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" I " ,..,, ......
uy an Accident Policy
For your summer vacation trip, to the Panama Exposition or
elsewhere. We issue them from one to ninety days at a very-
low cost.
Insurance on property in town and in the country given'
careful attention.
Fire, Tornado, Life, Accident. Bonds. '
Phones 118; 146, 386-J. Union City, Tcnn.
FOE SALE Pure home ade sor
f hum molasses. Call or phone 57-J.
26-tf " " ' H. O. Head.
passenger automobile in good condi
tion. Call 6 9 9-J, Union City. '
. WANTED To take a few pupils in
piano instruction; special attention to
beginners. Phone 59. . ;
.FOR SALE Seed barley, oat3 and
bay. Phone 750-2.
22-tf '' S. A. Wadk,
R. P. D. No. 1, Union City, Tenn.
' . LOST Pair of eyeglasses in case be
tween my residence, Church stteet, and
stoe. Reward will be given.
26-lt '' Joe Rodgers.
FOR SALE One L. C. Smith Tvre
writer No. 5, 1914 model, but little
Sed. .. JNO. T. WAtKER,
- 26-lt Trustee L. F. Alexander.
Mrs. John Baird is sick.
R. E. Craig is ill this week.
Only Fords admitted at Lasater's
' Mrs. A. N. Dickson has returned
from a visit in Humboldt.
Fresh Maryland Oysters, 30 cents
pt., 60 cents qt. Kirklands.
Dr. Hunt, of .Mayfleld, was fl. vis
itor here at the fair last week.
See the display now at Mrs.
Aran's. "
tlemen boarders wanted. Apply to 212
East Exchange street
26-2tpd M. D. Youeee.
PJANO . TUNING and repairing; best
'references work guaranteed; special at
tention to Work in country. C. Longdon,
phone 284..-JRes. 822 Third St.. 23-4t
. FOR RENT Cottage residence
furnished.1"" For - further particulars
apply - to" r;Mrs. John R. George
Couple preferred. 26-tf
FOR SALE 322 acres best Missis
sippi Delta land, 230 acres in culti
vation, at $45 an acre, one-fourth
cash, balance to suit purchaser. Ad
dress owner,' Box 114, Union City,
Tenn. . - 23-4t
LOST Somewhere on R.F.D. No. 4
about Sept. 15, mail scales, marked
property of U, S. Postoffice Department.
made by Triner Scale & Mfg. Co. Finder
please notify Carrier Alfred M. Taylor,
Union City,. Tenn. . 26-it
. FOR, SALE Farm of 111 acres locat
ed 3i miles northeast of Jordan, Ky.,
on Liberty road, mail route and tele
phone line, all in cultivation; good land
and lays well; fair improvements; plenty
stock water. Good terms.
2G-4t W. B. Brice.
R.F.D. No. 1, Box 106, Fulton, Ky.
Attorney Harvey Teague, of Ridge
ly, was a visitor here this week.
We sell everything to build any
thing. Union City lumber Co.
Mrs. A. L. Brevard is attending
the U. D. C. Convention at Fulton.
Fresh Maryland Oysters, 30 cents
pt., 60 cents qt. Kirklands.
Mr. Burch Anderson, of Fulton,
was a visitor in the city Wednseday.
Call 150 and get your coal and wood.
Union City Ice & Coal Co. ,
T." N. Cooper, of Paris, was a vis
itor here last week attending the
We can make you a new overcoat out
of your old one. Phone us.
Union City Laundry.
D. P. Cafdwell is in Nashville
this week looking on at the State
Miss Grace James, of Obion, was
the guest of Miss Lucile Craig last
, Ask us about the grand FREE
TRIP we are giving away October
24. J. A. Coble. Son & Co.
Messrs. Henry , ,; and : Harrell Mr. and Mrs. A. Wilson and
Fowlkes, of Dyersburg, were the daughter, Miss Grace, of Obion, were
guests of Mrs. Chas. Dietzel last in the city Tuesday, en route to
week. '" Nashville, where Miss Wilson enters
' Martha Almeda, a pretty baby Vanderbilt University for, an A. B.
