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Protect .Yourself
By taking
Fire, Tornado, Accident and Sick Benefit tnsurance
Your family
By taking a policy in the Mutual Benefit Life
None better
White & Quinn
Real Estate and Insurance
Mrs. Walden, of Nashville, who has
; been spending a few days at the home
of her father, Mr. T. E. Marshall, has
returned home. '
' Miss Nelle Marshall, of Union Citv.
- ' spent Saturday night and Sunday at the
; home of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Houser.
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Browder, Rev
Butts and Mr. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs.
A. P. Harris and family, of near Ful
. ton, and Mr. and Mrs. Eli Ratliff spent
? the third Sunday at the home of Mr
and Mrs. W. T. Harris.
Miss Jessie Corum, of Beulah vicinity,
spent the week before last with Miss
Clara Luton. She also attended the
Salem meeting. r
Mrs. G. A. Houser, who has been
very sick, is improving.
Mr. Will Garrigan, wife and son, of
Mena, Ark., visited at the home of Mr.
.' Frank Garrigan recently.
We are sorry to report that Mrs. M.
F. Garrigan is not so well.
Miss Clara Luton left Saturday for
: Halls, Tenn., where she has been em
ployed by the school board as music
Mrs. Algie B. Hale and little son are
! spending the week at the hdme of Mr
1 and Mrs. J. C. Isbell.
Mr. Arthur Yates and Miss Jewell
Scott, of near Fulton, visited the Misses
Preuett recently.
Lon McNeeley, candidate for sheriff,
has been electioneering in this vicinity
G. W. Reed and wife spent Sunday
in Union City, the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Alex Forester.
u. w. Lowe attended a meetine
or the Mission Board of the Bantist
Church at Union City Friday.
Mrs. Smith Northen. of Nashville.
Miss Neil Ryan and Messrs. Haves
Bushart and Harold Cashon, of Mar
tin, motored over from Martin Sun
day and spent the day with H. T..
Jones and family.
L. G. Moffat and family attended
services at the A. R. P. Church in
Troy Sunday. Rev. Pressly, the Das-
tor, preached a sermon commemor
ating the fact of that day beinsr his
fortieth year as pastor of that church
and used as his text the same text
he had used forty years before.
Mr. J. H. Stone, of Fulton Mr
' Mrs. Nan Quails, of Kenton, was a
visitor the past week of Mrs. Hooper
in Moore addition.
Max Cummings, of Fulton, was over
Sabbath, guest of his cousin, Miss Lil
lian Clemmons.
Mrs. Annie Montgomery, of Kenton,
visited her sister, Mrs. Knox Harper,
Wednesday and Thursday of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Talmage Cunningham,
of Obion, Mrs. S. K. Crockett. Miss
Sallie Crockett and Mrs. Smith, of Troy,
were recent guests of Prof, and Mrs. S.
B. Hays.
Owing to a previous engagement, the
local W. C. T. U. could not accept the
cordial invitation to be with the Union
City union Friday afternoon.
The farmer, the merchant and the
bank are enjoying the steady sale of
hogs, cattle, corn and hay.
Mesdames Luther Moffat, of Obion.
and Pybas Rogers, of Troy, were up
Thursday for the quilting at the A. R.
P. Church. - ' -
Miss Pauline Thorne spent the past
week with Mrs. Thurman Phebus near
Union City and Miss Ha;"l Manley in
the city. . " . .
The annual quilting bee of the A. R.
P. Missionary Society came off Thurs
day. Four quilts were, in the course
of five hours, quilted and hemmed.
Other missionary societies of the town
were guests. It was a neighborly social
day superenhanced by a high noon
luncheon of delectable viands of meats.
salads, pickles, pies ("half-moon, open-
faced and kivered"), cakes and coffee.
To retract, the half-moons were not. '
In the recent dedication of the new
Fire at Hickman.
Hickman, Ky., Oct. 25. Fire broke
out here last night in a house owned
by H. E. Curlin in West Hickman
and the fire rapidly spread to anoth
er house of his and burned one
house belonging to W, S. Ellison.
