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NoftMirMg ILiRe M .Ikyep Mappeinie
m HieMm&ini svimdl ' VicmMy Before
hoes and lien's Furnishings
j ft
of Clothing, S
Offering many thousand dollars worth of good, dependable merchandise at lower prices in most instances than clothing
can be bought for to-day in wholesale quantities. It is truly an unprecedented sale considering the high prices and
the scarbity of merchandise. It is a sale that no man alive to his own economic interests can afford to miss.
You'll be sorry when this sale is over, and you'll regret it alLthe more when you see your neighbors and friends
wearing LEIBOVITZ ALL-WOOL SUITS, unless you, too, have taken this warning and supplied yourselves for a
year to come. ; ' .
. Men's $2.50 cashmere work pants $1.65
- ' - - - - -
Boys $3.50 heat? school 'shoes... $2.95
Mens $3.50 felt hats,,now ... ... $2.20
A fine assortment of 50c neckwear at.. 40c
Boys' $12.50 all-wool blue serge suits, now r $8.95
Men's $8.50 Reversible rain coats . $6.45
Mens $1.25 extra-heavy Amoskeag blue work
shirts - - $1-05
Men's $8.50 Walk-Over shoes, brown and black,
kid and gun-metal; sale price ; 6.95
Men's $1.50 Arrow brand dress shirts, now $1.20
Men's $1.00 pure thread silk hose, fancy and solid
"colors - 80c
LEIBOVITZ never carried anything but the best.
Here's your chance. Save from 25 to 33 1$ and in
most cases 50 per cent on Men's and boys' suits. -
Men's $32.50 suits at ' $24.95
This embraces the cream of our best selling
lines hand-tailored throughout.
$25.00 values. -.T A $19.95
jsaa ii i ii ii i i -x!s at
Men's $22.50 suits for.. $14.95
EXTRA! Your free and unrestricted choice of
any of our $10.00 and $12,50 Kool Krash suits.
Buy them and keep them for next season $7.45
MACKINAWS. Men's $10.00 Mackinaws.... $7.45
Men's $12.00 all-wool Mackinaws, sale price $9.95
Large line" of boys' all-wool suits just the
thing for school.
Men's $6.00 Stetson hats $5.20
Men's regular 25c seamless work sox, 3 for 50c
Men's $1.00 dress shirts 80c
Men's $1.00 neckwear at - 80c
Finck's and Red Diamond brand overalls, union
made, $2.75 kind, at $2-00
Boys $5 extra-heavy deerskin shoes, army last - $3.95
Men's $8.00 and $8.50 silk crepe de chine shirts $6.95
Men's extra-heavy cashmere work pants, regular
$3.50, now $2.65
Men's $4.00 Elk outing bals, now $2.95
Men's regular 25c Ivory garters, now 20c
j Hickman MWtoVWZ Kentucky t
Mesdames E. H. White, Mel Smith
and Jerry Spikes shopped in Union
City Tuesday.
Little Miss Margaret Dickey, ac
companied by her mother and the
family physician, Dr. White, was
placed in a Memphis hospital Tues
day for an operation for appendicitis.
Number Four was largely repre
sented in the county seat .Monday in
the campaign of the Fourt Liberty
The department of domestic science
has been added to the curriculum
of our school. Mrs. Veltmore, of
Paris, will be in chargo two Bescions
a week.-
Miss Ola Petty was an end of the
week visitor with Miss Hazelle Mays
in Union City.
, Our community regrets a replace
of a recent illness of young Mr. Hor
ace Thorn, an employe at the depot.
Mrs. Howard Tanner, of Union
City, was a social visitor of Mrs.
Claude Botts Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Bowden, of
' Martin, were over Wednesday and
joined by Mrs. T. P. Callicott and
daughter. Miss Jessie, visited the
fashion shops of the county seat.
Mr. Charley Bittick, of Memphis,
here visiting with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Holland Bittick, reports
his house, the National Biscuit Co.,
has now gone into Government serv
ice to make hard tack. .
Mr. Chas. Conn, contractor, is
making an addition to the home of
Mr. Hubert Shore.
The missionary program at the C.
P. Church Sabbath evening abound
ed with good things that we would
. wish for a column to narrate. Mrs.
