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A Baptist on Presbyterians. I was a runnln' down my cheeks as
An old-time Baptist preacher . in blg "'buck-shot. I've seen the day
the South, known as "Club-Ax when 1 could have mauled and split
Davis," .was certainly, !'a character" a -thousand rails quicker and asier
in his time. A ' lady writes . her th,an 1 could larn,t that thaing and
reminiscence of this man a sermon saia " oa Uke Bhe aid-
which she heard him preach nearly 1NOW my Drethren, that child
fifty years ago in Georgia. We .trust dldn t understand or know the mean.
that the contrast between the habits m 01 one word 0 tnat- It put me
of Baotists and Presbyterians is not. up t0 aU 1 knew to take it in myself.
so great now as then, and that Bap- But ust let tnat Presbyterian young
tists know how to pray as well as do grow up ana every word of that
Presbyterians. ; , aiecmsm will come back to her, and
The - preacher was aoDarentlv ner character will stiffen up under
about fifty years of age, large, mus-V1' and she'11 have the backbone of
culor, and ' well-proportioned. On tn mat.ter In her for life,
entering the pulpit he took off his "Now' 1 can't Put things into my
coat and hung it on a nail behind chndren that way. Nothin" don't
him," then" opened his collar and stay." somehow. Its like drivin' a
wristbands and wiped the persplra- nal1 ,nt0 a log
tion from his face, neck and hands. 1 lien we don 1 Prav ln our am
He was clad in striped cotton home- llles like tney do- 1 know their
spun, and his shirt was of the same Prayers are mighty long, and they
material. 1 He had traveled' several prav a11 over creation, but, after all,
miles that morning, and seemed al- U's thf right wav- It,s Detter than
most overcome ,. by the heat. But Prayln.' too little.
the brethren sang- a counle of hvmns "Now, my father and mother were
while -he was fanning and cooling good BaPtlsts' and raised their chil-
uieu lo ue nonesi ana industrious;
but I never heard one of them pray
in my life; and I was 'most a grown
man before I ever prayed a prayer
myself, and it was in this wise:
There r a big meetin' over in
Elbert County, and I knowed a pret-
Ax Davis, from Scriven County, a In a t T T S
.. . L' and see. So I borrowed a little
Jersey wagon that was a stylish
thing in them days and went over
to her house and stayed all night,
Social and Personal
off, anff when he rose he looked com-
,. fortatIe and good-natured.
If'."' t J " '
no uau preacnea mere once or
twice before, but to the most of the
audience he was a stranger. Hance
he thought it necessary to announce
himself, which he did as "Old Club-
Half-Hard and Half Soft-Shell Bap
"I have given myself that name,
said he, "because I believe the Lord Li , ' f T . ,J , V B '
-w..i . , i. and engaged her to ride to meetin'
, . w"h me the next day, which
out. A nnth nnil hlava tha wn. t.
. '., ... :r we went and had a glorious
hTnW nf it T time and I may as well say right
'la lll ?Z r7tn gd' here that she was afterwards my
Z'! Tn WUi C?e i-but a-comin' home I met with
I i"L! " Powerful accident, that I never got
, . . , over to this day. As I was a-comin'
t!Lnter;,ln,da"eraUJth.!Undef- dwn a steep hill, some part of the
. Mu ui. w gearln, Jve wa and , t d
LzTrr, z h:ck'ni n on my 1-, and
l"1"'"''-young and skeery and not
cloath and white cravat, will come
along and cry for decency and or
der. And they'll both do good in
their spere. I don't despise a larnt
man, even when he don't dress and
think as 1 do. You couldn't pay me
enough to wear broadcloth, summer
nor winter, and you couldn't pay a
Presbyterian brother enough to do
without It in dog-days.
"God didn't make us all alike, my
Drethren; but every man has his
own spere. When God has a place
to fill, He makes a man . and puts
him in it. When He wanted Gen
much used to wheels, she wriggled
and kicked and tore from one side
of the road to the other, till I was
pitched head foremost as much as
ten feet in a gully, and it's a miracle
of mercy that my neck wasn't broke
on the spot.
"Expectin to be killed every
minute, I thought I ought to ask the
Lord for mercy. But, as I had never
prayed in all my life, I couldn't
think of the first thing to say but
the blessin' my father used to say
before eatin', when we had company,
and which was this: 'Lord, make
us thankful ft what -nm oka n 1m. . .
eral Jackson. He made him and set t receive.7,
him to fightin Injuns and English;
when He wanted George Whitefleld,
He made him for to blow the Gospel
trumpet as no other man ever blow
ed it; and when He wanted Old
Club-Ax Davis, He made him and set
him to grubbin' in the back woods
"Now, my brethren, do you 'spose
any Presyterian-raised boy was ever
put to such a strait as that for pray
er? No. He would have prayed for
himself, and gone off after the Jews
and the heathens, whilst I was hunt
in' anil a-pritton nf that HI
D ... 1 11 , j V..i I "
uui mj' ducii mil i ou nam out Cplprf p(1
i can see good pints m everybody;
and as for the Presbyterians, they Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
are a long way ahead or us Baptists .i ,r aii
and Methodists in some thines. Tftev y
raise their children better than any- and completely derange th" rSrhoie wteS Xn ornameat waa fashioned of the yellow
body on the face of the earth. Only S?fi3S STSS do? white roses placed on an elaborate
a iew uays ago a
leader said to me: 'Brother Club- tor&'i r" vie in beantv with th a ,rrina.
