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Over Whits t Burchard's Drug
Store, Union City, Tenn.
- Telephones .
Office 1 44. J, Residence 689-J
Over White & Burchard's Drug
Store, Union City, Tenn.
Office 1 44-J; Residence 689-J
Union City Commercial, established 1890 1 .
West Tennessee Courier, established 1897 I Consolidated September 1, 1897
VOL. 25, NO. 27.
Mayor Beynolds Gives Gracious Wet
come to Disciples Convention
The twenty-sixth annual ; session
of the Tennessee Christian Mission
ary Convention began Monday even
ing at the First Christian Church
even been devoting their time in sew
ing and making clothing for Russian
soldiers. For a large percentage of them
to return to Germany where all their
associations had long been broken or
a seclusion in the interior of Russia
were alternatives offering au equally
dismal prospect. '
"Except in extreme cases serious ill
ness and infirmity do not interfere with
the deporting of the patient. Crowded
into trains commonly used for cattle, I men taken . prisoners ; and, wenty
with a large number of delegates almost without food, scantily clad and miles of trenches in. the west
present. Numbers from all points in various conditions of disease and Souchez has been, stormed and
of the , State are here, and the con- despair.' these miserable persons are captured and an advance is, reported
vention is one of the largest and 8hiPr,tfid tr, ,Wnw h,Vh north of Arras- The assaults began
UC1U laofa fnv rlaita anrl in a mfln,' mnnn
cases are. forced to march overland for
Anglo-French Forces Capture Twen
ty Miles of Trenches.
London, Sept. 26. Heavy con
tinuous attacks by the British and
French have cost the Germans more
than twenty thousand . unwounded
most, interesting ever
State, V, J.!?-'.,.:-.;.', J.
, President 1. , JB. Stuart, of Wood
isna stireei unurcn,, , jsasnvme, a
; former Union City minister and a
close friend of the Mayor of the
city, very graciously introduced Hon
Thos. R. Reynolds, who
the large congregation
Saturday morning and at last ac
counts battles were raging furiously.
A German official statement, for-
sixty or seventy miles from the railroad warded from Berlin admits German
station to the camp where they are to reverses.
i I
De interned. . I While the allies were advancine
The sanitary conditions on these trains into German entrenchments, British
delighted are vile and there is every possibility battleships . were battering away at
with his for the spread of the disease. There is German positions between Zeebrugge
' 7 '
forceful and clear-cut address of no assistance for the sick, and there is and Nieuport.
welcome. Every delegate felt the no Drotection asainst infection for those For several weeks there had been
veracious welcome extended by the i : n n u . . an almost Incessant bombardment
: ' i wiiu aic wen. uu inn uiiiui uuui lue ... .... ...
llflvni anA (Via ' itUtvana nf TTnlnn With nie"0-1ins wVilph 1 n nron aorl lata
railroad to the camp large numbers ,ast week Jn lnte Jltyf particularly
have frozen to death along the way. ln th 8ectors whe. infantry attacks
The lot of these people is one which it took place Thls prepared the way
would be difficult to exaggerate. for the general assault.
Mr. Snodgrass is at present trying to The French, who have the most
Superintendent of the Young Peo- convince the governors of the various important gain to their credit, made
pie's Department of the Christian provinces that their ' co-operation is their chief onset around Perthes,
Woman's Board of Missions, of In- nflrtessarv. unless the rendition of Rer- Beausejour and Suippes, in Cham
i - -
man civil prisoners in Russia is to be
come a national scandal.
Mayor and the : citizens of Union
City. The splendid hospitality can
not be surpassed,
ut. snamnart, (or Kockwood, re-
ponded to the address of welcome.
Mrs. Ellie K. Payne, National
dianapolis, ind., delivered a master
ful address, making a strong appeal
in behalf of the woman's work and
, the place which woman occupies in
the field of the Master's service
Dr. Carey E. Morgan, ; of
The Circus.
Now on what Is termed their
vine twentv-fifth Jubilee Year and Tour.
ireei nurcn, xsasnvine, a scnoiar the Sun Brothers' World's Progres
uu u.aui Vl uUC mat laiia., uenver- sIye ghows are comlng Dack to Uni0n
ed a wonderful address upon the a .
