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Tdr. e. M. LON(? (
Ovei WeKman'a Hardware Store
- Union City, Tenn.
Office 144, Residence 689-J
Orer Wehman's Hardware Store
Union City, Tenn.
Office 144; . Residence 689-J
i f T m m TA fA
. rjnion CUyCommercia!.. , ( omUdaUd September 1.1897 UNION CITY, TENN, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1918. ; VOL. 27, NO. 26
West Tennessee Conner. establKbed 1897 i . ,. . . s- ' ,,
1 1
f .
i - ;
B. J. Wade Receives Largest Amount
. . in Single Check.
Already famous for its livestock
Interests," Obion County Is making
new records this fall in the market.
The largest single check ever issued
to one man in the St. Louis market,
so the Live Stock Reporter says, was
paid last week to B. J. Wade, of
Rives. This was for ?72,417.85. un
ly a few weeks before, W. P. Nash,
in the same market, had received a
check for over $ 36,000, and numer-
Pickard, J. C. McRee and others tor
k- large amounts.
' . Mr. Wade made a shipment of 22
, cars of hogs, 1,654 hogs in all, which
were sold at the prevailing market
prices, most of them bringing 20.35
cents gross. The total price of the
"v shipment was $73,982.04, less ex-
pense of handling. The Live Stock
Reporter adds that this shows the
South to be a hog market and that
the South can and does produce hogs.
Mr. Wade began a few years ago,
after a shortage of crops for two or
three years, to experiment with live
stock. He was stimulated in this by
the work of the county agent, Mr.
McAmis, and the commercial agen
cies of this part of the State. The
first year proved a good e and the
business Increased until lih present
immense livestock industry, which is
the growth of his efforts in this di
rection. Mr. Wade now owns 1,500
or more acres of fine land in the
county, and this land is enriched with
cover crops and livestock grazing.
He, however, is not the pioneer
Mr. Nash, of this place, is one of the
first. He has been handling live
stock for a number of years, and is
probably one of the best posted and
most successful livestock men in the
county. ' Then there are Bryan
Pickard, this city, J. C. McRee, Wade
Wiley, and others who are making
big money and doing big things for
the county as well as themselves,
Bryan & Pickard are principally
dealers. They are both farmers and
feed and graze quite a lot of .stock,
but their largest business is buying
and shipping. Mr. Nash does both
As an item of interest we have
gathered that Bryan & Pickard's
shipments alone from Union City
since the 7th of September aggre
gate 32 cars, about 28 cars of hogs,
. two of sheep and two cars mixed
hogs and cattle. There were five
more cars shipped from Union City
during that time. Two were shipped
by Grady Palmer, one by B. T. Phe
bus, one by J. M. Phebus, and one
by Wade Wiley. Included in the
Bryan & Pickard shipments were
about seven cars of hogs bought of
J. C. McRee from the farm near the
city. These hogs were fed by Mr.
McRee during the summer months.
The Bryan & Pickard shipments
also include almost, if not quite the
same number, an equal number of
. cars altogether from other shipping
points in the county and over the
county lines. .
Br. W. M. Turner, Chairman
County Bed Cross Fund.
Union City is to have a lyceum
course this winter at Reynolds Thea
tre, a special course featuring war
lectures, as well as modern lyceum
work. There will be five numbers,
all the very best, and among these
will be popular Brooks Fletcher, who
has delighted Union City audiences a
number of times. This fine course
of attractions is underwritten by Dr.
W. M. Turner for the benefit of the
Obion County Red Cross, and the
season tickets will be $2.10, includ
ing war tax, for sale at Oliver s,
NilesY Burchard's and Dietzel's.
Remember, the entire net pro
ceeds are to be turned over to the
Red Cross, and Dr. Turner is taking
the trouble both to give us a treat
of literary and musical works as well
as to provide a way to finance the
Red Cross work here.
It is Indeed a commendable enter
prise and should have the support
and patronage of every citizen here
or nearby. Let the sale fill the
house, and then some. Tickets can
now be had at above locations.
Trotzky and Lenine have played
the part of Judas with the Russian
people. Proof that they had sold
out their country to the Germans is
shown in diplomatic papers made
public by the Committee on Public
Information. All the scheming of the
Berlin Intriguers, aided by the
pseudo -Socialists, forms another link
in the chain of German duplicity
Russia was exploited thru the ma
chinations of the band of traitorous
Russians, and at the same time Ger
many double-crossed the Bolsheviki
In the seizure of the Ukraine.
