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On the First Monday in June,
next, at the courthouse door in
Union City, Obion County, Tennes
see, I will offer for public sale all the
real estate belonging to delinquent
taxpayers for the year 1917. The
following is a list of such delin
quents, the district in which the
property is situated, and the number
of acres in each tract and the amount
of the tax due :
District No. 11.
Harris, D. N., 4 lots S 0.46
t Hinson, W. T., 3 lots 35
Norman, Bros., 15 acres 4.65
King, Lesley, 2 lots 23
Swink, W. W., 2 lots .24
District No. 16.
Anderson, T. B 1 lot
Barram, Jim, (col) 1 lot
Barnes, Tom, (col) 8 lots...
Bell, Burthel, (col) 1 lot
Bo wen, Mrs. S. P., 25 acres. .
Belew & Roberts, 1 lot
Brooks, W. M., (col) 1 lot. . . .
Bryan, T. B., 35 acres
Brown, H. F., 1 ot.
Carner, Mrs. Emma, 1 lot. . . .
Calaban, J. L., 1 lot
Cavette, Frank, (col) 2 lots..
Chambers, P. D., 1 lot
Cook, Mrs. W. M., 75 acres. .
Cook, N. G., 1 lot
Crowder, Edd, 1 lot ,.
Deering, Isaac, (col) 1 lot...
Eaton, J. W., 2 lots
Edwards, J. E., 1 lot '.
Epperson, Mrs. F. M., 30 acres
Farmer, J. W., 1 lot
Ford, Enoch, (col) 1 lot....
Gardner, Jane, 1 lot
Hartsell, Rich, (col) 1 lot...
Hall, WV L., 1 lot
Hamilton, Geo., (col) 1 lot..
Harden, Vodie, 1 lot
Hill, Bill, 1 lot. . .
James, John, estate, (col) 2
Kirkland & Chambers, 2 lots.
Kirkland, J. V., 1 lot...;...
Laster, E. T., 1 lot
Lacefleld, Mrs. Emma, 1 lot.
Lennox, Edd, (col) 1 lot....
Lightner, Jim, (col) 1 lot. .. .
Lynn, Jim, (col) 1 lot......
Martinetti Heirs, 1 lot
Meacham, J. M., 10 acres....
Meacham, G. T estat, 17
Mitchell, Nelson, (col) 42
Morris, L. F., 1 lot
Morris, Nannie, 1 lot
Morris, Will- (col) 1 lot
Murphy, Hi, (col) 1 lot...
McFadden, John, (col) 1 lot..
McFadden, Billie, (col) 1 lot.
McKinney, R. L., 1 lot
Norman, Mrs. Willie, 1 lot...
Robey & French, 11 acres. . . .
Rose, Rudie, 1 lot
Russ, Boas, (col) 1 lot
Scott, S. P., 1 lot. .. ;
Scott, T. W., 1 lot
Sharp, Lewis, (col) 1 lot....
Singleton, W. A., (col) 2 lots.
Summers, Percy, (col) 1 lot..
Stephens, Amanda, (col) 4 lots
Stephens, Lonnie, (col) 1 lot.
Thomas, Jeff, (col) 1 lot
Thompson, B. P., 77 acres. . . .
Thompson, R. W., 1 lot
Turner, C. C.-, 1 lot
Valentine, Mrs. V., 5 acres...
Vick, Purty, (col) 1 lot
Vick, Lucile, (col) 1 lot
Vick, Lucile and Robert, (col)
1 lot
Waggoner, W. E., 1 lot
Wadallngton, Mrs. Mollie, 1
Warfleld, Wess, (col) 1 lot..
Webb, Henderson, (col) 1 lot.
Weaver, D. M., 51 acres
Wells, Mrs. Cella, 1 lot
Wilson, S. O., 50 acres
Wilson, W. L., 3 lots
Whiteside, Mrs. Eva, 1 lot...
Wheatley, Mrs. Lum, 1 lot . . .
S 6.08
Mason Hall Special School District.
