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Early Rising.
"God bless the man who first, la-
j' "
U ui
vented sleep!"
Tk- r.-.Fi
I So Sancho Panza said, and so say I:
fhy Col Mot
And bless him, also, that he didn't
Cool fU Last
His great discovery to himself, nor
...1 t
try ,
mm friends
Promptly at 2 o'clock p. m.
We will offer for sale to the public at auction three of the best
farms ever sold at auction in Obion County, two of which contain
32 and 2-3 acres each and one 98 and 2-3 acres.
Tp make it as the lucky fellow
. might .. .
I A close monopoly by patent right!
Yes, bless the 'man who first in
vented sleep.
(1 really can't avoid the iteration;)
But blast the man with curses loud
and deep, .
Whate'er the rascal's name or age or
station, t . ,
Who first invented, and went round
advising, '
'mat artificial cut-oft. Earlv Ris-
. ing! ..: . . :
"Kise with the lark, and with the
lark to bed,"
Observes some solemn, sentimental
owl ;
Maxims like these are very cheaply
- said; . .. .. 7
But, ere you make yourself a fool or
Pray Just inquire about his rise and
And whether larks have any beds at
all! ' . '
This property is located one and one-half () miles, west of Union City and is belter
known as the COL. CATRON FARM. This farm will be sold in three separate tracts, then
as a whole, and the price showing the best money will be accepted. . .
1 his property will be sold by l.L. Bransford, Lxecutor, for division and will be sold with
out by-bid or reserve. . . , ' ,
Terms of sale, one-third cash, the balance one and two years with 6 per cent interest.
The MEADOW-MANLEY LAND & AUCTION CO. of Union City, Tenn., will
handle this sale for Mr. Bransford. and we rail arrenrmn to frio fart tliat tklo fa
j i . , , , n, . n T . t - " " Thomson, who sung about the "Sea
doubt one of the best in Ubion County, being situated in one of the best neighborhoods in sons." said
Tennessee, in the midst of the great Houser Valley that can safely boast "there is no better 11 was a glorious tnins ' rise ln
land in the world.
The time for honest folks to be abed
Is in the morning, if I reason right;
And he who cannot keep his precious
head .
Upon his pillow till it's fairy light,
And so enjoy his forty mornine
winks, ,
Is up to knavery, or else he drinks!
You will never have another chance from now until eternity calls you to buy this val
farm land at your price at AUCI ION.
1 1
Each' and every tract has a beautiful woodland fronting the PADUCAH TO MEMPHIS
HIGHWAY. There are 165 acres in the whole tract, and on the above date the public will
have an opportunity to buy it as a whole as well as in separate tracts.
Can you sight us to another tract that can be bought at all at any price from the city
limits to this rarm? , ; n .
Kemember the date OCT. 12 TUESDAY 2 p.m. Everybody invited, to
attend this sale. We expect you. Meet us out on the CATRON FARM at
2 o'clock p. m. with a smile. ;
T. L. BRANSFORD, Executor.
By Mcadow-Manley Land & Auction Co.
Entered at the post office at Union City. Ten
aessee, as second-class mail matter.
Marshall & Baird, Union City, Tenn.
Shiloh National Military Park.
"Washington, D. C, October 2.
The Shiloh National Military Park
is in better condition than ever be
for and improvements are being 'con
stantly made, according to- the re
' port of the park commission whose
annual report has just been issued
by the war department. Of the
last annual appropriation of $25,
800 made by Congress for the gen
eral upkeep of the reservation, $3,
000 each was paid the three com
missioners as salaries, $3,000 was
paid De Long Rice, secretary and
superintendent, $900 was paid a
clerk, the total expenditures for sal
aries being $12,900. The remainder
was spent on running expenses.
The total area of the park is now
3,546.14 acres, with twenty-seven
miles of graded roads threading
them. The total number of build
ings on the property is forty. Bat
tie line tablets are being gradually
erected, at uresent there being 226
marking the Federal lines and 173
the Confederate lines.
In fact, so comprehensively and so
plainly have the Shiloh battle lines
been marked that the seeker after
history may start at the tablet where
the first volley was fired in the bat
tle of Shiloh and follow every move
ment of the divisions, brigades and
regiments thru all the evolutions of
the battle. In marking the lines
and in otherwise presenting in con
venient and permanent form facts
pertaining to the battle, according
to the report, and to the battlefield,
iron tablets have been placed accord
ing to the following classification
Battle-line tablets, 399; camp-site
tablets, 83; historical tablets, 24;
headquarters tablets, 12; mortuary
tablets, 6; general explanatory tab
lets, 257; total, 780.