T. C. Callicott, president of the local
society,' made an address on the work
that was especially earnest and in
structive, while the children's and
young ladies' part of the program
was very attractive.' A free-will of
fering of more . than thirty dollars
shows the missionary spirit of our
locality. ,
Mr. J. T. Scoggins and Mesdames
Pruett and Newman, of Gallatin,
have been in this week guests of
Mr and Mrs. Jas. Scoggins.
Quarterly conference will be in
session at the M. E. Church Sabbath.
Mrs. Woose Womack and daugh
ter, Miss Gladys, visited friends at
Moffatt Monday. Miss Womack was
also a visitor of the Harper's Valley
school. ,
The large front windows of our
business houses are respondent in
gorgeous Liberty Loan posters. To
go over with this fourth loan will
be as a wet blanket on a cold day to
the entente.
The W. C. T. U. meets Thursday
afternoon of next week. The presi
dent, Mrs. Callicott, tells us the pro
gram is to be voluntary, a means of
showing the new officers co-opera
tion. There was an error in report
of officers. Mrs. Knox Harper is re
cording secretary, while Mrs. Monroe
McCowan remains treasurer.
Harvey Morris, a volunteer in the
navy, left Sunday for the Great
Lakes Training Station.
Messrs. W. A. McNeill, T. C. Cal
licott, Geo. McNeill and Claude Cal
licott attended the Tri-State Fair
The two "musical" pigs, donated
to the school by Knox Harper and
Clinton Callicott, have been received.
The pupils to the number now of
more than 178 are to each bring an
ear of corn monthly for the upkeep
of these shoats. The proceeds will
be the nucleus of a fund for tho pur
chase of a piano for the auditorium.
Mesdames Nan Tucker, of Obion,
and Leland Hardin, of Troy, are
keeping house for Mrs. Sam Dickey
while she is with her daughter in
Miss Aletha Bonner, secretary of
the O. E, S., now has the quilt fund
in charge. Please be advised and
turn your money over to her, Sjt
Brother Banks, with Brother Fuz
zell, closed a revival meeting here
Friday night.. x t
There will be a box supper here at
the choolhouse next Friday night.
The proceeds will go for library
Little Edna" Stover, daughter of
Esq. W. T. Stover, is out of school
this week on the account of chilft..
Lexie Stover went to Martin Sat
urday to sec his teacher, Prof. War
ren, before he leaves for the military
Bchool at Memphis.
Homer Gardner, D. Howell and
Tom Wright left Tuesday to enter
the military school at Memphis.
Miss Bertha Owens and Miss Ona
King were in Obion Sunday.
Mrs. W. J. Johnson, of near Ter
rell, went to Middle Tennessee to
spend a month with relatives.
Mr. Harry Minter has purchased a
new car. ' " -. "
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Price were in
Kenton one day last week having
some dental wore done.
'Mr., and Mrs. Jim Phillips and
family were Sunday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. R. H. Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Ethridge Vera shop
pers in Union City Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Len Wagstcr, of
Rives, spent Saturday night and
Sunday in our midst.
Mr. Howard Price and Miss Ella
Ellis were Sunday guests of Miss
Myrtle Haley.
Mr. Chester Johnson spent Satur
day night with Mr. Knox Stanley.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Orrcll havere
turned to their homo in Tuvta,
Texas, after a month's visit RCre
with relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Foster, of
Rives, spent Sunday with Mr. and'
Mrs. Virgle Lastcr.
Miss Rheda Mathis, of Clinton,
Ky., spent last week here with
friends. '
Mr. and Mrs. Jim S. Carter visited
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Carter near Rives
Mr. and Mrs. Knox Alexander and
Miss- Beatrice McSpoddcn spent Sat
urday night at Mr. Blake Critten
don's. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson were
in Obion one day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bfll McSpedden and
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hand3brough
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Will Wagster.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Howard visited
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Owens Sunday.
Mr. Jim Coley spent Saturday
night with Mr. Bud Jackson at
Mr. Lee Licewell and family Sun
dayed .with Mr. and Mrs. Charlie
Payne. . .
Mr. and Mrs. Lillir.n Davis spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George
Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Penn were in
Martin Saturday and Sunday visiting
Mr. and Mrs, John Penn.
Mr. Aryie Caudle and Miss Eirdie
Johnson spent Sunday with Miss
Lovie Leigh. , . .
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Hcrriton are
rejoicing over the arrival of a new
A business" meeting of the Obion
County Chapter American Red Cross
was held in the workrooms in Union
City on Monday afternoon. All of
To The Public:
In conformity with and by the request of the National Coun
cil of Defense, I will; on and after October 1st, 1918, conduct
my automobile business on a strictly cash basis to everyone.