Harris, D. N., 4 lots ,09
Henson, W. T., 3 lots '. .07
Ring, Lesley, 2 lota 05
Roach, C. H., 165 acres 9.90
Swink, W. W., 2 lots 05
South Fulton Special High School
Austin, C. S., 1 lot. . , $ 1.60
Anderson, Berry, 1 lot 90
Bennett, T. J., 184 acres.... 12.80
Brooks, W. M., 1 lot.. .10
Barnes, Henry, "(col) 1 lot... .40
Barnes, Tom H., (col) 8 lots. . 4.50
Brown, Bettie, 1 lot. . .15
Belew, A. C, 1 lot 3.00
Bowen, Mrs. S. P., 98 acres.. 3.00
Burns, Mrs. Lee, 1 lot 1.40
Bell, Mrs. M. E., 1 lot .40
Bowen, Mrs. S. P., 25 acres. . 1.60
Chambers, P. D., 1 lot 1.80
Chambers & Jolly, 1 lot 60
Chambers, Oscar, (col) 1 lot. 1.20
Cook, N. G., 1 lot 10
Connor, Ida, (col) 1 lot 1.10
Connor, Jesse, (col) 1 lot... .10
Cathey, E. T., 1 lot. 1.80
Cavett, Frank, (col) 2 lots.. 1.20
Casey, Walter, 1 lot 1.40
Cavender, J. S.f 1 lot 3.60
Calahan, J. L., 1 lot .50
Coleman, Hattie, 1 lot .20
Christian, Edd, (col) 2 lots.. .40
Creedle, Geo. R., estate, 2 lots 3.50
Crowder, Edd, (col) 1 lot... 1.80
Carter, Albert, 40 acres..... 3.20
Davis, Horace, 1 lot 1.40
Dodson, W. S., 1 lot 50
Eaton, Jim W., 2 lots 2.80
Edwards, J. E., 1 lot 10
Freeman, Alice, 1 lot 20
Fry, Jno. or J. W., 2 lots. . . . 2.00
Farmer, J. W 1 lot 1.20
Flippo, W. E., 1 lot 2.60
Ford, Enoch, 1 lot 1.20
Futrell, Henry, (col) 1 lot.. 1.20
Fowler, C. W., 66 acres..... 3.40
Gorman, Mitch, Est., 1 lot... .20
Gammons, Mrs. E. M., 1 lot... .40
Gibbs, J. W., 57 acres 5.40
Harden, Vodie, 1 lot .06
Hamilton, G. W., (col) 1 lot. . .40
Hall Concrete Co.. 1 lot 40
Hartsell, Rich, (col) 1 lot 60
Hill, Mary, 1 lot 40
Harwell, W. F., 1 lot 60
Hayes, Alice, (col) 1 lot 50
I. C. R. R. Co., R. R. Prop. . . 95.32
Jackson, J. M., 1 lot 60
Jordan, Robert, (col) 1 lot.. .60
Kellibrew, Henry, 1 lot 1.10
Kirkland & Chambers, 2 lots. 1.70
Lynn, Jim, (col) 1 lot 1.30
Laster, E. T., 1 lot 2.20
Lennox, Edd., (col) 1 lot 30
Martini D. C. (col) 1 lot 4.00
Morris, Lutrell, 1 lot.; 2.50
Morris, L. F., 1 lot 2.40
Morris. Nannie. 1 lot 16
McFadden, John, 1 lot 1.10
McFadden, Jim, 1 lot n .40
McFadden, Billie, 1 lot 1.40
Meacham, W. R., 54 acres... 5.40
McFall, Mrs. Olivia, 32 acres. 1.70
McClain, J. R., 1 lot 1.20
Newhouse, J. C, 1 lot 1.50
Norman, Mrs. W. H., 1 lot.. .80
Postal Telephone Co 94
Parker, Caroline, 1 lot 20
Payne, M. C , 4 lots 70
Pennington, Mrs. Sarah, 1 lot - 3.00
Praffltt, Mose, (col) 1 lot 1.60
Rogers, M. M., 1 lot 40
Rose Rudie, (col) 1 lot 40
Roberts. S. C, 1 lot 40
Renf ro, Mrs. Fannie, Est., 1
lot 1.20
Russ, Rose, (col) 1 lot 30
Stephens, Lennie, 1 lot 1.20
Summers, Pearce, (col) 1 lot. 1.30
Stephens, J. W., (col) 5 lots. 3.00
Smith, H. G., 1 lot 20
Thomas, Jeff, (col) 1 lot 60
Thorn peon, R. W., 1 lot 60
Vick, Robert, et al., 1 lot 20
Vick. Harry, (col) 1 lot .40
Vick, Perly, (col) 1 lot 2.00
Valentine, Mrs. Tom, 5 acres. 1.00
Wills, Mrs. Stella, 1 lot 1.20
Wright, R. A., Est., 1 lot... .70
Warfleld, Wess, 1 lot 2.00
Wills, Walter, 1 lot 2.30
Whitehead, Lidy, (col) 1 lot. .30
Washington, Maggie, 1 lot... .30
Walker. Laura L., (col) 1 lot. .80
Waddington, Mrs. Tom, 1 lot. 1.20
Waggoner, Will, 1 lot 2.80
Whitesidcs, Mrs. M. L., 1 lot. .20
Webb, Henderson, (col) 1 lot .30
Wade. Mrs. W. H., Est., 1 lot. .60
White, J. D., 1 lot .80
Young, Bob, 1 lot 1.80
and if said sale is not completed on
the said first Monday in June, the
same will continue from day to day
until completed.
