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-vT , ALL
Buy your shoes at Zirby's.
Mrs. J. H. Sanders has been quite
siofc this week.
Captain Wm, Shuck was here Mon
day on business..
Call 150, Union City Ice & Coal Co.,
when you want coal right now.
Rev. W. C. Waters returned Mon
day from Fulton.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Whipple spent
Saturday at Nashville.
To please yon pleases us. Mrs. F.
E. Arnn.
Mr. Ely Powell transacted business
im Tiptonville last week.
Charles Dismukes, of Mobile, was
here Saturday and Sunday.
Great bargains in men's trousers
at Phil Hyman's Cut Price Store.
Dr. I. Glosson, of Greenfield, was
ere the first of the week.
Dr. J. B. Havner, of Troy.was a
isitor in the city Tuesday.
Mrs. G. T,
foe guest pf ber son, Hal, this week,
Srs. Rice A. Pierce has returned
from a visit to her sons in St. Louis.
A call for 150 brings the coal wagon
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Mrs. Bettie Pickering, of Fulton, is
Tisiting her daughter, Mrs. C. S. Talley.
Mr. and Mrs. Brice Roan, of Fre
mont, were in town Monday shop
ping. FRESH OYSTEES 25c per pint,
50e a quart, at Burdick's Fish House.
Phone 185.
Miss Maude Moffatt, of Troy, vis
ited Miss Jeanle Garth Friday and
Ferd Dahnke and Frank Glass
went to Ridgely Tuesday on a busi
ness trip.
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Jersey Cream Flour.
Mrs. Aubrey Whipple has re
turned from a visit to relatives in
Mrs. Arch Huddleston, of Fulton,
visited Mrs. Charles Talley last Sunday
and Monday.
FKESH OYSTEES 25c per pint,
50c a quart, at Burdick's Fish House.
Phone 185.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Atkins and
Mr. and Mrs. William smith visitea
at Fulton Sunday.
A. B. Covington, a well known
business man of Clayton, was a vis
itor here last week.
We are the only dry cleaners in the
city. Phone 82.
Union City Laundry.
J. N. Tune, manager of the Cum-
Taylor, of Memphis, wasiberland telephone office at Troy, was
in the city Tuesday.
Col. W. M. Dismukes is enjoying a
visit this week' at his farm in
Lowndes County, Miss.
We sell cypress shingles for $2
per thousand. Union City lumber
Mrs. Annie Cathey Greer, of St.
Louis, ,1s spending the week in 'the
city visiting with her mother,Mrs.
Ella Cathey, East Church street.
Mrs. Lulu Ryan, -of Springfiuld,' Mrs.
Ella Cox, of Woodland, and Clarence
Latimer, of Jackson, attended the fu
neral of their father, Mr. T. J. Latimer,
last Sunday. i '
FRESH OYSTERS 25c per pint,
50c a quart at Burdick's Fish House.
Phone 185.
Sheriff Mathls was .transacting
business at Kenton Tuesday and
Wednesday, Officer T. P. ,. Noah
looked after the Sheriff's business
during his absence.'
Mrs. F. M. Trevatban went to Martin
Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mr.
Thomas Martin, who died very suddenly
Tuesday, while at the home of bisdaugh
ter, Mrs. Walter Morris, at Fulton.
We handle smokeless lamp burn
ers. Askins & Dircks Lumber Co.,
phone 53. 4
W. L. White, J. E. Cox and W. A.
Brown, the latter from Troy, attend
ed the meeting of the Grand Lodge
I. O. O. F. at Chattanooga last, week,
representing the local lodges here.
Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Hudgins, of
Nashville, attended the funeral of
Mr. Thos. J. Latimer Sunday. Ac
compained by their little grandson,
Paul Hudgins, they returned home
My prices are reasonable. Quality
ocial and Personal
Patterson -Hooker.
One of the most interesting nuptial
events' of the season' was quietly
solemnized in the Idlewild Presby
terian Church Saturday afternoon,
when Miss Sarah Lucile Patterson,
dauchter cf Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm
R. Patterson, became the bride of
Mr. Thomao B. Hooker.
