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Over White Burchard'a Drug
Store, Union City, Tenn.
Office 144-J, Residence 689-J
il IUQ
' OR, E. M. LONG
Over White & Burchard'a Dray r
Store, Union City, Tenn.
Telelphonea I
Office 144-J; Residence 689-J
Union City Commercial, established 1890
WestTennessee Courier, established 1897
( Consolidated September 1, i97
;VOL. 25, NO. 34. "
t . .
" ! i 1 - 1 j' m
t 1
trees are I , " f ' ,
VP "i said Cant. rwh "Tn fow . M . lllll II tfUflllKl I'min I IT-' U
in uiidi i v - iviuoo ui am uu.
Department of Justice Officials Are
" '.Hunning Down Clews.
. Washington, Nov. 15. A. Bruce
Bielaski, chief of the bureau of in
estigation of the Department of
Justice, left to-night for New York,
agents of the Department of Justice DEMOCRATS PACE HAUTi
Are rmw At vnrlr nn avarv a no-la Af
The Farming .Movement , Elements of Trouble Loom
The more profitable farming campaign J Both Houses.
in eignty-uiree counties in Tennessee, I wasnmgton, Nov. 13. The ap
A rlranooa art A M iaoiaoinnt tirVi IrV nn.A I niViflpYi ff rria ra en Tar aaaalnn tt frn .
here he will confer to-morrow with T-Uesda N?V' 9 in Blby County, has S. in the minds of thoughtful
Jnhn Uothnn .if o,... for its purpose the betterment of farm- CUi""Bl0' 1B ,u :il'uu WUOBe Bilver
,.,.,. T T 't lv. Iinr and farm mnrlitinn. nr1 m.V. th. lining" is all too faint at best. The
.M wn, t n-. km' . mnr. nrr.m.hl. ' in.Mm.nf I prospect Is anything but propitious
wrt luiwer AUbtnau consul in inis i wen as a more inviiiDg piace to Jive.
either end of the cajitol. Al-
The busipess organizations of Memphis, tne Dem0Crats have a majority
the members of which have raised the which, while reduced, is still suf-
sum of $25,000 to make the campaign flcient with members loyal to party
a auccess, ; are supported by business trust to execute any programme de
men tbruout the territory reached by cided upon, there are elements of
the campaign. It is everybody's cam- double in both Houses which at
paign and everybody is interested in it tn'8 time are unmistakably ominous.
department this afternoon that the because everybody will be affected by " everywhere co needed that the
.i. n i m . r- n I tra rofliilta In nrnpr fr hrino (ho im-I ' "c vo ui uc
v. : , . r .4 4u- i"ipiittui uu evenuui in
The Department of Justice is par- general public it will be necessary that nnpfonf Anmaat,n tn ha
.ttcularly interested in the portion of personal work be done by every man, sidered lncluding appropriation billa
woman anu cmiu m eauu uiuinui wuere and taxes to meet unprecedented
the meetings are to take place. Mer-1 emergencies, there looms the titanic
chants, bankers, ministers, farmers, I European war, which, despite all ef
housewives and school children should forts to avert such conseauences. has
." consider this campaign their own per- involved this country's most vital
sonal affair and keep its work constantly riShts of sovereignty as a neutral
before the entire community. The dates power ,n a way the end of which the
-,.m ,v .uJnrfh.mtin,. shm.lH bp rlvortiSPt1 in muD'- f eauers comempiaie
"c ,l"c lmlu,c Ul lue r with the gravest concern.
a uit. u j i j , j . . . .1 , ""uu ui luiscuiei are
Axwu.uttiu wan aenieu snowieage to inuuee uisuussiou oi me suupo oi iue t . , ,,,, ,
of the character of the papers and work. thA RpnatA tn rBViaa fK ..,!. 1
. . - I " w w iuv vuu a uito Liiai
naoie 10 The purpose, of this campa.gn is to business may be. transacted with the
V W .Prf t0 the contrary- increase the prosperity of farmers in the greatest possible dispatch, and in the
territory in which the work is to be car- House, thru the announcement of
ried on. Special attention will be given Majority leader Kitchin that he is
in each territory to peculiar conditions opposed to the administration's poli
affecting the erowine of crops or the cy- as made known, to urge upon
production of any particular agricul- Congress Prvlsin 'op the military
i i . i tji u u I eamuiiHumeni wnicn ine oeiiieerent
tural outrjut. Exoerts who have given . . .. . . "8,:I,JUI
, . ... I conduct or the leading nations of
years to uio eoiuiiou ui nitiae uiuuiciuo 1 1. ,,j j .-v. i , .
