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Southern Housewives
Skilled as few others in the cooking art,
appreciate the delightful qualities of
"Post Toasties
Cornprepared in various forms and ways
has ever been a favorite Southern food.
In making Post Toasties the Superior
Corn FlaKes the choicest portions of
the kernels of, selected white Indian Corn
are pressed into wonderfully crisp ' and
tasty food nourishing and satisfying
morning,' noon and night.
Toasties come FRESH-SEAKED, triply protected in moisture
proof, germ-proof packages ready to serve.
Skilful cooks appreciate
Post Toasties
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
' Judge Jones continues the Sep
tember term of court this week with
a number of important case, includ
ing house breaking, larceny and sell
ing liquor. Penitentiary sentences
in several cases were reported by. the
jurors this week and a' great many
minor cases were disposed of. The
record is as follows:
Robert Caldwell, fined $50 and
costs. - .
Charley Lane, fined ?50 and costs
Lee Davis, house breaking and
larceny, one year in penitentiary.
L. Worley, fined $25 and cost.
John Worley, fined $25 and cost
Ralph Burton, fined $50 and cost.
Leo Burton, fined $50 and cost and
three months In county workhouse.
James Boyd, fined $50 and three
months In county workhouse.
Tilda Boyd, fined $2.50 and cost.
Will Roson, fined $50 and cost.
Charley Cavitt, fined $25 and cost.
Alfred Wilkerson, fined $20 and
Ike King, fined $50 and costs and
30 days In county workhouse.
Will Thompson, car breaking and
larceny, verdict of one to five years
in penitentiary and Infamy.
Robert Johnson, larceny, verdict
one to five years in penitentiary and
Ernest Young, concealing stolen
property, verdict one to five years in
penitentiary and infamy. Recom
mendation of one year.
J. C. Adams, Armond Le Fils,
Wright Hogue, T. Pra Thomson (7),
Charley Lane (2), Ralph Burton
(2), Dr. O. C. O'Neal (2), Frank
Tipton, Leo Burton (2), James
Fire Prevention Commissioner Goes
to National Convention.
The Tri-State Fair at Memphis is a
monument to co-operation. It shows
beyond all doubt what concerted ef
fort can do.
The fair this year will be held Sep
tember 26 to October 6, and during
the ten days thousands of farmers,
business men and women from the
surrounding territory will see the
fruits of the last few years' wonderful
development concentrated in the rex
tensive fair grounds.
Diversification even beyond the
fondest hopes of the men who started
the fair movement only a few years
ago will be shown this year. Corn,
wheat, hays, oats, vegetables, live
stock, swine, poultry and a score and
one other money-makers for the farm
will all come in for their share of ap
Crop rotation has pro van its worth.
and , to the Tri-State Fair goes the
lion's share of the credit for the move
ment In the Memphis territory. In
this section there are no less than a
dozen farmers who decided to adopt
more modern methods after a visit to
he Memphis fair. And this year they
win nave opportunity tor even more
remarkable Instruction.
Harness racing, automobile racing.
a splendid midway, and a half hun
dred other amusement features will be
offered by the fair association this
year. All of the railroads are giving
rates and thousands are expected from
this section of the state alone.
Gebhard's famous olocjc will be one of
the attractions at the Tri-State Fair at
Mamnhifl this vast. Annnniirnmftnf wu
Walter Bennett, Henderson Scott, recently made that the Memphis offl-
Halbert Palmer,' Oscar Stubblefield, rials had secured this clock from C.
Denton Powers (2), Aubrey Schrib- Gebhard & Sons, its makers, for the
Speaking Last Night.
Hon. M. R. Patterson, candidate
for the United States Senate, was a
"visitor at the Union City fair yes
terday, and he spoke at Reynolds
Theatre last night to a large crowd.-
Boy Scouts.
Wolf Patrol,"-Troop No. 1, Boy
Scouts of America, is the name of
the new boy scouts organization in
Union City. This patrol was organ
ized Monday at the Christian En
deavor Home by Rev. C. M. Zwingle.
The patrol will meet again next
Monday at the Home at 5 p. m.
Swellings of the flesh caused by in
flammation, cold, fractures of the bone,
toothache, neuralgia or rheumatism can
be relieved by applying BALLARD'S
SNOW , LINIMENT. It should be well
rubbed in over the part affected. Its
great healing and penetrating power
eases the pain, reduces swelling and re
stores natural conditions. Price '25c,
50c and $1.00 per bottle. Sold by Oli
ver's Red Cross Drug Store. Adv.
Death of Rives Citizen.