The Rev. William Crowe, D. D.,
officiated in the presence of members
of the immediate family only, owing
to illness in the family of the bride.
The edifice was simply but beauti
fully decorated in palms and ferns.
The steps leading to the altar were
sentinelled on either side by tall
white wicker vases holding large
white chrysanthemums,' and the altar
was banked in the large white bios
soma.. Marking the aisle, down
which the bridal party passed, were
white chrysanthemums tied to the
pews with tulle bows. ' .
A programme of specially selected
bridal music was delightfully ren
dered by Mrs. Charles Andrews at
the organ, who was assisted by Mrs.
Arthur Falls on the violin.
The bride, who was given in mar
riage by her father, was handsome
ly gowned in a tailored suit of deep
blue velvet trimmed in fur, with
which she wore a black velvet hat.
also fur trimmed, and a corsage bou
quet of Bride roses and valley lilies.
Little Miss Mary Gardner Patter
son, sister or tne Driae, served as
flower girl and ringbearer, daintily
gowned in a flowered taffeta frock,
i' m t. a
Utta I
n If
I fit' MftW "Ciilf c
Prices range from $12.50 up
Plain, Braid and Fur Trimmed.
Poplin and Gaberdine Weave.
Now is the time to select your
Winter Goat
From Tweeds and Plush Garments
Few Silk Goat Suoaters
and style the equal of any at any
price. See tne goods at Jurs. Arnn Sj ana carnea an oia-iasnionea dou-
quet, to which was tied the wedding
before you buy.
Thomas, ' son of Mr. and Mrs. J.
Hvgh Briggs, is very sick of typhoid
Mrs. Andy Hurt, of Kenton, was
among the out of town shoppers Sat
urday. If you have a bargain in real es
tate Forester & Forester can sell it
foe you.
J. O. Nichols and F. B. Caldwell
visited Charle Pate at McConnell last
Eev. Burt Wado Hampton, of Hick
man, spent a few hours with friends here
Call 150 for coal of any kind.
Misses Lillie Conn and Willie Nay
lor have returned from a visit with
Mrs. Lou Pickle at Fulton.
Dr. Meeks, Dr. W. F. Roberts and
wife and Miss Nellie Nichols, of Troy,
were visitors in the city Sunday.
Telephone Union City Ice & Coal Co.
when you want coal right now.
Mr. Karl Ekdahl, of Fulton, was
here Saturday and Sunday visiting
his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs.
John Elam.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Latimer, of
Jackson, were in the city this week
attending the funeral of Mr. Lati
mer's father, T. J. Latimer.
Tickling in the throat, hoarseness,
loss of voice, indicate the need of BAL
eases the lungs, quiets the cough and
restores health in the bronchial tubes.
Price 25c, 50c and $1.00 per bottle.
Sold by Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store.
Dodge Brothers
Besides those qualities which
evidence the fine engineering skill
employed in manufacturing and
assembling the entire power plant,
there are other qualities which en
able you to realize to the full the
delights of motoring.
The one-man top with its Jiffy
curtains, for example, assures you
instant protection against inclem
ent weather.
The car's unusual roominess, the
depth ahd softness of the real
leather upholstery with its filling
of natural curled hair, the design
of the seats, and the bouyancy
and sensitiveness of the self-lubricating
springs, make you unmind
ful of the distance.
The motor is 30-35 horsepower
The price of the Touring Car or Roadster, complete,
is $785 (f.o.b. Detroit)
Semones & Harrison
Union City, Tenn.
Dr. F. M. McRee was a visitor in
Clarksdale. Miss., last week as a
representative of the Ozark Hunting
Club in a civil suit. Dr.' McRee en
Joyed a visit in the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Miller Waddell.
Miss Mai Manning left last week
for Memphis to enter a department
store as typist. The young lady is
the daughter of Mrs. J. N. Bradshaw
and was for some time assistant with
Dr. E. M. Long, dentist.
Are you in the market for a home
in the city? If so, it will pay you
to look over Forester & Forester's
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Garrigan and
son, of Mena, Ark., are here visiting
relatives and friends in Union City
and the vicinity of Woodland Mills.
