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J. ' C Burdick V
ij'week. ..;
uvin -yl
:i Old People
- ' i tell you that the
a,I L-u raentj needed to im
s the health of delicate children
... estore strength to old people.
f - ; Uvr and Beef Peptone, Irea
Iteu . J4angncaIeptoDfttaa, Iron and .
Curat, Lima and goto
T. . . ihoaphatM, Catcano.
b!-'nAe who have puny, ailing or
fjwn children or aged parents
rove thi at our expense.
' des the good it does children
;ie aged there is nothing like
yto restore strength and vitality
u in'k, nervous women and over-
(it. If you are not entirely sat
, we will return your money
plut question; that proves our
r-s and your protection. Mil-
of people have been convinced
I way.
j er's Drug Store, Union City, Tenn.
"Eeal Estate Trantferi.
E, B. Spence to J. F, Swiggart,
5 acres In No. 1, $4,100.
J. D. Cathey and wife to R. A.
Cathey, 13 acres in No, 16, $500.
C. L. I.IoSlt ol al. to"j. E. Mof-
fatt, 15 acres in No. 16, $750.
Louis Moffatt Pressly to J. E.
Moffatt, interest In 15 acres in No,
6, $1,500.
Jas. M. Brice et al. to Troy Realty
Improvement Co., 4 lots in No. 6,
Troy Realty Improvement Co. to
Tbelbert -. Taylor, 4 , lots in No. 6,
, Thelbert Taylor to Robert E. Mc-
Gowen, 4 lots in No. 6, $700.
J. A. Hart et al. to Robert E. Mc
Gowen et al., 90 acre3 in No. 6,
Walter Hayes et d. to S. T. Den
ton, 2, lots in No. 6, $600.
T. J. Lasater to J. F. Barnett and
wife, lot In No. 6, $600.
R. F. Tisdalo to W. E. Jackson,
one-half interest in lot in No. 13,
W. A. Muse ct tl. to W. E. Scott,
208 acres in No. 6, $3,200. :
J. E. Cobb et al. to D. P. Caldwell,
2 lots in No. 13, r$300.
L. L. Crittendon ct al. to J. D.
Todd, 16 acres in No. 16, $1,000.
J. W. Jordan and E. E. Church
et al. to C. T. Sikcs, 40 acres in No.
9, $1,100.
J. T. Vinson and wifo to W. H.
Vinson, 80 acres in No. 10, $1,000.
Oscar H. Jones et al. to W H.
Harpole, 47 acres in No. 1, $550.
Fannie Ruth Daniel to F. H.LIp
part), interest in 64 acres in No. 9,
. L. E. Mann et al. to" Guy Tucker,
36 teres in No. 16, $1, 632. 75.
J. T. Owens to A. R. Owens, in
terest in 223 acres in No. 1, $7,500.
' J. E. Olive and wife to Goo. Zar
Ticor, 41 acres in No. 7, $2,1.00.
' W. L. Willingham et al. to -Walter
Hutcherson, 130 acres in No. 12,
H. W. Cunningham ct al. to W. W.
Hutchinson, intorest fu lend In No.
5, $191.31. V
Edgar E. Shoro to T. W, pradley,
lot in No. 4, $80.
Thcs. J. Bonner and-son to T. C.
Callicott, lot in No. 4, $250.
Mrs. Anna Hudaon to R. A. Mc
Daniel, 56 acres in No. 10, $2,250.
W. C. Ledbetter to R. L. Howell,
3 acres in No. 15, $800.
Fred Taylor et al. to A. L. Stan
fill. lot in No. 13, $1,660. .
J. L, Glover and wife to A. L.
Stanfill, 2 acres in No. 13, $1,000.
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co.
Jersey Cream Flour, a home product
and guaranteed.
Sayi Hixion Lady Who, On Doc
tor'i Advice. Took Cardoi
nixson, Tenn. "About 10 years ago
I was..." says Mrs. J. B. Gadd, of
this place. "I suffered with a pain in
my left side, could not sleep at night
with this pain, always in the left
side... ,. , -.
