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; FOR RENT Furnished -rooms.
Call 513J. . 26tf
"""FOUND Gray Norfolk overcoat.
Owner can get eame by calling 585
and paying for this ad. 27-lt
FOR SALE CHEAP A nice 7 -room
residence on Exchange street. R.
L. Cummings. 13tf
WANTED To rent seven-room
residence with modern improvements
close in. Call 654J. ' 26-2t
,vLOST A brown Cameo brooch on
Church street Thursday. Return to
Mrs. E. H. Larinom, Local Board, and
receive reward. 27-2t
FOR RENT Two or three rooms
Just north of the main public school
buildings. Address Mrs. Melvin
Spain, Union City, Tenn. 27tf
FOR RENT Four-room house,
first house north of Stroud's, newly
papered and painted. For particu
lars call 2202, W. A. Forester. 27tf
opening for young lady with some
' experience in merchandise and of
fice work. W. G. Clagett Co. 27-lt
WANTED We buy and pay cash
for country sides, shoulders and
hams. Cash Grocery Co., Union
City. 23-tf
WANTED To buy 100 hogs
weighing 80 to 100 pound3. High
est market price paid. Wallace W.
or Felix W. Moore. 26-2t
Having sold my garage, I want to
rent 'my la&fih, feed and livery barn;
also have four 1917 model Ford
Touring cara in good Bhape, for sale.
Reece Alexander. . 25-4t
room house with water and lights.
Big lot and garden, good out houses
and stable. Located on Cheatham
street, known as the Taylor place.
Apply to Z. W. Comm. ' 27tf
LOST This week a lady's hand
pocketbook, containing a ten-dollar
bill and some change. Finder will
be liberally rewarded for return of
property. Miss Laura Lancaster,
Shatz Bros. Store. 27-lt
STRAYED White bull dog, wore
collar with brass trimmings, 1 year
old, scar on rear leg, spot on tail,
last seen near Terrell last Saturday.
Reward for bis return or informa
tion. Albert Gardner, at Union City
Post Office.' 27-ltpd
Farm for Sale or Kent.
I will sell my farm of 100 acres at
a bargain if sold at once. Part cash,
balance on good terms. If rented
the applicant must give reference.
Would like to rent so as to have 35
acres sown to clover and gras3 and
35 acres planted to corn. Good 5-
room house, fencea, water, etc. Write
for further information.
26tf Elbridge, Tenn.
Liberal Reward.
Will be paid for the return or any
information that will lead to the re
covery of gentleman's traveling bag
lost out of car between Cadiz, Ky
and Newbern, Tenn., via Murray and
Fulton, Ky. Bag contained light
gray suit of clothes, shirts, collars
and handkerchiefs marked J. W. M.,
also new 38 Police Positive Colt pis
tol. 24-4t
John w. mann.
Maryanna, Ark.
Motormen and Conductors. Ex
perienced or unexperienced, perma
nent, no labor trouble, wages 33 to
37 cents per hour, free lodging first
month. ' Men who have worked one
month or more now making from
$3 to $4.25 per day. $72 per month
guaranteed, whether you are assign
ed to work or not. Splendid oppor
tunity of securing a permanent situa
tion that will be very desirable after
the war, when you will be high on
seniority list. 24-tf
CO., Mobile, Ala.
Prices on Application.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to thank our many friends
and neighbors for the kindness
shown us during the sickness and
death of our dear daughter, sister,
and mother. We pray God's richest
blessings may rest on each one of
them, and also Dr. Parks. Mr. and
Mro. Joe James, Mr. end Mrs. Watt
James, Mr. and Mrs". Green James,
Mr. and Mrs. "bock James, Mr. and
Mrs. Bethel James, Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Pool, Will James, Richard
James, Jappta Pool.
L. H. Lockhart is with Shatz Bros,
as salesman.
Vernon Flanagan, of Clayton, was
here Wednesday. ,
Floyd Wyatt, of Protemus, was
in the city Wednesday.
Eat at Forrester's.
Mrs. Hubbard, of Hickman, was a
shopper here Wednesday. .
Mrs. W. McMahan is a visitor this
week in Morrison, Tenn.
Mr. John Noah visited his mother
here the first of the week.
All ttyle Grates and Grate Baskets,
Tile and Fire Brick at WEHMAN'S.
Mr. Jess Averitt is a business vis
itor in Paducah tjhis week.
Mrs. Acey Elks, of. Clayton, waB a
visitor in the city Tuesday.
Miss Bessie Rice is with the Shatz
Bros, store as saleswoman.
Heating Stoves to suit every home,
from a laundry stove to the best
heater made. Ask WEHMAN.
