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Sayi Hixion Udy Wlo, On Doc
tor's Advice, Took Cardai
Hlxflon, Tenn. "About 10 years ago
I was..." says Mrs. J. B. Gadd. of
this place. "I suffered with, a pain In
sny left aide, could not sleep at night
yrlth this pain, always In the left
My doctor told me to use Cardul. I
took one bottle, which helped me and
after my baby came, I was stronger
and better, but the pain was still
I at first let It go. bat began to get
weak and In a run-down condition,
ho I decided to try some more Cardul,
srhlch I did.
This last Cardul which I took made
tne much better, in fact, cured me. It
lias been a number of years, still I
bare no return of this trouble.
I feel It was Cardul that cured me,
and I recommend It as a splendid fe
male tonic."
Don't allow yourself to become
weak and run-down from womanly
troubles. Take Cardul. It should sure
ly help you, as It has so many thou
sands of other women In the past 40
years. Headache, backache, sideache,
nervousness, sleeplessness, tired-out
feeling, are all signs of womanly trou
ble. Other women get relief by taking
Cardul. Why not you? All druggists.
Mrs. Mary Inman.
Mrs. Mary Inman, 88 years old,
died In Louisville, Ky., Friday after
noon, July 5, 1918, at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. Howard G. Lea,
328 Birch wood avenue. She leaves
two sons, John and James Inman, of
Inman, Ark., and two daughters,
Mrs. Lea, and Mrs. M. Buchanan, of
Polk, The funeral took place at the
residence at 6 o'clock Saturday even
ing and the body was shipped to
Troy for burial.
The remains were taken to the
home of Mrs. L. M. Maxwell, grand
daughter of Mrs. Inman, with funer
al service conducted by Rev. T. P.
Pressly, and burial was held at the
Troy Cemetery Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Inman was the widow of the
late Charles Inman, who for many
years resided in the country known
as Fairfield, afterwards locating at
Troy, where the family re3ided for
many years. At Troy they had
charge of the Bright House, and Mr.
Inman, a great hunter, was often
deputized as special officer. Mrs.
Inman was a woman of many gener
ous and noble qualities. She was a
good mother, a very kind neighbor
and friend. The Bright House was
more like a home than a hotel and
Mrs. Inman like a mother. I remem
ber her and her kindness. Who
could forget a woman whoso heart is
big enough and whose smile Is sweet
enough to mother us alj.
Col. Arthur Lynch, Nationalist
member of Parliament, who is in
Ireland to stimulate recruiting, has
appealed to Col. Roosevelt to write
a word of encouragement or come
himself to Erin to assist in the re
cruiting campaign.
5m! Ijuzot YiAIaJ litis aiLm3
TO i2 OF
"Since Installing a Caloric
l my entire house of seven rooms
1 to heat one room with a double
.Hundreds of other letters,
i lighted patrons from Maine
heating device can be more
"I would
JR Original Patented
not take
$1,000 for
When every effort is being put forth to econ-.
my Caloric
Pipe less
omize coal, and with
tain, the Caloric becomes a national as
Furnace If
X could not
The cause of Its superiority lies In the
cot another
one. My house
patented and exclusive features that
distinguish the
Is 24x28, 2
stories high,
and it heats it
others, and enable
an absolute guarantee of satis
faction and service.
We will show these principles
all over, up
stairs and down,
to you, ana you
with less coal
than It would take
why the Caloric
our book "Progress, it
to run a 16-inch
heating stove."
tells the story of sue
cessrul pipelesa beat
Teachers' Examination.
The examination for teachers will
be held July 19 and 20 at Westover
school building near the courthouse.
All teachers who do not have cer
tificates and who expect to teach,
must take the examination then.
There probably will be no more ex
aminations till next March.
Schools are now getting ready for
the year's work. Tou teachers should
get up school rallies to get more in
terest in the schools. Let us get the
interest started before the school
Friday, July 19. Spelling, 9 to
10; arithmetic, 10 to 11:30; music,
11:30 to 12:15; writing and draw
ing, 1 to 2; grammar, 2 to 3:30;
reading, 3:30 to 4:30.
Saturday, July 20. Physiology,
9 to 10; professional, 10 to 11; geog
raphy, 11 to 12; U. S. history, 1 to
2:30; Tennessee history, 2:30 to 4.