My doctor told meto use Cartful. I
took one bottle, which helped me and
after my baby came, I was stronger
and better, but the pain waa still
I at first let it go, but began to get
weak and in a run-down condition,
o I decided to try some more Cardui,
which I did.
This last Cardui which I took mads
me much better, in fact, cured me. It
has been a number of years, still I
have no return of this trouble.
I feel it was Cardui that cured me,
and I recommend it as a splendid fe
male tonic" '
Don't allow yourself to become
weak and run-down from womanly
troubles. Take Cardui. It should sure
ly help you, as it has so many thou
sands of other women In the past 40
years. Headache, backache, aideache,
nervousness, sleeplessness, tired-out
feeling, are all signs of womanly trou
ble. Other women get relief by taking
Cardui. Why not you? All druarsrfstg.
VIlthe :
O. E,
meets Wedn&jJA j mext
Pin a white ribbon on Hambhnes.
He has solved the puzzle of bootleg
whiskey. Shoot it to the Germans,
says llambones
E. T. Mitchell and W. E. Warren
have new cars. The former a Saxon,
the latter a Willys-Knight.
Miss Bonner is in Rome, Ga., this
month, gueBt.of'her sister, Mrs. Al
lan Wade.
Miss Leiron Braden, of Kenton,
en route home from a lengthy visit
in Memphis, was the visitor Monday
of Mrs. Jen Spikes
Miss Dora Callicott, of Union City,
was an end of the week guest of Mrs,
Press Callicott.
, A convention of some sixteen or
seventeen Sabbath schools of the C.
P. Church meets here the last Sun
day in this month.
There will be preaching at the M.
E. Church Sabbath morning and
Miss Estelle Stovall, of Number
Seven, is now on the force at Harper
& Shore's dry goods establishment
Miss Stovall will either trim you jt
hat or wait on you at the counter
The friends of Mrs. Homer Harris,
formerly Miss Bess Morris, will be
glad to know of her chance now to
live thru a crisis of pneumonia and
an operation for appendicitis. Mrs.
Harris is in a hospital at Denver,
To the question in current issue
of The Country Gentleman, "Have
you any wool," we could say, "Yes
sir, yes sir, three bags full, one for
the master, one for the dame and
one for the little boy that lives in
the lane," were it not for prowling,
thriving dogs. Indeed the uplands
of West Tennessee could number its
sheep as in the days of Father Abra
ham, but alas and alas the farmer
too often spends his leisure, hours
about town, instead of attending
legislative halla. 'Likej everything
else a good dog is all right. There is
no earthly reason for the thousands
of mongrels infesting this fair land.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Etheridge, of
Number Seven, and Messrs. Louis
and Leo Luten, of Waverly, -were re
cent visitors af Moffatt with the
family of Mr. Will Withcrspoon. .
The horse of W. L. Clemmons,
requisitioned by an unknown party
last week, was found over in Ken
tucky near Cacey.
There was a call meoting Tuesday
afternoon of the Masonic Lodge to
give the first degree to Messrs.. Jim
Hite, Moss Fisher and Wiley Brad
ley. , ;
Mrs; Horace Fields, of Mount
Pelia, was in town a few days this
week, guest of her sister, Mrs. Moss
Fisher. Mrs. Fields leaves in a few
days for Memphis for medical treat
ment of a skin disease specialist.
A wire to homefolks from Mars W.
Palmer, Radio Warrant officer in the
Navy, 'state he is being transferred
from Portland, Oregon, to the At
lantic Sea Board. If possible the
trip across will be made thru here
to visit his parents, Dr. and Mrs.
T. P. Palmer.
Lancaster Smith has sold his ton
sorial shop to 'Dexter Vaughn. Mr.
Smith has joined the patriotic corps
to raise more food for tho allies.
It is reported T. J. Vaden and Lee
Wade have new machines of the im
proved Ford type.