Ax. I was born a Methodist, anil hv nactured by F.J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., .. ... "
contains no mercury, and is taken internally,
the grace Of God I hope to die a a9tin directly on the blood and raucous surfaces
An event both unique and interest
ing occurred at the parsonage last
Thursday evening. Unique because
of the fact that It was the first wed
ding ceremony performed here by
the first pastor of the first church in
Winnett. Interesting because of the
fact tnat one of the best known
bachelors in Eastern Fergus bade a
hasty farewell to the old, free ways
of single-blessedness, and easrerlv
took upon him self the vows that
placed him at once in the sweet
bondage of matrimony. Wm. Ford
Nolen, rancher of Winnett, and Nina
Mae Curlin, of 'Dallas, Texas, have
known each other since they played
together in the sunny South. ' Un
til the bride arrived here about two
weeks ago the young couple had not
seen each other for ten years. How
ever when Cupid has his victims in
the tolls he does not readily let them
escape, and now he leads his willing
captives to the altar; For five years
the groom has pioneered here and is
to be congratulated for having taken
unto himself a wife, who will bright
en. very considerably, Glen Acres
ranch which Nolen Bros, have been
developing so successfully. Mrs.
Nolen is a gifted musician. Mrs.
Emma F. Nolen and Mrs. A. P. Aiton
were matrons of honor and after the
ceremony a light lunch was enjoyed.
We extend to Mr. and Mrs. Nolen
the very best of all good wishes
Kev. Alton officiated. Winnett
(Mont.) Times.
The bride and groom are both re
latedin Union City. Mr. Nolen is a
nephew of Mrs. Anna Ford Walden,
and congratulations are extended.
Honoring Charming Visitor.
All of society was active yesterday
with a round of pretty parties that
meant continuous engagements. In the
morning Mrs. Geo. Dennis opened the
doors of her hospitable home to the
girls of the younger pet to have them
meet her lovely guest, Miss Marie Sed-
berry, of Union City, Tenn. Through
out the morning Miss Sedberry was the
recipientof much admiration, she look
ing extremely lovely in an exquisite
white frock with touches of yellow.
Her outfit was beautifully in keeping
with all the decorations, ..white and yel
low roses being lavishly used to define
the color plan.
There was not a dull moment the
whole morning, through. Mrs. Arthur
Rood assisted Mrs. Dennis in entertain
ing and introduced a number of highly
interesting contests. A particularly
clever one was the making of various
and sundry animals with chewing gum.
In this Miss Rebecca Sharborough was
most proficient and her reward was a
beautiful yellow rose.
The dining room was indescribably
beautiful, white and yellow being used
in every available space. The center
Methodist class lffifctogn centerpiece of crochet over yellow. To
tFtT&&'S V'e m beauty Wlth the soundings
contains no mercury, and is taken internally, were tWO pretty maidens. Misses Mar-
MthnriiBt ' hut thank find fv. p-nt ""'r"'"-"uuu auu "cmio uibbh, uresseu
, f t - ov wawc JVlu Kci IUC genuine. H 15 lUKm inter' I 1, . - . , , . I
naiiy ana made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney I ,u "nl Iuuu wiw iue ueuorauons. xney
ol v-u. icstiinouiats tree.
Sold by Druggists. Price 75c per bottle.
Take Hnll's Family Pills for constipation.
a good Presbyterian wife to raise.
my children. And I believe, my
brethren, if the Lord should open
the way for me to marry again, I'd
try my best to find a Presbyterian
woman, and run my chances of
breakln' her into the saving doc
trines of feetwashin' and immersion
"It ain't three weeks since I was
Lout a cattle huntirV for two of my
Vearlins had strayed off; and I stop-
have no thought
Each of the other's being and have
no heed.
ped in at old Brother Harker's, on And these o'er unknown seas, to un
Mud Creek, and took dinner. He's known lands,
a deacon in the Presbyterian Church
Liver thar. Well, as true as I stand
ere, brethren, Sister Harker had
er little gal a standing right be
hro hpr with tnpa Inst pvpn with
he crack on the floor, and her hands And bend each wanderinS 8teP t0 tbis
vas a hane-In' rtnwn hv her side, anil I one enu
lierrmouth turned up like a chicken That one day out of darkness they
r , . ' ... .1 uii a '
vnen 11 arinKS, ana sne was puiun ouau meet .
finis question tosher out o' that And read life's meaning in each other's
, eyes
served the guests to delicious tea and
sandwiches and provided them with
dainty souvenir bows of yellow ribbon.