Ib the general improvement of the
park, 250 cannons have been mount
ed on iron carriages and placed so
as to designate the positions of ar
tillery at the various stages of the
At the latest encampment of the
department of Michigan G. A. R., a
resolution was adopted, calling up
on the Legislature of that State to
appropriate a fund for the erection
of a monument to the memory of the
Michigan soldiers of the Twelfth and
Fifteenth regiments that fell at Shi
loh. The war department recently
granted the request of the United
Daughters of the Confederacy for a
site for a splendid monument to Con
federate soldiers who fought at Shi
loh. The 137 monuments of all classes
now in the park, are as follows: Il
linois, 1 State, 39 regimental; In
diana, 22 regimental; Iowa, 1 State,
2 regimental; Minnesota, 1 regi
mental; Ohio, 34 regimental; Penn
sylvania, 1 regimental; Wisconsin', 1
State, 1 individual; United States
regular troops, 3 regimental; Ala
bama, 1 State; Louisiana, 1 regi
mental; Tennessee, 1 regimental;
headquarters, 13; mortuary, 5. "
Ev New Church Chapel.
Rev. L. G. Landenberger has re
turned from having had five months
charge of the New Church Exhibit
at the Panama-Pacific Exposition
He will preach next Sunday in the
New Church Chapel at 11 a. m. on
"The heavenly realities suggested by
the Exposition." At 3 p. m. the fol
lowing subjects : will be considered
Kegeneration; Charity, Faith and
Works; Believing in God; Seeing
and knowing God. The Holy Sup
per will be celebrated at the morn
ing meeting. The public is cordially
invited to both services.
Have you seen the BOSS HOT
BLAST Heating Stove? Something
new in heating stoves and found only
Don't Make
Curiosity Telephone Calls
Becante 1,090 idle cariosity teeken la Binghim
toa asked Central' where the fire wa, an emergency
call for an ambulance wu held up for nearlr 15 mln-
utet and this delay resulted in the death of .
Pbrilcian. aay that had the ambulance keen eenred
at once 'i life might hae been fared."
Elmiro Advertiser.
IT is beyond the bounds
of possibility to answer
promptly the mass of cu
riosity telephone calls that
threaten to swamp our ex
changes every time there is a
large fire.
Calls for physicians, the am
bulance or the police, held up
at such times might result in
the loss of human life.
For your protection, as well
as for the protection of your
neighbors, we ask you not to
call the telephone operator
merely out of curiosity. After
all, she has no more informa
tion than you have.
season ;
But then he said it lvine in his
At ten o'clock, a. m., the very sea-
. son
He wrote so charmingly. The sim
ple fact is,
His preaching wasn't sanctioned by
his practice
'Tis doubtless well . to be sometimes
awake,- . "
Awake to duty, and awake to
But when, alas! a nice review
Of our best deeds and days, we find.
in sooth,
me hours that leave the slightest
cause to weep
Are those we passed in chilflfinod.
or asleep!
Tis beautiful to leave the world
."". . t . n . .
rui me boh visions oi me gentle
And free, at last, from mortal care
or guile,
To live as only in the angel's sight
In sleep's sweet calm so cosily shut
Where, at the worst," we only dream
of sin!
So let me sleep, and give the Maker
I like the lad who, when his father
To clip his morning nap by hack
neyed phrase
Of vagrant worm by early songster
Cried, "Served him right! it's not
at all surprising;
ine worm was nunisheti. sir fnr
early rising!'.'
John G. Saxe.
Save $25.00 this Winter P
from your former coal bills by heating your home with the
valuable gas half of your fuel wasted by all other stoves.
This valuable half of your coal saved and completely turned'
into heat only by a
Cole's Original Hot Blast
Thevaluable eas half of your fuel is
all held in the stove by Cole's Patented
air tight construction. Not a particle
of the gai is allowed to escape up the
chimney. It is then completely burned
and utilised for heating by Cole'sFuel
Saving Hot Blast Draft.
Beware of imitation Hot Blast
Stoves which soon open up at the
many joints allowing the gas to escape
We guarantee every CoIe'
Original Hot Blast
to save H the fuel over any bottom
draft stove. ,
-to use less hard eoal than any Base
burner with same sized firepot.