Mrs. Laferty, of Fulton, is the
house visitor of Miss Callie Byrns. '
- The campaign last month in the
school for war certificate sales was
won by the girls in an almost two
to one. The boys are gallantly tak
ing their defeat. The sales amount
ed to near $800, we re told. We
are surprised that there is only one
depot here for stamp sales, the post
office. This throws such a burden on
the postmaster right at time to make
up afternoon mail that more sales
would be made if some other de
pository at this time qf the day was
convenient. If the plan of responsi
bility is the cause of this trouble,
the business men should petition
Secretary McAdoo for a different ar
rangement. The sale of War Savings
Stamps should not be blocked.
The Bethlehem Community Club
will meet Tuesday, March 12, with
Mrs., Annie Barham.
Mrs. White is visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs. Edna Maupin, near Fulton.
Miss Virginia Hefiin is spending a
few days with her sister, Mrs. Will
Miss Bettle Baulch spent Tuesday
and Wednesday at Fulton, the guest
of her sister, Mrs. Cslie Travis.
Mr. John Finch, of Fulton, spent
Monday night with friends in this
community. - ' '
Several around here have early
gardens planted and some few have
oats sowed.
Tho new pastor. Brothe Howell,
filled his first appointment at Beth
lehem Sunday. He delivered a very
interesting sermon from the theme
"Go Forward."
Mrs. Jess Moss, of Wolverine vi
cinity, was in town recently shop
Mrs. Neil Glover and Mrs. Hum
phrey, of Camp Ground, were in
town Monday shopping.
Miss Anna Nichols was a visitor in
Polk last week. '
Misses Annie . and Edith Donnell
were in town Monday shopping.
Miss Velma Donnell went to Un
ion City Saturday.
Miss Corinne McRee was in Union
City Saturday.
Miss Pearl Cook, of Polk, was a
visitor in town Tuesday.
Mrs. John Dcvinney and Miss Bes
sie Green, of Wolverine vicinity,
were in town Monday.
Mrs. Ross Brown, of Polk, was In
town Tuesday shopping.
Elder Louis Jones preached at the
Chrisian Church at Polk la3t Sun
L. A. Robcrt3 and family visited
in Polk Sunday.
Mrs. Joe Bennett an Mrs. Billy
Bennett, of Wolverine, Were in town
Messrs. Halbcrt and Charlie Stov
all, who have been in the employ
of the I,C. Railroad at Memphis, left
Tuesday night after a visit with
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brack
Stovall, in Troy, to Join the railroad
unit en route to France Vs volun
Mr. Earl Necl is the agent for the
Overland car here in Troy.
Mr. Guy Erwin, of Wolverine, was
in town Tuesday.
.Mr. Sidney Rlddlck has returned
to Troy after a visit to his father in
Mr. Prentiss Rlddlck, of Alamo,
spent the week-end in Troy.
Mr. Glenn Brown, of Union City,
was in Troy Sunday.
Miss Ella Crockett i3 here from
Paragouid, Ark.
Rev. Pressly has bought Mr. Jas.
Pressly's home ' and moved last
week. - ', i ;
Messrs. David Burnett and R. E
McGowen were in Union City Thurs
day on business. '
Miss Maggie McGowen and father,
of Ebenezor, were in town Saturday
Dr. Lasley and wife, of Union Cltyi
visited relatives here Sunday.
Mr. Charley Patten and family
have moved tox tho Rev. Pressly
home, having recently purchased it.
Miss Rosena Lawrence, of Union
City, was the guest- of her aunt, Mrs.
Billy Kersey, here recently.
' Mrs. Sarah Nichols and children,
of Jackson, r- visited - Mrs.- Nichols'
father, Rev. Pressly, here recently.
Mr. Paul Thorn, of Mount Ararat,
was here Monday.
Mr. James Pressly and Miss Sallie
Crockett are in St. Louis purchasing
spring and summer goods this week.
Mr. P. W. Curry and family mo
tored to Woodland Sunday to see
' Miss Blanche Scott was in town
Saturday visiting relatives.
Mr. Joe Mitchell is recovering
from a very eovere spell fof pneu
Miss Enda Nichols was In Cincin
nati last week purchasing spring
millinery for the J. S. Moffatt Co.
