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Thursday and Eriday MATINEE EACH DAY
. . i . . . . ....
While yon are watchinfthe anuria!
eceoea that pata before your aiton
iabed cyeain the treat photo drama
life ' iFS
keep your aye on oeople around
you. Should anyone make any re
marks that you can conatrue at being
aeditiooa or unfriendly to the United
and hare him arretted. Serve your
country. Watch the enemy aliens.
Help cruth traitors and apiet. Thia
amazinf drama will show you clearly
what "kultur" ia doing: to kill you
and ma and our people. Do NOT
mill thit frle -soone.
9 Mill ! II II I III III I
'"4 ""
t0S '; ! !
11 I
faiuBijifu 11 imiuiiroisare
mm '" i.empuf f., uapiaMga uiMUMUMBUIMBa
A thrilling expose of the Kaiser's life,
the man who set the whole world
afire. Tr.uly the mad-dog of Europe.
What would you do if
this hideous burglar of
the night stood by your
window peering in, wait
ing to snatch your loved
ones from you. SHOOT
HIM? Of course you
would. That's why Amer
ica and Civilization must rid the world of this
overbearing, autocratic, fiendish murderer, of
The Beast of Berlin
-tbe bloody beast who seek to r: !ie ie world
German who seeks to deatrcy a!I that biocks his
insane purposes. Go ice "TH.C KAI2ER The Beast
of Berlin." It will make you a real American '.'will
make your blood boil.
Two Shows Daily Matinee 2:3; Nlicjlit 8:30
: Cliildpen 25c; A.dults 50c
J. H. Shore, Rives, was a pleasant
caller Monday.
Mrs. C. L. McGuire, of Oklahoma
City, is visiting Miss Dixie Caldwell
Eat at Forrester's.
Mr. and Mrs. Arch McMurry have
returned from a vi3it to Jackson
Mr. Garland Crenshaw, Number
Two, was a Monday visitor and
friendly caller.
Eat at the Wright place.
Mr. Geo. Wells and daughter, of
the vicinity northwest of Troy, were
In the city Monday.
Mr. Chas. Shepard, of Number
Three, was a caller here last week
renewing his subscription.
666 cures Chills and Fever.
Mrs. W. D. Flack went to Mem-
Dhis last week for a few weeks visit
with relatives and friends.
Our good friend, E. M. Ferguson,
of Number Two.was a visitor, here
last week, a friendly caller.
Nice line candy, fruits and cigars
at Forrester's.
J. A. McMichael, of Seattle, Wash.,
Is in the city visiting his cousin, Dr,
J. Frank McMichael, thi3 week.
Miss Blanche Roberts, of Fulton,
now with the City National Bank,
was a visitor in the city last week.
666 cares Malarial Fever.
Miss Florence Nichola succeeds
Miss Riley at the offlco of the Rey
nolds Packing Company as -bookkeeper.
Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Kirby, Miss
Floy and Joe Kirby left the first of
the week for St. Louis, going thru in
their car.
Go to Wright's for your merchants
Our friend, C. H. Reeves, formerly
of the country, south of Hickman,
has moved to the country east of
Union City.
Esq. John Kersey, of Crystal, the
well known citizen and merchant,
was here last week giving some ad
vance news on the election.
Clothes do not make the man,
neither do glasses make the eyes;
yet a successful man can thank loth
his clothes and his glasses for a large
measure of his success. See Sr. Scott
about your glasses.
Mr. Harrison Rogers, who has
been located at Jefferson Barracks,
Mo., was home this week for a visit
with his mother and friends.
Private Cecil V. Woodfin, son of
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Woodfin, has re
turned to Newport News, Va.,' after
a few days furlough with homefolks.
Friends add much to the happiness
of life. Your best friends are. your
eyes. See Dr. Scott about them.
Mr. Catron Compton, of Nashville,
with the L. & N. R. R. Co., in the
terminal, wa3 a visitor last week
with relatives and friends in Union
Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Reynolds, who
have been located at Cairo, are now
in Memphis, where Mr. Reynolds,
with Armour & Co., has been trans
ferred. Where do you eat and drink? After
all Forrester's place is the best.
Mr. Ferrell Alexander, who has
been stationed with the U. S. troops
on the Mexican border, was home
this week for a furlough with rela
tives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 'V. Hollomon
leave in a few weeks for Long Beach,
Cal., where they expect to bo located
for a time, a nd the good friends
here tender kind wishes.
666 cures by removing the cause.
