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Chew it
Flavors plHgpy I
the Flavor Lasts!1
The Kaiser's Talk to Hell.
The Kaiser called the Dovil up
On the telephone one day.
The girl at central listened to '
All they had to say. ;
Hello, she heard the Kaiser's voice,
Is the old man Satan home? .
Just tell him that it is Kaiser Bill '
That wants him on the phone.
The Devil said, Hell, to BillT ;
And Bill said, How are you?
I am running here a hell on earth,
So tell me what to do.
What can I do? the Devil said;
My dear old Kaiser Bill.
If there is a thing that I can do
. To help you I sure will.
The Kaiser said, Now listen
And I will try to tell
The way that I am running
On earth a modern Hell.
I've saved for this many years ,
And I've started out to kill
That it will be a modern Job
, You leave to Kaiser Bill.
My. army went thru Belgium
Shooting women and children down
We tore up all her country
And blowed up all her towns. '
My Zepps dropped bombs on cities,
Killing both the old andyoung.
And them the Zeppelin didn't get
Were taken out and hung.
I started out for Paris
With the aid of poisonous gas..
The Belgiums, darn them, stopped us
And would not let us pass.
My submarines are devils,
The Virginia-North
Best fertilizer on the market; the kind that all truck
gardeners use in trie truck district for tomatoes and all
garden vegetables; used around Humboldt, Milan, and
where there is truck grown we have testimonials. Also
for cotton, corn and all kinds of field seeds. Call at gin
office and get booklets and prices. Prices right.
; Planting Seed. .
The best early variety cotton seed on the market ;
The celebrated Early King, given up to be the best
cotton for early maturing, and is easily picked.
Also good seed saved out of first picking cotton, free
from frost and gin foil.
Lake County Manufacturing Co.
Independent Phone 158 - Cumberland Phone 446
Steadies nerves'
fijfays thirst
Hids appetite -
Helps digestion
Keeps teeth clean
It's economical
after every meal
Why, you should see them fight,
They go sneaking thru the seas
And will sink a ship on sight,
I was running things to suit me
Till a year or o ago,
When a man called Woodrow Wilson
Wrote me to go more slow.
. - -,v -He
says to me, dear William,
We don't want to make you sore,
So be sure to tell your U-boats
Not to sink our ships no more.
We have told you for the last time
So, dear Bill, It is up to you.
And if you do not stop it . ,
You have got to fight us too.
I did not listen to him
And he's coming after mo
With a million Yankee soldiers
From their homes across the sea.
Now that's why I've called you Satan
For I want advice from you.
I knew that you would tell me , .
Just what I ought to do.
My dear old Kaiser William,
There's not much for me to tell.
For the Yanks will make it hotter
Than I can for you in Hell.
I've .been a mean old DevU,
But not half as mean as you,
And the minute that you get here
I will give my Job to you.
I'll be ready for your coming.
And I'll keep the fires all bright
And I'll have your room all ready
When the Yanks begin to fight.
For the boys in Blue will get you
I have nothing more to tell,
Hang up the phone and get your hat
- And meet me here in Hell. ?
Carolina k
Mr. Fletcher Akin, of Nashville,
was a visitor lasf week in the city.
Mr. -Ben Hale and Mr. Creel, of
Hickman, were in the city Monday
looking after business. j
Messrs. Dave Clemmons and Ed
Parks, of Obion, were business vis
itors in the city last week.
Eat at Forrester's.
Mr. Robert Driskill is with the
Niles Drug Co., succeeding Mr. El
more Williams, who has gone to
S. C. Belt and mother, of May
field, Ky., were here this week vis
iting relatives and friends in the
'' Disc Eecords for all talking ma
chines. Dietzel's Jewelry Store.
Our old-time friend, Mr. Buck
Escue, was in town Saturday look
ing on at the departure of the sol
diers. ,
Mesdames D. C. Maddox and H,
H. Hunt, of Number Seven, were in
the city Saturday as visitors and
Nice line candy, fruits and cigars
at Forrester's.
Rev. W. C. Sellars, of Memphis,
was up last week for a few days
mingling with his many friends in
Union City. J " '
The many friends in Union City of
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rogers sympa
thize with them deeply in the death
of their new-born twins last Sun
day. " ! .
Car load of Screen Doors. Union
City Lumber Company.
Mr. Bailey Coley, who has been in
camp for military training, was a
visitor at home in Number Seven
this week. Mr. Coley is enjoying a
C. H. Jenks was a visitor last week
in Jackson with other members of
the West Tennessee committee get
ting the war work of the Y. M. C.