Miss Flossy Calhoun was at Wood
land Sunday and Sunday night with
Rev. Carl Lasley and wife were
Sunday guests of Rev, Lasloy's sister,
Mrs. Charley Patten. ,
Mr. Abel Turner bought the
Walker Caldwell farm near town last
C. P. Wilson left Sunday night for
St. Louis to purchase spring goods,
Rev. O. T. Sellars will fill his
regular appoinment at this place
next Sunday afternoon at 3:30
o'clock. Everybody is cordially in
vited to attend. .
Mr. Claud Logan is sporting in a
new Dodge car.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Carrlgan and
family were the Sunday guests of
Mrs. Garrigan's mother, Mrs. Van
Glover, near Troy.
Mrs. Mary Logan and Miss Ella
Garrigan spent one night last week
in the home of Dr. liar Glover and
Mr. Russell Houser, , of Number
Thirteen, visited friends and rela
tives in this community last week.
Mr. Charley Harris , transacted
business In Union City this week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Shephard vis
ited their daughter, Mrs. " Mabel
Ferguson, recently.
Dr. H. L. Park was called to Horn
beak one day last week to see a
patient with pellagral
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Lo
gan last Monday, a girl.
W. T.' Harris visited relatives near
Fulton a few days this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Porter Harris and
family, of near Fulton, spent Satur
day night and Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. W. T. Harris and family.
Beginning; 9.30 Tuesday Morirtng:
. mm a a r. c V
On the Syd
Two Miles East of Hickman, Ky.
Consisting of absolutely everything on the plap nothing
reserved. Retiring from business on account of an accident.
Having sold my stock fcrm, I will sell to the highest bidder
everything I own on the place, consisting of a r fine herd of
registered Hereford Cattle, containing about thirty cows (ma
jority with calves at side) and Heifers; also about fifteen young
Bulls, one and two years old; two fine Herd,; Bulls ( Vernet
Prince 22nd, by Point Comfort, and Crusader jprea, by Beau
Brea). The cows are just as well bred and j are all choice
Several pairs fine Work Mules. Choice Saddle and Har
ness Mare. Few registered Berkshire Hogs J
Farm Implements, consisting of the following Plows, Har
rows, Mowers, Binders, Peerless Wheat Thesher, run only a
short time; 24-h.p. Gore Scott Traction Engine, Corn Harvester,
Shredder, Silage Cutter: 20 new "Dodd's" Wagons, several
second-hand Wagons, several combination Farm and Log
Wagons, Hay Baler, side-delivery Rake, Hay Frames, etc.
Several hundred Game Chickens; all household goods; one
half interest in 90 acres of growing wheat.
We request that no one bring any extra stock here for sale,
as we want no by-bidding or bogus sales here.
Also request that those attending sales to drink whiskey
and get drunk, to please stay away.
TERMS Amounts of $25.00 or under cash, no discount;
over $25.00, bankable note due November 1st, 1918, 6 per
cent interest from date, or 3 per cent off for cash. '
Lunch will be served
the weather is not
.1 , .
The stork flew over the town of
Elbridge last Friday night and left
Mr. and Mrs. Will Shires a fine baby
Prof J. H. Stover went to Union
City Saturday to loo: over his farm.
Mrs,' Sowell came down from Un
ion City last Wednesday and took
dinner with Mis. Lovie Lippard.
Mr. Davy San ford has purchased
him a new Ford car.
Mr, Inman came down from Un
ion City and purchased of J. H,
Stover a wagon and a team of mules.
Mr. Leonard Owens has his new
smokehouse about completed.
Our farmers have been very busy
sowing their oats and clover.
The home of Mr. George Everett
was destroyed by flro la3t Thursday.
It caught from a defective flue. They
saved seven feather beds and about
all the quilts and their meat and a
few other things.
Mr. and Mrs. Odie Irvine, of Clov
erdale, have a new boy.
Mrs. Frank Hughes is visiting her
mother, Mrs. Wray, at Hornbeak.