daughter, was born last Monday course. The young lady is a gradu-
morning to Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Kel- &te ot tne Obion. Training School,
ly, this city. - and stood at the head of the honor
PK .Vr.-J , roll,' with a general record average
WUVAO. VT diva W lit UP11UIOLC1 If . ...
rf,,rn;aK A,miA,. 1- ,n ner Bluaies 01 over nmety-nve pei
fnrr Rl1, f ,JJ f cent- which entitled her to a prem
launrJrv Pl,nB lum of 200' offered by the patrons
I of the school. The premium was
Mrs. Ernest Sturgis, of the vicinity awarded with congratulations and
of Troy, is a patient in the Physl- Miss Grace carried with her this
cians and Surgeons Hospital on (certificate to Nashville.
rVirA. ofKAnl . ...... I
' Ask us about the FREE TICKET
; ? -
this week visiting Miss Rhine Joy- tlie ?5000 cas given away by us
ner, Fifth street. - October 25. J. A. Coble, Son & Co.
I have made arrangements with Mr. Bob Fox. of Obion. Ht w,i.
the grocers for your Maryland Oys- nosday in this city.
ters. Kirkland, " n, w a wo,-ii: i
visitor at Hornbeak Tuesday.
Springs, Humphreys County, Tenn., Miss Nola Her, of Crystal, returned
are in Union City visiting . their home Wednesday after visiting Mrs,
grandson, E. L. Rice. . Ellis Jackson.
Rev. C M. ZwinEle and W. J. n..i ni itt..j L ,
Davidson, representing the C. P. j:
Church, are attending Presbytery in Mr. W. T. Nichols, the fruit tree man,
Gibson County this week. showed us some very fine, large, late
Mrs. Aran's new fall millinery is free-stone peaches grown at the home
now arriving, and it consists of the of w- A- Beeler this city. The peaches
smartest conceits ever shown here, belonged to no variety known by Mr.
Nichols and he has forwarded them to
Catot. J. W. Walker, of Number Washington. D. C. for classification. .
Savon lira a in tUa nUir TKrrtJ I
returning from Mnrtin ,h . We "e the only dry cleaners in the
been visiting his daughters.
Dr. .T. M. AlpvnnHpr nroaiHatit
. , r..v,t, Ttr:ii- v,. i .
and R. H. Wade, secretarv of t.hn " 11,10 ,Ba- lUB 8Uoe rePalr man
Fulton Fair Association, were in the wHh Morgan"Verhine Co' of tbls citv
city last week attending the fair. was operated on at the Nailling HoS'
Round trip ticket to PANAMA EX- ? . nday mrmDg y D":- NaiIliDg
PnsTTtnw DrA tmnn .t - PUI vuvuiwu goure, wnicn
Vit . nI oK r AT had been growin for the Past enty
""7' UB vv-luu" T1-: a' one years, recently rapid, and causing
VU, , U tin nml ;flRU V.. ll.! J .
R. L. Rochelle and niece, Miss inability to lie down. The operation
Glenn Rochelle, of Troy, were in was successful, and Mr. Ogles is im
the city Monday. Miss Rochelle was proving.
cu iuulg iu xvuttuuiie, va., wiiere sne n - Ml J 11
i.vicii. uuicii win uu an your
furniture reDair work. Wifh Cha
miss uantie May uuten, accom- Ward, the uoholsterer. in tho f.
Danied bv her father. 'Tl. A. T.nt.pn t Dll. 1 . r .1
- ' ucic uiuur. nrst aoor wpsr nt rhp
went to iNasnvme this week to enter steam aundrv. Phone 43ft
wara-tseimont. Mr. juuten attend
ed the State Fair. : .
WjGrSoxm our Ads. i
Phone 82.
- Union City Laundry.
'H AT'S our principle,
and men and $oung
men can bet e Haven't
forgotten it wkile v?e were
writing this ad.
Messrs. . Lawrence . and Jas. . Her
ring, of Bird's Point, Mo., were in
the city and county this week vis
iting relatives and friends.
House and lot located on the cor
ner of Third and Palmer streets in
. Union City. Lot 132x100 feet. Four
rooms in the house. Fine garden
spot and plenty of out houses. Price
$1,700. This is" a bargain. For
terms see Geo. L. White, or phone
368-J., 254t
Special! Special! Special!
