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Eeport of Sale of Hawaiian Concert
Opera House, cash receipts..? 72.50
Dahnke's Cafe, cash receipts. 28.7
Boy Scouts, cash receipts... 33.75
Oliver's Drug Store, cash re
ceipts . .
Dr. Turner's office, cash re
ceipts .
i: 1150.50
A. L. Cox, for Opera House. . I 30.00
Dr. W. M. Turner, for each
advanced J. C. Duval
Dr. W. M. Turner, for cash
advanced telepbono mes
sage ; . . .
Marshall & Baird, printing.
J. If. Brlce, printing
$ 48.75
Net balance $103.75
MRS. R. A. NAPIER, Treas
The Red Cross Work.
At the theatre on the occasion of
a recent date made hero by a troupe
of Hawallans, Dr. Turner Informs us
that the proceeds, altho the troupe
failed to appear, were donated in
full to the Union City Red Cross
chapter. Quite a large audience was
present in anticipation of a musical
treat, and tho disappointed they re
fused to accept a refund of the ad
mission. The Hawallans, it seems,
were suspected of being German
Wagon and Blacksmith Shop.
Mr. John O'Donnell sold his wagon
and blacksmith shop a few days ago
to T. R. Reynolds, the president of
the Union City Lumber Co.. Mr,
O'Donnell has a notice in the paper
this week requesting a settlement of
accounts. He has been one of our
most popular business men and citi
zens, and his retirement from busi
ness here is uiversally .regretted,
Mr. Reynold will no doubt continue
the business with the prospects of
the best success. He will give the
business his personal attention.
Tom Thumb Entertainment.
The teachers, Miss Callie Howell,
Miss Elizabeth Chambers and' Mr,
Bparkman, gave a very unique Tom
Thumb entertainment last Tuesday
night in the school building, the pro
ceeds of which were used for the
purchase of a Victrola in the West
over School. A large audience was
present and the affair was a. com
plete success.
Basket Ball Game.
The girls from McPerrin School
at Martin, accompanied by their
teachers and scores of rooters, came
Monday night to take their regular
lesson and defeat at the' hands of
the Union City High School girls in
the school gym. It was anybody's
came until the whistle sounded for
time. They each led the other at
different times and were often tied
daring the game. All this was In
teresting and made the rooters boost
more. The people came over In cars
and were greeted by a good crowd
to make the evening pleasant. Why
don't more people attend these
Score Union City High School,
11, McFerrin, 8.
a. R. J. A. 0.
Only a few will recognize the fun
that lies under these letters. But
Mr. Embrey Beck has now ready at
the Elks Home the ritual and par
aphernalia for the Oriental Order of
Humility, and weekly meetings will
be held on Wednesday nights for the
Initiation of candidates. Come
around if you have not had" a good
laugh for some time.
Metros Wonderplay
Matinee and Night
By Richard Harding Davis.
The 20 cent kind at 5 and 10 cents.
Charter No. 9239
Reserve District No. 8 '
In the State of Tennessee, County of
Obion, at the close of business
on March 4, 1918 '
Loan and Discount (except
those shown on b and c)
C. 8. Bonds other than
Liberty Bonds of 19171:
U. 8. Bonds deposited to se
cure circulation (par value)
V. 8. bonds and certificates
of indebtedness pledged
to secure U. 8. deposits
par mlucj
U. 8. bonds and certificates
of indebtedness owned
and unpledged .........
tibertj Loan Bonds. 3X per
cent and 4 per cent, un
pledged .
Bonds, Shci ritiks, Etc.
(other than V. S.:
Securities other than U. S.
Bonds not including
stocks owned unpledged.
Stock of Federal Reserve
Bank (SO per cent of sub
scription .................
Value of banking bouse
Furniture and fixture
Lawful reserve wjth Federal
Reserve Bank...
Cash in vault and net
amounts due from national
banks 151.078.03
Checks on other banks in
the same city or town as
reporting bank I other
than Item 17 43.592.25
Checks on banks located
untitle city or town of re
porting bank and other
cash items 3,392.77
Redemption fund with TJ. S.
Treasurer and due from U.
8. Treasurer.. . ....
War Savings Certificates
ana Tnrilt Stamps actu
ally owned................
W1 oo
Total ........