Delinquent taxpayers for Districts
Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15
and Rives Special School District,
Hornbeak Special School District and
Troy Special High School District
will be found advertised in News
Banner. 8-3t
This May 13, 1918.
T. J. EASTERWOOD, Trustee.
Special Call From Class One, Obion
County, Tenn.
Following are Included in a special
call taken from ClaGS One in Obion
County, 55 in all who entrain here
to-day, Friday, May 24, for Fort
Thomas, Newport, Ky.:
Union City Omer C. Nichols,
Wm. M. King, Ben Pupkin, Henry
E. Noah, Richard Pate, John A.
Haynes, Basil B. Escue, Clarence A.
Jenkins, Homer Reeves, Seth Owen
Dunlap, Frank Cheatham, Robt. Tay
lor Palmer.
Troy Robt. W. Marshall, Kinney
Roberts, Ezra F. Neel, Chester W.
Hart, Robert L. Graham, Joe Wis
dom, Tom N. Tune, Chas. G. Lan
caster. Kenton Orville C. Capps, Lawton
T. Ward, Chester C. Hollomon, Pren
tice M. Marcus, Archio C. Long, Geo.
Basham, Alvin L. Quarles, Harry G.
Monroe, Jas. S. Marsh, Lafayette B.
Hornbeak Leonard Eaoterwood,
Robt. L. Shelby.
Elbridge Corry Smith, Herbert
M. Wells, Jas. A. Brigancc, Wid Mor
ris. Obion Ulysses M. Watson, Robt.
A. Ledbotter, Frank B. West.
Fulton Fred A. Robertson, Will
L. Matthews, Wm. W. Morris, Max
L. Hawks, Lawrence L. Bowen.
Martin Wm. H. Brush.
Rives Leonard W. Stovall, Ernest
Harris Arlio E. Bynum, Jack
McConnell Edward T. Bennett,
Wm. E. Wilson.
Hickman Hall McQueen.
Mayfield, Ky. Clint Glover.
Glass John H. Foster.
Nashville Roy Pendleton Wilson.
Following Is the regular quota of
registrants from Class Ono leaving
Tuesday, May 28.
Sam Baker, R. 3, Union City,
Richard Burgis Brown, Forest
Hill, La.
Jefferson Pierce Rag3dale, Union
City, Tenn.
John Wm. Schmidt, Muskegon,
Israel Maxcy Moffatt, Troy Teoji.
Arthur Brakcficld, Hornbeak,
Ira Decatur Whitloy, Memphis,
George Slade Edmaiston, Rives,
Charles Otta Fry, Fulton, Ky.
with high test and more mileage for
25o at WEHMAFS. -
On Sunday morning, the 5th inst.,
Mr. Richard Stanley and Miss Lava
dor Gray, of the vicinity of Clayton,
were united in marriage at the home
of the bride's parents at 9 o'clock.
Rev. Daly, of Martin, was the min
ister in charge, administering the
beautiful rites of holy wedlock. Mr.
Elige Hensley was the groomsman,
with Miss Jennie B. Bradley as
The bride is the beautiful daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Gray and
a young woman of lovely character
and very popularly admired. Mr.
Stanley is an enterprising farmer
and a fine young man.
Their many friends extend kindl
wishes. A. FRIEND.
Much to the surprise of their
friends, Miss Sallie May Plummer, of
this city, and Lonnie Binford, of
near: Clinton, were united in mar
riage Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock
at Union City, the ceremony being
performed by Rev. Walker at his
home. The couple were accompanied
to the city by Will Routen and Miss
Lizzie Stubbs.
The bride wore a bluo taffeta dress
and the groom a suit of modest gray.
