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AT THIS STORE you will find suitable, practical, lasting gifts which will not only please now, but will properly
. express the Christmas sentiment will be constant reminders of friendship and love. Some gifts are pretty
most of ours'are; others are useful, all of ours .are. Ours are THE GIFTS that are remembered, the gifts that last
for years. There are no others that will fully compare with them.
For Father
Pocket Knives ,
Old Style Razors
Safety Razors
All the Best Ones
Razor Strops
Shaving Brushes
Shaving Soaps
Carving Sell
Nut Cracks
Set Tools v
Shot Guns
Hunting Coats
Thermos Bottles
Flash Lights
Smoking Stands
Auto Wrench Sets
Top Buggies
Gas Engines
Jointed Fish Poles
For Mother
1 847 Rogers Silverwre
Knives and Forks '
Butter Knives
Tea Spoons
Ice Tea Spoons
Grange Spoons
After Dinner Coffee ,
Baby Spoons
Oyster Forks
Sugar Shells
Cut Glass and China
Celery Trays
Vases, Tumblers
Goblets, Bowls
Nappies, Compotes
jCups and Saucers
Cake Plates
Salt Sets
Cream and Sugars
Steak Plank Sets
Electric Irons
Jap. Trays and Baskets
v,;4 kj. t i4h k 1
fe rtl' JS' My Mil
, In M QicTvnoLoJy can dcrVj Jjju
I i tr. 1 T1 T f M rt I " 1 II 1 1
jj ii ' ii 7 " -pf NjCCL
" 1 "' ' '
For Girls
Cut Class and China
Puff Boxes
Hair Receivers
Perfume Bottles
Chocolate Sets
Sugar Shells
Pickle Forks
Salad Sets
Bon Bon Dishes
Nut Cracks
Nut Picks and Cracks
Japanese Dresser Sets
China Dresser Sets
Chafing Dishes
O'Cedar Mops
Ice Skates
Roller Skates
For Boys
Air Guns
Shot Guns
Hunting Coats
Boy Scout Axes
Boy Scout Knives
Ice Scates
Roller Skates
, Goat Wagons
Steel Wagons
Irish Mail
Flash Lights
Set Tools
Extra Saws
Jack Planes
Don't wait for the three last rainy
days before Christmas. COME NOW,
President Wilson and Mrs. Gait.
Washington, Dec. : 4. President
Wilson and Mrs. Norman Gait will
be married on Saturday, December
18, at Mrs. Gait's home here, ac
cording to a formal announcement
made to-day at the White House.
It was also announced that the
only guests will be Mrs. Gait's moth
er, her brothers and sisters, the
President's brother and sis'ter, his
daughters, and the members of his
immediate household. No invitations
will be. issued. No announcement
was made regarding plans for a hon
eymoon, but it was expected that
the President and his bride will leave
Washington soon after the ceremony
for somewhere in the South.
Although no announcement was
made of the hour of the ceremony it
was understood it will be late in the
afternoon. The Rev. Sylvester Beach,
The President's pastor in Princeton,
and the Rev. Herbert Stodd Smith,
rector of Mrs. Gait's church, are ex
pectiated to officiate.
The formal announcement of the
wedding plans was written out by
the President himself this morning.
Immediately afterward he left the
White House to visit Mrs. Gait. Both
liave agreed that all the details shall
be as simple as possible. It has been
intimated to the diplomates who have
made inquiries at the State depart
ment that no display in connection
with the wedding is desired. Despite
that, it , is expected that many of
ficials and admirers of the President
will, send gifts.
Joseph R. Wilson, of Baltimore,
the President's brother, Mrs. Anne
Howe, his sister, and Mrs. Francis B.
Sayre, the President's daughter, will
be guests at the White House when
they come to attend the, wedding.
Miss Marearet Wilson and Mrs. W.
G. McAdoo, the other two daughters
of the President, are already here.
Mrs. Gait's . home, where -the cere
mony will be performed, is in the
fashionable section of Washington,
but is too small to contain a large
party. .Nevertheless both Mrs. Gait
and the President" decided not to
have the wedding in the White
. The brothers and sisters of Mrs.
riait. who will be present, are Rolfe
E. Boiling, of Panama; Mrs. M. H
Maurv. Anniiton, Ala., and Mrs
Alexander H. Gait, John Randolph
Boiling, Miss Bertha Boiling, Rich
ard W. Boiling, and Julian B. Boll
inc. all of Washington.
nnnfl&r' toother of Mrs. Gait's, will W
be unable to attend the wedding be
cause of the serious illness of his
Members of Mrs. Gait's family
said to-day that the ceremony would
be performed after 6 p. m., and that
the couple would leave immediately
for a honeymoon journey. Their
destination has been kept secret even
from members of the family. Mrs.
Gait's mother is in personal charge
of niost of the arrangements. '
The duty of securing a marriage
license will fall to I. H. Hoover, chief
usher at the White House, who per
formed similar services for the wed
dings of Mrs. McAdoo and Mrs.
Call 150, Union City Ice & Coal Co.,
when you want coal right now.
Many Parties.
"They call her Mrs. Horatius."
"Why's that?"
"She's always holding a bridge."
Fine Times.
A dollar down and two a week
Will purchase anything you seek.
Delightful terms, we must confess,
And easy rates to happiness.
' A Wifely Slam.
"This writer has a theory that a
city should be run Just like a club,
with committees and all."
"My husband could qualify for the
committee on corner gossip and hold
ing up lampposts."
His Testimony Will Interest Every
Union City Reader.
The value of local evidence is indu
putable. It is the kind of evidence we
can accept as true because we know we
can prove it for ourselves. There has
been plenty of such evidence in the
Union Citv napers lately, and this
straiebtforward testimony has estab
lished a confidence in the minds of
Union City people that will not be easi
ly shaken.