Mr. Ed Lowe, a citizen for many
years of Rives and vicinity, was
found dead at his home yesterday
mornlnir. Thursday. Sent. IB. 1915.
wnen u expect mat , ,w0 Deceased had been blind for ft year
other patrols will be organized in , . . . .
oruer to mane a gooa iuu troop. awav enjna Q(rr
Fine Restaurant. Years ago Ed Lowe was ticket and
Pardue & Moss, formerly in the rreignt agent at Jttives and one or
building just south of the old post- tne Dest known men of that place.
office building, have opened a mod- e retired several years ago to his
em restaurant In the old postoffice. farm, and since then he lost his wife
It is a lunch stand and restaurant and his health. He was a Mason for
combined with all the latest and best twenty-five years in good standing,
accommodations to be found. The A wil1 was found which provides
walls are paneled with mirrors and that his body is to be cremated and
the chairs are covered with white hIs brother, R. P. Lowe, of Weather
napkins. The lunch stand is a model
of neatness and luxufy. The dairy
features and quick lunch are in
comparable in a town of this size.
The Pardue & Moss service is also
in a special class, and the patrons
of the place are well pleased.
ford, Texas, was notified.
If you trade with The Toggery you
save money 5 per cent discount given
on your purchases
Mrs. Aran's new fall millinery is
now arriving, and it consists of the
Just received car Lehigh Portland smartest conceits ever shown here,
cement ana car common cement ior Get your grates repaired now and
cistern work. Z . I- Bransford & avoid the rush. We build brick
Sns - mantels. T. L. Bransford & Sons.
TVia Sura in Snnv.'
Col. W. I. Swain is in town this Baptist Revival,
week with his big "Kant Leek" tent Owing to the fact that satisfactory
on the Llgon lot, furnishing the arrangements as to time and help
patrons of the drama some interest- could not be made for the tent meet
ing productions on the stage. The ing which we had expected to have,
company is one of the best Colonel and which had been announced, the
Swain has ever brought us, and that church, together with some of other
is saying a great deal. The reper- denominations, and some who are
toire is made up of the latest and not of any denomination, have ask
biggest metropolitan successes, and ed the Baptist pastor, Rev. H. H,
the attendance is fine. Colonel Drake, to conduct the meeting. This
Swain is an old-time showman and he will endeavor to do with the co
he never fails. operation of the membership of his
To-night (Friday) "Thelma" will church and all others who love the
be presented and to-morrow night Lord and can and will help. Wa are
they cease their encasement " with arranging for both a Senior and
the great convict play, "Fighting Junior Choir and will be glad to
,Fate." Admission very cheap. Seats have any who can sing to help us in
I for all. Good orchestra and a pleas- this effort to bring the lost to the
ing entertainment from start
f stop.
Cures Hog Cholera.
to Saviour. Two services each day
with a series of interesting sermons.
Meeting begins next Sunday, Sept.
J B. A. Thomas' Hog Powders has a
i'; record of 95 cures out of every bun-
dred. Ibe makers of this medicin
' say they know what it will doandue
ivthbrize us to guarantee a 90 per cent
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, )
Lucas Countv.
' Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is senior
partner of the hrm of F. J. Lheney & Co., doing;
business in the City of Toledo. County and State
aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of
ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS tor each and every
: -cure. 1 his means that if JD. A. Thomas case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use
Hog Powders do not cure 90 per cent I w.'$ catarrh cure. v
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my pres
ence, this 6th day of December, A. D. 18S3.
f your hogs it does not cost you a!
penny. Better look into this right now.
ci?aiember we do the guaranteeing.
i U by Frank C. Wehman. Adv. ,
Jnly Fords admitted at Lasater's
' -n'tal. i ;;" .; "
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts direcUy upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by all Druggists. 75c.
Tuke Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
ner (2), Eugene Curd, Dick Gray,
Clarence Luton, Ira English, Bob
Aaron, Grover Duncan, HenTy Ward,
Versie Rand, Hurdle Rose, F. B. Far
ris, John Long, Sam Smith.
Wayne Fickleton, Amos Macon
Austin Stubblefield, Jess Lyons, Aus
tin Lyons, Alfred Wilkerson, Rude
Rose, John Rose (3), Henry Mitch
ell (2), Will Rosson, Ike King, Smith
L. S. Snow, Exec, et al. vs. W. A
Fields et al., continued.
Mrs Delia Byrd, Admx. of C. G.
Byrd, dec'd., peremptory instruc
tions to jury for defendant,. $25,000
suit, quashed.
W. B. Simmons vs. Orange Davis,
attachment dismissed, costs ver
sus plaintiff and surety.
L. H. Dobbs & Son vs. Homer
Catron, continued.
Harry L, Hatcher vs. Hugh Mc
McDonald, continued.