Capital stock paid in........
Surplus fund ............
Undivided profits 27,554.60
Less current expenses, in
terest and taxes paid Z, 341. 07
Interest and discount col-
lected or credited, in ad
vance of maturity and not
earned approximate....
Circulating notes outstand
ing .
Net amounts due to banks,
bankers and trust compa
nies (other than indued in
Items 31 or 32) , . 38,550.82
Dkmand Deposits (other
than bank deposits) Sub- ,
jbct to Reserve (depos
its payable within 30 days):
Individual deposits subject "
to check 468.074.70
Certificates of deposit due
in less than 30 days (other
than for money borrowed) 12.312.92
Cashier's checks outstand
ing- 3,090.90
Total of demand deposits
(other than bank de
posits subject to re
serve, Items 34 , 35, 36,
37 . 38. 39. 40 and 41.... 1483.478.52
Time Deposits Subject
to Reserve payable
after 30 dats, or sub
ject to 30 days or more
notice, and postal sav-, .
Certificates of deposit other
than for money borrowed 18.302.93
United States deposits
1 other than postal snvinBsl:
War loan deposit account... 16:008.30
State of Tennesbei,
County of Obioh.
I. Hunter Elam. Cashier of the
1 1 I. 1 I
arjove namea Dane, cio soiemmy swear
man we auore statement is true to me
best of my knowledge and belief.
Huntbb Elam, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 14th day of Mar., 1918.
LSeal.J B. F. Howard,
Correct Attest: Notary Public.
D. N. Walkbr,
Walker L. Martin,
H. A. Bransforu.
Y. W. M. S.
Young Woman's Missionary So-
clef v will r.plehrntA thnlr seventh an. I
' " . -
mversary auesaay evrning, Marcn
9, 7:30 o'clock, at the Methodist
fit, ...... U . I V. M 04. Tl.. . 1 1. 1 1 I
- '"d
They extend to their friends a cor
dial invitation to come and enjoy
the evening with them.
The following program will be
Invocation, Rev. Walker.
Piano solo, Mrs. C. E. Harrison.
Birthday song, seven little folks
Vocal solo, Mr. Lea Garth.
Reading Miss Allen.'
Piano duet, Mrs. Oliver and Miss
Vocal solo, Miss Barney.
Reading, Miss Virginia Tucker.
Duet, Rev. and Mrs. Sellars.
Cornet solo, Mr. Tate.
Reading, Miss Dietzel.
Piano solo, Miss Allen.
Vocal solo,-Mis8 Harris.
The Army Band.
Elbert McCullough writes home
that he is well pleased with army
life. He is stationed at Fort Bliss,
Texas, with the Fifth U. S. Cavalry
Band. He sends regards to all the
boys, also nromm of u.t SnnrUV.
. . " ' -1
concert, as follows: I
A march entitle r. h n m I.
looma n th- tnn nf th. r,,,,.
' -- j !
concert program of the Fifth Cavalry
Band. Port Riinn. htn s nnA i-iK
Cain, band leader. He arranged the ,
piece. The program follows: 1 1
March, "L. O. O. M.". .Cain
Overture, "Bohemian Girl"-... Balfe
Excerpts, "Naughty Marietta"...
. Herbert
Walts, "La Cltana" ....... Bucalossi
Idyl, "Glow Worm". ....... .Llncke
Selection. "El Oantaln" . ; . Rmiat
Captain". .... .Soust
Humoresque, "The Girl I Left Be- I
hind Me"..... niitrfr
Flnsle, "Fifth Cavalry March". Cain
A petition with ten names attach
ed was received from Harris this
week to form an auxiliary at that
place with Mrs. L. D. Allen chair
man, and Mrs. Maude Williams sec
retary. The colored auxiliary of Union
City reported two new names added
to their membership.
Mrs. Dick Williams, of Hornbeak,
and Mrs. Hurt, of Maoon Hall, were
visitors at the work rooms this week.
On March 6 the Hornbeak auxll
iary sent in $29. a donation, from
On March 8 the Clayton ladies
held an egg shower, the proceeds of
which were $6.75, which they do -
nated the Red Cross
A check for $150 has been re
ceived from the sale of the Red Cross
pig, which was donated by Mr. Knox
Harper, of Rives.