J. N. Bradshaw, proprietor grist mill,
413 Palmer street. Union City, says:
"I was bothered by dull, nagging back
aches and had headaches and dizzy
snells. Mv kidneys were disordered.
Doan's Kidney Pills removed the aches
and pains in my back and made my
kidneys regular in action."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. Bradshaw had. Foster-Milburn
Following upon the covictioH of
four officials of the Hamburg-American
Line of conspiracy in obtaining
manifests for vessels with which to
place supplies on German warships
in the Atlantic, has come the an
nouncement that several days ago the
United States Government made a re
quest upon Germany for the with
drawal of Capt. Karl Boy-ed, naval
attache, and Capt. Franz von Papen-,
military attache of the German Em
bassy at Washington.
Whether conscription will be en
forced in England is to be determined
by a report December 11 of the joint
recruting committees, which, it is
understood, will embody a system of
compulsion of the youth of the
United Kingdom who do not volunteer.
That the State-wide prohibition
law of Washington State has been in
validated by the Washington State
Supreme Court, was reported, follow
ing a request for an immediate ruling
to permit of remedial action at a
special session of the Legislature.
Receiving the final report of the
Louisville Vive Commission, which
recommended eradication of commer
cialized vice in this city as early as
practicable, Mayor. Buschemeyer
pledged himself to adopt a system
looking to the end desired.
Four indictments in the Chicago
labor graft investigation charged
fifty-four defendants, including union
officials, with extortion, conspiracy
and malicious mischief, and the bail
in the cases aggregated $10,530,000.
A bank messenger was shot by his
assistant who attempted to steal a
J 4,000 bag of gold in New York, and
the assistant was winged by a third
messenger, who recovered the money
Senator James P. Clarke, of Arkan
sas, was elected president pro tem
pore of the Senate by the Democratic
caucus Friday, defeating Senator
Pomerene, of Ohio, by a vote of 28
to 23. y
The Industrial Association of the
South for exploiting the South's re
sources was organized in Nashville.
Alvis Van de Vyvere, Belgian Min
ister of France, arrived in New York
and said he was here looking after
some purchases, not to arrange a
Belgian loan.
Miss Inez Green, after visiting with
relatives at Mason Hall and Trimble
returned borne Sunday.
Mrs. Laura Malouey, the popular
proprietress of the Jefferson Hotel, vis
ted her daughter, Miss Gladys, in Ridge-
ly Tuesday.
G. W. Reed and wife spent the week
end with relatives at Kenton.
Polk McDonald, Jr., departed for
Helena, Ark., Monday, at which place
he has employment.
Dr. J. F. Darnall, after spending sev
eral days on Reel foot Lake duck shoot
ing, returned home Saturday.
Mesdames F. H. Foote add Callia
Wilson and Misses Lara and Lena Da
vidson were visitors in Union City Mon
day. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Ledbetter are the
proud parents of a fine girl, born Mon
day. Miss Mattie Lowe, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. G. W. Lowe, is very ill with
G. M. Steele attended the meeting of
the district stewards of the Union City
District of the Methodist Church at Un
ion City Monday.
H. Z. Ragsdale returned Sunday after
a visit to his daughter, Mrs. L. Z. Hurt,
in Okolona, Miss.
H. C. Davidson, accompanied by his
son, Albert, of this city, went to Mem
phis Tuesday, to see a specialist. Mr.
Davidson, Sr., has been suffering for
some time on account of a growth on
his lower lip which has puzzled local
physicians and hence a trip to a special
ist. N
Miss Bennie Fox, after spending the
week-end with homefolks here, returned
to Rives Monday.
Mesdames Geo. Moore and H. L.
Jones spent Tuesday with E. N. Moore
and wife near Glass.
J. Wilks Buchanan and Bob Fox, of
this place, and A. S. Marshall, of Nash
ville, after spending a few days at Reel
foot Lake duck shooting, returned to
Obion Monday night.
An earthquake that lasted several sec
onds struck here Tuesday at about 12:40
p. m. It was very distinct and caused
quite a little alarm to some of our citi
zens. Misses Jessie Wells and Rachel Smith,
of Glass, were in town Tuesday.
Miss Eva Maloney, of Elbridge, was
a visitor with friends and relatives in
Obion Monday.
Would Be Great.
Pickles and ice cream are both so
dear to the feminine heart that it is
a great pity the druggist has as yet
found no way to combine them in a
The latest
More trouble for rheumatic peo
ple. Now we've got to learn to
dance on skates.
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co. Jer
ley Cream Flour, a home product and
FOR SALE Pure home-made sor
ghum molasses. Call or phone 57-J.
26-tf H. O. Head.
house on one of the best lots on Main
street for farm land.
37-2tpd J. A. WHIPPLE.
FOR RENT If you want nice
furnished rooms with lights, phone
and bath call to see Mrs. Dr. Robin
son, south of custom house, close to
town. 36-tf
LOST A morrocco folding pocket
book Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 17, on
bench of Third National Bank, contain
ing cards, notes an,d a one dollar bill.
Finder will be liberally rewarded for re
turn. 34-tf G. E. PHEBUS.
FOR SALE Farm of 111 acres locat
ed 31 miles northeast of Jordan, Ky.,
on Liberty road, mail route and tele
phone line, all iu cultivation; good land
and lays well; fair improvements; plenty
stock water. Good terms.
34 4tpd W. B. RICE,
R.F.D. No. 1, Box 106, Fulton, Ky.
Big Muddy washed, nut coal is best
.for cooking. Call loO. Union ticy
1 Ice & Coal Co. . ,
Union City
Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y. Adv.
Dr, W. A. Boiling, of Louisville,

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