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Makes the assertion th
goods for the same money
cess on this assertion. Yoh
and in fact
to find out
it here cheaper, don't buy it.
One; y of
We sell good Shoes - for less money i
is Your Tims insurcci ?
Our Sick and Accident Policies will Insure job solid time.
Our Life Policies its nn attractive. Let ns shew you.
Your Country property. t well as Gty, will be fully protected with our
Combined Fire and Tornado Policies.
JN0.T WALKER & CO.. Agents
Buy your Easter hams at Hefley's.
Miss Jessie Gibbs is home from
Fulton. , . ..' . ' .
Mr. Richard Andrews, ot Polk, was
in the city Sunday.
Smart Easter Eats at Mrs. Aran's.
Mrs. Baldrldge, of Fulton, was a
Tuesday shopper in the city.
Misa Lottie Bennett, of Troy, was
in the city Wednesday shopping.
A. E. Kirkland Eats Men and
Women. v
Mrs. John O. Bennett, of Troy,
was in the city Friday shopping.
Mrs. J. S. Holioman, of Kenton,
was a visitor in the city this week.
Bay your spring Hat at Kirby's.
Mrs. J. D. Dawson, of Shady Grove,
was a Tuesday shopper in the city.
Mrs. W. W. Pierce, of Trimble,
was in the .city this week shopping.
Swift's Premium hams are tbe best
lit Hefiey's.
Mrs. Helen CockriU is a visitor in
Martin this week with Mrs. M.
Mrs. Burke and Miss Hattie Clark,
of Troy, were in the city Wednes-
A wonderful range of Pattern Hats
as mi. Aran s.
Mrs. Threlkeld and daughters, of
Hickman, were In the city Wednes
day shopping. ; , :
MrsT L. Parks, Miss Clara and
Miss Ruth have returned from a vis
it to Nashville.
A, E. Kirkland Eats "en and
Women. , i
Geo. B. Drlskill has returned from
St. Petersburg., after a few weeks
recuperation at tbJs famous winter
resort, looking fit and, fine.
everything that is usually
if this assertion is true. Oj
- - our' most-
est Oracle of lQ
See our Room-size Matti
Mrs. P. W, Moffatt and Miss Polka
Dodson, of Troy, were in the city
Tuesday shopping.
Gall 150 and get your coat and wood.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Mrs. Louis McAdoo and Mlas Nina
Loyd Wheeler were in Fnlton this
week as visitors. ; :
Mrs. T. F. Scott and daughter, of
Ha user Valley, were in the city
Wednesday shopping. "
J. R. Rodgers, of the Brown Shoe
Co., is here this week mingling with
customers and friends. , '
See the Shoe Bargains on the
Bargain Tree at The Toggery.
D. K. Caudle, of the vicinity north
of the city, was a friendly business
caller here Wednesday. ;
Mr, Geo. Jeter and Miss Nell
Brasfield, of Dresden, were In the
city Wednesday shopping.
A complete line of millinery at
Miss Dixie Caldwell, who Is lo
cated at Newbern for a short time,
visited homefolks here this week.
J. R. Moffatt, of Troy, was In
Memphis this week going to see a
specialist for physical examination. ;
An extensive line of beautiful
Eats are on display at Mrs. Aran's.
Mrs. R. P. Baucum, Mrs. R. B.
Gray and Miss Elsie White, of Ken
ton, were in the city this week shop
ping. , We are glad to see Mr. Catron
Compton out la town again after be
ing confined at home with illness
this winter.
Tho "Ham What Am," Swift's
Fremium, at Hefley's. , .
The Young Ladies Missionary So
ciety of the C. P. Church will meet
with Mrs. C. M. Zwlngle Monday,
April 3, at 7 o'clock in the evening.
All the members urged to attend.
- c
ng Dru
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gaulden and
Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Daniels, of Trim
ble, spent the week-end visiting J
W. and Mrs. Burney.
DERMASOL for the complexion.
Oliver Drug Store.