Friday, July 19. Spoiling, 9 to
0; grammar, 10 to 11; arithmetic,
English history, Cicero, physlcs.cook
lng, 11 to 12:30; rhetoric, geometry,
American history, Virgil, physical
geography, household ' sanitation,
1:30 to 3:30; English literature,
chemistry, 3:30 to 6.
Saturday, July 20. American lit
erature, algebra, Caesar, agriculture,
Bewing, 9 to 10:30; professional,
10:30 to 11:30; civics, biology, 1 to
2 ; ancient, mediaeval and modern
history, physiology, 2 to 3:15.
The composite group is composed
of spelling, grammar, rhetoric, arith
metic, algebra, professional, ancient,
mediaeval and modern history, and
biology. These can be taken as
Yours- very truly,
. County Supt.
Death of Mrs. Jane Beaird.
Mrs. Jane Beaird died June 27 at
the home of her daughter, Mrs. John
Stone, after an illness of seven
months of paralysis. She was 75
years old. She was a devoted mem
ber of the Methodist Church, a kind
end gentle Christian character, be
loved by all her friends and neigh
bors. Mrs. Beaird was a member of a
prominent family, and the wife of
the late John Beaird.
Funeral services were conducted
by Rev. Fowler, of Trimble, and she
was buried at Mount Moriah Ceme
tery. .
She is survived by two daughters,
Mrs. Jone Stone, of Obion, and Mrs.
Mattie Layden, of San Francisco, a
sister, Mrs. Binford, of Fulton, Ky.,
and one brother, Jas. Woodward, of
Fulton. Obion County Enterprise,
In every home where there is a
baby there should also bo a bottle of
needed at any time to correct sour
stomach, wind colic, diarrhoea or
summer complaint. It is a whole
some remedy, contains no opium,
morphine or Injurious drug of any
kind. Price 25c and 50c per bottle.
Sold by Oliver Drug Co.
Plpeless Furnace, I am heating
on less than It formerly tooki
equally as strong, from de-y
to California prove that no ,
economical than the
Plpeieas furnace
"I cannot
praise my
C a 1 orlo
fuel so difficult to ob
enough. I
have 3 rooms
and kitchen
and store room
Caloric from all
us to sell it on
down stairs, five
rooms and bath
upstairs: the fur
nace heats It to
will then see
perfection with
less fuel than 3
stoves which kent
leads. Get
only nirt of th
house heated."
Sold and installed
throughout this section
by the
Union City, Tenn.
Will speak at the Opera House
On the afternoon of WEDNESDAY
In the interest of his candidacy for the
Eat at Forrester's.
T. C. Wilson, of Obion, was a Mon
day visitor. '
Mlna Zula Parkman was a visitor
in Fulton last week.
Miss Josephine Watts was a vis
itor in Obion laBt week.
666 cures Malarial Fever.
Miss Mar Wayne Naylor ia visit
ing in L' .j' Rock, Ark.
Mr. ,'Uoreland Harrison is visiting
his cousin, Hugo Allmond. i
Dr. J. J. Wells, of Glass, was a
business visitor here Monday. ;
Eat at Wright's sanitary cafe.
P. P. Glass, of St. Louis, was a
visitor in the city last Friday;
Miss Rophenia Beaird, of Obion, is
visiting Miss Josephine Wattsj
Miss Annie Whitson, of Nasjiville,
is the guest of Mrs. Chas. Hcpner.
Disc Eecords for all talking; ma
chines. Dietzel's Jewelry Store.
Mr. Chas. Lasater, of Hornbeak,
was a business visitor in town Mon
day. Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Hollomon have
returned from a visit to Martin and
Mr. and Mrs. I. P. Morris and
family spent Sunday in Troy? with
Nice line candy, fruits and cigars
at Forrester's.
Mrs. H. S. Bryant and children are
visiting Mrs. Bryant's sister, Mrs. S.
E. Allmond.
Mrs. J. M. Osburn and daughter,
of Rock Spring, were In the; city
Monday shopping.
Mrs. M. A. Priest, of Dycrfwas a
visitor this week in the homo of Mr.
and Mrs. G. W. Phebu3, Jr.
Bugs of all sizes quality the best.