Total of 3,175 Names Recorded by
, Local Board.
Last Thursday in Union City was
a holiday and a day of patriotic ob
servances. Company K, the home
guard, drilled and marched thru the
streets to the music of the Union
City Concert Band, a new organiza
tion in Union City and one of the
best we have ever had here. The
line drew up at the new flag pole
grounds near the union passenger
station, and there was heard by Dr.
J. B. Adkerson one of the finest ora
tions ever delivered on any patriotic
occasion. Every head was bared un
der the stars and stripes and every
voice was lifted in the national
hymn, "America." It was indeed one
of the most glorious days in Union
City. Every business house was
closed and every business man laid
down his business cares to partici
pate in the work.
The office of the Local Board was
the only business place and the busi
ness of the board on that day was
the greatest perhaps ever to be
known here in military affairs. A
total of 3,175 names from the ages
of lfT to 45 and'up to the forty-sixth
birthday were enrolled. Threef
these were naturalized citizens and
one a non-declarent alien. ' There
were 2,794 whites and 381 negroes.
The number by ages was as follows:
18 years, 289; 19, 191; 20, 206; 21,
19; 22, 1; 23, 1; 24, 1; 26, 1; 28, l;
31, 3; 32, 100; 33, 210; 34, 215; 35,
203; 36, 179; 37, 200; 38, 203; 39,
181; 40, 163; 41, 168; 42, 160; 43,
166; 44, 144; 45, 170.
The St. Mihiel salient has been
wiped out by the Americans and
thousands of prisoners taken. All
objectives have been reached and
Americans now are on the German
border line. Gen. Pershing announces
that 20,000 prisoners have been cap
tured. During the attack American
planes bombarded the German lines
and dropped bombs on German
The War Industries Board is
now making demands upon the
newspapers in effect Nov. 2,
1918. The order reaching the
subscriber is as follows:
2. No publisher may continue
subscriptions, after 3 months
after date of expiration, unless
renewed and paid for.
We must ask subscribers in
arrears to renew at once. The
orders are mandatory, and our
books are now being changed
to comply with same. i
Obion County Getting Ready for the
Big Drive.
Sales and quota committees were
named last Monday at a meeting of
the Fourth Liberty Loan Organiza
tion in Obion County at the court
house in Union City.
Present were members of the
executive committee and district
chairmen. Plans of the campaign
were discussed. The assessment plan
was agreed upon, with probable
minor changes. The banks are not
to be interested in the sale of bonds
and bankers are not included on the
sales committees. Ladies are to take
an important part in arrangements
for the volunteer days, Saturday and
Sunday, Sept. 28 and 29.
Mr. Jordan, head of the Tennessee
Division, and J. N. Parker, Dyers
burg, for the western district of the
State, were both present at the meet
ing. Mr. Jordan is a Memphis man
and has been in this work for all the
loan drives. He gave some good,
sound advice as to the management
of the campaign and offered some
suggestions as to local plans. Mr.
Parker had a great deal to say in re
gard to the work -in the different
counties. He is also a good patriot
and loan worker.
Mr. Head, the county chairman,
had his committees lined up and
special instructions given.
The following were named as sales
and quota committees:
No. 1. W. D. Fry, chairman; Jno.
Owens, Dr. L. D. Boaz, Ollie Weaks,
Arthur Hamilton, sales committees;
S. A. Key, J. F. Cloys, H. W. Mc
Clanahan, J. W. Latta, Fox Reeves,
quota committees.
No. 2. Dr. West Alexander, chair
man; G. F. Holliday, Gem Jones, A.
Brevard, Tom Black, Andrew Bur-
rus, John Hefley, sales committees;
Dr. Alexander, Perry Browder, N.
W. Whipple, quota committees.
No. 3. Albert Caldwell, chairman;
A. E. Wheeler, Will Caldwell, John
Kersey, Buck Escue, D. W. Glover,
Luther Wilson, sales committees; W,
A. Cravens, John Kersey, Albert
Caldwell, J. B. Brewer, quota com
No. 4. T. C. Callicott, chairman;
M. L. Clemmons, Knox Harper, J. H.
Shore, Claude Botts, B. J. Wade,
sales committees; Dr. E. H. White,
W. E. Warren, Thomas J. Bonner,
quota committees.