Mr. Zack Warren, of Number Sev
en, was a visitor here last week at
the bedside of his sister, Mrs. Jennie
Corum, and present at the funeral
Weanesday. --
. Mrs. Cravens and daughter, Mrs
Carl Lasley, were in the city Wed
nesday shopping. Mrs, Cravens re
sideB at Troy and Mrs. Lasley at
Halls, Tenn.
The Hats this- season at Mrs,
Aran's are individually charming.
Mrs. Paul Erwin and children, of
Polk, and Mrs. Sherman Sutherland
and children, this city, are visiting
their mother, Mrs. McConnell, a fjw
miles out of town.
You can save money on Millinery
at Kirby's.
Mrs. T. R. Boxley and daughter,
of . Jackson, who have been here vis
itinfc Mrs. Boxley's mother, Mrs
Jennie Corum, during her Illness,
was here for the funeral Wednesday.
Mrs. Klttie Rogers, after a few
months illness from an injured limb,
will be able next week to return to
her work at Mrs. Arnn's, trimming
hats. The friends arc glad to know
that she Is getting well.
We buy wool at Reynolds Packing
Co., also poultry and eggs, S. P. Ear
ns, Mgr.
B. A. Vaughn, one of the pro
gressive county teachers, has Just
closed a school at Chapel Hill six
miles south of Fulton. Prof. Vaughn
had 82 pupils enrolled and the
school did some good work.
Mr. Geo. Robinson, of Roswell,
New Mexico, his father tells us, is
under treatment of the celebrated
Mayo Brothers at Rochester, Minn.,
for appendicitis. The many friends
here hope for his speedy recovery.
If you haven't got the cash don't
eat at JTirHaT... w riti7cl7 -C-fuses
to credit.
Attending the dance at Fulton
this week were Mrs. Hunter Griffin,
Misa Kathleen Rogers, Miss Dot
Beck, V-MIss Hattie Mat Clemmons,
Mr, and Mrs. L. II. McAdoo, Messrs.
Irwin Griffin, Easly PenicK, Ferrell
Alexander. Walker Tanner, Edwards
rorks, J. C. Harris, W. M. Hardy,
Will McAdoo, J. P. Morris.
Chas. Dletzel, the Jeweler, has the
local agency for the new Edison Dia
mond Disc Phonograph, and three of
the latest models on display at the
store for demonstration purposes.
Give him a call and hear the music.
E. H. Lannom, representing the
Southern Loan and Abstract Com-tany,-
of Memphis, Tenn., announces
In an advertisement in this paper on
another page that he has good mon
ey and plenty of It to loan on easy
terms. See his ad.
The Hats this season at Mrs.
Aran's are beautiful. Each Hat has
that smart look so much desired by
women of discriminating taste.
Mrs. Fred Williams, of Hornbeak,
has Joined the force of trimmers at
Mrs. Arnn's, and a very cordial in
vltation is extended to her friends
to call. Mrs. Arnn is constantly ad
ding to her .force of accomplished
ladies and conforming to the de
mands of her increasing patronage
We buy wool at Reynolds Packing
Co., also poultry and eggs, S. P. Har
ris, Mgr.
Mrs. L. A. Bowers, of Martin, was a
Tuesday shopper in the city.
Miss Minnie Bell Flatt, of Trenton,
was a Sunday visitor in the city.
Fbone 19? for your Easter ham.
Mr. Harry Shumate, of Tiptonville,
was a visitor in the city Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mangum, of Ful
ton, are in the city visiting friends.
Buy your spring Hat at Kirby's,
Mr. and Mrs. Thurman C. McCain, of
Tiptonville, were in tbe city last week
Mrs. Moihe Prieto is a visitor this
week with Mrs. John E. Finch at Ken
All kinds of coal at Union City Ice b
Coal Co.
Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Overall, of
Dyer, were in the city Wednesday shop
Miss Elise White and Mrs. Scott, of
Kenton, were io the city Wednesday
Spring Suits Kade-To-Measure
$15.00 at The Toggery.
Dr, O. B. Chandler, of Vanderbilt, is
in Union City for a few days enjoying
the spring holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Eice are moving
this week from the vicinity of the First
Christian Church to the Crawley house
on Exchange street.