I V7iLj auu will f, i c tnu iciLuiiuauvco
subject, ''The Plea of the Church of
Christ." Dr. Morgan's theme was
Christian Union." ' He pleaded for
.the continuance of liberty. of thought
on the part of the ministry and the
individual church member; for
on Wednesday, Oct. 6.
It is hardly necessary to state here
that this show is all right, for
the reason that our citizens know,
that it is all right and besides it is
a simon nure. all clean and resnect-
sirici aanerence 10 ine book or
Books" as the rule of faith and prac
tice; for the union of God's people
under the one name "Christian"
. and for a greater fraternalism and
sweeter fellowship on the part of all
i, communions.
Robt. M. Hopkins, National Bible
School Superintendent, of Cincin
nati, began the, daily bible school
.conferences at 8:15 Tuesday morn
ing, and this was followed by the
regular session of the C. W. B. M.,
the State and district officers presiding.
The advance printing matter states
that the programme for presentation
is absolutely all new for this season,
not one old feature being retained.
The success of this noted tented ag
gregation has been realizen by pre
senting the American people a tented
show entirely free from every form
of graft; by keeping every promise
made in the matter of exhibitions,
and by treating those who visit these
exhibitions with the utmost courtesv ... J,
, . T. . ... . pregnable fortifications.
auu icsyeui. 11, is. una maimer ui
treatment which often causes one to
feel more guest than patron when
he visits the Sun Brothers' Show.
Many of their rival showmen who
countenanced the old time confidence
pagne, where in December they made
a considerable gain. This" attack.
backed by a tremendous artillery
fire, gave them possession of more
territory than' they had retaken from
the , Germans since the latter dug
themselves in after the battle of the
Marne. - - '
According to the French, the Ger
mans were driven out of their
trenches over a front of fifteen miles
varying in depth from two-thirds of
a mile to two and a half miles. The
French in the engagement captured
twelve thousand prisoners
The importance of this gain lies in
the fact that every yard of ground
taken in this region weakens the
German position around Verdun,
from which the Germans might be
compelled to retire should the
French make a further advance.
The French have regained trenches
east of the "labyrinth" in the Arras
district, which was the scene of
much heavy fighting earlier in the
year. There the Germans had built
what they considered almost im-
qulet place where his muse would
not be disturbed. He often said
that the rattling of the typewriter
keys frightened his muse away. Seid
desired to be a Journalist and enteied
the; Columbia School of Journalism.
He was a member of the Tennessean
and American staff for several
months, leaving this paper to be
come the editor of a smaller paper.
Seid was a very successful Journal
ist and death came when he was
young in the work.
we could not better close this
little tribute than to offer the clos-
ingwords of Lycldas as the conso
lation to tnose near and dear to
Weep no more, . woeful shepherds,
weep no more,
For Lycidas your sorrow, is not dead,
Sunk though he be beneath the wa
tery floor.
So sinks the day-star in the ocean
And yet anon repairs his drooping
And tricks his beams, and with new-
spangled ore
Flames in the forehead of the morn
ing sky;
So Lycidas sunk low, but mounted
Through the dear might of him that
walked the waves,
Where, other groves and other
streams along,
With nectar pure his oozy locks he
And hears the unexpressive nuptial
In the blest kingdoms meek of
Joy and love.
Debreau Cast.
Expel Germans from Russia.
Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 30. The
American Consulate-General at Moscow
which has, since the beginning of the man, the shell worker,- the fortune
war, been delegated by the German teller, the short changer and other
Government to handle German civil forms of graft, made the assertion,
prisoners in Russia, is now making a tnat the show could not live with
determined effort to return these nris- out adjuncts of that kind, and also
oners to Germany so that they may
not suffer the hardships of another
winter in the interior of Russia. Al
though these prisoners have not been
the victims of actual cruelty on the
part of Russian officials, their condi-
sneeringly referred to the Sun
Brothers' Shows as " that Sunday
School Show."
