, Ga., will
bow 16 head of Hereford cattle and
B0 head of Duroc Jersey swine.
W. T. Huffman of Columbia, S. C,
win be at the fair with an exhibit
e 80 head of Tamworth swine and an
exhibit of Barred Plymouth Rock poul
try. ' -
Le Varnet farms of Jackson, Miss.,
and Lespedeza Farms at Hickory Val
ley, Tenn., winner of many Tri-State
Fair prizes In the past, will both be on
hand this year with unusually fine en
tries. Shrove Island Farm at Shreveport,
La., will enter Polled Durham cattle
of prize-winning calibre.
Reservations for space have also
been received from: '
E. L. Smith, Covington, Tenn.
E. I Smith, Covington, Tenn., will
ashsMssi MaL'i "M in,mmmmtmmmmmiimai'mi'''ll'mmKm' .
Better stock in beef and dairy cattle is the cry and the need of the Boat.
If the stock on most of the Southern farms approached the class shown above,
this country would be wealthier than any empire in the world. The Jersey
shown here won first honors at the Tri-State Fair at Memphis last year. The
fair opens this year September 26th. and will last ten days, and indications are
that the number of head of stock on the grounds will be almost halt again ai
many as last year. . .
given the fair association by the reg
istry associations, Secretary Frank
Fuller has announced that over $16V
000 will be offered this year In live
stock premiums alone.
Agriculture will also be keynote
feature. The county exhibits have al
ways brought forth the hottest kind of
a race, and this year, owing to the
wider variety being grown, this com
petition will be even more keen.
The fair " association officials are
firm believers in the axiom, "Some
thing doing every minute!" and they
have seen to It that every minute of
the ten days is crowded full of inter
The railroads are offering special
rates to Memphis during the week and
are anticipating record business.
Tri-State Fair Will Give Premiums to
Fancy Steppers.
During the first four nights of the
Tri-State Fair, which opens at Mem
phis September 26, a Horse Show, at
which attractive premiums will , be
awarded fancy steppers, promises to
be one of the very Interesting fev
tares. ' ' -
Pretty- horseflesh never Calls to
arouse admiration, and when to this
is added the further beauty of a grace
ful rider or a pretty driver, the combi
nation is irresistible.
The fair has done much to encom
age the breeding of better horses, and
the fruits of some of its work will be
shown this year. ' ,
ladies in charge of the Women's De
partment are determined to make It
even more attractive than before.
Miss Ada Harris, who has been chief
assistant and in the secretary's office
for a number of years, directress of
the department, announces that there
will be three divisions in which the
ladies of the three states may com
pete. They will be culinary, decora
tive art and textile.
Each one of these divisions has a
score or more of sections. For in
stance, in the culinary division there
is a section of catsups, pickles, canned
vegetables, fruits, marmalades and a
dozen other sections that make one's
mouth water.
Seven different kinds of pies are eli
gible for competition, but they will all
come under the general heading of
"pies like mother used to make." At
least that is provided they do not lock
them in a steel cage while .the judges
are examining their various good
All of which causes .every able
bodied man at the fair to wish he
were a judge.
show Herford cattle and Duroc
Lakeview Farms, of Chattanooga
Tenn., will show SO head of Jersey
Rogers Brothers, . Harrodsburg, Ky,
are coming to the fair with Berkshire
Another Kentucky entrant is Boyd
Browder of Fulton, who will enter O.
I. C. swine.
Sheep from the Blue Grass State
will be shown by Turner Collins of
Leesburg, whose flock of Cheviot are
winning fame for him.
Three other Tennessee exhibitors will
be A. Ramey Bros., of Hickory Point,
with Duroc Jerseys, H. C. Davidson
with Cheviot sheep, Angora goats and
Berkshire hogs, and Island Home
Farm, Knoxville, with Jerseys.
. The inquiry for premium lists has
been greater than ever before. Entries
do not close until September 20, and
the advance entries promise a show
that will far surpass even the famous
shows of the past two years.
The livestock industry in the South,
has enjoyed remarkable growth in the.
past few years. The work done b
the Tri-State Fair the goveinanenjj
and state agents and other instltu
tions interested in the promulgation;
of better breeding methods has reaped
magnificent reward in the way of big
ger and better herds and heavier net
For years we have been stating in the newspapers of the
country that a great many women have escaped serious op
erations by taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, and it is true.
We are permitted to publish in this announcement
extracts from the letters of five women. All have been
recently received unsolicited. Could any evidence be
more convincing? ' t .
1- Hodgdon, Me. w I had pains in both sides and such a soreness
I could scarcely straighten up at times. My back ached and I
was so nervous I could not sleep, and I thought I never would be
any better until I submitted to an operation; but I commenced taking
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and soon felt like a new
woman." Mi's. IIaywakd Sowers, Hodgdon, Me.
2SHKLBTV1LLE, Kr.ruJ suffered from a severe female trouble.