-to remain airtight as long as used.
Burns any fuel - Hard Coal. Soft
Coal or Wood.
Avoid imitations Look for"CoU't" on feud door
Nailling Keiser
Hardware Co.
If your child starts in its sleeD. zrinds
its teeth while sleeping, picks at the
nose, lias a bad breath, nek e annntire.
pale complexion, and dark rings under
the eyes; it has worms; and as long as
iney remain in the intestines that child
will be sickly. WHITE'S CREAM
VKKMIFUGE clears out the worms.
strengthens the stomach and bowels
and puts the little one on the road to
health and cheerfulness. Price Q5c. ner
oouie. ooia DV Uiiver's Ked Cross Drui?
store. Adv. .
Wants Island Number 8.
A New York syndicate, so we are
informed, is trying to buy the whole
of Island No. 8, a fine tract of land
several miles below Hickman and in
Fulton County. The island contains
something like 5,000 acres, on which
is yet considerable valuable lumber.
Just what the New Yorker's expects
to do with this land, if they buy it,
a matter for speculation, but the
consensus of opinion is that it would
be converted into a big plantation.
Hickman Courier.
New Teacher.
Prof. J. B. Duncan, of Louisville,
arrived Monday and has a place in
the City Schools. He was elected to
fill the place made vacant by the
resignation of Prof. W. B. Moffatt,
of Murfreesboro, who resigned after
few weeks work. Prof. Duncan
will be physical instructor, teacher
of manual training and superinten
dent of athletics. He come well
recommended as a capable school
man. .""
Do Youp OfIcIc
Before Frost and Save Money
Don't wait, or it will be too late
Brick, Lime, Cement, Rock, Rock Dust, Sand
and different shades of Pressed Brick
to make Fancy Mantles.
We also have full directions in pamphlet form
should you want to do your own concrete work.
We have specialists in each line of work a
different man for each job that specializes his
particular work. No job too large or too small.
Any information in our line gladly furnished
free to our customers.
Phone 28-W . Union City, Tenn.
display now at Mrs.
largest Man on World's Eecords.
"The largest man on 'record was
Miles Darden, a native of North
Carolina, who was born in 1798, and
who died in Tennessee in 1857. He
was 7 feet and 6 inches high and in
1845 weighed 872 pounds. At his
death he weighed a little over 1,000
'In 1839 his coat was buttoned
around three men, each of them
weighing over 200 pounds, who
walked together in it across the
square at Lexington. In 1850, it
required 12 yards of cloth, one!
yard wide, to make him a coat. Un
til 1853 he was active and lively and
able to bear labor, but from that
time was compelled to stay at home
or be hauled about in a two-horse
His coffin was 8 feet long, 35
inches deep, 32 inches across the
breast, 18 Inches across the head and
4 inches across the feet. It re
quired 24 yards of black velvet to
cover the sides and lid of the coffin,
"Miles Darden was twice married,
and his' children are very large.
though it is probable that none of
them will ever attain the gigantic
weight and size of their father."
Editors note The foregoing story
was taken from the. records of the
State of North Carolina, and pub
lished in an exchange that comes to
this table. The item is of peculiar
interest to the editor, for the reason
that he has heard his mother speak
frequently of Mr. Darden, who for
many years was her close neighbor
in West Tennessee. Accordine to
mother's statement, Mr. Darden re
fused to be weighed in his latter
years, and his exact weight was not
known ; but he weighed more than
800 pounds when he last went upon
the scales. His neighbors, deter
mined to learn his exact weight a
short time before he died, marked
the springs of a hack in which he
rode. They then filled the hack with
heavy irons until the springs reach
ed the marks, and weighed the irons.
The irons weighed something over
1,000 pounds. Lowry's Honey
Grove (Tex.) Citizen.
It is a grave mistake for mothers to ... .
lect their aches and pains and suffer in
silence this only leads to chronic sick
ness and often shortens life.
If your work is tiring; if your nerves are
excitable; if you feel languid, weary or
depressed, you should know that Scott's
Emulsion overcomes just such conditions.
It possesses in concentrated form th
very elements to invigorate the blood,
strengthen the tissues, nourish the timM
and build strength.
Scott's is strengthening thousands ol
mothers and wiH help you. No alcohol.
bcoa st Bowne, BloomfieH. N. J.
If you trade with The Toeeerv voi
save money 5 per cent discount mW
on your purchases. .

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