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Buy an "Accident Policy
For your summer vacajfon trip to the Panama Exposition or
elsewhere. We issue them from one to ninety days at a very
..low COSt. - . - ' I
Insurance on property in town and in the country given
v careful attention. - 1
-- Fire, Tornado, Life, Accident. Bonds.
Phones 118, 146, 386-J. Union City, Tennl
Mrs. Laura Cathey will leave to
morrow for Memphis and Osceola
Ark., for a visit to relatives and
friends - ' ,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo.' Stovall and son
Mr. Leonard Stovall, of Crittendon
Grove, were .visitors in this city
; Mr, T. J. Latimer remains very sick.
- Col. J. A. Coble" went to St. Louis
Tuesday. -
Mrs. W. M. Nailling is visiting at
Mashville'. !
C To please yon pleases us. Mrs. F.
I.. Anrn.
Phone 45, McAdoo Construction
Co., for good coal $3.50 for 2,000
Tis time to buy your heating stove
right now and WEHMAN'S is the
place to get it. f
Dr. Maddox, of Terrell, was in the
aity yesterday. ?'
Mr. W. P. Casey is sick, being una
ble to leave his room.
Mr. S. P. Lannom, of Humboldt, was
in the city yesterday. , j
I have the hat for you and at a
. price to please. See them. Mrs. F.
B. Aran.
Perfection Oil Heaters at WEH
MAN'S only. They . are mighty fine
for these cool nights and mornings
$3.50 buys 2,000 lbs. of Luzerne
hand-picked coal. McAdoo Construc
tion Co., phone 45. ;
Mr. and Mrs. George Lambert are
visiting in St. Louis.
Dr. and Mrs. P. M. McRee are at
tending the Dresden fair to-day.
G..B. White is in St. Louis buying
stock for White's furniture store.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best
for cooking. At Union City Ice &
Coal Co.
We handle smokeless lamp burn
ers. Askins & Dircks lumber Co.,
phone 53.
Try McAdoo Construction Co. for
hand-picked coal, $3.50 per ton, de-1
livered anywhere in city. Phone 45.
Miss Edna Wilbanks, Marie Schmidt,
Helen and Nell Dabnke attended tbe
Jackson Fair Saturday.
Dr. W. M. Turner will leave for
Texas next Tuesday to look after
some business interests.
Mr. A. A Wright, of Nashville, was
here a few hours Wednesday looking af
ter some insurance business.
If you want to buy a bargain you
can get it from Forester & Forester,
the real estate men,
Have you seen the BOSS HOT
BLAST Heating Stove? Something
new in heating stoves and found only
Get your fall suit or overcoat from
The Toggery. Made to measure, $15
Guarantee a fit.
Mesdames Early and Redfern and
Mr. and Mrs. Lyons were among the
shoppers from Fulton Tuesday.
W. A. Thompson, cashier of the
Bank of Mason Hall, was a business
visitor in this city Wednesday.
Does your roof leak? We sell
roof cement and guarantee it to stop
the leak. Union' City Lumber Co.
Miss Flanary's Millinery Shop
This shop is a scene of beauty, decorated by these many new
patterns. If you need a pretty Suit Hat in the new brown, or
any color, see this new display and find same.
Do you want a child's hat or baby cap? With every ladies' hat, $3.50
or over, will be given a child s hat (age from i to 6) or baby cap.
You know the rush for that heat
ing stove on the first cold morning,
WfiySot.get it now. WEHMAN'S
is a mighty good place.
Will be pleased to show you Ever
bering strawberry plants loaded with
blossoms and berries. Askins
Dircks Lumber Co., phone 53.
Are you in the market for a home
in the city? If so, -it will pay you
to look over Forester & Forester's
Mrs. Vaughn Griffin, who has been
visiting; relatives here for some
weeks, left Saturday for her home
at Houlka, Miss.
R. S. Shipp and family and Mr.
and Mrs. O. H. Clemmons, of Rives,
came up in the handsome new car
of Mr. Shipp's Tuesday.
We sell Everbearing strawberry
plants. Askins & Dircks Lumber
Co., phone 53.
Buy Luzerne hand-picked coal. It's
crazy with the heat. McAdoo Con;
struction Co., phone 45.
Our millinery is the very best that
money will buy. Will appreciate a
visit from you. Mrs. F. E. Arnn.