Jim B. Sandling vs. J. T. Foster,
S. A. Choate vs. R. B. (Dick) Mar
shall, motion to quash judgment of
J. P. Aug. 1, 1915, disallowed, and
D. C. Council vs. Hal Taylor, set
for third Tuesday at 1 o'clock.
Commercial Security Co. vs. A. D
Avants, case set for third Monday
week of September 26 until October 6,
inclusive. The clock was made in
Mannheim, Germany. It was under
construction 31 years; It has 15,000
distinct parts, which operate with 23
different astronomical motions. These
motions vary from one second to a
revolution of 29 years and six months.
It is all operated by one pendulum.
The big clock is only one of the
hundred or more amusement features
at the fair.
Visitors to the Tri-State Fair at
Memphis during the ten days begin
nlng September 26, will see ry of the
most complete exhibitions of minia
ture farms ever attempted la the
Nashville, Sept. 11. Fire Preven
tion Commissioner of Tennessee.
Chas. W. Schuyler, is in Chicago at
tending the convention of the An
nual Fire Marshals' Association of
North America.
Mr. Schuyler has already attained
a reputation on fire prevention work
by his energetic work in furthering
the present fire prevention law of the
State in the last Legislature. This
law is said by' other State authori
ties to be the most modern law on
the subject of any State in the
union. Mr. Schuyler is on the pro
gram to address this association on
Suggestions for a National Clean
Up Week, and the State Building
The Fire Marshals' association of
North America has advannced pro
gressive ideas and methods towards
the elimination of fire hazards in
America," said Mr. Schuyler before
leaving. "The fire waste in this
country is , enormous, running
around $750,000,000 annually, cov
ering the losses proper, upkeep of
fire departments, fire fighting appa
ratus and business. If the cost of
solicitors and other expenses of the
fire insurance companies were added,
it would bring the combined cost to
the people of America right at a
billion dollars, for it requires forty
per cent of the insurance premiums
for the maintenance of the fire in
surance companies and sixty per cent
of the total premiums are returned
to the assured for the losses attained
by them. A loss by fire is gone for
ever it is that much of the nation's
value wiped off the earth and can
never be returned. Tennessee has
the highest per capita loss of any
State in the Union, or any country
in the world. The cost to every man
woman and child in the State of
Tennessee is $5.18 per annum. Sev
en of the largest European countries
have a per capita loss of but thirty
three cents; England, fifty-four
cents; Germany, nineteen cents;
Austria, thirty cents; Sweden, thir
teen cents; the Netherlands, twelve
cents, and Switzerland, four cents.
"Herbert M. Nelson, of the United
States geological survey, reported
that the loss of fire In one year in
this country amounts to one-half
the value of the buildings construct
ed annually, a tax upon the people
exceeding the total value of the gold.
silver, copper and petroleum pro
duced in the United States and its
territories each year."
The fire loss in America covering
the last ten 'years exceeds the gold
held by the United Kingdom, Aus
tria-Hungary, Italy and Spain; is
two hundred million in excess of the
fire prevention, and would enable
the introduction of new methods in
this universal cause of conservation.
Some States have been operating
such departments for fifteen years,
and it is stated that in many States
the fire loss has been reduced from
twenty per cent, to fifty per cent.
Governor Rye Is greatly interested
in this conservation movement, be
sides other reforms he has engender
ed into his administration bearing
on retrenchment policies.
The fire prevention department
does not cost the State one cent, this
department being suported by a spe
cial tax of one-half of one per cent
on the net premium received on fire
and marine insurance written in the
State of Tennessee. This, of course,
is paid directly by the people who
carry fire Insurance.
These farms will be arranged under total authorized capital stock of all
the supervision of experts, whose pin the National Banks in America: it
pose it Is to show just bow farming of
different kinds can 'be conducted suc
One of the farms will be a model
poultry farm, showing how best to
handle poultry on a ten-acre tract
Another will be a hog farm, show-
exceeds the combined annual value
of this country's six staple crops of
wheat, oats, potatoes, rye, barley and
buckwheat; is greater than the an
nual value of the cotton crop, and
experts say that the more than
eighty per cent, of the fires in this
ing how the greatest number of hogs
can be handled on a given area of country are caused by
ground. This farm will show a series and easily preventable.
of crops to be planted so as to prc-l Mr. Schuyler said that he expect
uce xne greatest amount or reea ed to obtain information from the
FOR SALE Seed barley, oatd and throughout the year. It will also experts in attendance at this con
As Described by John L. Stoddard in
His Lecture on Norway.
Straight from the polar sea, ap
parently, the wondrous northern
light (an opalescent radiance born of
the twilight and the dawn) came
stealing o'er the waters like a bene
diction and to enhance its mystery
and beauty, when I looked north
ward over the rounded shoulder of
the globe, I saw the Midnight Sun.