Mrs, G. Q. Thompson and Mrs, W.
W. Pierce, of Trimblo, were in the city
Wednesday shopping. '
Mrs. Blue, of Nashville, was in the
city yesterday attending the funeral of
her uncle, Esq. E. Polk. ,
You can save money on Millinery
at Kirby's. ' ,
John M. Drane, of Newbern, and J.
Wt Atkins, of Dyersburg, were business
visitors in the city Thursday, " -
Miss Ruth Caldwell is keeping books
for the Union City Ice & Coal Co. in the
absence of Miss Dixie Caldwell.
Miss Lela Shaw, of State Line, was a
visitor in the city Wednesday at the
at the home- of Mrs. L. H. Lockhart.
Buy a Swift Premium bam and be
convinced at Hefley's.
Mrs. J. A. Hefley, Mrs. Martha Bryan
and Mrs. Calvin Sanders, of Woodland,
were in the city Wednesday shopping.
Miss Reba Wratber, attending school
in Nashville, is a visitor this week in
the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Joyner.
Not too late to buy Shoes. Shoe
Bargain Tree at The Toggery.
Mrs. Nell Gibbs Andrews, of Helena,
Ark., is here this week visiting relatives
and friends, coming over to attend. the
funeral of Mr, Polk.
A complete line of millinery at
Mrs. Louis McAdoo and Miss Dott
Beck, of Union City, Miss Hattye Mae
Clemmons, of Rives, Tenn., were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Fry last night
and attended tbe Elks' dance. Fulton
Leader. ' " -. . '
Swift's Premium hams, $1.50 to 2,
at Hefley's. fbone 197.
Tbe friends of Mr. Lewis M. Martin,
who has been sick from ptomaine poison
at Martin, are glad to hear that be is
improving and will be able to return to
his work as manager of the City Drug
Store here this weak.
We buy wool at Reynolds Packing
Co., also poultry and egi?s. S. P. Har
ris, Mgr.
Our well known contractor and build
er, W. L. Massengtil, is getting the
office of the Uoon City Independent
Telephone Company ready for business.
The Kaillinj building, formerly tbe J.
A. Coble, Jr., furnishing store, is being
remodeled for that purpose, and when
Vs. Massengi'l gets thru it r;iil be a
Dr. 0. B. Chandler, who finishes his
medical course at Vanderbilt University
this year, has been engaged as an in
tern at Vassar Bros. Hospital, Pough
keepsie, N. Y., and begins his work
July 1. This assignment is an import
ant step for a young practitioner for the
valuable experience it will afford. Mr.
Chandler secured the place over a dozen
Vanderbilt applicants.
The war ia still going on, goods
are still going up, but Phil Hyman
still cuts the price lower than ever.
Our spring goods are all in and won
derful bargains are offered at Phil
Hyman's Cut Price Store.
The new bottling plant of Union City
is prepared to furnish the famous Union
City Coke. Sodas any flavor, extra fine.
Tbey cordially invite the public to seo
them and inspect their plant on Bank
street (Concrete Block. Phone 07. 1-tf
Wdea Glasses Give Better and
Mere GeAtaSle Vision
When our examination ihowt poal.
tively that eyeglasae will give better
and more comfortable vision, the exact
dentine prescription ia prepared and
the glaase that we fumiah are the beat,
moat becoming and most aatisfactory
that the highet optical ikill and science
can provide. -
Our glaaeea are fitted and adjusted in
frame or mountings especially adapted
to each individual case. Our large ra
riety of special mountings enable us
to select what is most suitable a well
as. serviceable. With our special sys
tem of measurements we adjust the
lenses and mountings so that they will
be optically centered with scientific pre.
eision, which is as important as the pre
scription itself. .
We give special consideration to the
I appearance of glasses and mountings.
"hm wcrs, i cxi iLml ;!.y ,
most becoming. Our patient are al
ways gratified with the results that we
obtain in this respect.
2?8 First Street, Union City

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