The chapter Is deeply grateful for
these favors, which enable It to do
a larger amount of work
A large shipment of finished hoa
pital garments was sent to Atlanta
this 'week and an order sent in for
more material to be made up.
W. C. T.TJ. .
The next meeting of the W. C.
T. U. will be In the homo of Mrs.
Chas. Conn the first Friday in April.
I Meetings Evangelistic Sunday Even
Through Lent
Pray for myself.
Pray for my unsaved friends by
name each day.
Not criticise.
Back up the pastor and work.
The interest of these meetlnea la
srrowinsr and wo hone will confirm
to do so and believe great good will
come of them. There never was a
time when we needed to hark back
to the very fundamentals of our
Christian faith and practice.
Card of Thanks,
Words cannot express our sincere
thanks and appreciation for the
kindness sHown us during the illness
and death of our darling son and
orotner, Leonard. jror the many
sweet words or sympathy and com
fort coming from loving friends in
in the saddest hour of our lives and
tor me many oeauuiui norai oner-
May God's richest blessings rest
upon you Is our prayer. Mr. and
Mrs. Butler Caldwell and Rubye.
I Uirctt-KcUain.
Mr. Harry M. Dlrcks
and -Miss
Sadie McClaln were united in mar-
rlage at the home of Captain and
Mrs. Dlrcks in Union City Sunday
afternoon, the 11th Inst., the rites
of matrimony being administered by
Rev, W. B. Cunningham. The young
people are both very popularly
known and esteemed and the kind-
est congratulations are extended.
Nailling Hospital Notes.
Miss Effle Clark, of Estes, Miss.,
who recently underwent a serious
... . . ...
operation, nas recovered and will re-
turn to her home this week.
Miss Mav Bvera. of Trov. was niv
... " r
erated on Wednesday morning for
appendicitis with complications. Miss
Byers is doing nicely since the op
Mr. John Vaughn, of this city,
was operated on Tuesday morning
for gangrenous appendicitis and in
testlnal ulcers. Mr. Vaughn is do
ing nicely since the operation. .
Hie Terrible Pains in Back and
Sides. Cardni Gate Relief.
Marksville, La. Mrs. Alice lonson,
Of this place, . writes: '"For one, year I
suffered with an Swful misery in my back
and sides. My left side was hurting me
all the time. The misery was something
awrui. . I
I Could not do anything, not even sleep
at night It kept me awake most Of the
night ... I took different medicines, but
nniiiintT ( 1 1 1 1 ihm sn v tmnn nr rp nram m m 1
nniii i iooKiaraui . . . i i
, mat Mt . M tn ,'n , ... w
" "T" 7. -T. - :..
lor DneTcirHno i paiwnrui iim nmp i
""V-r 7 -
was tununcu iu mr oca 011 sna on. ipoii.
i0 with mytk whea , too
a 1 .., JJJ.. ...
iuuwu was bui sc iv sua:::;:a up
rain ... I decided I would try Cardul
, . By time I had taken the entire bottle
was feelinz oretty eood and could
straighten up and my pains were nearly
all axwie.
1 shall always praise Cardul. I coo-
tinned taking it until I was strong and
well." If you suffer from pains due to
female complaints, Cardul may be lust
what voQ need. Thousands of women
what yoQ need. Thousands of women
who once suffered in this way now pralM I
Cardiri for their oresent eood health.
Give it a trial. , . NC-133
Anti-Hog-Cholera Serum and
Virus for sale at lowest cash
prices. Serum $1.10 per hun
dred cc. bottled in 1 00, 250. and
500 cc's. Virus 1 c per cc in 1 5
and 30 cc sizes. Dosage 40 lb.
viz 20 cc. 70 lb. 25 cc. 100 lb.
un ,, V: ,
to 2 CC per hog. Prompt ex-
resg 8hipment to all points,
The American Red Cross has been
granted a license by the War Trade
Board to "trade with tho enemy."
This is h w It came about: the
privilege of sending letters, food, and
money to American prisoners of war
in Germany - has been granted ex
clusively to the Red Cross by the
German government.
Germany demands a return for
this privilege. She asks the Red
Cross to act as the medium thru
which German fathers and mothers
can send a "word from home" or a
remembrance to sons confined In
American prison camps, and to a
minor extent . to her prisoners In
French and British camps.