Mrs. George Marshall, of Cun
ningham, is staying with Mrs. Eva
Our Sunday school is getting larg
er, but there is still room for more.
We noticed a piece in the paper
Btatlng for the ladies to stop so much
sewing and go to making crops. I
can say that the moot of them in
this end of the county do help make
the crops. TWO MAIDS.
Miss Lurline Bullington and Mrs.
Charlie Bell aro on tho sick list.
., Mr, and Mrs. Joe Howard, of Un
ion City, Sundayed, with Mr, and
Mrs. Jim Stono. ..
Mr. and Mrs. Jim King have re
turned home after a three weeks vis
It with Mrs. King's brother near
Nashville whose death is cxpecved
at any time.
Miss Willio Johnson spent Satur
day night with her uncle near Rives!
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Jones enter
tained tho younger people with a
singing Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Dickenson were
Sunday guests of their son, Will.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill McSpedden,
Misses Cordie Crittendon, Bertrice
and Morine McSpedden were Sunday
marcn iytn, iyid
L. Dodds Farm, at Dodds
SYD L. DODDS, Hickman, Ky.
by some charitable organization.
suitable,, sale will take place on the following: day.
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edd Penn.
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Callis, near
Troy,, visited relatives here Satur
day and Sunday.
Messrs. J. .T and Jim Coley, T.
N, and Alvin London were in Union
City Monday.
Mrs. : Jim . Phillips spent Monday
with Mrs. R. H. Davis. ,
Mr. and Mrs, Will Bell and son
spent Saturday night with Mr. and
Mrs. John. Bell.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Handsbrough
were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Linnie Handsbrough.
Mr, and Mrs. C. O. Penn visited in
Martin Saturday and Sunday, guests
of Mr. and Mrs. John Penn.
Mrs. Connie Dyer, of Memphis, is
visiting relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Laster at
tended preaching at Rives Sunday.
Messrs. Chester Johnson and Knox
Stanley spent one night last week
with Mr. and Mrs. W. P. London.
Misses Caeserine and Myrtle Wag
ster and Birdie Coley spent Tuesday
night with Miss Pearl Coley.
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Haley were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. George King
one night last week.
German measles are raging in this
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Gish, of Union
City, visited friends near Crystal
last Sunday.
Mr. ahd Mrs. Cothron and chil
dren spent Saturday night in the
home of Mr, and Mrs. Jim Duncan.
Mrs. T. D. Cummings, of near
Crystal, is spending a few days this
week with her daughter, Mrs. Luth
Farm for IBale
120 -acre farm, well improved; new barn, new fencing,
new pair scales, good house and everlasting water.' We
wiH have this farm on sale until March 1st; after that we
won't sell this year. See us at once.
j '.cm
er Williams, near Sanders Chapel.
Mrs. Artie Roberts was in Union
City Thursday attending to business,
. Mrs. Ona Barksdale and children,
of Crockett, aro spending the week
with Mrs. Barksdale's mother near
Crystal. .', .
Mrs. Thelma White returned to
her home in Missouri last Saturday
after a two months stay with rela
tives and friends.
Rev. McGlotbin filled his regular
appointment at Antioch last Sunday.
Mr. Donnell Council, of Newborn,
visited Mr. Hudaon here last Sunday.
Several from Crystal attended the
dance at Woodland Mills given by
Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Crawford.
Mount Olive church is preparing
to have a three days meeting, be
ginning March 29 and continuing to
March 31.
Rev. White will fill his regular
appointment at ; Antioch next Sun
day.' Most of the farmers are picking
cotton, whilo oomo aro preparing
their gardens. NANCY.
Special Notice.
' Mr. B. F. , Howard, Licensing
Agent Obion County, Union City,
Tenn. Dear Sir: Replying to yours
of the 26th will say that all drug
gists, wholesale and retail, that
handle ingredients that can bo conn
pounded with other ingredients to
make explosives are required to havvl
license. Yours truly.
U. S. Explosives Inspector for '
Clarksviile, Tenn., Feb. 28. !

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