Those so charmed to meet Miss Sed-
I Horrv nrara Mioaan T n n -,,H... flni:n I
Tarn clioll k 1 ,U .!.! :j ' wiijr, cua
ouuia w wiu, blio WUU1C W1UO I Tom, fToyria Hnfrin ' : Tk
world apart, sey, Rebecca Sharborough, Marguerite
And speak in different tonsues and rerkms, Jj.mmie Stanley, Fannie Mae
ana iora Lee Uray, Hester Mae Ross
and Mrs. Tom Terry. Laurel (Miss.)
Review Club.
The Review Club will have its first
" 'What are the benefits which in
this life do either accompany or flow
rom Justification, adoption and
"Now, the question itself was
enough to break the child down.
Shall cross, escaping wreck, defvine i . ,
, , . " I regular meeting next xuesaay aiternoon
Qeatn' I at S o'AlmIr with Miaa Rolr Tho, loo.
And all unconsciously shape every I vill be on Ibsen as outlined in the I
act ,. . ...
jrcaiuuuK lur iasi year.
Mrs. Mamie Tanner announces
the marriage of her daughter, Miss
Elsie, to Mr. Carroll Sowles Hunting
ton, of Chicago, 111., on Saturday
And two shall walk some narrow way morning, September 25. Mr. and
of life
So nearly side by side that should
one turn
Even so little space to left or right,
Mrs. Huntington will be at home at
1428 Lunt avenue, Chicago, after
December 1.
Don't Lose a Hair.
Rut when she had in hoe-in anil savlThpv npeda must, stanrl nplrnnwlprioprl
1 that ouestion all over f for that's the fa to W ' .A sore or cut kePl of Rermi heals
wav It was In the honk and then A i,:i :-.i ".,wu "r uare sPols- CUV a p,nt
'i.t v .I 7 I , Z ' -uau ucver or iinseea on if you want a healing o ,
meet or a pound of hog lard or vaseline if a
And groping hands that never clasp !aIve: mix with a 50c bottle of Farris'
and lips
iinucn me answer to it, ana wnicn
sail put together made this
'Benefits which In this life do
either accompany or flow from justi-
fScation, adoption and sanctification
re assurance of God's love, peace
3f conscience, joy in the Holy Ghost,
Increase of grace and perseverance
,therein to the end.'
m "I thought the child was the
greatest wonder I'd ever seen in all
f'ny life. She stuck it right through,
Boo, without balkin' or missin' the
pfirst word. And she spoke so sweet,
find she looked so like a little angel,
that before' I knowed it the tears
Healing Kemedy and vou have 16
ounces nf tho flnoot ...!
Calling m vam to ears that never hear, tried. You can use twice , d or
auey sees eacn otuer an ineir weary pitener Decause you have oodles of it.
And die unsatisfied and this is Fate.
Susan Marr Spalding.
A valuable dressing for flesh wounds, i
burns, scalds, old sores, rash, chafed
MENT. It is both healing and anti
septic. Price 2oc, 00c and fl.OU per
bottle. Sold by Oliver's Red Cross
Drug Store. Adv.
Farris' Healing Remedv sold on the
- - I
money Dack plan. For sale bv Frank
... , . .
kj. wenman. Adv.
. -nmi
uy Your Oil Stock Now
it f -..rt,r
Reeiroot LaKe OII60.
Capitalization $50,000
J. D. WILLIAMS, President
Cashier Clinton Bank
R. L. JOHNSON, Vice-President
H. W. WARD, Secretary-Treasurer
Insurance Agent
Physician, Member State Board of
Health, President Clinton Bank
Insurance Broker,
Director Clinton Bank
President First National Bank
Retired Merchant
Director First National Bank"
Circuit Judge
County Attorney
Clinton, Ky.
Geologists and oil experts place around Reelfoot
Lake the word "Petroleum."
We have secured approximately 6,000 acres in
the famous Reelfoot district and propose to start
drilling: No. 1 well as soon as a sufficient amount
of stock has been sold to warrant same.
We solicit your investigation of our Company
and the prospects of finding oil in large quanti
ties in this district.
No other proposition offers the large or small
investor the possibility that Oil Stock offers.
A large Pennsylvania company has leased 15,000
acres in this district and is now drilling.
With large holdings and a small capitalization,
if oil is found the shareholders are assured of an
immense profit on their stock.
To The Reelfoot Lake Oil Co. Date 9
Clinton, Ky.
Gentlemen: Number of Shares.
I hereby subscribe for and request you to allot me shares in the
above named company, for which I accompany this application with the sum of
$ being at the rate of per share.
I authorize the Secretary to sign the subscription book for the above shares,
Applicant's Name ,
It is the mutual understanding and desire of the charter members
of this corporation that the affairs of the company be directed along
high moral lines.
Stock subject to advance at any time, or withdrawal without notice.
We are offering only 25Q.000 shares for sale at 10c.
Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store. White fi Quiim
lim . l . - . vm
ft if
t .
! -I

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