Mr. Forrest Naylor and family,
who have been located at Burling
ton, Ind., for several years, arc here
visiting relatives and friends In the
city and vicinity northwest of Un
ion City.
Mrs. O. Spradlin and children,
Misses Sara and Louise, and Master
Billy, accompanied by Miss Geraldine
Steel, of Mississippi, are at Mont-
eagle, Tenn., at the Monteagle Inn
for a summer visit.
Give a man a good dinner, a good
cigar, a good newspaper and a pair
of Sr. Scott's glasses and he has not
a trouble in the world.
' Mr. Irby Hammonds, formerly of
this county but now in camp at Fort
Sill, Okla., in the service of the army,
is here this week enjoying a visit
with relatives. He is on a furlough
which expires on the 14th inst.
We are much obliged to Dr. F. M.
McRee for a wire from Nashville on
the 2d Inst, reporting the nomina
tion of Senator Shields and Governor
elect Judge Roberts.- .The nomina
tions are equivalent to election.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Rice, of Louis
ville, Ky are in the city visiting
relatives and friends. Mr. Rice is
connected with the Federal Land
Bank, Louisville. They left Wed
nesday for Waverly and Nashville
for a visit.
T. R. Meadow tells U3 that his son,
Mr. Meeks Meadow, returning from
his fourth trip to Franco, was taken
to the Naval Hospital, Portsmouth,
Va., for an operation for append!
citis. Mr. Meadow has been with
the U.S. S. Huron.
A good conscience is to the soul
what good health is to the body,
Glasses made by Dr. Scott help both
health and conscience.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Cloar, Mr. and
Mrs. Cha3. Cloar, Mr. Doll Knight
and family, Mrs. Ethel Downing and
sons and Mrs. Anna Hudson and son,
Chas., have returned from a visit to
relatives and friends at Paris, Tenn.
They drove thru to Pari3 and return
in their cars.
Mr. Walter Moore and family, of
Indianapolis, Ind., are in the city
i visiting relatives and friends. Mr.
Moore is connected with the E. C.
Atkins Saw Works, and has "been
with the company for a number of
months. They are visiting Mr. John
Donnell and family.
666 cures Headaches, Biliousness,
Loss of Appetite, or that tired aching
feeling, due to malaria or Colds.
Fine Tonic.
Mrs. Artie Owen, of Number Ten,
was in the city Tuesday and tells us
that she is looking for T. J. Owen
and family the latter part of the!
week, returning from Clovis, New
Mex. They will be home to locate
and the many friends here vill be
glad to welcome them.
Mr. Pete Heppner, located at Mur
ray, Ky., together with his -sons,
George and Earl, and daughter, An
nie Clare, and' Mrs. Heppner, were
in Nashville last week. Mrs. Hepp
ner and children have been visiting
Mr. Heppner at Murray for several
weeks, and havo returnod to Union
Conservatory Graduate
Post Graduate of
W. H. Sherwood, Chicago
William Mason, Ne York City ,
M. DeVaux, Paris
Col. E. A. Glover, one of the best
known Houser Valley farmers hav
ing one of the beautiful homes in
the far-famed section of thia part of
the State, favored the office last week
with his personal check for another
year's subscription. Mr. Glover has
given us very kind treatment in his
Mr. Geo. Meadow, of the U. S.
Marines, who has been in hospital
with empyema since the rst of
January, has been transferred to the
U. S. S. Mercy at Fortress Monroe
Va., to get the tonic of the sea
breeze. Mr. Meadow, his father
tells us that both tho boys are get
ting along finely.
666 cures Bilious Fever.
Miss Katherine Provost, of Nash
ville, who has been vi3iting her for
mer frat school friends in Vander
bilt University from Union City
Misces Dahnke, Chambers, Reynolds
and Garth, left Wednesday return
ing to Nashville, and from there she
goes for the month of August to the
family cottage at Monteagle.
666 contains no alcohol, arsenic, nor
other poisonous drugs.
Mr. Chas. G. Alexander, of Jordan,
was in the city Monday and Tues
day announcing the public sale of
livestock and farm tools belonging
to C. D. McDaniel, to take place
Wednesday, August 14, at the farm
one-half mile south of Jordan. Mr
Alexander is looking after the in
terests of Mr. McDaniel, who is in
training camp at Fort Sheridan,
Ala., having to relinquish his farm
and interests for the army. I The
sale includes some fine mules, a fine
stallion and jack, some shoats and
farm tools, etc., and dinner will be
served on the ground with barbe
cue. Everybody i3 invited to be
there and see that the soldier gets a
good market price for his property.