. the world admonishes us is essential
win lecture ana demonstrate on an t0 our safety
3 i l.X3l J J 1 i I . . t. . . 11I
Wu iii uuuuumg uviuenc agamsi topics vital to tne success anu nappi- It is eenerallv held 9mm nrr,n.
Archibald this may lead to dis- L nt rural Hwllnrs V.vprv hnr.h Lro tD f i ,
i uiuwo so caucmcij important mat
closures or, even more vital impor- r;nroi apf;;tr mill rBf.Bii nt. th.v ci,a..u t, , IU.
v. ui iui.wiui " w i w..vj uut uaTc a leaner ill Lilt'
It is understood . the department
' tias been-assured by Mr. Rathon that!
jt will- be put In personal touch with 1
OrOo'ricar. Before Mr, Bielaski re-
turns to Washington he 'will prob-
abfy hold a conference with the
fonder consul. It was stated at the
the ; recent statement made by Dr.
Goricar which declared that James
J, F. Archibald was in the office of
Consul-General von Nuber when for-
aner Ambassador Dumba's
. spondence and reports, which Archi
bald attempted to carry abroad, were
prepared for him1 and that conse-
Archibald being an American citizen
and his attempt to deliver the docu
ments, providing he knew what they
were, being a violation not only of
the neutrality of this country, but
of specific provisions of the penal
code, the department is anxious to
make an example of him. The gov
ernment also believes if It can sue
' There were strong intimations by
: a high official of the Department of
' Justice to-day that the case against
certain diplomatic and consular, of
ficials accredited to this country is
strengthening day by day. The
opinion was expressed that while
the acts which Fay and his associates
.attempted to commit were more
spectacular that the offenses of Franz
Melloy, now under indictment in
New York, the case of the latter is
k of much greater importance in its
Melloy will soon be brought to
trial. The government has its evi
dence well in hand and believes con
viction will follow. Melloy was as
sociated with Rentillin, a German
agent of prominence and influence.
Hef started back to Germany with
Rentillin, the latter traveling under
a false passport. Rentillin Was ar
rested in England and imprisoned
while Melloy was sent back to this
country. The evidence against Mel
loy, it was said to-day, has to do
tention at the hands of competent men. House who has seen fit to precipitate
Not only crop raising, dairying, beef friction in the party he would lead
production, tick eradication, silos, soil
tillage, forage, fertilizers, buf also social
and home economic problems and do
mestic betterment will be discussed by
men and women who know.
by avowing hi' antagonism in ad
vance to any proposition before it
has been promulgated in any definite
form, especially when it is known
what direction discussion of that
policy will take.
What makes it all the more re-
Women speakers on questions relat- srettable is that Mr. Kitchin him-
ing especially to the work of women on 3eu aQmua lDat tne majority of Con
.ar,;tatr. anH oonor.l im. s1"' even or nis own con-
' laHtllnnra an-ninat k!i J., V. I
, , i uv.ni..v, it agaiuoi llllll ill Ilia
provement of domestic matters in the , . ..
v declaration on the subject. He con
average farm house are to address meet- tents hlmgelf wUh the qualification
ngsof women. Ihe meetings will take that his attitude is a matter of his
place in district schools, separate rooms individual conscience. On that point
being set aside for meetings of men, some of his colleagues suggest that
women and children. Problems peculiar a member trusted with leadership
with frauds against American pass- sent the city business interests. Prob-
ports and the financing in this coun- iemg that have heretofore baffled farm-
try pi tne attempted counter, revoiu- erg gllt. as nurchase of iruaranteed
seed, finding ready markets for agricul
tural products or the necessary informa
tion leading to the profitable sale of live
who is thus so nice of scruple as to
part company with a majority of his
fellows on a vital question ought to
be nice enough to yield the badge of
leadership to one more truly repre
sentative of the party will.
In the Senatn thf flo-hr niur Via
mmmiinilioB anrl frto famnlifa ITarrvk I
c .j i cloture proposition is likely to be
development uureau, wnien will repre- indefinitely nroloneed. nil RPh
to any district will receive prompt atten
tion. Questions will be answered on
any subject of vital interest.