They came by the way of Columbia,
Mo., and other points on the trip.
Mr. Hunter Elam informs us that
his cousin, Mayerskine, youngest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Cher
ry, of Nashville, has been very sick
for some days. She underwent an
operation for goitre, and is very
much improved.
Does your roof leak? We sell
roof cement and guarantee it to stop
the leak. Union City Lumber Co.
Mrs. W. D. Williams left Monday
morning for Chattanooga to see her
daughter, Mrs. Ottie May Tisdale,
who Is sick, being in a hospital for
an operation for appendicitis. Mrs.
Tisdale has a place in ' the public
school at Tasso, Tenn., teaching mu
sic. Mrs. A. F. Dantzler and little son,
Alfred, Jr., arrived from New Or
leans Wednesday to be the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Seid Waddell and other
relatives here. They will be joined
next week by Mrs. Patty Slaughter,
Misses Elizabeth and Mary G. Dantz
ler and Mr. Dantzler, who are at
tending the Panama exposition at
Place your coal order with McAdoo
Construction Co. for hand-picked
coal, $3.50 for 2,000 lbs., delivered
anywhere in the city.
Mr. W. J. Edwards, Jr., has accepted
a positionas deputy register and will be
fouudin the county register's office in the
fnture. Miss Blanche Roberts, who has
held the place for a number of years,
has resigned, effective to-morrow. She
has been a fine clerk, polite, courteous
and attentive to her work and was ex
ceedingly popular with the patrons of
the office.
Mr. Paul Joyner, who has been
located in Jerusalem, the Holy Land,
for a number of years, sailed Oct. 9
from Alexandria, Egypt, and will
touch Naples on his way home,
reaching here about Thanksgiving.
A card was received by Mr. Joyner's
parents this week, the first news
from him in many months. His re
turn home will give much joy to the
family 'and friends.
Medicine or Food.
You have bought the bulky stock
food and given to your stock as a med
icine. Why not buy only the medicine
and furnish your own food? The med
icine will be much more certain. In
fact, B. A. Thomas' Stock Remedy is
so certain to give the right results that
we aell it on the money back plan. If
it doesn't straighten up your horse or
cow or sheep, we give your money back.
For sale by Frank C. Wehman. Adv. I
Dr. William T. Pride attended the
groom as best man, and Messrs Wal
ter C. Chandler, Warren Stewart,
James D. Collier and William T.
Wynn, of Greenville, Miss., served as
Mr. Hooker and his bride left im
mediately for New Orleans, and after
Nov. 1 will receive their friends in
their, new home on Galloway avenue.
Commercial Appeal.
Matinee Musical Club.
The Matinee Musical Club met
with Mrs. Frank Adams Saturday,
Oct. 23, 1915, with Miss Louise
Adams as leader. An Interesting
program on Chopin and Mendels
sohn was rendered as follows:
Paper on the life of Mendelssohn
Mrs. Cunningham.
Valse op. 70, No. 3, by Chopin
Miss Garth.
Celestial Melody (from Andante
from violin concerto), Mendelssohn
-Miss Mays.
Nocturne, No. 9, by Chopin Mrs.
"Who Knows," by Ernest Ball
Mrs. Lee.
Valse C Sharp Minor by Chopin
Mrs. Adams.
Nocturne by Chopin Mrs. Rey
Fantasia by Mendelssohn-Miss
"Life's Lullaby" by Lane Mrs.
Davis. '
Mrs. Locke Alexander, a very wel
comed visitor, a beautiful solo.
Mrs.. Frank Adams was appointed
club critic. This will be an inter
esting feature.
After a delicious salad course the
club adjourned to meet with Miss
Adams Saturday, Nov. 6, 1915.
Mrs. Waddell, Hostess.
Mrs. Seid Waddell was the hostess
Friday afternoon of a social given to
her neighbors and friends of the W.
C. T. Union. About fifty ladies were
present to enjoy the afternoon. A
nice musical program was given.
The two-course refreshments consist
ed of chicken salad, pimento " sand
wiches, wafers and pine apple ice,
coffee and cake.