My right side hurt me badly it was finally decided that I
must be operated upon. When my husband learned this he got a
bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for me, and after
taking it a few days I got better and continued to improve until I
am now welL" Mrs. Mollis Smith, R.F.D., Shelbyville, Ky.
3IIANOVEB, Pa! " The doctor advised a severe operation, but my
husband got me Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and I
experienced great relief in a short time. Now I feel like a hew person
and can do a hard day's work and not mind it." Mrs. .Ada Wilt,
303 Walnut St, Hanover, Pa.
4 Decatur, III. wI was sick in bed and three of the best physi-
cians said I would have to be taken to the hospital for an oper
ation as I had something growing in my left side. I refused to sub
mit to the operation and took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
poundand it worked a miracle in my case, and I tell other women
what it has done for me." Mrs. Laura A. Gbiswold, 2437 East
William Street, Decatur, I1L
5 Cleveland, Ohio. "I was very irregular and for several years
my side pained me so that I expected to have to undergo an op
eration. Doctors said tney Knew
would help me. 1 took Lydia Jfi.
table Compound and I became
from nam. I am thankful for
cine and will always give it the
Mrs. C. H. Griffith, 1568 Constant St., Cleveland, v.
Your letter will be opened, read and answered
by a woman and held in strict confidence.
Rev. j. L. Dates, of Yorkville, S.
C, Prof, and Mrs. S. B. Hays, of
Rives, .were guests of Col. and Mrs.
Davy Crockett Saturday.
Mrs. Marvin Robinson has return
ed to Blthyeville, Ark., after a visit
with her grandmother, Mrs. M. R.
King. ,
Miss Belle Pressly left Monday for
Cuba, Tenn., to take charge of her
Mrs. J. A. King and Mrs. Marvin
Robinson were guests of relatives
near Union City Friday.
Dr. W. P. Roberts was a business
visitor in Memphis Monday.
Mrs. Jarrett Ross, of Benton, Ky.,
is , visiting relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Guy were in
Rives Saturday the1 guests of the
Misses Guy. ' '
Misses Janie .Moffatt and Anna
Pressly left Monday for Due West,
S. C, where they will attend the
Due West Woman's College.
Mr. Joe Reedy, of Little Rock,
Ark., was a visitor here Saturday.
He stopped over here on his way
home from Flint, Mich.
D. A. Guy, Davy Crockett, B. P.
Moffatt and- Hurt Rochelle were in
Ridgely Tuesday.
Miss Retta Moultrie, of Hornbeak,
and Maggie Mosely, of Obion, visit
ed at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
John Cloar this week.
Misses Glenn Rochelle and Jimmie
Bright were shopping in Union City
Tuesday. 'v
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stewart, Misses
Nezzie and Bera Waggoner were in
Union City Monday night to see the
W. I. Swain Show.
J. L. Peery, of Polk, was a busi
ness visitor here Monday.
Program at the Reynolds Theatre
To-night, Friday, Sept. 17.
Five feature reels, including the
eighteenth episode of "The Diamond
From the Sky" and a two-reel Than
houser feature, "Snap Shots.
l J . hfNTi ft
r sir m.: m mm mm . . mm v
f I I Does it easiest I J I f I
or nouung tnac
nnmam's vege
regular and tree
such a good medi
highest praise-."
Missionary Society.
A few Shady Grove people met last
Friday afternoon with Miss Clara
JtfcConnell, our district secretary,
present and organized a Young Peo
ple's .Society. Officers elected were
Mrs. J. H. Olive, president; Miss
Lula Mai Cloys, corresponding sec
retary; Miss Dora Haynes, recording
secretary; Miss Elsie Woodfin, su
perintendent of publicity; Mrs. J. B.
Heflin, treasurer; Mrs! Will Adams,
superintendent of - mission study;
Mrs. J. B. Woodfin, superintendent
social service; Mrs. Jim Gordon, su
perintendent of supplies; Mrs. H. A.
Butts, agent for missionary voice;
Miss Elsie Woodfin, organist. .
Card of Thanks.
We wish to express our . thanks
and best wishes to the many friends
who so kindly assisted us during the
sickness of our son and brother,
Evan A. Mitchell. Pe pray v that
God's blessings may attend them
thru this life and they may have ah
abundant entrance in the home be
Five and Ten.
H. A. McElroy & Co. have, opened
a very beautiful and attractive flve-and-ten-cent-store
in Union City",
with a multitude of -attractive and
useful bargains. The house is next
to The Commercial oflice. The
formal opening-took place Tuesday
afternoon, with the proprietors in
charge. This will probably be one
of the most popular stores, follow
ing the Woolworth and Kress idea
nothing over 10 cents and every
article in the store either five or
ten cents. There is a place in Union
City for such a store, and we feel
SUre l ilil l. lilt? piuyiiciuio aic atuuu-'
antly able to fill that place.
All kinds of coal at Union City Ice &
Coal Co. j
Before the
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