The campaign iu three States will be
followed by permanent co-operation be
tween farmers and merchants of rural
bearing age. The oldest
not above 30 years.
we are thinning them out and
giving the bearing trees a chance,'
.iJ X. -nj
sniu v,api. iggs. - in a rew years
we will have a pecan orchard that
will pay the State debt. Very few
people know anything of pecan cuf-
ture. One acre will support 50 pecan
trees 30 years of age and 30 trees 50
years of age in perpetuity,
Suppose we strike an average of
$30 worth of pecans per tree and an
average of 30 trees per acre, we have
1 900 per acre income. Then think
of the life of the pecan tree. They
have been known to be bearing much
fruit at the age of 300' years, and
the assertion has been made that
500 years would not be too long a
life to give to a healthy tree. What
will one tree, maintaining an average
yield, produce in 300 years in value
at the market price of pecan J?
"The sum reaches the dazzling fig
ure of $270,000. Multiply that by
30 trees. It is staggering, yet it is
not a fancy, but a fact. I have
studied the pecan industry and there
is no better section of the country in
the world for the culture of this nut
than the St. Francis basin."
Capt. Riggs does not live in the
basin himself, having moved to the
Ozarks on account of his family's
health. He owns Maple Cliff Farm,
which is about four miles from Fay-
etteville, Ark.
Capt. Riggs likes to talk of his
experiences in the delta country. He
came South in 1884. He was $1,000
in debt. He began a search for In
dian relics as a pastime. Then he
became absorbed in this work. The
result is that he furnished exhibits
to the Field Musedm in Chicago,
Eden Park Musee ' at Cincinnati.
Buffalo Institute of rts and Sciences
of Buffalo, Brooklyn" Institute, Smith
sonian Institute, museum in New
South Wales and" one in London.
The exhibits consist of pottery and
"This valley was once thickly
populated, hesaid. "I have dug up
bout' 5,000 skeletons, some with
copper bands around the skulls. I
still like the research. These mounds
were built with ceremonial fires, as
evidenced by ashes and charcoal
found at great depths. While at
this interesting pursuit, I have dis
covered the wonderful resources of
this basin and am here yet." Com
mercial Appeal.
Winter Grown Barley,
Crimson Clover Seed,
New Crop Rye,
Rape Seed,
All-Kinds Field Seeds
Tennessee Horse Feed,
Tennessee Dairy Feed,
Corn, Chops, Oats and Bran,
All Kinds Feed.
Wholesale and Retail
Grain, Hay and Field Seeds
Telephone No. 3 II
I Hi
buuggies nave Deen. The pro
ponents ot cloture are up against
the high, hard stone wall of freedom
of debate at the very outset of con
siueration or any measure for the
limitation of debate. Unless the
minority leopard changes its spots
tion' by Huerta in Mexico, for the
purpose of embarrassing the United
Th pvidpnrp csthereil for thp
stock, will be handled bv the Farm De- 11
prosecution 01 xvienoy 111 connection - - and joins with the Democrats, yield-
.i.- j - xi-- i I VAlnnment Hnrpnu with Inn nnn aim tn jiciu
wun passport irauas carries tne trau - " .,, , . . ing, unanimous consent, cloture wi'l
of violations of the neutrality of the protect the farmer. It will be a g.gantic tM Arrivlng. Senators are studying
United States to the doors of certain co-operation between business men and the records from the earliest days
nign roreign omciais, according 101 tarmers oasea on tne principles 01 Drotn- 0f Congress for every possible light
intimations 01 tnose wno are.insiru- ernood. Bucn a system cannot help of parliamentary historv nn th smh
I mental in working up the case. developing the rural districts in the Ject of forcing conclusion of debate
, It was said at the Department or three States in which the campaign will
Justice that no report concerning I operate,
i the confession of ay has arrived. 1 the program
I Doubt was expressed as to whether
j Fay would disclose the names of the
i . . A AX A . j . Tipton County, Nov. 17 and 18: Lau-
r 1"""CV' derdale, Nov. 19; Dyer, Nov. 20; Lake,
11 luo reportu mat cumeBBiuii au Noy 22; Obion, Nov. 23; Weakley,
neen extracted rrom tne prisoner. Nov. 24; Hardeman, Nov. 25.
I At the State Department there are
t indications that arrangements have Ladies to Have Local Organization
loeea mane to aeai wun tne wnme Mig8 Cora Benedict( of Paducah,
bomb and munitions plot question gute president of the Woman's
5 from a much broader standpoint j wori,nr rmc
1V1 ( CI O UUU -S-&u. wa u vvul 1 ufVlll.
The following itinerary of Team No. 1
has been announced by the Bureau:
Arkansas Planter Has a Five Hun
dred-Acre Grove.