This, In a sense, constitutes "trad-.
Ing wlth the enemT
Thus it was
P?0688" to et unction of the
War Trade Board for the undertak
ing. This has Just been secured, and
the license 1 ssued. It gives the
American Red Cross a blanket au
thorization for communication with
prisoners of war over the entire
world enemy, allied, and neutral
Recently a naturalized Austrian
came to the Rod Cross, begging it to
get word to his son held prisoner in
far.off glber,a fey the Ru83lan8 He
sent supplies and a letter, the spirit
of whlch foloWfl
"Do not let the Russians involve
you in any exchange of prisoners, for
then vnn will hnvn trt trn hnclr in
Auatrla or perhapa Germany, and be
forced to fight Americans. Don't let
them do that lf ou ca hclo lt. but
Btay where you are and we wm Bend
you supplies until you can come to
Scores of similar cases are reach-
lag the Red Cross. In war times It
is tho only organisation which can
I eonduet what is really the single in-
ternational post office and cable of-
I Ace for prisoners of war In the world
I It is extending its communication
and Information service constantly,
I It is at work all the time gathering
data about the American dead,
wouned, and missing on this side of
No Man's Land and about the pris
oners on the other. The War De
partment undertakes to send to the
nearest kin only the bare fact that
an American sodier has been killed,
wounded, missing, or taken prisoner.
The Red Cross, on application, sup
plements this by obtaining details
and data. It thus performs a service
of inestimable value to relations at
Likewise any "enemy alien" In
the United States can get a message
of reassurance to a relative in the
Central Empires thru the Red Cross,
if the message is legitimate. 1 1n rec
ognltlon of this work, the German
government grants the Red 'Cross
similar privileges regarding Ameri
can prisoners of war in Germany,
the nature of which cannot be re
vealed at this time.
C. W. B. M.
The regular monthly meeting of
C. W. B. M. Auxiliary was held on
Thursday afternoon, March 7, at the
Christian Church. A large member-
ship was present and answered roll
call with items of missionary in-
terest. Mrs. W. G. Revnolds was
leader for the afternoon lessons and
she reviewed them in a most inter
estine and helDful manner.
ma7 important xacts were ais
. a iv.
" 10 lB Brw
wora curing tiiese perilous days, and
' wr urgea na saennce
... ... .. j
" " " "
Iw support of the evangelizing on
the foreign fields. Anyone desiring
to make an Easter offering will
kindly give their contributions to
the president, Mrs. Wright Phebus,
or secretary, Mrs. Mayme Tanner.
The auxiliary will observe the
week preceding Easter as a week of
prayer and self denial. An interest
ing programme is being arranged
by the committee, Mrs. Clifford Joy
Iler aa mr-
. m r vat m-
M00r WU1 D in Ieaaer l0t APr
Windows &
Lot of Panel Doors, Framing and
Finishing Lumber, Flooring all 7
. grades, Turned Columns
Don't buy unless you need them
but when you need them, re
member we have a complete
stock of the very best grades.
Will Give Relatives Details of Can-
altiet at the Front
To give relatives of American sol
diers details of casualties at the
front, the American Red Cross has
organized at national headquarters a
Bureau of Communication, of which
William R. Castle, Jr.,- formerly As
sistant Dean of Harvard College and
Editor of the Harvard Graduates'
Magazine, is director. This Bureau
supplements In a personal and hu
manitarian way the reports of the
Statistical Division of the War De
partment which gives to relatives
official notice when a soldier is re
ported killed, wounded or missing.
The anxiety which naturally re
sults from the official report to rela
tives that a soldier has been "wound
ed" or is "missing" will as far as
possible be dispelled by the Bureau
which will advise in detail the na
ture and extent of the wound, and
will gather evidence from comrades
in arms at the hospitals and rest
camps regarding thoso reported
"missing." "
Any information of interest or
consolation to relatives thus obtain
ed will be transmitted to them thru
personal letters, while messages from
the wounded will bo conveyed thru
this same agency.