The fire started from a ' defective
flue; the occupants of the last two
that burned saved most of their
household goods. The insurance on
the hduses owned by H. E. Curlin
had expired a few weeks ago, his
loss being about $800. Mr. Ellison
carried $350 insurance on his house
, v ulllV11 mi, i - v vuv; iiDYf
and Mrs. James Connely, Bob Con-1 Masonic Temple in Washington Citv
ueiy ana unas. crooks, of Trenton, X. A. Aber, of Etowah, Past Worthy
were visitors at tne home of G. B. Grand Patron nf th n v s .
I w v. 4. KJ, , wao DIM
uaira Sunday. , nallv ImrmrpH !.,! . u .C.
i "mug opiuiuiuii uy iue
juiss Aiieen Crenshaw and Miss Supreme Council 9 f,nnf th k-:i,.,
Maloney, music and commercial finmmanrlnr nf ,v, r... ... u ,
, , . I . . . fc.j UUU1U KJl IAU1JUI UI
icauueio m me tuageiy school, and tho sw;Di. m.
in . . -""" "5 iuasims. Anis iem-
j.oi.uaiu, oi itiageiy, spent nle cnot SRI 7n nnn
Sunday in Obion, the guests of Mrs. M I v r ,
Maloney at the Jefferson Hotel " and Mr8, K' L P1,ebus are deIe'
E. H. Lannom. of Union City, was Schl CODVention
an Obion visitor Sunday the L' P" cl,urch to convene Sabbath
The postofflce at Troy has-been !.! Cnm . Gr0Ve' ju8t 0Ver the r,ver'
raised from the fourth to the third , ""iter Agnew and Jrnest Shrop
cias - . shire are alternates.
Ro wr tr J..H j Mr. and Mrs. R. I.. Harner V. KVirnn.
. ... . . . ivujRcuuau u u u lamuy I 'rv., Ul wulu
are now residents of Obion, having snire Mr- and Mrs. Holland Bittick and
moveu nere rrom Hornoeak Monday. ourgess unningnam attended the
Rev. J. C. Cason preached a very obsequies of Mr. Thoa. J. liim t
mieresung sermon at the Methodist Beech Sabbath afternoon.
like the chair, soup, and "bed of the
little bear" was just right.
Mtb. Laura Hutcherson, here the past
week guest of Mesdames Jane Wade,
T. A. Cummings and Ora Pyles, has
returned to Obion
Chester, the four-year-old son of Char
lie Payne, was found dead Monday morn
ing. The child had been sick but a few
days and not considered in a dangerous
condition. The father and son were liv
ing with Mr. Em Jackson and sister,
Miss Tiny. Tlit remains were interred
at Cane Creek.
The Parent-Teachers' Association in
gaining fifteen members Friday after
noon feel much encouraged. When the
patrons realize that the school is next
to their home in imnnrtanen thai, o lll
appreciate the privilege of belonging
and being an integer in this fascinating
organization. The program committee
are to be congratulated in every item
being carried out, with additional fea
tures, that met the approval of the
audience. The excellent talk by Rev
Weir on "The Temple" covered the
ground of physical culture, purity and
consecration. By conservation of the
physical along lines of strength and
moral purity will we have a fitting
abode for that gift of all gifts to man.
the soul." The acceptance of the Fran
ces E. Willard picture in behalf of the
school by Dorrence Woody, of the Hieh
School, was well done and applauded by
the well filled auditorium.
Mr. Jim Forrester, of near Harris,
spent Sunday here with his son,
Virgil Forrester.
Mr. Luther Moffatt and family, of
V.UM v- uuuuaj VIOILUIB Here. I
Mr Dnw Tirio-ht e rr,- ... lieutenant of tha Si Yfpfinfll fiornntr Tr
. w i., ui iiuuv me, . un
spent Sunday here with his parents, ,antfy admitted to-day he came here
HflT- J It It -r ... A 1 ,i .
auu mrs. joe i . aright. last April tnrough an arrangement with
Miss Jimmie Bright left Monday the German secret service tr hi r.
m . . ...