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Garner
Entertain Rook Club.
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Garner enter
tained the Pastime Rook Club last
night, the event being designed as a
compliment to Mrs. D. W. Glenn, of
Union City, Tenn., the house guest of
the Garners. Following a series of
games, seasonable rerresmenis were
served. In addition to Mrs. Glenn,
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Garner
were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cort.ight,
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Wilson, Mr. and
Mrs. E. M. Goodwin, Mr. and Mrs. D.
W. Bolin, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Evatt,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. Edgar McFadden, Mrs. W. H.
Graves and Messrs. G. HV Berken-
meier and Otey. Pine Bluff Daily
S 3
Complimentary Social. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith enter
tained last evening as a pleasure for
Mrs. L. P. Garner and her guest, Mrs.
Glenn, of Union City, Tenn., with a
picture show party. The friends who
were their guests saw a most inter
esting film show, and afterwards en
joyed refreshments at Seawell's.
Quantity of Desirable Remnants
From our various yard goods Woolen Dress
Goods, White Griods, Wash Goods,
Linen Remnants, Outing
R. X purlin
Members of the party were Mr. and
Mrs. Smith, Miss Ollie Bess Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Wilson, Mr. and
Mrs. L. P. Garner, Mrs. Glenn. Pine
Bluff Commercial.
5 .
Woman's Missionary Society.
The contest which has been carried
on by the Woman's Missionary Society
of the Methodist Church closed Monday
afternoon with Circle No. 5 winning
In honor of this circle an entertainment
will be given by the other members of
the society at the church Friday even
ing, Oct. 29, at 7:30 o'clock. The hus
bands of all members, also the Young
Woraans Society, together with their
husbands as escorts, are invited.
Call 150 and get your coal and wood.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Marriage Licenses.
. Leon Minton and Elsie Craig.
Edward Doran and Mamie Reqce.
Nevin Ni Barnett and Ellen Chris
tine Clanton.
E. Johnson and Ivey Williams.
Bura Brown and Gertie May Os
borne, i
Ethel Scott and Ima Gene French.
- D. Hutchcraft and Janie Walters.
J. D. Burrow and Birdie May
Boulton. " '
Allie Barham and Johnnie Stan
field. COLORED.
Matthew Yarber and Ida May
Ranee Warford and Lottie Brown.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best
for cooking. At Union City Ice &
Coal Co.
Heal Estate Transfers. .
T. L. Bransford, executor, to B. 9.
Wade et al., 164 acres in No. 1&,
G. B. Burrus to J. L. Gloves, 7
acres in No. 2, $825.
J. F. Cunningham to H. L.. Cutea
land in No. 9, $10. v
W. C. Croft to R.' L.. Thomas, land
in No. 16, $5,200.
, Will Childers to The Farmers
Bank; lot in No. 16, $4,500.
Mrs. Anna B,. Morgan to G. SV
Taylor, lot in No. 13, $55.
Mrs. S. E. Griggs to Ida Smitfc,
lot in No. 11, $800.
H. D. Hayes to W. J. Rumage, lt
in No. 5,. $400.
gan, lots in Union City, $19,000
J. G. Rainey to C. H. Jones,
acres in Nos. 5 and 9, $150. , jH
J. H. Walker to H. D. Hayes, lot W
in No. 5, $385. , A
James H. Sherrill to L. P. Hollo-
way, 30 acres in No. 14, $650. v
iC0 ' . ." it
Made Strong and Well By Vinol (
nr l r i t n !
after a hard spell of bronchitis so it was If j
bard for me to keep about. I had pains j
friend asked me to try Vinol. ' I did and J
1 4- Kiii 14- ma im ba T am efjirtftr on1 Orall ;1
I had not done for three months before' j
taking Vinol."- Mrs. Y. R. If.S&fi
bough, Waynesboro, Fa. i
Vinol creates an appetite, aids diges
tion. makfe9 pure blood and creates
streneth. Your money bacfc if it faik.
Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store v4?
Union City, Tennessee.' .
We Jiave Number One Kentucky Lump or Kut af
$3.25 PER TON

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