No. 5. P. D. Hornbeak, chairman;
Dr. C. C. Marshall, Frank Short, S.
M. Fields, Will Blackley, C. H. Cun
ningham, G. M. Riddick, G. B.
Jones, S. M. Kendall, Sam Denton,
Will Short, sales committees; C. C.
Marshall, S. M. Field3, Will Short,
Sam Denton, quota committees.
No. 6. G. R. McDade, chairman;
Rev. J. W. Carnell, J. W. Pressly, B
P. Moffatt, C. P. Wilson, Aick An
drews, Dee Huey,' Boy Scouts, sales
committees; W. A. Smith, W. J. Er-
win, Polk McDonald, Lon King, Jno.
Cunningham, D. Reeves, quota com
mittees. '
No. 7. Geo. Stovall, chairman; Will
Parrish, H. H. Hunt, B. V. Jernigan,
E. L. Bo'wer3, E. F. McSpedden, J. C.
Walker, Cecil Olive, Ernest Jones,
Jno. Crockett, Jno. Garrett, sales
committees; C. C. Dickenson, D. C
Maddox, quota committees.
No. 8. Charlie Montgomery, chair
man; J. M. Forrester, Dr. R. B.
Baucom, Carthel Elder, W. A. Mid
yett, R. B. Gray, C. O. Ramer, C. R.
Wade, Sol Shatz, quota committees.
No. " 9. Dr. J. L. Wright, " chair
man; H. T. King, Mat Call, Will
Freed, Ned Hambrick, J. W. Thomp
son, Dr. P. N. Matlock, W. P. San
ders, V. N. Huffstetter, T. L. How
ell, L. P. Hailey, Rv C. Phillips, sales
committees; Dr. J. H. Dougan, Mil
ton Huffstetter, N. R. Manly,. S. L.
Bradshaw, R. L. Johnson, quota
committees. -
No. 10. Luke Latimer, chairman;
Will Latimer, J. I. Caldwell, Thea
Ferrell, L. B. Roan, sales commitfe'es;
H. E. Snow, Dr. liar Glover, quota
No. 11. J. B. Skinner, chairman;
Tom Finch, Walter Pierce,1 Murry
Dozier, Henry Smith, W. B. West,
sales committees: W. B. West, Tom
Finch, Matt A. Thompson, quota
No. 12. H. E. Williams, chairman;
Walter Holt, Mat Caldwell, Bam
Shaw, sales committees; J. F. Lee,
Ezra Neel, quota committees.
No. 13. J. C. Burdick, Jr., chair
man corporation Union City; H. P.
Moss - chairman outside of corpora
tion; J. C. McRee, I. W. Stone, R. F.
D. 1, Mrs. Bess Weir, R. F. D. 1,
Bruce Kirkman, Mrs. S. R. Bratton,
Mrs. Jake Caldwell, Ed McAlister, J.
M. Brice, John Baird, Sam Stone, S. R.
Bratton, W. M. Warterfield, Wade
Wiley, Jake Caldwell, Powell Cloar,
Geo. Dahnke, Ed Stone, Geo. D.
Eader, sales committees.
No. 14. Kirk Wells, chairman; J.
F. Forrester, John Graham, Will
Peacock, Dr. J. J. Wcll3, D. A. Dcaa,
sales committees; Tom Lawson, T.
C. Cunningham, Ed McCorkle, Clyde
No. 15. L. G. Moffat, chairman;
N. J. Nichob, John Board, W. P.
Baird, Dave Clemmons, S. D. Clem
mons, Ed Parks, Bob Fox, Woody
Cunningham, G. A. Nichols, R. H.
Beard, sales committees; J. M; Camp
bell, W. J. Nichols, Polk Beard, Jas.
R. Null, G. W. Reed, Frank Pope, G
A. Nichols, quota committees.
No. 16. J. M. Chambers,' chair
man; Amos Stubblcflcld, J. L. Pickle
Leighman Browder, Joe Peoples
Houston Stubblofield, N. L. Reeves,
J. C. Swiggart, Herbert Latta, Mr.
Callihan, W. O. Cook, Oscar Nan-
ney, J. H. Jonakin, Bob Holman, G.