A. organized.
Where do you eat and drink ? After
all Forrester's place is the best.
Corporal Homer Clark, who has
been visiting relatives and friends at
Troy, came over Sunday to return to
camp, but received notice here that
his time was extended a few days,
Mr. and Mrs. Bayless, of Chicago,
were in the city this week looking
after some business interests in
Obion County. Mr. Bayless is a lino
type operator on one of the morning
papers in Chicago.
Second-hand flower pots and sau
cers at about half price of new. 0.
Dircks. 5tf
Col. Harry T. Robinson, after" a
lapse of years, has been re-elected
superintendent of the Union City
Metnodist Sunday school. Mr. Rob
inson is one of the best, without a
doubt, in that line of work. He is
at home in the Sunday school and
congratulations are in order.
Mr. Kirk Brown, of Obion, one of
the grand old-time men of the coun
ty, was a visitor with- relatives and
friends this week. Mr. Brown is
over ninety years of age and enjoys
good physical health and mental
vigor. , He gets around like a young
Order from your merchant old-
fashion country made hams and
bacon. It's very "fine. -Reynolds
Packing Co..
Representative Finis J. Garrett
has been elected chairman - of the
House Committee on Insular Affairs
to succeed the late Representative
Jones, of Virginia. Mr. ' Garrett's
services in Congress have made him
a very useful member and a repre
sentative of very large influence. .
Mr. Max Layne, Helena, Ark.,
Messrs. Brooks and Hughlett Jack
son, Louisville and Dallas, came in
Monday for the funeral of Mr. Geo.
Layne Jackson, son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Jackson, of Memphis. The
young man died at Camp Green,
Charlotte, N. C., after an Illness' of
pneumonia. 5
Second-hand flower pots and sau
cers at about half price of new. 0.
Dircks. -r 5tf
J. - R. Hughes (Uncle Dick) after
winter's stay in Memphis with Mr.
and Mrs. D. P. Hughes and a visit
to Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Hughes at
Texarkana, came home last week for
visit-in Union City. Mr. and Mrs.
D. P.Hughes followed Sunday, com
ing thru in their car, and the vis
itors are all here this week.
Messrs. Perry Alston Hollomon,
Lawrence -Jennings Ferguson and
Herbert Earl Hefley will leave in a
few days for Lexington, Ky to take
two-months course of automobile
driving, repairing and other such
duties at the front and behind the
lines. These young men are Obion
countains examined by the Local
Exemption Board.
' .
Hon. R. A. Pierce - has returned
from Washington, after a few days
in the capital looking after some
business interests. Mr. Pierce sees
some wonderful changes in Washing
ton City. First of all are the new
Government buildings and then since
the declaration of war the city is
overrun with emergency employees.
The whole city is alive and crowded
as it never was before. Mr. Pierce
with his twenty years in Congress
never saw anything like it in Wash
RUB-MY-TISM Antiseptic, Relieves
Rheumatism, Sprains, Neuralgia, etc.
Mr, Hugh Ed Curlin, one of the
boys leaving last Saturday for Camp
Jackson, has been employed for some
time as traveling salesman for the
Union City Manufacturing Co., a
short time with the National Water
proofing Co. He sold goods in Mis
sissippi ; and had .splendid success.
Mr. Curlin was chosen captain of
the company for the period ensuing
before the boys were assigned to
regular command. He Is every way
fitted for such a responsible position,
in ability, temperament, physical
and moral courage, and when the
time comes for more responsible
work will be able to give an account
of himself. Mr. Curlin has lots of
friends back home who are sincerely
interested in his military achieve
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chines. Dietzel's Jewelry Store.
- - -.
Mr. Baker is Coming.
Rev. E. S. Baker, of Dyersburg, is
coming to begin a series of meetings
with the First Christian Church next
Sunday. Rev. Mr. Baker is the min
ister of the Christian Church at
Dyersburg and is an excellent
preacher. He preached for the
Christian Church in Jackson for ten
years. He has conducted meetings
in the largest of our Tennessee, cities
and for many of our best churches.
He has been very successful as an
evangelist in other States as well as
in Tennessee,
The services will begin at 8 p. m.
each evening. They will be brief,
bright and brotherly. The good old
songs that mother used to sing will
be used largely during this meeting.
Everyone, who is a Christian is in
vited to come and help in this meet
ing. ':: ' ' J
Church Notice.
Rev. W. E. Powell will preach at
the Presbyterian Church, North First
street, next Sabbath, 6th Inst. Pub-
lie-cordially invited.