Social and Personal
Good Farm Workers.
Use of city men as farm workers
in emergency seasons has demon
strated not only that many men
employed in citie3 and towns were
reared on farms and are skilled in
harvest labor, but also that city
men can stand tho heat and exertion
of the harvest field, and attack their
tasks with willingness and patriotic
enthusiasm. This was reported by
the Federal farm help specialist in
Kentucky at the Department of Ag
riculture's recent harvest labor, con
ferences in Birmingham, Ala. v
Wood-Field Wedding.
Mrs. Lou Anderson Field an
nounces the marriage of her daugh
ter, Mary Louise, to Sergeant Arthur
Eastman Wood, at Corpus Christi
Tex., July 4. The ceremony took
place at the home of the bride, Dr
Henry Austin, of the First Presby
terian Church of Corpus Christi, of
ficiating. The bride made a lovely
picture In her mother's wedding
gown of heavy grosgrain silk and
carried a bouquet of bride's roses
with a shower of tuberoses and fern
Mrs. Wood has lived in Colorado
Springs for a number of years and
the wedding is the culmination of a
childhood attachment beginning
when the couple were in the schools
here. Sergeant Wood enlisted over a
year ago in the Fifth United States
Engineers, and is a popular member
of Company F, now located in Corpus
Christi. During the summer Ser
geant and Mrs. Wood will be at
home to their friends at the Givens
apartments in that city. Colorado
Springs Gazette.
Party. - '
Mrs. Robert McGowen entertain
ed her Sunday school class last Sat
urday afternoon at her home ""in
Troy. with a party. Those present
were as follows: Flossy Calhoun,
Margaret -Watson, Georgie Curry,
Clois Dyer, Ima Young, Jewel Griggs,
Lucile and Ralph Berry J. E. Sed
berry, Leila Neely, Jamie and
Charlie Mitchell, Ruby and Fay Pat
ton. After playing for several
hours refreshments of ice cream and
cake, candy and grapes wore served.
Free Demonstration.
If you are thinking of buying a
phonograph or talking machine you
owe it to yourself to havo an Edison
Diamond Disc demonstrated to you..
No other manufacturer ha3 dared
place singer and instrument before
audience3 for them to attempt to tell
which was which.
Remember we will glady put the
Edison in competition with any or
all competitors and if it cannot win
on its own merits we will not expect
to sell you.
On September 1 the Edison will bel
higher in price, so it is up to you to
buy now. Call upon us for demon
stration.' 20-2t
Eat at Wright's sanitary cafe.
WMVMMWM T All! ,11.
Mrs. Will Adams and children
have returned home after visiting
Mrs. Adams' parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. R. Cloys, and family several days.
Mrs. Adams has been on the sick list.
Mrs. Apple Allen and children
visited Hickman the past week.
Mrs. Nell Opponheim nnd husband
visited relatives here, the past week.
Charlie Taylor has been on the
sick list but is now up.
Walter Bratton,' of Shody Grove,
is putting down a pipe well.
Mr. Joe Powers has put down a
good tile well.
Messrs. Buck Hubbs, Henry Ver
hine, Clint Snyder and Leon Foulks,
of Shady Grove, were in Union City
Protracted meeting closed at
Shady Grove Saturday. Good preach
ing and throe or four converts.
Card of Thanks.
I wish to thank my many friends
for the votes cast for me in the Mag
istrates election of Number One Dis
trict. I surely do appreciate the
friendship of tho pcoplo of this dis
trict, and will try to fill tho office
the best I know how to do and will
do all I can for the good of the dis
trict. Respectfully.
Union City People Are Pleased to
Learn How It Has Been Done.
It's pretty hard to attend to duties
With a constantly aching back; :
With annoying urinary disorders.
Doan's Kidney Pills have ymade
work easier. '
So thousands have' greatly testi
They're for bad backs.
They're for weak kidneys.
Union City people gratefully rec
ommend Doan's.
G. W. Janes, farmer. R. F. D. No.
8, Union City, says: "Some years
ago I suffered a lot from my kidneys
due to too much work on tho farm.
Several days I couldn't go at all be
cause of the lamonos3 across mv
back. My kidneys acted too fre
quently and I had to get up during
the night on thia account. I had ,
pains in tho top and back of my
head. One of my neighbors Bueeest-
cd I try Doan's Kidney Pills. I got
two Doxes and began takine them
and I have never since been bothered
with this complaint."
Piles 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
uoans ruaney fins the same that
Mr. janes had. Foster-MIlburn
Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.

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