Ever since its inception twenty-
five years ago,' the Sun Brothers have
been deadly foes to anything of a
demoralizing character and have
from it, and to-day it is the only
show of its size in America that
can successfully "repeat" each sea
son town for town. The amusement
going people have confidence in the
tion has' been indescribably wretched, kept their shows intact and free
Hundreds ortnem have died from cold,
starvation ap'd disease.
A recent order issued by Prince Usu-
poff, the Governor of Moscow, stated
ornlicitlw that everv German or Ana.
trianof non-skvic origin, regardless of BUOW' e new ana ong
iiia.i jici iui uiaugcB cauu suuuoeuiug
season, and always of the very best
Its great cleanliness and the honest,
courtesy and fair treatment given
to all who visit their shows or do
business with them.
The show will arrive in Union
City Oct. 6 by special train service
early a. m. At noon-time preceding
the afternoon performance, a Hum
ber of highly original free outside
shows will be presented to the pub
lic, all taking place on the show
grounds and absolutely free to the
age, state of health, or any mitigating
"circuBistajices whatsoever, must leave
"Moscow'feefore August 14, either for
' Germany Of for one of the interior gov
ernments which have been chosen for
the interment of civil prisoners and
which already harbor over a hundred
thousand men, women and children
This order meant certain death for
cores of Moscow residents whose phy
sical conditionx was. , such that even a
short journey under the best condi
tions would have been dangerous. John
Snodgrass, the American Consul-Gen
era, who had made a special study of
K these cases, appealed to the Governor
of Moscow for discrimination in the
execution of the order of expulsion,
but popular feeling has . run so high
against the German and Austrian sub
jects in Russia that it was stated that
ty exceptions could not do maue. . ad
f " American correspondent sitting in the
office -of the Consul-General watehed
fSthe stream of foreign subjects who were
i fi guauenjy couirouieu wnu cumiDiuu
I ii V;.nV fViotr Vinrl learned to
MJU tRJUUbljr WUM y"j
' ' it
t t nnnsirlor their nsn. Most Of them. &l
J; WUH'UWS, V" v ' n -
V though German or Austrian subjects,
i had lived so long in Russia that they
f I were thoroughly Russian in their sym
v 4 pathies, and some of the women bad
School Opening.
The Memphis Conference Female
Institute, located at 'Jackson, Tenn.,
and one of the oldest colleges for
young ladies in the world, opened its
seventy-third annual session Sep
tember 15, 1915, with a large en
rollment of pupils. - r
mere nas Deen introduced as a
feature of each session two educa
tional trips, one for-the fall and one
for the spring. This session the fall
trip will consist of a visit to the city
of St. Louis October 12-13-14, with
group of tne students under the
guidance of the president and his
wife. ' . ,
You've tried the rest, now" try the
best Jersey Cream Flour.
In Memory of Seid Waddell, Jr.
Yet once more, O ye laurels, and once
Ye myrtles brown, with ivy never
sere, '
I come to pluck, your berries harsh
and crude,
And with forced fingers rude .
Shatter your leaves before the mel
lowing year.
Bitter constraint and sad occasion
Compels me to disturb your season
For Lycidas is dead, dead ere his
Young Lycidas, and hath not left
his peer.
Who would not sing for Lycidas?
he knew
Himself to sing, and build the lofty
rhyme. .
tie must not, noat upon his water
bier ';"
Unwept and welter to the parching
Without the meed of some melodious
- Lycidas,
Ti.e above words of Milton as he
bewails a learned friend, express my
thoughts as I think of the death of
my dear friend and former school
mate, Seid Waddell, Jr. This par-
ticular poem was a favorite of his
when we were students, together in
the Union City Training School, and
could well be applied to the life of
one so talented as Seid.
I never associated with a nobler
man, always the same fellow, ever
quiet and unassuming, as modest as
a lady, he had high ideals and
definite principles which he lived up
to. Wewere in college together for
two years , and there his literary
work, w'hich had its ' beginning in
the Training School paper, "The
Lanterne,";c' began show great
promise. He . was compared to the
immortal Riley by a number of the
Vanderbilt University critics., Both
his poetry and prose work showed
deep thought and marked ability.