Harpole-Walker Furniture Co. :
Dr. and Mrc. J. D. Carlton opent
Tuesday in Hornbeak attending the
medical association meeting.
Mrs. Morris, of Corinth, Miss was
in the city last week, calling on Dr.
W, A. Nailling for medical advice.
Go to Wright's for your merchants
Mr. and Mrs. Will Alexander- will
soon locate in Greenwood, Miss. Mr.
Alexander left " for Greenwood : this
week and Mrs. Alexander will fol
low In a week or two. ' '
(T 1?
At 1:15 o'clock.
nomination for the U. S.
Everybody Invited.
T. E. Reeves, .of Heber Springs,
Ark., circulation agent for the Com
mercial Appeal, was a Monday vis
Dr. H. M. Oliver was in Jackson
this week attending a pharmaceu
tical meeting of the Tennessee drug
Eecords have just arrived at Ha
pole-Walker Furniture Co.
Mrs. Ella Howse and children left
Monday for Little Rock, Ark., where
they 1 will visit relatives several
J. T. Harpole, of Dyer, was a vis
itor in Union City this week in the
home of his daughter, Mrs. H. M.
666 contains no alcohol, arsenic, nor
other poisonous drugs.
Mr. Chas. Hardy, of St. Louis, was
a business visitor this week in Un
ion City, mingling with his many
Mrs. H. S. Bryant and children
and Mrs. S. E. Allmond and daugh
ter have returned from a visit near
Where do you eat and drink? After
all Forrester's place is the best.
Misses Thelma Jordan and Miriam
Edwards and Messrs. Leon -Forrester
and W. P. Rogers visited the wash
out Monday.
Mrs. J. R. Crittendon and chil
dren, of Halls were here this week
visiting Mrs.Crittendon'3 sister, Mrs.
Luther Andrews.
Records have just arrived at Har-pole-Walker
Furniture Co.
The little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. P. R. Nolen, Evelyn Laver,ne,
continues very ill of whooping cough
and pneumonia.' ,
Misses Mary Prather and Evange
line Glover and Messrs. Marshall
Glenn and Will D. Webster were at
the washout Sunday.
Make life worth living with a
Porch Shade, Porch Chairs and Bugs.
Harpole-Walker Furniture Co.
W. A. Polcgrove, train dispatcher,
was transferred from Union City and
is now located at Jackson. Mrs.
Polsgrove and family join him there.
Dr. and Mrs. S. E. Allmond and
children spent the past week with
Mr. Allmond's sister, Mrs. Cora Har
rison, near Dresden, Tenn. .They
had the pleasure of being at the
family reunion the Fourth.
Mr. Ernest Walters, of Texas, con
nected with the railway service, was
in the city last week visiting his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wal
Messrs. Will and Walter Carter
and families, of St. Louis, were here
this week visiting relatives and
friends. They came from St. Louis
in their autos.
666 cures Chills and Fever.
Misses Carmen Parks and Eliza
beth Dantzler left yesterday for a
visit in Biloxl, Miss., after which
they will leave for Miss Dantzler's
home in Moss Point.
Miss Rosena Lawrence leaves next
week for Memphis to enjoy a leave of
absence for a few days. Miss Law
rence is bookkeeper and cashier with
the Nailling-Keiser Hardware Co.
Bugs of all sizesquality the best.
Harpole-Walker Furniture Co.
B. W. Godsey, one of our old-time
friends from Number Three, was a
visitor in town Tuesday and a friend
ly caller. Mr. Godsey has been a
subscriber of The Commercial for
sixteen years.
S. J. Millard, who has been located
in Philadelphia, in the service of the
U. S. War Department, was a visitor
at home in Union City this week, ac
companied by Mrs. Millard. Mr.
Millard, we understand, ha3 made
application to enter the troop lines.
He wants to be a soldier.
Disc Becords for all talking ma
chines. Dietzel's Jewelry Store.
Prof. C. M. Mathis, formerly of
this city and Obion, was here Mon
day soliciting for the Castle Heights
School at Lebanon, Tenn. Prof.