Mrs. Jess Averitt left Tuesday to
attend the fair at Memphis.
Miss Lula Flanagan was the guest
of Mrs. J. T. Williams Sunday.
Glad to report Mrs. Bud Noah Im
proving after a long spell of illness.
If not, why not? Boss Air-tight
Heater holds fire day and night. You
will find them at WEHMAN'S.
Mrs. Manda Tansil, of Harris, is
Mrs. J. F. Gregory's guest this week.
Miss Altie Osborn, of Number Sev
en, was here visiting relatives Tues
day. Mrs. Ada Henderson visited rela
tives near Harris Saturday and Sun
day. Nice line candy, fruits and cigars
at Forrester's.
Mr. and Mrs. Pink Marshall went
to Memphis to attend the Tri-State
Mr. Homer Scott, bank examiner,
was here this week visiting home
folks. Mrs. F. C. Rcddltt will Visit in
Obion next week with relatives and
You had better have one of those
Good Oil Heaters at WEHMAN'S.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Culberson, of
Troy, were in the city Wednesday as
Mrs. Parks, of Newbern, is a vis
itor in the home of her son, Mr. Har
ris Parks.
Mrs. T. E. Marshall is a visitor
this week in Memphis at the Tri
State Fair.
Where do you eat and drink? After
all Forrester's place is the best.
Mrs. J. E. Atkins is a visitor this
week in Selmcr, Tenn., with relatives
and friends.
Mrs. E. C. Curlin was a visitor
this week at Harris with relatives
and friends.
Miss Virgie Butler .is now with
P. Hyman in the store as assistant
We can polish and mount your
heating stove now. Call WEHMAN'S.
W. G. Clagett, for the W. G.
Clagett Co., is in St. Louis this week
buying goods.
Miss Mary Kato McDaniel was in
Memphis this week attending the
Tri-State Fair.
Mrs. Avrle Coble is a visitor this
week in Memphis with Mr. and Mrs,
J. W.- Pardue.
Some of the most beautiful new
styles in autumn' hats are now being
received at Miss Flanary's.
Mrs. Bettie Pickering, of Fulton,
was in the city this week visiting
Mrs. C. S. Tallcy.
Mrs. H. H. Cutler, of Tarns, 111,,
was here this week to see her moth
er, Mrs. Bud Noah.
Mrs. Ann Howell is in Louisville
this week visiting the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Howell. .
Oil Heater makes these chilly
mornings pleasant. Find them at
Miss Mary Morris, of Troy, was
the guest of Miss Trixie Morris and
Mrs. Milton Mooro last week.
Messrs. Geo. Moody, Josh Adams
and W. M. Dismukes are in Memphis
attending the Tri-State Fair.
Mrs. Pearl Dudley, mother of Mrs,
Jasper Woodard, has been ill this
week from the injuries of a faU.
., Mrs. John Marshall Martin is a
visitor here for a few days In the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Walker Mar
tin. Mrs. Fannie Williams and daugh
ters visited Mrs. Williams' son, J. T.
Williams, near Old Republican Sun
day '.. v
Buy the best Oil Heater made for
these chilly nights. WEHMAN has
the right price.
Miss Clatie Andrews, accompanied
by her parents, went to Nashville
this week for treatment for appen
dicitis. Mrs. Bud Jackson, of Elbridge, was
in the city the first of the week vis
iting her sister, Mrs. J. W. Mc
Corkle. . N
Mr. Bob Milner has purchased the
Gardner home on Fifth street, one
of the old-time beautiful residences
of the city.
We have 50 dozen of men's over
alls at $1.50 a pair. Come and get
a pair while they last, at Phil Hy
man's Cut Price Store. Buy Liberty
Miss Mildred Matheny was trans
ferred this week to Nashville in the
service of the N., C. & St. L. Ry. as
train dispatcher.
Miss Lizzie Tams is a visitor this
week in Memphis in the home of Mr.
and Mrs Erwin Scates, while attend
ing the Tri-State Fair.
Miss Sara Taylor was at Nallling's
Hospital for an operation this week,
but is recovering after a considerable
illness, and her many friends' are
Save half your coal bill with the
best Air-tight Heater made. Ask
F. L. Cloar, of Number Three, one
of tho stanch friends and readers
of the paper and a mighty good citi
zen, was here and a pleasant caller
Mr. Paine Bransford, traveling for
one of the principal building ma
terial houses out of St. Louis, was
here this week visiting his family
and friends.
Six cases of heavy outting. We
must sell it. Best grade at 25c per
yard; also 35c canton flannel at 25c
per yard at Phil Hyman's Cut Price
Store. Buy Liberty Bonds.