I have moved away from Union
City, ' and. will give someone a great
bargain in a six-room house on Mor
gan street, just one block south
High School building, with all mod
ern improvements, electric lights and
bath. Will take in some trade on
this property, automobile or good
land notes. ; Look it over and make
me a price as I am going to sell.
This is a snap for someone that
wants a home in a good neighbor
hood. Address ', O.' P. BISHOP,
Dyersburg, Tenn. 25-2t
Miss Lula Shuff, of State Line, is
a visitor in the home of Mrs. Sid
Mr. and Mrs. Walker Curry, of
Troy, were in the city Wednesday
- , """"6" w"" Were here at the fair last week
Mrs. W. E. Jacques left Saturday
ters. Air&Lana. for her hom in KisBimniAO. Tfln
Miss Alva D .Tnllv nf MnrHn wQO c"umS U1B Sreauer pan UI
the fair home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Roper.
Mrs. J. W. Brantley and Mrs. W. FREE TICKET and $50.00 IN
G. Harris, of Troy, were in the city CASH given away by us October 25
Tuesday shopping. to PANAMA EXPOSITION. J. A.
We sell cypress shingles for $2 Coble, Son & Co
per thousand. Union City lumber
Cumberland Church.
Just received car Lehigh .Portland At the 11 o'clock service at the CP
Cement and car common cement for Church next Sunday the subject will be
cistern work. T. L. Eransford & "Creativeness of Spiritual Conflict."
Sons. ' ' No service at the evening hour on ac-
count; of the revival at the Baptist
Church. ' . ,
Big Muddy -vwashed nut coal is best
They for cooking. Call 150. Union City
ice b coai uo.
Misses Pauline Martinetti and
Ruth Willingham, of Fulton, are in
Mrs. J. A. Whipple has returned tne Clty visiting Miss Kathleen
from Asheville. N. C. much im- sogers. Miss Martha Rogers, of
proved in health.
Mrs. J. H. McDearmon and daugh
ter, Miss Luella, visited Mrs. W. J,
Davidson last week.
Those famous Maryland Oysters hi3 boynood home
can oe naa tnru tne grocers. Jurk-
Jackson, is also a visitor with Miss
Mr. Cleveland Henshaw, of Bos
ton, was a visitor this week in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Brevard,
Mr. Henshaw
Bat Husband, With Aid of Cardui,
Effects Her Deliverance.
Draper, N, C Mrs. Helen Dalton, 0!
Ihis place, says: j"I suffered for years,
. with pains in my left side, and would
often almost smother to deauVv
Medicines patched me up for awhile
1 but then 1 would get worse again. Final
ly my husband decided he wanted me to
. iry cardut, the wcnian's tonic, so he
bought me a bottle and I began using it.
ft did me more good than all the medi
cines 1 naa taken.
I have induced many of my friends to
try Cardui, and they all say they have
been benefited by its use. There never
nas Deen, ana never will be, a medicine
to compare with Cardui. 1 believe it is
1 good medicine for all womanly trou
bles.'' . For over 50 years, Cardui has been re
lieving woman's sufferings and building
weak women up to health and strength.
If you are a woman, give it a fair trial,
(t should surely help you, as it has a
million others.
Get a bottle 0! Cardui to-day.
Writt to: Chattanooga Medietas Co, Ladled
Advisory Dept.. Chattanooga, Tenn., for Sttcial
Instruction! on your case and 64-pa? book, "Home
Treatment for Women." in plain wrapper. N.C. 1 it
was reared by these good people and
he is remembering them with a
Miss Myrtle Jones, of Obion, ms
the house guest of Miss Ruth Moore I have connected myself with
while attending the fair. Chas. Ward, the upholsterer, and
W. D. Coburn. of the M. & O. R. am prepared to do all kinds of
R. Co., was a business visitor in cabinet work and furniture repair
Union Citv this w(fik. work. EVERETT DUREN.
West of bteam Laundry. Phone 438
- Seriously Injured.
J. T. Turner, of the American Tele
phone Co., Martin, was run over Tues
day morning by a truck loaded with
telephone poles, and his abdomen badly
bruised. He was brought here to the
Nailling Hospital on the noon train and
his condition was regarded very serious.
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Jersey Cream Flour. -...