Card of Thanks.
We desire that our neighbors and
friends who were so kind during the
illness of Mrs. Luna Hicks to know
how deeply we appreciate their kind
ness. We are truly thankful, and
may heaven bless you. W. H, Hicks,
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Carter, Wilford
Carter, Lillie Carter, 3. F. Carter.
A wonderful thing is a woman,
In some ways superhuman.
She wears her hat with a rakish air
And yet preserves her baby stare.
A marvelous thing. is woman.
Disc Eecords for all talking ma
chines. Dietzel's Jewelry Store.
i n
leiiniifii s
In everything we handle Quality
is the first item we think of.
The next thing tobe considered.
The most important of all, for without service
quality and price is nothing.
See if we can measure up to THESE STANDARDS?
Undertakers and Embalmers.
In Loving Memory.
Our Lord in his infinite wisdom
saw fit to call from earth to glory
the spirit of A. B. London on Sun
day morning, April 7, 1918, making
an end of pain and affliction which
he had , borne with cheerfulness and
without complaint for the last two
years. Of course he had a desire to
live longer with his dear companion
and little children, but had express
ed himself several times as willing
and ready to go if it was the Lord's
will. As life was almost gone, with
feeble voice, -: he repeated Paul's
words, "I am now ready to be offer
ed, and the time of my departure is
at hand. I have fought a good fight,
I have finished my course, I have
kept the faith; henceforth there is
laid up for me a crown of righteous
ness." '
His body was laid to rest in Mar
tin Cemetery. -
Barry, as we say, was born near
Crystal in Obion County, Tenn., on
April 28, 1862, making him 45 years,
II months and 11 days. When a
young man he married Miss Sue
Russell, of near Union City. He
professed faith in Christ early in
manhood and Joined the Missionary
Baptist Church. A few years ago
he felt impressed that the Lord had
called him to preach the Gospel. He
was ordained as a minister at Bethel
Church. Very soon ho moved his
family to Martin, Tenn., for (he pur
pose of preparing himself more fully
to preach the gospel and be more
useful in leading sinners to Christ.
This seemed his greatest desire to
be used by the Lord. His health
soon failed him, which kept him
from preaching as he desired, but
he did much pergonal work which
we feel did much and lasting good.
We will ever cherish with sacred
thoughts the memories of his being
in our home so often, the happy and
cheerful disposition he possessed,
full of Christian religious influence.
His whole conversation being on the
Bible. How he gave so many passages
of scripture so beneficial to the
Christian In every day life. Also
"If Chicken Chowder
won t make your hens
lay. they must be
roosters " -colpurina
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order today,from'
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X -r , MQNEY ' . Vr T- r-
, ' eACK. -V- Hr-
"""""""" vrrr
ffnTfnl, : -g&ff I?
Phone 99
the earnest prayers he prayed with
us in our family circle, all these are
more evidences of his faith in God.
He leaves a devoted wife who
stood by him in evey ill, three boya
and three girls, one sister and three
brothers, with many friends and
relatives to mourn his going away.
It seems hard for dear Sue and little
children, yet we must say God's will
be done. But we who believe in God
knowthat while the home on earth
is sadjr a soul 1$ rejoicing in heaven.
We believe he is not dead but has;
only taken possession of a 'real life,
life everlasting. We must not sor
row because he is gone from us, but
rejoice in the thought of the bright
crown all burnished for him, the
mansion made ready, the white robe
prepared for him, there is eternal
glory foor . him. God is able to do
much and lasting good from this
noble Christian life he has lived,
with the many earnest prayers he
has lifted to our Lord. We pray that
his loving Christian influence toward
God may bear much fruit in year
to come thru the lives, of. his dear
children. And may God be rich in
blessings to the dear wife and chil
dren. Just a few more troubles,
Just a few more days till we'll clasp
his hand in a brighter home where
there beno more good-bye.
Announcement Grand Opening.
Wednesday, May 8, 1918, from 2"
to 5 p. m. Everybody is cordially In
vited to attend this t opening. You
can afford to go forty miles to visit
this up-to-date plant. The only en
terprise of this kind in West Ten
nessee or Southwest Kentucky.
Will have Government inspection
alter May 1, 1918. x We want thi
section oi country la ieei an... inter-
est in this plant and help us to make
it one of the greatest enterprises of
"Dixie Land."
Union City, Tenn. v.-
You've tried the rest, noW try the
best Jersey Cream Flour, s
Company, Union Gtyv Tenn.
:lJl 1
jt makes hews gjjgE makeshens A

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