Mrs. J,, S. Bowlin, of Martin, was
here this week having dental work
Mr, Whitesell Harpole is at his home
sick, having typhoid fever in a mild
Mrs. Joe Sherrill, of Chicago, is
the guest of her mother, Mrs. Nan
nie Little.
Buy your ladies' and children's
eoats at Kirby's.
A Perfection Oil Heater is mighty
fine for these cool nights and morn
ings. You get them at WEHMAN'S.
' We sell everything to build any
thing. Union City Lumber Co.
Uncle Bob Nailling is visiting his
sister, Mrs. George Holmal, near
Harris this week.
. Mrs. A. L. Brevard returned Mon
day rrom a ween s visit, witn rela
tives at Memphis. ",
Children's gingham and galatea
dresses, long sleeves, for 50 cents at
WEHMAN'S line of heating stoves
is now complete. Come and get just
what you want while there is lots of
time to put it up just as you want
it. , .
C. M,j" Callicott, who is a member
of the Vaughn Quartette, is spending
a rewjlays with his family here.
Mr., G. F. Anderson, of Paris, is
spending the week in the city visiting
his daughter, Miss Edna Anderson.
Miss Carrie Jones, an accomplished
young woman of Mount Pleasant, is
Miss Agnes Coble's guest this week. ",
McAdoo Construction Co. solicits
your coal business. We deliver any
where in city, $3.50 per ton. Phone
Avoid chilly rooms in the morning
by using Cole's Hot Blast Heaters.
They are fuel savers.
My prices are reasonable. Quality
and style the equal of any at any
price. See the goods at Mrs. Aran's
before you buy.
Miss Beulah and Eulelah Allen are in
St. Louis this week, where they went to
hear the Boston Grand Opera Co. at the
We can make you a new overcoat out
of your old one. Phone us.
Union City Laundry.
Mrs. Arnn received a complete
stock of fall millinery some days ago,
but now gets daily shipments of the
newest and latest creations.
Place your coal order with McAdoo
Construction Co. for hand-picked
coal, $3.50 for 2,000 lbs., delivered
anywhere in the city.
Dr. J. F. Griffin, of Tiptonville,
was elected secretary of the Nation
al Farmers Congress which met at
Omaha, Neb., last week.
Master H. W. Quails has arrived in
the city and taken rooms at the home
of Dr. and Mrs. H. W. Quails. Arrived
Wednesday morning. Standard weight.
Heating stoves are now ready for
your inspection at WEHMAN'S. Get
your stove and be ready for the cold
Better look up your old suit and
overcoat and let Metcalfe, Florist,
Laundry and Dry Cleaner, make
them new.
Use Dahnke-W alker Milling Co. Jer-
ley Cream Flour, a home product and
Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock Lyons, Mrs.
Tom Irby, ; Mrs. K. M. Kedfearn and
Jura.. T. C. Boone motored over to Union
City yesterday afternoon shopping.
Fulton Leader.
Hon. J. L. Cochran left yesterday
for Clarksville. He will attend Ten
nessee Synod or the Presbyterian
Church, U. S.( a delegate from the
Union City congregation.
The Kind
1 nEEEH) h 1
ill! 1 TVimT-i rtnf . Ya ' -tr
and Style of Clothes
Likes to Wear
To be dressed in perfect taste is no longer
a slur upon the man wearing the clothes. On
the contrary, the man is subject to criticism un
less he wears clothes that have the right style,
These Fall and Winter F1TFORM suits
are of particular interest to every young man
who buys clothing because of their new style
appearance. '
.The cloth and colors are modest or with
more life in them if you want it. The prevail
ing shades of grey predominate and Tartan
plaids are always good for most men. We have
plain cloth in serges, worsteds, cheviots and cas
simeres. We have a choice to select from in
new plaids and checks. " Everything here that is
tn demand.
No better values than
these ever offered at
$16.50, $17.50, $18.00 and $20.00
Better Merchandise for Less Money
W-CS-oCHaigfcBtt Co
Mr. Wade Wiley, one of the best
young farmers in Obion County, has
purchased an interest in the Col.
Catron farm, sold by Mr. Bransford
Tuesday to Wade and Clemmons.
Mr. Wiley will, we understand,
move to this farm and operate and
manage same next year.