Mrs. Binford is the oldest daugh
ter of Mrs. J. T. Plummer and a most
estimable young lady. ' The gentle
man of her choice is a prosperous
and progressive young farmer. The
couple will make their home on the
groom's farm.
The abundant good wishes of the
bride's many friends go with her to
her new home; a wish that both may
live long and happily. Hickman
Music Club.
The music club held its regular
meeting on Saturday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. Davis. The study
was Lohengrin Opera, and several
splendid numbers were rendered.
Miss Barney was hostess and invited
her guests to the Red Cross Drug
Store, where an ice course was en-
The meeting which will be held
at the Elks Home on June 1 will
be an open one, and will close the
year'B study.
Anyone desiring membership in
the club should place their applica
tion now for the club'B vote.
Tho programme committee , is
planning a study for the coming
year and would be glad to have each
momber express her opinion in re
gard to what she wishes to study.
W. E. Roberts and Mi33 Eeanor
Bryan were united in marriage last
Tuesday afternoon, the 21st inst. at
the home of the bride on Ury street,
Rev. J. Randall Farris administering
the rites of holy wedlock.
The brido is a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. W. L. Bryan, formerly of
Number Seven in the county. They
have been residents in Union City
for a few years, and Mrs. Roberts is
known as a young woman of charm
ing and lovable character, true
worth and, like her parents and
family, very cordially esteemed.
Mr. Roberts is with the M. & O.
R. R. Co. as trainman, connected
with the thru freight service be
tween Cairo and Jackson and is one
of the most competent and reliable
men of the road, a man of fine char
acter and personality.
Mr. and Mrs. Roberts will be at
home in Jackson, Tenn., and the
kindest congratulations aro extend
ed. 98!
Mr. Clyde C. Ligon and Miss Car
rie Beckham were united in mar
riage in Nashville at McKendree
Church - Tuesday evening, the 21st
The bride Is a daughter of Mr.
Dan W. Beckham, a former citizen,
and her husband is a business man
of Nashville.
Friends here, tender kind con
Union Gify and Hickman
Hotel 7.30 a.m. Hickman 7.30 p.m.
Car in service from Hickman
to Fulton daily.
' Rate $1.00 each way.
Trip made anywhere from Hickman
during the day. Special rate for Sunday
Phone Union City 560-J.
fi Mi Spring Opening Exhibit SB
jg SI v V Come to our store and IB jp
fill 111 ( v !!5v examine the new ideas in Hg g
IIP Sll V r beautiful Spring footwear. jl pf;
HIS III CNSs Our Queen Quality Shoes - p
tjjjjl HI juW are the most beautiful f Pp
IK 111 asass, footwear because each 111 i
IB p pattern has pleasing lines. . j gpj
II If r- Thei0riginality Will Please You W 8
J 11 H Patterns designed with . B
iB til curved vamp and foxing A- SB ' HP
H HI lines add attractiveness. M? J J ' ill SI
1 4 B They give 'the feet the y'WJj I M
B m desired: appearance of JB' I n lp
'I lllll being shorter and smaller. y" Jr 111 I HI
H H Wear Queen Quality shoes U ' i 1 II I H
III to have style and comfort. ijj lai
g W. G. ClagettCo. g
Commencement Exercises, With a
Patriotic Programme.
The baccalaureate sermon will be
preached by Rev. H. A. Todd at the
Methodist Church next Sunday at 11
a. m.
Graduation exercises and presen
tation of the certificates, medals,
etc.; by Rev. J. Randall Farris, will
be held, as usual, at Reynolds Thea
tre Thursday night, May 30, at 8:30.
The class address will be delivered
by Hon. F. C. Newberry, of Arkansas.
Mr. Newberry needs no introduction
to the people of this community, as
he was a former member of the
Training School faculty. He is the
man who introduced and caused the
passage of tho prohibition bill of his
own State.
Tho following pupils will receive
a certificate of proficiency:
Literature department Pauline
Rives, Mary Elizabeth Johnston.
Business department Harris L.
Bondurant, Nelle Frances Marshall,
Grace Truman Samons, Thelma
Rives, Mary Kathrine McDrniel, Lola
Blanche Oiffln, Mildred Estelle
Woodfln, Eugene Field Woodfln,
Joseph Cullom Powell, Florence
Olive Nichols, Delia B. Tucker.
Essays will be recited as follows:
The Duty of Girls to Their Coun
try in the Present Crisis, Pauline
Rives. ' s
Woman, the Making of American
Citizenship, Mary Johnston.