He was a jgreat lover of nature and
could describe her beauties in a way
peculiarly Ms own. His work show
ed the Inspirational qualities of the
German Field Marshal von Hin-
denburg is making steady progress
in his drive on the Russian city of
Dvlnsk, and.it Is thought that the
capture of Riga before winter is the
object of the Teuton forces. The
Russian Gen.Ivanoff has scored suc
cesses against Jf'ieia Marsnai von
Mackensen, and the latter has been
forqed. to withdraw iis line some
what, as. it was in danger of being
encircled. Petrograd reports that
4,000 prisoners were taken when the
town of Lutsk was captured, and
that the Austrians were driven back
acrossthe Styr. .
A band of Mexican raiders who
attacked the general store at Pro
gresso, Tex., looted and set fire to
it, killed an American soldier and
wounded Capt. A. V. Anderson, were
protected by rifle fire from in
trenched comrades as they made
their escape across the border pur
sued by American cavalry. The
outbreak is regarded as the most
serious since raiding parties began
to cross the Rio Grande.
The State Department was notified
that the British Ambassy was pre
pared to issue permits for the re
lease of goods owned by American
importers and held in neutral ports
under the Order-in-Council. Goods
of German and Austrian origin paid
for prior to March 1, 1915, or for
which American importers had ren
dered themselves liable prior to that
date will be freed.
true poet. JHe was prone to seek a
Greece has ordered the mobiliza
tion of her naval and military forces,
caiiia? it a "measure of elementary
prudence." Thus the action of Bui
garia in making military prepara
tions has brought the last Balkan
State under arms. What plans
Bulgaria has in mind and what
Greece and Rumania will do when
these plans mature are still matters
for speculation.
Official statements have been given
out saying that Bulgaria plans no ag
gressive action, and the Bulgarian Pre
mier has been quoted as saying that no
steps are contemplated against Greece
and Rumania. The fact that he omitted
Serbia leads to the belief that the Bul-
gars are planning an attack on that na
tion in an effort to regain Macedonia.
Peter Lee Atherton, selected per
manent president of the Jackson
Highway Association at Nashville,
predicted that the route from the
Lakes to the Gulf by way of Louis
ville would be completed in three
The new German war loan is de
clared a success. A total of $3,000,-
000,000 is reported to have been
subscribed, and the Secretary of the
Imperial Treasury asserts the na
tion is able to continue the war in
definitely. The American loan to the British
and French Governments may not be
a full half billion, according to re
ports in New York financial circles.
ieiryloss Grain Co.
Winter Grown Barley,
. Crimson Clover Seed,
New Crop Rye,
Rape Seed,
All Kinds Field Seeds,
Tennessee Horse Feed,
Tennessee Dairy Feed,
Corn, Chops, Oats and Bran,
All Kinds Feed.
Wholesale and Retail
Grain, Hay and Field Seeds
Telephone No. 31
RflflMFV Tn I n AM on farm
all II fc W
I am authorized to take applications for loans on lands in
Obion and Weakley Counties, Tenn., and Fulton County, Ky.
The terms and conditions upon which this money will be loan
ed are most favorable to the borrower. All or any part of a
loan may be paid after one year, interest being stopped on
payments made.
Now is the time to arrange your farm loans while the money
can be had at a low rate of interest and on long time.
Attorney At Law & Union City, Tenn.
"Quality First"
in in
Winter Rye, Barley and Turf Oafs
Crimson Clover, Red and Sweef Clover
Timothy, Red-Top and Blue Grass
Improved Kentucky Grain Drill
Peering Corn Harvester, Peering! Disc, Harrow
International Gasoline and Oil Engines
Oliver Chilled Plows, Buggies, Wagons, &c
"Quality First" I
Tisdale fa JacKson
I have purchased the agency for the McEwens Laundry
of Nashville, Tenn., and solicit your patronage, guaranteeing
satisfaction, or money cheerfully refunded. This laundry
has a standard reputation, being recognized as the best
laundry, south of the Ohio River. All laundry repaired
free of charge. Give me a trial
Yours for business,
Robert George Bramham.
Phone No. 132or No. 13
Out-of-town customers please leave laundry at Caldwell's
Book Store and I will call f
or same.

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