Miss Steadwell not only showed
talent from a dramatic standpoint
but deep insight and understanding
of human nature. Her interpreta
tion of the many characters was
quite wonderful. Her stage presence
was charming and Dickson hopes
this graceful, attractive reader will
come again. Dickson Herald.
Buy your coatsuit at Kirby's.
We can sell you lumber, shingles,
windows and doors at less price now
than you have paid for the,, last five
years. Askins & Dircks Lumber
Co., phone 53.
Weekly Weather Forecast.
Issued by the U. S. Weather Bu
reau, Washington, D. C, for the
week beginning Wednesday, Oct. 13,
For the Ohio Valley and Tennes
see: Local rains Wednesday will be
followed by generally fair weather
during the remainder of the
week, without decided temperature
C. P. Church.
A special program will be given at
the Cumberland Presbyterian Church
on next Sunday morning. Everybody
is cordially invited.
Cold weather is coming and you
are going to have to keep warm. Get
your heating stove at WEHMAN'S
while you can get what you want.
Sugar and coffee sale continues. The
lady who guesses nearest Co-Operative
Store's cash sales on Saturday, Oct. 16
and 23, will receive a full 32-piece din
ner set free. 29-2t
Our fall business is opening up
and we are selling farms and city
property right along. . See us if you
want to sell. Forester & Forester.
Mr. Claud V. Andrews was in St.
Louis yesterday looking after some
automobile business. He has secured
the agency for the new car being
launched by the Russell Gardner Co.
Col. Jas. Harpole, who has been
at Mountain Grove, Ark., for some
weeks, arrived home Monday. He is
enjoying better health, looks well
and thinks the trip to the mountains
benefited him.
Mrs. Garrett Dead.
Just as The Commercial . goes to
press news reached Union City of
the death of Mrs. Harry L. Garrett,
who passed away Wednesday night
at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
J. T. Granger, in Number Seven.
Mrs. Garrett was 73 years of age and
had been in bad health for several
years. The interment was at Stov
all's burying ground yesterday after-noon.
Many people suffer the tortures of
lame muscles and stiffened joints because
of impurities in the blood, and each suc
ceeding attack seems more acute until
rheumatism has in vaded the whole system.
To arrest rheumatism it is quite as im
portant to improve your general health as
to purify your blood ?aiid the cod liver oil
in Scott's Emulsion is nature'sgreat blood
maker, while its medicinal nourishment
strengthens tbe organs to expel the
impurities and upbuild your strength. '-
Scott's Emulsion is helping thousands
every day who could not find other relief.
Refuse the alcoholic substitutes.
Francis Willard Day.
Any teacher desiring a program for
this day (October 22) may procure the
same from the County Superintendent.
Prisoners to Pen.
Col. Josh S. Adams went to Nash
ville Tuesday taking with him six
prisoners for the penitentiary. Five
of them were colored, and they were
all for short terms, the longest be
ing sent for three years.
ghum molasses.
Pure home-made sor
Call or phone 57-J.
H. O. Head.
WANTED To take a few pupils in
piano instruction;, special attention to
beginners. Phone 59.
FOR SALE Seed barley, oata and
hay. Phone 750-2.
22-tf S. A. Wade,
R. F. D. No. 1, Union City, Tenn.
FOR SALE Two violins of excel
lent quality, old and mellow tone."
Phone 367. 2S-2t
FOR SALE My home on Exchange
street, No. 515; seven-room, two-story
house in good condition. See Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Davidson, phone 517. 28-2t
FOR SALE Farm of 111 acres locat
ed 3 miles northeast of Jordan, Ky.,.
on Liberty road, mail toute and tele
phone line, all in cultivation; good land;
and lays well; fair improvements; plenty
stock water. Good terms.
26-4t W. B. Brice,
R.F.D. No. 1, Box 106, Fulton, Ky.
Colored' Girl Killed.
It was reported here yesterday that
S. Rogers had murdered a girl
named Kathleen Douglas in Lake
County. It seems both parties have
been living here and went to Lake
County to work in the cotton fields.
FOR SALE My farm 2 miles
southwest of Union City, 85 acres, 77
acres in cultivation, 8 acres, in
woods lot. Also stock and tools suf
ficient to run the place and other
stock and tools for sale. For furth
er information see
See our oak mantels, $4.50 and
up. Union City lumber Co.
Men's Patent and Gun Metal Oxfords.