Mathis has been, while in school
work, studying law and after passing
satisfactory examination, was admit
ted to the bar of Obion County to
practice law. Prof. Mathis has not
settled on the time of hanging his
Duward B. Wheeler, of Battery E,
114th Field Artillery, has cabled his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wheeler,
of Belmont, boulevard, that he has
arrived safely overseaa. Young
Wheeler is making a fine record . as
one of Uncle Sam's boys, fired with
enthusiasm and patriotism, and eager
to do his best for' his country. He
was one of Nashville's first j volun
teers, and has many friends here and
elsewhere to whom his safe arrival
over there" will , be glad news.
Nashville Tennessean. f
Mr. Thos. Southworth, the pho
tographer, has located in the Morgan
building in the office rooms formerly
occupied by Col. A. D. Keller. Mr.
Southworth has an assistant, par
ticularly accomplished in 1 color and
finishing work, and they are together
catering to a high class of photo
graphic work.
Sergt. Chas. Gray, son of Mr. Louis
Gray, was here last week on a fur
lough. Sergt. Gray is with the U. S.
Army doing patrol duty on the Mexi
can border. He is well known here
at home, and the friends take great
pride in the fact that he has won his
spurs as a marksman, winning the
rank of sergeant.
Harpole-Walker Furniture Co.
handles all kinds of records for Vic
W. H. Jackson, of Memphis, was
in the city this week visiting his
sister, Mrs. Annie Murphy, on Di
vision street. Mrs. Murphy has been
planning to go to Rochester, Minn.,
to see the Mayo Bro3. for examina
tion and treatment and Mr. Jackson
came up to make the trip with Mrs.
Murphy and to take.care of her.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. DeBow have lo
cated at Trenton. Mr. DeBow is now
connected as principal with the
Trenton city schools, having recently
accepted the work at that place. Mr.
DeBow was formerly with the Union
City schools, more recently with the
Kenton schools and is one of the
well known educators and teachers
of Obion County.
All kinds of Porch Chairs and
Swings at Harpole-Walker Furniture
Co- '
Esq. T. W. Ferrell, of Number
Ten, and Miss Cecil Bellville, of
Washington, Iowa, left this' week for
Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga., to vis
it Lieut. Glover Ferrell, who is ex
pecting to leave this month overseaa
for somewhere in France. Lieut.
Ferrell is one of the Obion County
boys who have made high credits in
the army and of whom good reports
are expected from Europe. Our best
wishes are with them.
There is joy in a Victrola with your
favorite records. Call Harpole
Walker Furniture Co.
A party of visitors to Reelfoot
Lake on the Fourth of July was
made up as follows: W. A. Beeler,
Miaa Puth T-tplnr. Vprnnn Rpplnr.
Miss Mary Lee Pltzer, Lcamon Cloys,
Mrs. Leamon Cloys, Nadine Cloys,
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Bransford, Fran
ces Bransford, Sarah Emma Brans
ford, E. A. Walters, Mr. and Mrs.
Ben Adams, Miss Ruth Adams, Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Henshaw, Louise
Henshaw, Miss Tommie Logan, Miss
Pearl Floyd, Mrs. Robt. Usry. A.
fishfry was enjoyed at Shaw's Park.
New Memberships.
Will all the people who were
charter members of the American
Red Cross and did not renew their
membership in December kindly re
new at this time, as it is the desire
of Obion County chapter that at all
times we add to our numbers.
At present there are only 3,500
members in Obion County, with a
population in the county of 30,000.
We cannot afford to lose a member,
so let's be watchful and as our year
expires let's renew promptly, and if
possible interest others. We ought
to have a membership of 10,000 in
Obion County. Will you help in this
great work?
Obion County Chapter.
What Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound Did
For Ohio Woman.
Portsmouth. Ohio. "I suffered from
irregularities, pains in my side and was
so weaic at times x
could hardly get
around to do my
work, and as I had
four in my family
and three boarders
it made it very hard
for me. Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vege
table Compound
was recommended,
to me. I took it
and it has restored
my health. It is .
certainly the best
medicine for woman's ailments I ever
saw." Mrs. Sara Shaw, R. No. 1,
Portsmouth, Ohio.
Mrs. Shaw Droved the merit of this
medicine and wrote this letter in order
that other suffering women may find
relief as she did.
Women who are sufferine as she was
should not drag along from day to day
without giving this famous root and ;
herb remedy, LydiaE. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound, a trial. For special
advice in regard to such ailments write (
to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn,
Mass. The result of its forty year
experience is at your service.

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