J. Pierce, sales committees; J. H
Jonakin, Lon Pickle, quota commit
E. H. Marshall, chairman, Union
City; A. L. Cox, Union City; G. B.
Baird, Obion; Davy Crockett, Troy;
E. O. Kerr, Kenton; R. L. Harper,
C. P. Wilson, county sales director,
Troy; L. G. Moffat, Obion; Kirk
Wells, Obion; Dr. R. B. Baucom,
Kenton; J. B. Skinner, Kenton; Dr.
J. W. Alexander, Woodland; G. R
McDade, Troy; J. M. Chambers, Ful
ton, Ky.; P. D. Hornbeak, Hornbeak;
Jno. Kersey, Union City, R. F. D. 3;
A. E. Caldwell, Union City, R. F. D,
7; W. D. Fry, J. C. Burdick, Sr., H.
P. Moss, J. C. Burdick, Jr., Union
Many War Trophies and Materials
to be Shown Here.
A special U. S. Liberty Loan War
Exhibit train stocked with many war
trophies from the battlefields of
France and materiala of war. will
visit Union City on Mondr.y, Oct. 7
The train is to come under the
auspices of the Liberty Loan Organ!
zatiqn of the Eighth Federal Reserve
District and will not only bo an ob
Ject of great interest, but will aid
very materially in tho sale of Fourth
Liberty Loan Bondo. Soldiers and
sailors .will accompany the train to
explain and demonstrate the war ma
terial and one or more soldiers of our
allies, who have served at the front,
will be present and relate their experiences.-'
An; official will be in
Charge and civilian- speakers and
43ond salesmen .will, "be one of the
party.. " , ,
The train . is scheduled to arrive
here. at 5:40 p. m and remain until
7:4T, m., -"As much territory is to
be covered arid many places to be
visited, Jt cannot remain' longer than
the tim'q b alloted to this oity. -',').
Washington military experts re
gard GehjPprshiog'g victory, 61 great
strategicarjlmportance .since It re-
neves the, '.jjTench . troops . Holding
Verdun, arid he wiping out of the
salient may- be followed by a great
encircling mpxment egaiMj-the
stronghold of eti,: the center but
tress of the Gertw'an front- from the
North Sea to h is border. C - '
. Indications are Jhat 'the German
people are becoming better toward
the pan-Germans.. thi condition bS
ing brought toVnea'byvthe great
military failure on the western front;
which has brought dowft 'JboVfr criti
cism upon the Junkers. . The- feeling
is being fanned to .flame ;by. the po
litical strife in Austria.
Just Received
One Car
New Rye
Barley and
mson Clover
We would buy a few good thin
Cherry- Moss Grain Go.
Howell Grain
J Wish to announce that they hay' recently re
organized on an exceptionally strong financial basis, and
are in the market and prepared to handle your
We Have Opened a
will Sell Corn, Oats
J If you have any ; aecond-hand bags, bring or ship
them to us and
price for them.
We are Headquarters for Mixed Feed
for Stockand Poultry.
fvi i;N Ely T0 iBoAN
On improved Farrn Lands in Obion County ,Tenn.,
, r ' A and Fulton County,' Kentucky. A
' I am authorized to take applications for- loans af5 J per cent."
interest, payable annually, on terms of five , to . ten ..years, with
privilege to borrower of paying off any part in multiples of
$ 1 00, or all of loan, at any interest-paying period? Do , not
know how long this interest rate will continue andI advise
all prospective borrowers to see
treated confidentially, and loans
hcity. -. Y .Y ' : .
Cumberland Phone Office 143, Residence '589
Real Estate and
t 7 :ti6 YOU AVANj INSURANCE? , A .
, Life, Health and Accident or Fife, placed in the best com
AAl paniesWthe best ratestWe can please you. A
' If you want to .sell your farm or house arid lot we can furnish
the buyer. ; We handle propejty on, a commission basis only
and will be fair "to the buyer arid ke&er. v A
iW HITE:. & Q U I N N
. -A V. .Real Estate and Insurance ' : '
Glean Job Printing
& Feed Co.
Retail Department, and
and Hay in Any Qnantity
we will .pay you the J highest market
me at once. V All negotiations ;
closed with least possible pub- "
ArV - "; ; " L
Union City, Tenn:
a Specialty Here
. 1 1 '

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