At this great height and northern
latitude it did not sink to the hori
zon, but merely paused, apparently
some twenty feet above the waves,
then gradually rose again. It was
the last countless sunsets which had
that day been following each other
round the globe. It was the first of
countless sunrises which, hour after
hour, in so many continents would
wake to life again a sleeping world.
I have seen many impressive sights
in many lands, but nothing, until
time for tne shall be no more, can
equal in solemnity the hour when,
standing on this threshold of a con
tinent, and on the edge of this im
measurable sea, I watched, without
one moment's interval of darkness,
the past transform itself in the pres
ent, and yesterday become to-day.
Program, Saturday Night, September
Five feature reels, including a big
two-reel feature from the Keystone
Laugh Factory entitled "The Home
Breakers" and a two-reel Broncho
drama featuring Wm. S. Hart. Prices
5 and 10 cents. .
Madame Bernhardt has postponed
her tour of the United States two
months to organize a new company
because the actors formerly with her
are serving in the army.
George Nelson, a bank robber, held
sixty policemen in San Francisco,
armed with shotguns, rifles and re
volvers, at bay six hours, until,
wounded, 'he killed himself.
Dixie Bee Line boosters set out
Monday from Evansville to inspect
Kentucky and Tennessee roads.
hay. Phone 750-2
22-tf S. A. Wade,
R. F. D. No. 1, Union City, Tenn
Raise Rlooded Cattle.
Covington, Tenn., Sept. 11. In re
sponse to call issued by George A,
Sanford, secretary of the Covington
Business Men's Club, an enthusias
tic meeting was held at the court
house this afternoon of persons in
the county interested in raising pure
bred cattle. E. A. Bishop, of Egypt,
was elected chairman and J. W.
Slmonton, of Covington, secretary.
Mr. Sanford has made arrangements
with all seven of the banks in Tip
ton County to lend money at a low
rate of interest to persons who will
purchase pure bred live stock and
who are Interested in raising same.
Quite a number of farmers at the
meeting this afternoon signified
their intention of going into this
business. Another meeting will be
show model hog bouses and tell how
to handle swine to the best advantage.
A model grain and stock farm will
alao be shown, giving a splendid plan
for a four-year rotation. This plan
secures the marimum Tesult from the
iand and at the same time adds to Its
The fifth farm will show the proper
'method of growing and harvesting
Each of the farms will be under
fence, and all necessary buildings and
equipment for operation will be in
cluded in the exhibits. There will also
be up-toHhe-mlnute charts and printed
slips, the latter may be taken home
for future reference. Experts will be
in charge of the exhibits and will ex
plain all details. The model farms
will be the central feature of the Ag
ricultural building.
vention that would be invaluable to
the State in progressive methods of
Does So.
"Here's a startling item."
"What is it?"
"It says the oyster has not in
creased in price in twenty-five
"Hum! Looks like culpable neg
ligence somewhere."
ree! Free! Free! Free!
Mrs. Julia Moss.
Mrs. Julia Moss died Saturday
afternoon, Sept. 11, 1915, at the
home of her son-in-law. Mr. John
neid soon, when R. M. Murphy, live SDelht. flve milea aoi3theaBt of Fi-
0.. ui university ul ton, aged 86 years. Mrs. Moss was
pnessee, will be present and deliver
an address,
Do colds settle on your chest or in your
bronchial tubes ? Do coughs hang on, or
are you subject to throat troubles?
Such troubles should have immediate
treatment with the strengthening powers
of Scott's Emulsion to guard against
consumption which so easily follows.
Scott's Emulsion contains pure cod liver
oil which peculiarly strengthens the res
piratory tract and improves the quality of
the blood; the glycerine in it soothes and
heals the tender membranes of the throat.
Scott's is prescribed by the best special
ists. You can get it at any drug store.
Scott & Bowne, Bloomfield, N. J.
a long time citizen . of the coun
ty and respected by the entire
community. She received a fall
some time since and broke her hip,
which hastened her death. She was
a raithtul member of the Methodist
Church at Walnut Grove. She is
survived by three or four children
and several grandchildren. The
funeral and burial took place at
Walnut Grove Church Sunday at 2
p. m., Rev. S. A. Martin officiating.
Fulton Leader.
Giyen away FREE by us Oct. 25
and $50.00 in Cash
given away by us.
Ask us to explain this grand trip we
are giving away to you.
on your
FOR RENT My residence, fur
nished or unfurnished. Phone 154.
Special! ;; Special! Special!
A Fishing Party.
I think there's a fish
line." '
"Dear me," yelped the telephone
girl; "I wonder what number he

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