Mr. and Mrs. Ike Wade, of the vi
cinity south of Union City, and Miss
Martha Wade, of Pleasant Hill, are
in Memphis this week attending the
Tri-State Fair.
Miss Estelle White, . daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. White, i3 now one
of tne faculty of teachers in the City
Schools of Union City, beginning
work this week.
. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Briggs are ar
ranging to move to Nashville, and
have Just returned homo from that
place, where they have been looking
for suitable location.
Miss Flanary takes pleasure in an
nouncing that she has an exception
ally beautiful line of autumn hats.
In material, style and effect they are
indeed very popular and you are cor
dially invited to call and see them.
Iff.. J. D. Carlton received "yester
day from the , War Department his
commission as first lieutenant in the
U. S. Army Medical Department. He
will be ready to report when called.
Miss Mary Swiggart is scheduled
to leave within the next two weeks
for overseas Red Cross service. She
and Miss Ruth Crenshaw have pass
ports and are waiting for further or
Mr. and Mrs. Vance,, of Mississip
pi, have rented the bungalow resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Scates
on Home street, and Mr. Vance will
be prescriptionist at Oliver's Drug
Store on First street.
Coal Vases, Fire Sets, Andirons,
Coal Hods, all to be had at WEH
A. J. Scates, representing the
Childs Specialty House, will leave
this week for Mississippi and Louisi
ana to solicit spring orders. Mr
Scates will stop at his farm in Mis
sissippi for a few days to look after
some business. ' ,
Put up and repair your old stove
now before the cold weather. , You
will find the right man for the job at
Mrs. John Moores, of Protemus,
Messrs. J. A. Wright and Somers
Garrett, of Rives, were in the city
Tuesday with Mr. Wright's son, Will
J., who was here having his ques
tionnaire filled out. Mrs. Moores
tells us that Mr. Moores was quite
sick this week. ,
Do you want the Huns, to wia?
Be in line to-morrow and order your
bond. Duty places the ladies in
charge and they will be there all
day. It is your duty to stop Just two
minutes and close the transaction
It will save a lot of trouble. Every
man must do his duty.
Rev. Dixon Williams, now asso
ciated with the Council of National
Defense as speaker, was a visitor in
Union City this week. The. people
of Union City, especially the older
residents, remember Rev. Williams,
the evangelist, and who probably
conducted the greatest revival ever
held in Union City. He is an orator
and a man of fine abilities. He
had a warm reception here.
by buying: your fall and winter supply
of anything, you wear from
Where You Pay Gash and
Mrs. Abe Jolley, Mrs. C. B. Roach
and Mrs. L. C. Browder, of Fulton,
were in the city Monday attending
the Liberty Loan meeting.
Mrs. Martha Burns, who has been
visiting the home of her brother, J.
C. Burdick, in Union City, left yes
terday returning to her home in
Davenport, Iowa.
The Howell Grain & Feed Co. have
opened a retail department to their
business In the old Adams stand in
the Kroger block on Main street. W.
D. Williams will have charge and
will be prepared to supply the retail
trade with all kinds of feedstuff.
Messrs. I. W. and S. M. Stone went
to Goodlettsvillo, Tenn., to attend
the burial of an aunt, aged 92 years
April 18, 1918. The funeral was
held last Sunday morning, in the
presence of a largo crowd, where the
deceased had lived many years, loved
and honored as one of tho good wo
men of that community.
We have just received 4 cases of
dark ginghams, which we are selling
at 25c per yard. We also have yard
wide domestic at 20c per yard at
Phil Hyman's Cut Price Store. Buy
Liberty Bonds."' J
Mrs. Bessie Scates Cun and
family, formerly (of Hickman, have
arranged to locate in Union City.
M,rs. Curlin is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. W. E. Scates and exceptionally
popular here, as she was also with
the people of Hickmih.' The friends
and neighbors will be delighted in
deed to know that she 13 to be with
us again.
The Red Cro33 rooms will be open
again next week in the Elks Home
and all thoso who have autos are
asked to kindly take the ladies to
their work downtown on all occa
sions when practicable. The ladies
have asked us to remind the men
and boys who drive car3 that they
should not forget this duty. If you
see a lady doing Red Crpes work of
fer her your car or a seat in the car
to get, to the rooms for work. This
is a small favor but it should not be
You will find your union suits and
all kinds of underwear at Phil Hy
man's Cut Price Store. ' We have 25
dozen of men's union suits at $1.25 ;
that is last year's price, so come to
Phil Hyman's Cut Price Store and
lay in a supply. Buy liberty Bonds.
ffik Liberty
We Carry Everything You Wear.