Ehis is done in orde to conserve man-power, and is in line
wjth the Hresident's request through the National Council of
Defense as a strictly war measure.
I wish to take this occasion to thank all my customers for
the liberal patronage given me in the past, and to assure them
the same prompt service and attention in the future as in the
past, and to thank each and every one in assisting me in carry
ing out this request to help win the war. '
Yours very truly,
Authorized Ford Dealer.
the branches and most of the auxil
iaries were represented and a num
ber of important matters were dis
cussed. Especially interesting were
the reports of Dr. Carlton and Miss
Brownie Dickson on the home service
work pf the Red Cross. ,
The Red Cross wishes to announce
a benefit to be put on Thanksgiving
night by Miss Ima Nailling and Miss
Allle B. Campbell. These are tal
ented young ladies and Union City
and surrounding country may look
forward to a treat.
The surgical dressings department
is still In need of more workers in
order to finish their quota in the al
lotted time and asks all who can to
help in this work.
A call has come from "over there"
for the following articles, which are
urgently needed by the hospitals.
This county's part is as follows: 375
bath towels, 754 hand towels, 526
handkerchiefs, 35 napkins and 174
sheets. The allotments will be sent
in due time to the different branches
and auxiliaries. .
The following donations were re
ceived during the past week by Mrs.
Napier: James Winflcld Quails,
$1.50; Mrs. Alice Harpole, $1; Ma
son Hall auxiliary, $100; , Woodland
Mills community, $28.60; Pleasant
Valley community, $117.93,. Many
thanks are due for these sums, which
are more and more needed at the
work grows.
Cemetery Association.
The ladies of the City Cemetery
Association ask for fifty men, volun
teers, to clean the old part of the
cemetery. Give us a day's work or
a few hours work and make it look
like the other part. Thursday, Oct.
3, is the day. Come or send help
for that day. If you have no graves
there, come and clean somebody's
grave. If you bring lunch the ladies
will furnish hot coffee.
Teachers' Meeting.'
' At a meeting of the teachers of
Obion County last Saturday, the sub
ject of promoting pupils from the
eighth grade to the high school was
the chief point discussed. The opin
ion of practically all of the teachers
was that the pupils of the eighth
grade be promoted by examination
given next spring. These examina
tions will be uniform and all given
on the same days at the high school
nearest the pupil. The teachers of
the different schools where there are
eighth grade pupils will be expected
to accompaiy their pupils to these
places of examination and give them
encouragement. The subjects in
which the pupils will be examined
are: Spelling, reading, writing,
arithmetic, grammar, geography, U.
S. history. Satisfactory evidence
must be given that. tho pupls have
had the physiology of the sixth grade
and also the Tennessee history.
Another point di3cusaed and de
cided upon was that pupils cannot
go from one grade in the high school
to another without the certificate of
promotion of his previous teacher or
else take examination at the begin
ning of school.
Teachers present: Elsie Woodfln,
Bera Jones, Glady3 Hubbs, Mrs. Beth
Sutherland, Minnie Dale Burru3,
Vivienne White, Vivian Woodrow,
Greta Benthal, Mattle Corum, L. D.
Williams, J. H. Stover, Hessie Smith,
J. E. Cox, Roxie Shore, Mildred Boyd,
Mrs. H. H. Hunt, Lurllne Bulling
ton, Cassie Hamilton, Minnie Wright,
Morie Finch, W, H. Cravens, Sadie
Fry, Juna Reynolds, Mrs. R. R.
Kitchell, Mrs. John Inman, W. O.
Hornaday, Lorraine Woodfln, Fannie
McDaniel, Mrs. Glennie Phebus, B.
F. Foster, Bethel Boulton, Oren Stig
ler, Bess Reeves, Rebecca Reeves,
Nannie McGowan, Iram Hudson, W.
T. Wilkerson.
Yours very truly,
C. L. RIDINGS, County Supt.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, ? M -;
Lucas County, )
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is senior
partner in the firm of F. J. Cheney & Co., doin?
business in the City of Toledo. County and Stale
aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of
ONB HUNDRED DOI4.ARS for each and every
case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my orea-
ence, this 6th day of December. A. D. 1886.
tSeal) A. W. GLEASON.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inurnallTand (
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system, send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. Ohio.
Sold by Druggists. 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
star f - - '

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