$2.50 value for $1.98, at The Toggery,
Telephone Union City Ice & Coal Co.
when you want coal right now.
Protect Yourself
By taki
Firs; Tornado, Accident and Sick Benefit Insurance
Your famil
By taking a policy in the Mutual Benefit Life
None better
White & Quinn
Real Estate ' and Insurance
Mr. Ralph D. Scearce, of Savan
nah, Ga., will arrive Sunday to be
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. George A.
Gibbs. Mr. Scearce was an attend
ant at the wedding of Mr. and Mrs.
Gibbs last year.
Mrs. George Gibbs, Jr., will leave
the first of the week for Savannah,
Ga., to visit her mother. She will
also visit Mrs. Russell McVay in
Nashville and Miss Ruth Nisbet at
Agnes Scott College near Atlanta,
London's Sale.
It rained Wednesday, , ,but the
weather did not interfere e with Mr.
London's sale out in Number Teh.
The barbecue was ready and the
crowd gathered. The auctioneer was
rained out, but Mr. London was not.
He knows a thing or two about pub
lic sales, so he mounted the block
and sold as long as he could find bid
ders. Satisfactory prices w,ere. paid
and the sale was a success. piMr C.
A. Davis bought the farm. -
The Catron Farm., .
T. L. Bransford, executor, sold the
Col. Catron farm of 165 acres situ
ated just west of the city last Tues
day to tne Mgnest bidders. It was
bid in as a whole by Robt. Wade
and Wm. Clemmons, of Rives, who
paid $132.20 per acre. It is one of
the oldest settled places in the coun
ty, the location ideal and will make
one of the best homes in this entire
section. .,, .
Our new hats for fall are best
the best we can buy in the leading
markets, and that's the best anybody
can offer. You are more than wel
come to an inspection. Mrs. F. E.
Better look up your old suit and
overcoat and let Metcalfe, Florist,
Laundry and Dry Cleaner, make
them new.
At Tiptonville.
Rev. W. W. Armstrong is at Tipton
ville this week assisting the pastor of
the Methodist Church in a series of re
vival meetings.
INDIAN HERBS, prepared for tbe
Great American Herb Co., Washington,
D. C, is a great blood purifier and liver
regulator. Sold on a strict guarantee.
Satisfaction or your money back. Sold
by N. A.Vaden & Son, corner Home
and College streets. . 28-3t
Situation Serious for Allied Cause.
London Oct. 12. Servia is now being
attacked from the north and east. Tbe
Austro-Germans after tbeir capture of
Belgrade and Semendria, are advancing
southward, while tbe Bulgarians, have
forces to endeavor to interrupt com
munications north and south of Nish,
the war-time capital of Serbia, and at
tack the Serbians on the flank if they
are driven back by the German Field
Marshal Von Mackensen.
ine situation is admitted to oe a very
serious one not only for Serbia, but for
the whole allied cause. It is asserted
that the Serbians, are inflicting very
heaVy losses both on the Austro-Germans
and Bulgarians, but with their
array of about a quarter of a million
men they are believed to have little
chance of making any prolonged re
sistance against 300,000 or 400,000
Austro-Germans and probably 200,000
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best
for cooking. Call 150. Union City
Ice & Coal Co.
FOR TRAE Three hundred and
twenty acres good bottom land, 210
acres cleared, three miles to good town,
high school, four churches, big mill,
Houlka, Miss. Price $9,000, $2,000
down, fen years to pay balance. Would
take property near Rives part pay.
29-2t Rives, Tenn.
A Modern Surgical Institution.
Graduate Nurses in Attendance.
DR. W. A. NAILLING Surgeon
Union City.Tenn. Phone 41.
N.,C.& St. L Ry.
Jenve Union City. f
No. 5 ..7.45 a.m. No. 3 3.05 p.m
No. 93.9.55 p.m.
No. 92.
No. 4... 12. 50 p.m
7.52 p.m.
W. W. LOVELACE, Agent.
.7.10 a.m.
No. 6
Gasoline Engines and Wagons
Two-horse Wagon, complete with bed made cut
of good seasoned material for ;.-..w
Have in stock one 3-4 H. P. Water Cooled Gaso
line Engine at bargain price of
See us for estimates on' Plumbing, Water Systems, Lighting
Plants, Etc., for your home. We guarantee to give satisfaction. 4

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