W. E. Hudgins, this city, who re
ceived a call somo weeks ago for the
Y overseas service, hes been expect
ing to receive orders to. report for
duty, but was this week notified that
no man of any cla3s under thirty
seven years of ago on Sept. 12, 1918,
will bo accepted for service in the
Y. M. C. A. branch unless disquali
fied for military duty by obvious
physical defects. Mr Hudgins can
not meet the requirements and hence
wishes to announce for the benefit
of his friends and clients, that he
will remain in Unicn City for the
present at his law office for business.
A notice that he was to be in Y serv
ice on the last page of the paper is
therefore recalled. Mr. Hudgins will
therefore take care of his practice
here until further notice
Ladies' coats and coat suits at cut
prices. You will find our coats and
suits of the best styles and cheaper
in price but high in quality, so don't
fail to come and look them over at
Phil Hyman's Cut Price Store. Buy
Liberty Bonds.
' Shoppers and visitors this week
are: Mrs. F. T. Hays, Mr. Reuben
Clark, Kenton; Mrs. Henry Roberts
and daughter, Miss Annie Lee, Tfoy;
J. E. Skinner, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Wirt, Mrs. Joe Hurt, Mrs. Ollie
Crane and Miss Willie Raines, Elder
and Mrs. S. Lovitt and Mr. Charley
Edwards, Mason Hall; Mr. and Mrs.
J. F. Thompson and children, Miss
Ada Dozier, Mr. H. Heaven, Trim
ble; Mrs. J. T. Smith, Mrs. Barton,
Mrs. Maiden, Greenfield; Mrs. Bettie
Thompson, Jackson; Mrs. John
Board, Mrs. Clyde Higgs, Miss Mary
Hawkins, Mrs. Chas. Graham, Obion;
Mrs. Robt. Moss, Mrs. A. Burchard,
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ryan, Martin ;
Mrs. W. J. Caldwell, Mrs. T. A. Cum
mings, Rives; Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
and Mr. and Mrs. Arch McMurry and
Mrs. McMurry, Mount Zion; Mrs.
Fannie Montgomery and Mrs. Price,
Hickman; Mr. and Mrs, W. E. Jones,
Mrs. N. D. Logan and Mrs. Porter
Glidewell, Woodland Mills.
Men's Migfij; Tailored Clothing.
We have a shipment of misfit cloth
ing for men of the all-wool kind at
the old price, so come and get your
suit, at Phil Hyman's Cut Price
Store, where you can save more.
Buy Liberty Bonds.
Pay Less.
W. W. Moody is in Nashville as a
visitor. '
Mr. Clark Houser went to Mem
phis to attend the Tri-State Fair.
Mrs. E. M. Long and children were
in Obion this week visiting the home
of Dr. Sharp.
Miss Blanche Roberts, late of Ful
ton, is here this week visiting home
folks and friends.
Mrs. Sam Hopper has returned
home after a few weeks stay in
Nashville with her husband.
Mr. Dixie Williams, son of Mr.
and Mrs. W. D. Williams, now sta
tioned in military camp, Camp Sher
rod, Montgomery, Ala., is here this
week on a furlough visiting relatives
and friends. -
Mrs. Conrad Dahnko and Mr. Con'
rad Wuench went to Troy, 111., last
week to attend the funeral of their
mother, Mrs. Wuench, whose death
occurred on Saturday, Sept. 21.
Friends here tender kindest sym
pathy to Mrs. Dahnko and Mr.
Wuench: ' '- '
' Notice. 4
Parties are at Liberty to use their
cars on Sunday, Sept. 29 only to at
tend a Liberty Loan meeting, pro
vided their cars are so markeyl. After
that no one but a Liberty Loan work
er, and he only with the consent of
the county chairman. This does not
apply to people living in a town
where the Liberty Loan mooting is
held. H. O. HEAD, JR.,
, County Chairman.
Ladies' Hats at Cut Prices.
Phil Hyman's millinery depart
ment is complete, with a big line of
ladies' hats of all descriptions, so
come and get your hat at Phil Hy
man's Cut Price Store, where you
can save. Buy Liberty Bonds.
Volunteers Will Others Must.
Mrs. R. M." Whipple, chairman,
asks us to state that tho ladies will
have the booths open on the streets '
all day Saturday. It Is Volunteer
Day, and the good ladies are ar
ranging every convenience for the
people to procure bonds. Buy bonds
and buy the first day. Don't wait for .
the salesman to call. It's your duty i
and you know it. Stop at the booth
and leave your order. We want to
buy them. We must buy them. Let's
do it the first day Volunteer Day.

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