The Information on which the
Bureau will base its reports is gath
ered thru a central office in Paris,
under the direction of E. Gerry
Chadwlck, of New York, aided by
the Rev. Robert Davis, nt Engle
wood, N. J., and thirty assistants
stationed at the base hospitals and
rest camps to which soldiers are gen
erally returned following important
With the increase of the American
forces and participation in the war,
this number will have to be greatly
Increased. Tho information will for
the most part be forwarded from the
Paris office to this country by mail.
For tho present the Bureau is re
porting on all cases that come to its
attention. However, it is probable
that with tho increase of reports
from the front, information will be
sent only to relatives requesting it,
except in cases of those imprisoned
or reported "missing."
There is a Red Cros3 service in
Great Britain, France, Italy, Ger
many and Austria. In the London
office of the British Red Cross, more
than two hundred women are con
stantly employed in communicating
with relatives of soldiers and their
card Index already covers more than
three million cases reported on.
And She Soon Got Back
Her Strength
New Castle. IneL "Tb measles
left me run down, no appetite, could
not rest at night, and X took severe
cold which settled on my lungs, so I
was unable to keep about my house
work. My doctor advised me to take
VinoL and six bottles restored mv
health so I do all my housework, in
cluding washing. Vinol is the best
medicine I ever used." Alice Record,
437 So. nth St, New Castle, Ind.
-We guarantee this wonderful cod
liver and iron tonic, VinoL for all
weak, run-down, nervous conditions.
Oliver's Drug Store, Union City, Tenn.
Phone "33
The Bureau will recolve thru the
International Red Cross office at
Geneva, Switzerland, the list of
American prisoners supplied officially
by the German government. la
cases of imprisonment, the Bureau
reports to relatives, after which the
case is referred to the Rod Cross Bu
reau of American Prisoners Relict, of
which Franklin Abbott is director.
The American Red Cross Commit
tee in Berne sends each American
prisoner, every two Weeks, throe ten
pound food packages. These sub
sistctit stores are provided by the
Government and tho American Red
Cross. A sufficient quantity of sup
plies is now on the way to Switzer
land to care for 10,000 American
prisoners for a period of six months.
This Bureau is also the sole agency
licensed by the War Trade Board to
transmit money to American and
allied prisoners in Germany.
Buy at Home.
Our Government has been, and is
now, advocating the buy-at-home
plan, and evory county and State to
raise all they eat and save a lot to
send our soldiers at the front and to
our allies..
That's our policy. We believe
that, and are practicing the thing,
too. We want you to know that we
are now ready to supply our mer
chant customers with fresh and salt
ed meats, also pure country made
lard, fresh sausage and souse.
After March 20 we will have
smoked hams and bacon. Ask your
merchant for home-made goods. They
are supplied fresh dally.
With the support of the citizens of
Obion County we will have an en
terprise that is a credit to West
Tennessee. 60-4t
0. H. Clemmons et al. vs. D. E. Pen-
dergrass et al.
In Chancery Court at Union City,
In obedience to a decree of the
Chancery Court at Union City made
at the October term, 1917, In the
above styled case, I will, on
Monday, the 1st Day of April, 1918,
at Union City, Tenn., in front of the
east door of the courthouse sell to
the highest and best bidder the
property in said docroe described,
being a one-half undiyided interest
in a certain tract of land lying and
being in Civil District of Obion
County, Tenn., and described as fol
lows: Beginning at the north end
of a slough known as the "cut off"
of Obion River, and runs thence
southeast and southwest with the
meandering of said river to the south
end of said slough or "cut off" where
it enters and empties into said
Obion River; thence north with the
meanderlngs of said slough or "cut
off" to the beginning, containing 12
acres more or less and known as
the Bill Robinson Island and being
the extreme eastern - part of said
Robinson home place. Reference is
made to the deed of the said G. W.
Murphy to said property recorded in
Book C, No. 8, page 9, of the Reg
ister's office of Obion County, Tenn.
TERMS OF SALE Sale will be
made on a credit of ceven months
and in bar of the right and equity
of redemption. Note for the pur
chase money with good personal se
curity will be- taken from the pur
chaser. E0-3t
This 6th day of-March, 1918.
Clerk and Master.
Lannom tt Stanfleld, Solicitors.
A Modern Surgical Institution.
Graduate Nurses in Attendance. -
. .Surgeon
MRS. U C RODECKER UN.,,,.. .Supt.
Union Gty, Tnn. Phone 41.
V. ,

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