1U' "ias, lexas, where she will delay steamers snilin (,
visit her uncle, Mr. Wilkes Bonner, try with arms an-J ammunition for the
i10o uco diuwu, oi sarais, snent aiiinc
Sunday here with Miss Dora Eliza- i? ' a , j , , . ,
beth Pressly. y. declared. however, that he had
ttuwu uiuupeouentiy oi tue Uermau em
bassy or other German agents here.
He added that he had told Capt. von
i i-,-- w nun
I VI M H If tftl iTifLaTfw I! !i !
I w. . wm m.m mm mm mm iii" K m m - 11 lai
I 1 1 1 JL f UM. I II tl 11 111! II II II II If III
-1 1 1 1 1 wkU44r Vtt mL JLX Lk Jf III
.1111 III
I 1 1 I Uf
I I B . Ill
i - w m-mW m m m m. - m mi mm u m m k
-.-w; - III)
was nwrnrfi&fi tha t
rrancisco and the
flWflV Ur t III
( Ik Coble, Son & Co.
Admits Plot Against Ships.
New York, Oct. 25. Robert Fay. a
Mr. Gordon Dodds, of Kenton.
visited relatives here Sunday.
... "vj j i v. o , ui V. 11 11? 11 vj i L J j I "
was a business visit ftp Vi ora fito 'j Papen. military attanliR
a va a. UVOUft " tl J wuvi
Mr. Raymond Taylor, of Memphis, By-Ed, naval attache of the German
is here visiting his sister, Mrs. S. S. embassy, of his plans, but Baid hnth
Curry. men told him nnf ir. ;.,.
i,yj lUtciiDic WltU
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Crockett, of steamers sail i no- fmm A ria;on
. m n v iiiuunvau uui 10
Obion, were visitors here Sunday. 0r American ammunitinn nlanta
' " "v-,i. x U11C, KJL iVieiXlDfllS.
is a visitor in the home of Mr. and
Fay and his brother-in-law, Walter
Her "Second Love"
Tia a box of Jnhnttfnie
Chocolates, and she cannot wait
till tier hrst love comes to thank
him tor this thoughtful gift.
t ii . j i
u..w vi jviiiiHun a pocKOBc ae luxe,
comprises three traya in the yellow box
Onsinal Dutch Bitter-Sweets
SwiH-StyleMilk Chocolate Creams
White Cherries in Cream
Chocolate Dinned
made Imm luhin r.kMknnH Pu
Johnston' t and learn why we Day an
artra fortune yearly for candy perfection.
Pm nr. ; Mn, nn ... u
- " . . - mum uuaa. as
yw dealer taili i to supply you, we ayj
Will fnrwair) ! .k.r n Jwt
. ' . - - m
pua, npoo receipt ot ;
Church Sunday morning from the Saturrtaw l,0;,, (i,Q k:.. . , . "l ttuu r fihnlr .mo(wn...
, . i j """6 mu uuuiua; ui iurs. iivxio. vjeo. I. wugnes. I ' jtiiwiuajr uear uiaui-
w t n, ml Z a T TL Hubert bnore she was banded a Pleas- Miss Louise Blanton was a visitor wood' N- J- were arraigned to-day at
tin were in Obion Sunda " 'ti surP"se oy a lew ot her relatives ln unloI t;y Saturday. vveenawnen, a. j., on charges of con-
friends. They were formerly esn- r?d friends in tfae bringiog in of dainty . Mr- Beecher Clark, who has been spiracy, and were held without bail for
dents of this city and have many g 8 ana lde spread of a hlBh hoon "a'L'ue 1"US nere ror the past examination. A third man, Paul Dache,
frionru h i ' luncheon. Mrs. Shore had befin inritprl ruuiu "lurnea to XNashville Satur
Paul r'r.oir -u lto an all-Hav lun'tmn m.f fAt.,n . y
'"' ttu lainny anal ' VJU"J" ul i-"wu ai ,
Mrs. G. W. Forester were in Union me distaoce- 11 took t of ma- .Jp wT a, bU8mess
City Saturday. neuvering on the part of near-bv par- " MP W!desday-
Tni-aTTsi-. I ""w - xvuueiis, oi JroiK snpnt
u. mmDHCK, or Lane, was here ticipants to Drevent tho h
on business Friday. accepting Those takin- nrt !n . ' K0Derts-
. W. Mahon and H. D. Campbell ,,fil,Vh,fni a0:. r L . , . ' lzem
. r ,, . - . . ..". tyoio mMuauica Ausei- oiicut a lew nours nere Wednesday.