Our Service Flag, Julia Embrey, a
President Wilson, tho Man of the
Hour, Harris Bondurant, president
of class.
Interlude, vocal solo, Thelma
Rives, accompanied by Mrs. Carlton.
Pauline Rives end Mary Johnston
will contest for a medal offered by
Dr. H. G. Robinson.
Other medals and prizes are thus:
Scholarship, offered by J. P. Ver
hinc, for highest average on all sub
jects for the year.
Latin, by Bransford & Andrews,
for highest average on Latin for the
entire year.
Mathematics, by John T. Walker,
$5 in gold, for highest average.
Scholarship in primary depart
ment, medal offered by F. C. .Ayde
lott. Attendance in primary depart
ment, prize offered by Sudie Caruth
ers. The public is cordially invited to
attend these exercises.
Growing Hogs.
For a hog to be profitable he must
be ke t growing from birth to mark
eting age. He cannot be profitable
unless he is healthy. He can al
ways be in a profit-producing condi
tion if be is fei B. A. Thomas' Hog
Powder. We positively tell you that
this remedy prevents cholera, re
moves worms and cures thumps. If
the powder does not make good, we
will. - FRANK C. WEHMAN.
-Clarence Fox, of Number Four
teen, has one of the best fields of
wheat in the county. It was seeded
under the instructions of County
Agent Carter.
Reports from more than seven
hundred farmers in Obion County
show that the acreage planted to
corn in 1918 will be about ten per
cent larger than it was in 1917. v
In the food production drive,
which closed May 1, District Num
ber Sixteen turned in more reports
than any other district in the coun
ty. J. M. Chambers is district chair
man. Ernest Maloney, of Elbridge, is
planning to start a flock cf sheep on
his farm. He will begin with ten
Cheviot ewes and gradually enlarge
this number by keeping, tho ewe
lambs for breeding purposes.
G. C. Cloys has ordered another
car of gound limestone for his farm.
D. A. Dean, of Glass, has 22 brood
sows and more than 130 young plg3.
One year ago Mr. Dc.in had only two
brood sows.
Edward Banks and Ernest Via, of
Elbridge, have joined the Pig Club
and bought two registered Duroc
Jersey Piga.
Watch for4 the Farm News each
. Notice to Teachers.
Applicants for position in the pub
lic schools of Union City are hereby
notified that applications must be
filedorrw before Saturday, June 1,
1918, for the session of 1918-19.
This embraces both the grammar and
high-BChool work.
Sec. Board of Education.
The Virginia:North Carolina
Best fertilizer on the market; the kind that all truck
gardeners use in the truck district for tomatoes and all
garden vegetables; used around Humboldt, Milan, and
where there is truck grown we have testimonials. Also
for cotton, corn and all kinds of field seeds. Call at gin
office and get booklets and prices. Prices right.
Planting Seed.
The best early variety cotton seed on the market.
The celebrated Early King, given up to be the best
cotton for early maturing, and is easily picked.
Also good seed saved out of first picking cotton, free
from frost and gin foil.
Lake County Manufacturing Co.
Independent Phone 158 Cumberland Phone 446
The Union City Schools.
The grammar grades of the City
Schools having finished the work for
the school year, the closing exercises
wore held beginning last Thursday
with a parade thru the streets of
Union City, with grades from Ant
to sixth in the line of march, all in
character costume of some kind, and
all more or less descriptive of the
work of the school. The procession
was a long one. We will not under
take details, but it was under good
discipline and of a very interesting
nature altogether.
On the day previous the shop win
dows were filled with tho school dis
play of card work and manual train
ing specimens, as well as the science
of cookery and economics.
On Friday the grades were as
sembled again at the park for a type
of Terpsichorean entertainment, em
bracing the dances of nations, etc.
The school children were in high
spirits and the occasion was to them
and to the public generally very
"Josiah's Courtship."
The pupils of Crescent school will
again give their play, "Josiah's
Courtship," at Liberty church near
Protemus Saturday night, May 25,
the proceeds of which will be do
nated to the Red Croo3.
A prudent mother Is always on
the watch for symptoms of worms in
hjr children. Paleness, lack of in
terest In play, and peevishness is the
IFUGE. A few dosees of this excel
lent remedy puts an end to the
worms and tie child coon acts natur
ally. Price 30c per bottle. Sold by
Oliver Drug Co.

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