Stock Farm Sold.
Paul A. Crockett, of Obion, bought
the fine stock farm from C. Y. Fentress,
near Mount Moriah. This farm was
sold through Forester & Forester, the
real estate men. '
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best
for cooking. At Union Citv Ice
Coal Co. i
At $15 to $22.50
are America's greatest
clotking values today.
That's Kov? we felt Cken we
ordered these suits and over
coats made for us- that's how
HIGH ART MODELS you' 11 feel when you're worn
these clothes for awhile.
For correctness of style, for brilliance of fabric col-
orings and weaves for dependability at all times
H your clothes are HIGH ART STYLE
H But you need not take our word for it. The clothes
ES- are in our store and you hae judgment let us
H show" them to you
Union City, - Tennessee
Christian Endeavor Society.
The Christian Endeavor Society will
meet at the C. P. Church Sunday even
ing at 6:30. Interesting discussion of
topic, "Shields Against Temptations."
Something new every Sunday. Good
music, helpful discussion of young peo
ple's problems.
The Baptist Ladies Aid.
The Ladies Aid met at the home of
Rev. and Mrs. H. H. Drake Monday
afternoon, Sept. 20.
. The scripture lesson was read by Mrs.
W. D. Harrison.
Roll call by Mrs. Homer Hale.
Then business was discussed by each
member. .
The Ladies Aid wishes to especially
thank Mr. J. D. Little for furnishing
heat for the stand at the fair ground,
also Glass Grocery Co, for coffee and
the Union City Bottling Works for their
contribution and all others who helped
in any way to make this undertaking a
, Improvements.
The carpenters are doing some work
this week on the L. S. Parks residence
on Main street, formerly the Hardy
home. In the spring, we are told, ar
rangements will be made to add another
story and extensive additions to the
home so that it will be one of the most
comfortable and attractive homes in
the city.
Telephone Union City Ice & Coal Co.
when you want coal right now.
Call 150 for coal of any kind.
llll llll
141 R
1 Olfl XI11TC
new uresses
f llll
Those famous Maryland Oysters
can be had thru the grocers. Bark-
Rev. C. M. Zwingle and W. B
Cunningham and Elder W. J. David
son went to Dyer Monday to attend
Mr. Henry Roberts and daughter, the meeting of Obion Presbytery of
Miss Annie Lee, of Troy, were vis- the C. P. Church. Rev. Zwingle re
itors in the city Monday. turned Tuesday and has gone to
Miss Cora . Palmer left this week Culleoka where he is conducting a
for Ward-Belmont, Nashville, to re- revival meeting.
sume her musical studies. Northern route eainsr. Southern
I a o'
Now is the best time to put in your route returning to and from PANA-
concrete work. T. I. Bransford & MA EXPOSITION with $50.00 in
Sons. ' cash given away bv us October 25.
. i " "
E. A. Schrader, traveling auditor A- oble, Son & Co-.
of the M. & O. R. R. Co., was a busi
ness visitor here Tuesday.
Mr. Fletcher Tate leaves next
week for Sparta. 111., to fill an en-
Mr. Howard Davidson, who is gagement with the. countv fair. He
traveling for the American Salesbook will be with R. A. Rdbinson. who
Company, was at home Sunday. has arranged to have a snecial band
We have a complete Stock of con- J0' professional musicians from St.
pt nillor Mnr,lr otitt iT T ouis ror the week. There will be
CVflfttnnn i 1 J! ITT -
I denier xaie, ms Droiner, ana
Eddie Robinson, the latter from Pa-
Clarksville, is a visitor this week in au&. The other members are all
the home of Miss Rhine Joyner. -,
R. J. Sandling, of Dyer, was a vis
itor in the city Tuesday, going to
Nashville to visit his daughter.
St. Louis musicians of the very best
ability. .
Everett Duren. the cabinet maker.
will repair and remodel your furni-
! ry it w m
Get your grates repaired now and ",e- rnces reasonable, wuh Chas
avoid the rush. We build brick L rbQu1 n 1 7
i a.aul.Bm ai l uuiii wpst nr rrv
mantels. T. L. Bransford & Sons. steam laundrv. Phnni 43ft
New Waists
Complete line Children's Dresses
- v-
. "

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