were in Lake Count Friday on busi- m0 Harris. TCnl Ph.i00 nr: . 7
ness. K.,. , 77 . " Wl,m .v,. - ....
inran iccia uii ure auu Cue
m.) ir.Mj i , . . When thfi rhosr tooa fin
. . ... ume, ivirKiana ana sam vvarto nf .. . " M,a "
miss uucy abooii is visiting reia- TT T, ' mroat ourns, you have indigestion and " U1su ""cu automomie neia
WUUU UILV. II, USXK u tun rriu arin I S n. v. - I " , 1
. . j . . you Deea uKBiMJflto get r dof the ia name and at a boathouse on
natal dav of Mrs. WaHo T
was arrested early to-day at his home
in Jersey City and held without bail.
A large quantity of explosives, includ
ing dynamite and various kinds of acid
used in the making of explosives, was
found in the rooms the two men occu
pied in Weehawken.
At a garage in Weehawken the police
found a high powered automobile held
Hvps at Vnrlrrnwn
Mrs. J. J. Wells, of Glass, was in natal day of Mrs- Wade- Local at- disagreeable feeling. It drives out badly the Hudson Rivm- a n,iff k.
' i . i , , j , t m . . J ni" auvivja Kfyjaii
-uu., o..t,i,iuS. " . .. onri u" i: V ?. f""""1"1 wuicu Be was said to own. In the boat
Another nar nf TTorrl aurna roo t. ivoscoe Ultcnell. I.rs in Shnrn Hw funuco iuo uoweis. rnce OUC. I l ,l , ....
' ' So d bv Olivor'a PH Pm n a, "uB tuey aiso lounci four boxes, each
oauea nere Monday tor O. C. Wil- Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Harper Adv; containing 120 pounds of chlorate of
potash, one of the ingredients used in
v,, a.U V. V. M 11 7 WM XJt Chi JKj
liams, of Hornbeak. and W. C. Lasa- and son. Lexie and M
v.Atjr, uiu ageuLs. ueo. d. tjotts accompanied h s w fn ouici ui voion county. i, , ... .
. . - I. I HUD 111 alllll ski Till H i 1 1 NIICTnt hArnha .r.
w. j. urown and family, W. Fox to Nashvi!l Mnniaw m:: T H,v i ..-. .- ... . 111
and wife, Mrs. Sam Beaird. Miss k ' VL . . "r ::. , . lu 8 wmca water Polat.ng into the re-
Mary Tidrow, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. kl i - ' ui. i oeneve it ceptacle melts the sugar, releasing the
Howell, Dr. Upchurch, wife and . . " lu improve me scnoois, springs and causing an explosion
baby, and Mrs. Tom Speight all mo- "uai luai luere 18 D0 cnronio lure oi tne parents and pro-
tored to Hickman Sunday. organic trouble. mote good feeling between the teacher uuen ine way
Mr. and Mrs; R. A. Johns visited Mr ancl Mrs- Vaden Calhoun, of Lil- an(1 the people. , flubdub bones me for a cigar
friends in Union City Sunday. burn, Mo., had the sad mission Friday I have an exhibit that lam taking to two or three tinies a day."
Mrs. H. B. Wilson and children, of bringing the remains of their only as many schools as I can reach in a I
Greenwnnrl. lVIisa vfaita.l nr T C Iphilrl ninu mntko i i. lahnrttimu Tkla u:u:i :n i . I em
Pope in this city the latter part of terment in the family plot at Pliant, office on Saturdays so that teach 1 think he means he's trying to
last week. nni .,!-.n.i "op buying 'em.
i 1 1--l mmv v. i. .o lii l. j oco it. x mase
Mrs. m. Arnoia, wno has been yis- m;0 t. d..i. it..... UnmS a ii. j . .