Capt. C. W. Riggs, of Maple Cliff
Farm, Greenland, Ark., who is reg
istered at Gaston's, has an Arabian
Night's tale to tell with a setting 30
miles west of Memphis which al
most staggers the imagination.
"One of our native pecan trees bore
eight bushels of pecans, for which
we received $8 per bushel, a total of
-ISfil fnr that (fo " tsatA font Di-m.
a lOCal I iu68.
This information was elicited by
a question as to what was the value
Lonnie Johnson Shot Chester Stowe
Chester Stowe was killed Sunday
at Ashlog Ridge in the bottom, be
low Hickman, by Lonnie Johnson.
Bad blood had existed for some time
between the two men and Siowe had
threatened Johnson's life and at
tempted to shoot him a short time
ago. Sunday morning Stowe rode
up to the home of W. F. Johnson,
an uncle of Lonnie, who lived here,
He started around the house when
Lonnie procured a shot gun and
fired, striking Stowe in the right ear
and killing him instantly. He was
attempting to draw his pistol when
shot and had it half out- of his
Johnson is a single man, a quiet
citizen and had been in no trouble
before. Stowe was a married man
with a wife and two children, but
was separated from his wife. He
was under three or four indictments
varying from crap shooting to killing
and was regarded as a tough citizen.
Johnson gave himself up to Sheriff
Huddleston. He is to be tried Mon
day afternoon. Fulton Leader.
am ouuiui iicu iu lotvc applications ror loans on lands in
Ubion and Weakley Counties, Tenn., and Fulton County, Ky.
The terms and conditions upon which this money will be loan
ed are most favorable to the borrower. All or any part of a
loan may be paid after one year, interest being stopped on
payments made.
Now is the time to arrange your farm loans while the money
can be had at a low rate of interest and on long time.
Attorney At Law & j& Union City, Tenn.
uality First"
man neretorore. u is neia ny tegai sfiVeral dav8 Lere this week. ' the
i advisers there that plots against mu- i uest oJ MrfJ c A HoiCombe,
j-itiona p.ams engaged in xoreign whlle here Bhe insUtuted
wmu":,l'e """ lDe taies uuuibb nrlrniit.inn. which will have the
, tinder the Sherman anti-trust laws flrRt at the courthouse Fri
nd that persons attempting to in- at wMcn time officers wiu be of the yield of one pecan tree, that
terfere with their, business or injurel .to. . , a to thf, crP being under discussion. Capt.
Uheir property may be prosecuted for Natlonal convention in Washington Riggs said tnat this Pecan rove con"
conspiracy in restraint of trade. Dec g , d 10 Thlg convention 8lsted f 500 acres in Cross County.
is held in joint session with the
Rlirora an A Hnrhnrs HnnrrPBa and
leged actions of Consul-General Ton organiZatlons are recognised by thy are being cut out t0 & e
,Nuber of Austria have not yet come
before the department and will not
be passed upon there until after a
full report from the Department of
Justice follows the .investigations
that are now under way. f . Secret
Congress as co-workers for perma
nent national improvement. Hick
man Courier.
All kinds of coal at Union City Ice &
Coal Co.
older trees more room to grow and
spread. The tree that yielded the
eight bushels is under 30 years of
age, according to the rims on it. At
present there are young trees in the
grove which have not reached, the
In Cumberland River.
The friends and neighbors of Mrs.
Sam Ellison bow their heads in sor
row over the loss and murder of her
only brother, James Gordon, of Hunt
ers foint, near Lebanon, Tenn. It
was indeed a sad affair. They are
the oldest grandchildren of the late
Joe Armstrong, of Trousdale County,
one or tne most highly respected
families of that community, well
known all over Trousdale, Sumner,
Wilson, Davidson. Mr. Gordon has
friends in this county, ,who will no
doubt be shocked to hear of the aw
ful tragedy, which was the result of
his leaving home with a considerable
sum of money. a FRIEND.
Unofficial Library.
Well, how's things in Plunk-
Oh, so so."
Got a circulating library in your
"Mine is a sort of one, except that
don't get paid for books lost or
kept indefinitely."
Winter Rye, Barley and Turf Oats
Crimson Clover, Red and Sweet Clover
Timothy, Red-Top and Blue Grass
Improved Kentucky Grain Drill
Peering Corn Harvester, DeejjngDiscJ
International Gasoline and Oil Engines
Oliver Chilled Plows, Buggies, Wagons, &c
".Quality First"
Farm Loans
'" n improved lands in Obion or Weakly County J i
$1 Pays for The Commercial 1 Year
1 ,

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