I " xuci uuauu, ui rveutoo, won " uu iuuh iii it auu iei me ei'
iting her daughter. Mrs. E. E. Bur- . L . . .. ' ......
. , iresn laurels Friday evening at the Plain wuat we want at the fair.
to her home in Rpntnn m to0. 8cho1 adtonum in a reading, "Peg Below I give a tentative list of the
Smooth Negro Lawyers Dupe Race
With Story of Gigantic Lawsuit
Atlanta, Oct. 24. The irridesnt
bubble of many a Georgia plantation
darkey's lifelong dream has been punc
tured and blown to atoms by a messa
which has just come from the United
States Treasury Department at Wash
ington, announcing that this govern
ment has not and never will have any
money to pay to ex-slaves, or their dft.
scendants, for the labor they put in be-
rore the war in tne cotton fields of their
At intervals for the past twenty years
slick" negro lawyers, and occasionallr
an unscrupulous white lezal advent.i imr
have "snooped" around the rural sec
tions of Georgia and other Smith
States, preying upon the credulity of
tne negroes and persuading them that
there was going to be a bie lawsuit n.
the result of which Uncle Sam wm.W
pay $68,000,000 to ex-slaves and f.h.V
families for the work thev did as slflvoa
before the war.
By paying the "slick" talkers &
small sum, the negro who was ap
proached could have his name added as
a plaintiff to this gigantic lawsuit.
The thing became so widesnrearf thot
finally Uncle Sam, to save other dupes,
has issued a formal statement and warn
ing that a suit of that kind, no matter
how filed, could not possibly hold water. "
to ner noine in uenion, mo., Tues- , I . , .
day. She was accompanied home by J "caM" 1UUU me auaience uo suuwd. inis list
her little grandson, Clarence Ewin "ao arge, it was one oi intelligence. UD wuiiei,eu aoout tne nrst oi
I Miss Busch has a wnnriarfnl mamnr,r December:
Virgil D. Erwin, son of Mr. and facility of speech and altogether win
ivirs. ii. a. isirwin, oi near i;i bridge, ning ways
died Friday, Oct. 22, at 6:25 a. m.. To some thirty or fnrfcv lifrtlA fsiILra
age 20 years, 8 months and 1 day. and a few grown-ups the al fresco en
Death was caused by typhoid fever. : ot..j : u ,
The funeral was conducted at El- tua;r T r . u
0f.. , T V their son, J. C, was one to be remem-
bridge Saturday by Elder John R. . . . . ...
Williams. Interment in th KihrM r0.""1- a" "'"K iragrance oi
Cemetery. tne Daroecue pit was a pleasant remind-
Clint Oakley and family, of Dyers- er 01 tne aPProach t noon. The day
was lucai iu its irauiu ui azurti wicn a
srdei. m a Mm r-
Essandee's Cafe
Union City, Tenn.
The Sick.
Mr. Verna Hefley is on the sick list.
I Mr. Joe Henning is very sick.
Mr. Louis Lockhart is sick of typhoid.
Mr. Witherington, who is under treat
ment of Dr. Blanton for cancer, is im
proving. He is at the Physician's Hospital.
I Little Wavnn Armcinn . t.
- v mice Liiue a uay. I J ".uuug, auu ui iev.
Says he's trying to stop smoking J and Mrs- W- w- Armstrong, who has.
" ' I bpnn vanr d!,iI. I
la rapiuiy recovering.
Mr. W. P. Casey's condition was re
ported much improved yesterday. He
has been sick several months.
Mr. Whitesell Harpole is convalescing.
Mr. Batts' condition shows some im
provement. He has been in feeble
health a long while. "
burg, were guests at the home of T
H. ShultS last week. ICaroet under foot nf autumnal hnautTr
Mrs. Nannie Brown, of Shelby- The hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. McCord.
vine, is nere on a visit to her daugh
ter, Mrs. Jas. Clanton, of Moriah.
She came to attend the wedding of
her grand-daughter, Miss Christine
Misses Grace and Christine Clan
ton visited relatives and friends at
Rives last week.
Then you realize the utter weakness
that robs ambition, destroys appetite,
na maxes worK a burden.
Torestorethat strength andstamina that
. , , . . ciii.iai, aoming nas ever equaled
T..N. Tankersley made a business or comoared irith s?rro niZT
Cause its strength -sustaining nourish-
R. A. Johns and A. M. Moultrie nl invigorates the blood to distribute
were business visitors in N.wpfS-ffS
Tuesday. health in a natural, oennanent ...
Miss Mable Steele attended a I 1 yo1 He run down, tired, nervous,
masked. party at Newbern Friday ntraf.ffi
n,Sht. . "rottftBowne. Bloomfielrl N I
Manual Training. Whittled arhVIo
mechanical toy, any useful article de- Rv Wtinm Tnnrfo.d. C l:.J mm
signed and made hv rt, n!i. k,i " uFI.c nnu
of any material; work made of shucks, TlieOra' BUck-Draats
straw or bark.
Domestic Art. Hand
plain; hand-made garment. embroid-L t?DJ,ff -.t"1 futttttA for several
ered: hmtihl ,wWo. 1- Whittakef( 0,
, u.oojr ui inis piacc, -wim sick nea aache, and
mucy worn, nve pieces; aispiay of cro- "'" uouoie.
cheting, three pieces. -weJ y?ars ago a fnend told me to try
Culinary Art.-T.naf . W u. Jtaktoht, whicU diZ
- - ; vunu it m uc me uesi ianiuy meat
"u,i uaac, any mna; oest display b,UB ,ul 7u"8 "i piu.
oi cakes, four kinds; doughnuts, six. CCP oiacK-uraugnt on hand all the
Candies. Plain taffy, marahmaii ; : : ETJ'ssTT" "st1 'i'A "uiorenieeii
" "" "me uau, uicy ass me ror a aose. and it
vuwiiaic, uiapiay oi canuy, nve Kinds. uucs u,c,n more gooa man any medicine
vveaving.mma and Paperwork.
Specimen of raffia work; display cilJ
uouig uiatn-ui augiu.
woven work; paper cutting, articles de
signed and made of paper.
Maps. Best map of Obion County.
9x12, paper, ink or crayon; best map of
Tennessee, 9x19, paper, ink or crayon
Penmanship. Book of writing de
signed and written by pupil, 12 pages.
Yours very truly,
C. L. Ridings,
County Superintendent.
Thedford's Black-Draught is purely
vegetable, and has been found to regu
late weak stomachs, aid digestion, re
lieve indigestion, colic, wind, nausea,
headache, sick stomach, and similar
symptoms. 1
It has lvFn in rvtnefant ! C
Jian 70 years, and has benefited more
than a million people.
Your rlnicrcrict e11e iA .
n T. recommends
nek-Draught Pnce only 25c. Get a
trckageto-oay. KCm
Robert Poole.
Hickman, Ky., Oct. 22. Robert
Poole, residing several miles below Hick
man on the Terrett farm, died yesterdav
aiter a week's illness, death resulting
from malaria, terminating in a congest
ive chill. He had been in that section
only a little over a week, coming here
from near Murray, Ky. He is survival
by two sons, one 16 and one 10 years
old. The remains were interred smith
of Hickman at the Brownsville Cemetery.
Weekly Weather Forecast..
Issued by the U. S. Weather Bu
reau, Washington, D. C, for the
week beginning Wednesday, Oct. 27.
13 ii.
For the Ohio Valley and Tennes
see; Fair weather for nhmir thru
days will be followed by unsettled
weather, with rain Saturday or Sun- ;
day, and again by fair weather Mon
day and Tuesday. It will be some-
what cooler Wednesday, followed br
rising temperature Thursday' and
Friday and again by falling temnira
ture toward the end of the week, j

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